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Important Notes

Notes about the 1870 Carroll County Census from Peggy Hermann, the transcriber.

This 1870 census was very dim and difficult to read in many places. One evidence of this is some of the unusual names which I feel are not correct, but which were transcribed to the best of my ability. I attempted to leave the spelling of names, etc. as they appeared on the census. The census taker used a variety of unusual spellings for many names. One example is Susan which he invariably spelled Sousan. If the researcher feels that something might be incorrect on his or her family, I suggest that they check the microfilm for their own satisfaction. Also it sometimes seemed that the first and last names were reversed, so the researcher should consider this when searching for their family in the index. The household numbers I used for this enumeration were in column two of the original census. These numbers seemed to be more consistent than the numbers in column one.

Since the Household numbers began with the number one for each township, and some of the Household numbers were not in sequence, we assigned a consecutive line number to each entry in our transcribed data file, including township headings & endings, page numbers, and each individual. This line number appears as the first entry for each data item marking the exact line location in our original file to aid in finding surname entries in the township files.

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1870 Carroll County Census by Township

Carrollton Twp (Line # 1 - 837) | Hickory Twp (Line # 838 - 1518) | Kings River Twp (Line # 1519 - 2233) | Liberty Twp (Line # 2234 - 2294) | Long CreekTwp (Line # 2495 - 2962) | OsageTwp (Line # 2936 - 3831) | Prairie Twp (Line # 3832 - 5465) | Cedar Twp (Line # 5466 - 5993 - 1518)