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The Civil War brought no military operations or engagements to Calhoun County. History tells us that the Confederate soldiers destroyed the cotton on more than one occasion to prevent it falling into enemy hands for aide or profit. At the close of the war, some Federal Troops were seen passing through the county on their return north. The true casualty to the young county was the drain of able-bodied men. Very few of the four hundred plus men from the county who wore the Confederate uniform returned home. Casualties from battles, exposure and poor health took its toll.

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XCivil War Companies of Calhoun County

The "Yellow Jackets" were organized in the spring of 1861 and commanded by Captain Phil H. Echols.

This company was part of the

Sixth Arkansas Infantry Regiment.

Captain Phil H. Echols was also a Hampton physician.

The "Calhoun Esco Pets" (Company A) were organized in May, 1861 and commanded by Captain Joe McCullough.

This company was part of the

Fourth Arkansas Infantry Regiment.

Captain Joe McCullough was the first lawyer to settle at Hampton.


The "Calhoun Invincibles" (Company K) was organized on October 15, 1861 and was commanded by Captain Oliver Hazzard Perry Black.

This company was part of the

Fourth Arkansas Infantry Regiment.


The "Old Men & Boys" was organized in the spring of 1865 and was commanded by Captain John W. Evans.

They served locally and camped in Camden till the close of the war.

Company G was formed with soldiers from Calhoun & Ouachita Counties and was part of the

24th Arkansas Infantry Regiment

Other men of Calhoun County served in other companies and regiments throughout the war. If you have a Calhoun County ancestor's Civil War information that you'd like to add here, please contact Carol Smith

Roster of Other Men who Served

Third Arkansas Infantry Regiment, CSA Company E—“Champagnolle Guards”

Many Calhoun County Men served in this unit.

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Second Arkansas Cavalry Battalion, CSA

Company A—Calhoun County Troop

See Crawford's 1st Calvary Regiment also known as Crawford's 10th Calvary Regiment

A small list of Calhoun County men who died, of disease,

at Camp White Sulphur Springs, Jefferson County Arkansas.

Camp White Sulphur Springs Confederate Cemetery is a preservation and restoration project of the Patrick R Cleburne Camp #1433, Sons of Confederate Veterans, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Noted below with CWSS

Charles C. Cross

Benjamin J. Farmer

William H. Oliver

William L. Whittington


"Calhoun Escopets" Roster

Joseph B. McCullough, Captain

George Eberhart, 1st Lt.
Henry G. Brown, 2nd Lt.
Henry G. Bunn, 3rd Lt.
William F. Jones, 1st Sgt.
Felix P. Koonce, 2nd Sgt.
Robert J. Ware, 3rd Sgt.
James A. Harrison, 4th Sgt.
John A. Parker, 1st Corp.
Matthew Harcrow, 2nd Corp.
John J. Carr, 4th Corp.
John C. Barrow, Qtr. Clerk.

Wm. J. Abernathy Private/Sergeant
Joseph L. Bankston Private
William M. Barkley Private
Benjamin Bearden Private
Wm. C. Benson Private
Wm. P. Bethel Private
Wiley M. Bingham Private
Elias W. Black Private
Wm. B. Black Private
James R. Blanchard Private
Richard T. Blann Private
Henry H. Bridges Private
Samuel V. Brown Private
John B. Bryant Private/Sergeant
Charles A. Bugg Private/Sergeant
Wiley J. Bunn Private
Wm. J. Buzbee Private
Richard P. Byars Private/Corporal
Thomas B. Byrd Private
J. P. Calaway Private
John R. Caulder Private
Robert B. Caulder Private
James Cavanaugh Private
John T. Chambers Private
James Colvert Private
Johnston M. Crews Private
Eben N. A. Davis Private
John C. Davis Private
George W. Dickinson Private
Joel T. Dickinson Corp/Sgt
Thomas B. Dixon Pvt/2nd Sgt
Sam D. Dubose Private
John B. Dunn Private
Joseph B. Dunn Private
Wm. B. Edwards Private
N. B. Eiland Corporal/Private
Jeremiah Ethridge Private
Joseph E. Ethridge Private
John C. Farmer Private
Wm. W. Fortenberry Private
James M. Gilbert Private
James Grant Private
Francis C. Harbour Private
Andrew J. Harcrow Private
Luther B. High Sgt/Sgt
Hardy H. Hill Private
Jack Hill Corp/Corp
John D. Hill Pvt/3rd Sgt
William W. Hill Private
Andy Hillian Private
Thomas P. Holmes Private
Moses Johnson Private served in Company"A"
Arkansas 4th Infantry from 1861 to 1865 and was wounded, losing a leg,but returned to Calhoun County and raised a family and died in 1923.   He is buried in Calaway Cemetery out from Thornton, Arkansas.

