Bradley County, Arkansas Schools

Old Warren East and West Schools

Warren, Arkansas Old East School

Old East School, Warren, Arkansas

This school was previously the Old Warren High School


"I was born May 3, 1920, and entered the first grade in the East School in 1926. I attended there through the first semester of the sixth grade. All of the East School students in the fourth, fifth and six grades along with those of the same grades from the West School and the North Ward School were moved beginning the second semester of the sixth grade to the "Old Green Building," a frame building on the same campus with the new High School Building. This was either 1931 or 1932 in January. Those students in the first, second and third grades were transferred to the North Ward School. The Junior High and Senior High students who had been attending classes in the "Old Green Building" were then moved into the new High School Building.

As a personal note I was born and reared across the street on the east side of the East School. My residence of fifty-one years is located on the old baseball diamond of the East School. I am a great-great grandson of Captain Hugh Bradley and his son Hugh Bradley Jr., my great grandfather, was Sheriff when the present court house was built and his name is on the cornerstone."

Felton Martin Hankins
406 East Cedar Street
Warren, AR 71671

Warren, Arkansas Old West School

Old West School, Warren, Arkansas

I was in touch with a cousin of my husband, Bernie Robbins, son of "Dobbie" Haywood Robbins, son of Curnie and Nina "Niner" St. John Robbins. He graciously loaned me his old pictures. ~~Carolann

These photos kindly submitted by Carolann Stanton St. John .

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