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Carroll County School Census Project

Carroll County School Location Map

Name Index, sorted by surname -- Name Index sorted by school.

CCHS has acquired Carroll County School census records from the Green Forest and Berryville Schools. Our webmaster has started a project of indexing these earlier records for publication in our CCHS Quarterly. We are searching for school photos to go with these school records. If you have Carroll County school photos to share with our readers, please Contact Fleta . The school census record years range from approximately 1930 through 1948. For some schools we have only one or two years of records. But, for others we have almost every one of these years. The census was taken by the School District Directors. The results were used by the state to determine dollar amounts paid to each school district. The record included the child's name, the birthdate, age, sex, name of parent or guardian, and the Post Office. The instructions for completing each census blank for the year 1930 was:

"Enumerate only those children whose birthday falls between March 11, 1909 and March 10, 1924, inclusive, and who reside in your district, or have been legally transferred to your district , on March 10, 1930. Dates of birthdays must be recorded in full, census blanks must be signed by parent or guardian....This census must be taken between the 10th and the 30th days of March"

Other years had the same instructions, except, of course, one year was added to each of the inclusive dates each ensuing year.

We are in the process of indexing these records for the earliest years (1930-31-32-33) in a database and publishing them in our CCHS Quarterly. We have added the records that we have indexed to our CCHS website. The following is a list of schools that we have indexed as of October, 2013

Blue Eye Dist#10, Bobo Dist#13, Boyd Dist#76, Braswell Springs Dist#11, Brawley Dist#16, Brushy Dist#67, Carrollton Dist#15, Center Point Dist#64, Clearwater Dist#71, Coin Dist#78, Connor Dist#4, Delmar Dist#26, Denver Dist#3, Dog Branch Dist#86, Douglas Dist#52, East Pleasant Vallye Dist#80, East Concord Dist#1, Fanning Dist# 19, Farewell Dist#4, Gardner Dist#90, Green Forest [GF], Grim Dist#58, Head Dist#18, Oak Grove, Dist #23, Orrell Dist #54, Osage Dist#8, Parker Dist#65, Parrott Dist #33, Pleasant Grove Dist #98, Rudd Dist #2, Rule Dist #39, Snow, Sunny Lane Dist #74, Underwood Dist #24, Ward Dist #85, Yocum, Zion HIll

Here is the actual online index, sorted by surname for the schools listed above. Or Here is the online index sorted by school.

Click on the image of the cover page or actual census page to see an example from the Braswell Springs School District Nubmer 11, 1930 school census.

See the Braswell Springs School Group 1925 Photo For a small fee, CCHS staff will do lookups in these records and either snail mail copies or scan images of the records. You would need to have an idea of the name of the school your ancestor attended and the year(s) you want searched. It would not be possible to hand search all the school records (there are literally thousounds of individual pages of school census records). CCHS standard research fee is $10 per hour plus mailing and copying expenses, so without a school name and approximate school year, the cost would be prohibitive. Email CCHS Staff at with request for lookups and further details.

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