William J. Johnson Pvt/Sgt

Britton B. Johnston Private
John H. Johnston Private
Leroy J. Johnston Private
Nathan A. Jones Private
R. D. Lambert Private
John W. Laws Private
J. N. Laws Private
Taliaferro Lingo Private
John W. McCarter Private
Benjamin F. McKnight Private
H. T. Mitchell Private
John W. Oliver Private
James Orr Private
John B. Padgett Private
John A. Parker Private
John Arthur Parker Pvt/1st Corp
J. C. Pendergrass Private
Newton C. Perkins Private
Thomas W. Porter Pvt/Corp
Thomas M. Priddy Pvt/Corp
James T. Silliman Private
John S. Silliman Pvt/Corp
Rufus K. Singleton Private
Milton Sloan Private
Thomas B. Sloan Private
Santa A. Smith Private
Berry C. Strickland Private
John W. Teague Pvt/Lt
Thomas A. Thornton Pvt/2nd Lt
Alex K. Toney Private
Thomas J. Turner Private
Asher Walker Private
Wm. M Weatherly Private
David W. Weisinger Private
James G. Weisinger Private
Thomas F. Weisinger Private
Alex Whiddon Private
Silas H. Wood Private
William H. Wood Private
James P. Yeager Private


Bearden, Benj. F. died 29 Sep 1861
Bryant, John B. died 9 Feb 1863 at Knoxville , TN
Colvert, James died 18 Oct 1861
Crews, Johnston M. died 19 Sep 1863 at Chickamauga, GA
Dickinson, J. T. died Nov 1863 in Mississippi
Dixon, Thomas B. died at Richmond, KY
Edwards, Wm. B. died 17 Jul 1862
Farmer, John C. died 22 Sep 1861
Hill, William W. died 25 Feb 1865 at Point Lookout, MD
Parker, John A. died Feb 1863
Priddy, Thomas M. died 7 Oct 1864 at Rock Island Prison, IL
Sloan, Milton died 28 Mar 1862 of wound from Elkhorn Tavern, AR
Smith, Santa A. died 31 Dec 1862 at Murfreesboro, TN
Strickland, Berry C. died 12 Jul 1862
Ware, Robert J. died 31 Dec 1862 at Murfreesboro, TN


"Calhoun Invincibles" Roster

Oliver Hazzard Perry Black, Captain

Josiah Wilman, 1st Lt.
Alex W. Land, 2nd Lt.
Peter B. Johnson, 3rd Lt.
W. B. Stringfellow, 1st Sgt.
David C. Tomme, 2nd Sgt.
James W. Waide, 3rd Sgt.
William B. Franklin, 4th Sgt.
T. J. Ainsworth, 5th Sgt.
William H. Earnest. 1st Corp.
Ben H. Benson, 2nd Corp.
J. O. McAlister, 3rd Corp.
Jesse W. Mitchell, 4th Corp.

