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Parnell Springs Resort

Parnell Springs Resort, exterior view of the hotel

Parnell Springs Resort Hotel

Parnell Springs thrived as a resort where area people could "take the waters" in the years before World War I. This photo belonged to Mrs. Eloise Groves Carson . The photo was featured in the Warren, Arkansas, Eagle Democrat, 10 Sept. 1986.

Parnell Springs Resort, side porch of hotel [note washstands]

Parnell Springs Resort Side Porch

Parnell Springs Resort, hotel parlor with organ at right

Parnell Springs Resort, Hotel Parlor with organ

Parnell Springs

Parnell Springs

Parnell Springs was originally owned by Joseph Parnell and was a popular watering place as early as the 1880s. The springs were later owned by W. L. Kennedy (who built on to the Parnell log house to make the Kennedy Hotel about 1888), Robert Wells (who tore down the log house/hotel to build the new Wells Hotel, as well as the Wells Pavilion over the springs, 1893-1898), the Methodist Episcopal Church, South (1898-1903), J. A. Smith (who added a second story and renamed the hotel in honor of his daughter, Edna), and finally, in 1906, the Southern Lumber Company of Warren, Arkansas. After nearly twenty years of operation under the Southern Lumber Company, the resort declined and the hotel and pavilion were torn down.

Photos and Information courtesy of Ilene Jeffers.

Additional information from Aaron Gwin (EMAIL ADDRESS CURRENTLY UNKNOWN), 15 Mar 2006

"While in Bradley County recently I found and photographed Parnell Springs. My wife is kin to the Parnells, Williams, and Bryants buried in the Mosley Cemetery. The springs were popular in the 1890s to about 1910. Old family history states there were three springs that had different mineral water coming from each spring. They even had a hotel on site. Trees now grow where the hotel was located. Will be glad to give anyone direction to the springs. There are two sets of concrete steps leading down to the springs and a concrete wall around the springs. All are in need of repair."

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