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Seeking Photo of Carroll County School Groups
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Carroll County School Census Project
Coin School 1945-46

Coin School 1946-47

Teacher -Auburn Green
Back Row: Joy Smothers, Virginia Molder, Emma Molder, Dale Molder, Cecil Rogers, Emily Faye Horn
Middle Row: ( this one zigzags but you should be able to follow) Roger Molder, Russell Molder faced covered by boy in front, Leon Magness shorter boy, Burton Plott blond boy, maybe Buddy Fry shorter boy, Freddie Mae Smothers girl in white, little blond girl maybe Patsy Powell, dark headed boy maybe Gene Davidson mouth covered by boy in front, ??boy lighter hair combed to side, Loyce Magness
Front Row: James Smothers, ? maybe Buddy Fry, maybe Harold Dean Christian ??, Larry Molder, Loy Allen Magness, Richard Powell

Photo donated by Joy Smothers Smith Molder.

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