James H. Adams
Grant Ainsworth
William M. Avery
Thomas Colquit Bass
Robert H. Bradford
John Brumley
M. H. Brumley
Joseph Burnett
M. J. Calaway
Isaac Colvert
T. J. Caulder
W. A. Cook
Benjamin Cravey
David Dooley
J. B. Dunn
Robert Evans
Thomas W. Food
John Warren Frost
W. A. Glass
Eli Grant
Hezekiah Grant
W. M. Grant
J. H. Grear
John Green
Thomas R. Green
Nath Grisham
J. B. Grisham
Ephriam A. Hanna
J. K. Harbour
W. P. Holston
Thomas J. Harvey
J. P. Haynes
George W. Hill
R. N. Hunt
Joseph W. Hopper
W. J. Hutchenson
John W. Johnson
John B. Jones
C. W. Leopard
Thomas Frederick Madera - Private, Company K, 4th Arkansas Infantry
Robert H. Means
N. M. Mulligan
W. T. Mulligan
F. L. Murph
J. K. Murph
Benjamin F. McKnight
Bartlett Nalls
Bryant Nalls
William Nalls
A. A. Nettles
A. J. Northcutt
Jonathan T. Parker
Haynes A. Porter
Robert Patton
F. L. Pickett
James W. Raiford
John R. Raiford
A . F. Ritchie
J. W. Shoemaker
Willis Shoemaker
R. J. Singleton
Thomas A. Smith
James Snell
J. A. Stone
J. B. Stringfellow
J. M. Sullivan
W. B. Sumner
Jefferson T. O. Tibbets
Attberry Tibbets
T. J. Turner
J. F. Walker
Owen J. Walker
S. A. Walker
F. D. Watson
W. W. Weir
William M. Weeks
L. B. Wilman
F. M. Wilson

*NOTE* - The majority of the men listed above were from Calhoun County, Arkansas.

Special thanks to Debbra Szymanski for compiling these lists.


Roster of Other Calhoun County Men who served in the Confederate Army

Thomas Avant, Corporal in Company B of the 1st Arkansas Cavalry Regiment (Fagan's - Monroe's)

Levidas L. Belton Private;Enlisted in Co. A, 2nd Arkansas Cavalry Battalion, at Hampton, Arkansas, February 20, 1862;
transferred to Co. H, 2nd Arkansas Cavalry Regiment, May 15, 1862; died of disease at Meridian, Mississippi, June 10, 1862; born c1838; married Frances A. S. Witherington in Calhoun county, Arkansas, June 27,1861.

A. J. Biggers, enlisted Captain Pott's company from Carthage, Missouri

H. C. Black, enlisted in the Calhoun Invincibles. He was O. H. P. Black's cousin.

Dr. Thomas A. Black, enlisted in April 1862 as assistant surgeon of the Fourth Arkansas Infantry

William Henry Blann, Private in Company E of the 24th Arkansas Infantry Regiment

Albert Burton Brumley  served with Co.A  2nd Arkansas Cavalry Battalion, enlisted Feb.20, 1862, transferred to 2nd Arkansas Calvary Regiment.  Captured at Rienzi, Mississippi on Aug 26,1862, exchanged at Vicksburg, Miss. Discharged for disability March 4, 1863.   Albert Burton Brumley was a resident of Calhoun County before 1850 and passed away in Hampton in 1897. For more information contact John Brumley

George B. Chambers, enlisted in Talbot County, and served throughout the war. He was in the battles of Pleasant Hill, LA and Poison Springs, AR

Eli Cornish, enlisted in 1862 in an independent company serving under Captain Robert Kidd

Charles C. Cross, Private - born 1841, Enl 4 Jul 1862 in Calhoun Co, AR. Died of disease, 13 Oct 1862. Died CWSS Company "G", 24th Arkansas Infantry Regiment CSA

Daniel West Dawson, enlisted in April 1862, in McNally's Company.

George W. Dickinson, enlisted in fall of 1861 and served in the Trans-Mississippi Department

Joseph B. Dunn, Sr., enlisted in January, 1863 in the Fourth Arkansas Infantry Regiment

J. L. Earnest, enlisted in 1862 in McKnight's Company K, Fourth Arkansas Infantry.

Benjamin J. Farmer, Private - Enl 4 Jul 1862 in Calhoun Co, AR. 31 Oct 1862 - sick in hospital at White Sulphur, AR. Died of disease, Oct 25, 1862. CWSS Company "G", 24th Arkansas Infantry Regiment CSA

James W. Gray, served in Company K, Thompson's Regiment, Infantry.

John A. Grubbs, enlisted in the fall of 1861, Company E, Second Arkansas Cavalry

Anthony Halloway, enlisted in June 1864 in Company F, Fourth Georgia State Reserves.

William M. Hines, enlisted in 1862 in Captain Edward's Company Infantry, and served in the Trans-Mississippi Department, doing detailed work mostly in the commissary department.

J. W. Hollis, enlisted in Company A, 12th Texas Troops participating in the battles of Yellow Bayou, LA, Pleasant Grove and Little Rock.

L. J. Hollis, enlisted in June 1861 in Company C, 33rd Arkansas Infantry and later in 1864 the 3rd Arkansas Cavalry

John Hopper -He never returned from the war, was captured and taken prisoner, became ill  and died in Chicago and is buried in Chicago city cemetery.

George Hornesburger

George E. Hornesburger

Morgan Hornesburger

William James, enlisted in February, 1863 in Company K, 33rd Arkansas Infantry

Met L. Jones

Hartwell M. Lucus served in Company B, 24th Arkansas Infantry Regiment .Contact is Vickie L. Bickle [Biography included in Goodspeed's pg. 800-801]

Note the following three men were all brothers:

James R. Madera Enlisted on March 15, 1862 at El Dorado, Arkansas as a Private in Company A, 1st Colquitt's Arkansas Infantry. He was severely wounded in the breast at Murfreesboro, TN 31 Dec 1862. Reenlisted for the war  29 Feb 1864. Captured 3 Nov 1864 at Franklin, TN and sent to MP at Camp Douglas, IL 6 Dec 1864. Discharged from Camp Douglas, IL 18 Jun 1865 to Union Co, AR.   (preceding per Edward G. Gerdes)  James was born 12 March 1840 AR, died 06 February 1900 and is buried in Hubbard, Hill Co., TX. Contact is Linda Madera


Registered September 1861 in Hampton, AR (per widow's pension application).  Company K left Hampton October 15, 1861 to join the 4th Arkansas Infantry Regiment at Ft. Smith, AR  (per Goodspeed history).  Thomas enlisted 29 Oct 1861 at Ft Smith, AR.  Muster rolls show Thomas F. Madera present and wounded in the battle of Elk Horn, and present in the battles of Richmond, KY; Murfreesboro; Jackson; and Chickamauga.  Present 31 Aug 1864; issued clothing 30 Sep 1864 (per Edward G. Gerdes).  Discharged in Marshal, TX May 1865 (per pension application affidavit).  Lived in AR until early 1880's, then moved to TX.  Died 01 January 1912 Hubbard, Hill Co., TX.Contact is Linda Madera

Nicholas Madera enlisted May 2, 1861 in El Dorado and served as a Private in Company. A, 1st Arkansas Infantry, Colquitt's Regiment, 'El Dorado Sentinels', CSA. Mustered into CSA service 19 May 1861 at Lynchburg, VA. Reenlisted for two years Jan 1862. Killed near Atlanta, GA 22 Jul 1864. Shown as died in Gilmer Hospital, Forsyth, GA 31 Jul 1864.  (per Edward G. Gerdes). He is buried in the Forsyth City Cemetery in Monroe County, Georgia, Confederate Section. Contact is Linda Madera

Chesley B. Martin served in Company B, 1st Arkansas State Calvary. Contact is Vickie L. Bickle

Alex Mason

E. T. McBride PrivateEnlisted in Co. A, 10th Arkansas Cavalry, at Camden, Arkansas, January 20, 1863; detailed as a teamster, September 1, 1863; present, on extra duty as teamster, February 29, 1864; name also shown as E. R. McBride. Glorie Leslie {}

J. B. McCoy, enlisted in Company C, the regiment raised by his Father, the Rev. D. H. McCoy. The 14th Alabama Infantry and fought in the battles of Richmond, Fredericksburg, Seven Pines, Sharpsburg and Pittsburg.

James McKay, enlisted in 1862 in Company B, 33rd Arkansas Company

William F. Miears, enlisted February 9, 1862, in Company F, Nineteenth Arkansas Infantry Regiment

L. L. Moses, in May 1862 organized a company for the Confederate Army that later became part of the Tenth Confederate Regiment, Alabama.

John S. Newton, enlisted in 1865, at age 18, in the Calhoun County's "Old Men & Boys" Company.

Ira Oliver

Jeptha Oliver

Thomas Oliver

William H. Oliver, Private - Enl 4 Jul 1862 in Calhoun Co, AR. Died of disease, 10 Oct 1862. CWSS Company "G", 24th Arkansas Infantry Regiment CSA

Lem Philgreen

John Calvin Pierce, enlisted at the age of 15 in the 22nd Mississippi Regiment

John M. Plunkett, enlisted in 1862, in Company H, Second Arkansas Cavalry

J. B. Ponder, M. D., enlisted in Ouachita County and served as surgeon during the war in Virginia.

J. A. Primm, enlisted 1863 in Company A, First Trans-Mississippi Cavalry

David Riggs - was a private in the 12th Arkansas Infantry Company "D". He enlisted in Arkadelphia July 28 1862 under E. W. Gantt. He fought and was captured at Island # 10 New Madrid, Missouri on April 8 1862 and was in the Battle of Port Hudson, Louisiana on July 9 1863.

William Taylor Reddin- served in the Civil War from November, 1864 until the close of the war, June 1865.  He served in Co. A of Flippin's Battalion, was not wounded and was honorably discharged.  He applied for a pension on Oct. 18, 1913 file # 16432 and rec. pension of $50 per year.  William T. Reddin died Feb. 26, 1920.

J. H. Rowland, enlisted in 1863 in a Home Guard company and served in the Trans-Mississippi Department.

Sid Riggs

W. E. Silliman

Elisha H. J. Strickland (who never returned from war).  Supposedly, he died of measles and was buried at Arkansas Post.  His wife filed for pension shortly before she died and it was granted.

George Henry Thompson enlisted in 1862 in Company G, Third Arkansas Cavalry

H. A. Tomlinson, enlisted in March, 1862 in the 19th Arkansas Regiment

W. A. Tomlinson enlisted in 1862 and was captured and confined at Ft. Delaware.

William L. Whittington, Private - born 1831, Enl 4 Jul 1862 in Calhoun Co, AR. Died of disease, 12 Aug 1862. Died CWSS Company "G", 24th Arkansas Infantry Regiment CSA

Benjamin Franklin Witherington -- Enlisted ca. 1863-1864 in Co. C, 3rd Regiment Arkansas Cavalry, but he's not listed on the muster rolls. Believe to have enlisted in his early teens. He was son of John Witherington and Mary Ellis Witherington, who migrated from Conecuh County, AL to Calhoun County (near Artesian) about 1846

Crowdus Levan Witherington -- enlisted in Co. A, 2nd Battalion Arkansas Cavalry, at Hampton, Arkansas, February 20, 1862; transferred to Co. G, 2nd Regiment Arkansas Cavalry, May 15, 1862; discharged for disability at Tupelo, Mississippi, June 14, 1862. He was son of John Witherington and Mary Ellis Witherington, who migrated from Conecuh County, AL to Calhoun County (near Artesian) about 1846

John Ebenezer Witherington -- enlisted in Co. A, 2nd Battalion Arkansas Cavalry, at Hampton, Arkansas, February 20, 1862; transferred to Co. G, 2nd Regiment Arkansas Cavalry, May 15, 1862; shown as present up to the last known muster roll. He was son of John Witherington and Mary Ellis Witherington, who migrated from Conecuh County, AL to Calhoun County (near Artesian) about 1846

William James Witherington -- enlisted in Co. E, 3rd Regiment Arkansas Infantry, at Champagnolle, Arkansas, June 20, 1861; discharged for disability at Romney, Virginia (now West Virginia). He returned to Arkansas and served in Co. F, 19th (Hardy's) Regiment Arkansas. He was son of John Witherington and Mary Ellis Witherington, who migrated from Conecuh County, AL to Calhoun County (near Artesian) about 1846

John M. Wright, enlisted in March 1862, served in Company H, 2nd Arkansas Cavalry

John P. Yeager, enlisted in 1862 in Tappan's Brigade.







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