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Carroll County Arkansas
Sunny Lane Home Demonistration Club Cookbook
Compiled ca 1950 By Sunny Lane Arkansas HD Ladies

Gertrude Powell President - Mary Bell Vice President - Eva Bell Secretary Treasurer

A Family Publication

  1. Cover Page – Group Photo
  2. Introduction & Myself and Me Poem
  3. Adds - Meat Loaf by Bernita Inman
  4. Meat Loaf by Mrs. Garland Bell – Chili Con Carne by Betty Lou Knight
  5. Salmon Loaf by Mrs. W. M. Rodenbeek – Meat Loaf by Maymie Smith
  6. Meat Stew by Mrs. Winnie Reed – Fool Proof Noodles by Mrs Gene Myers
  7. Chicken Spaghetti by Mrs. Bill Dillon – Meat Loaf by Ruth Smith
  8. Adds – Nestles' Cookies by Mrs. Jessie Mae Elmore
  9. Drop Cookies by Leann Rodenbeek – Sunshine Cake by Mrs. Mary Dunn
  10. Uncooked Fruit Cake by Mrs. Jessie Mae Elmore – Fruit Cake by Ruth Smith
  11. Christmas Special Cake by Gertrude Powell – Fruit Cup Cakes by Mrs. Gene Myers
  12. White Cake by Mrs. W. B. Williams – Chocolate Icing by Mrs. Pals Lawson
  13. Marble Chiffon Cake by Mrs. Pete Bell – Moonlight Cake
  14. Moonlight Cake (continued) – Sour Cream Cookies by Bernita Inman
  15. Sugar Cookies by Mrs. T. T. Bell – Peanut Butter Cookies by Francis Powell – Banana Cookies by Fleta Merk
  16. Brownies by Leann Rodenbeek – Spiced Pear Cake by Mrs. W. My Rodenbeek
  17. Burnt Sugar Cake by Mrs. W. M. Rodenbeek – White Cake by Mrs. Mary Dunn
  18. Easy Chocolate Cake by Jewell Sparks – Ranger Cookies by Erma Jackson
  19. Sour Cream Cake by Mrs. Pals Lawson – Date Cake by Theo Knight
  20. Adds – White Bread by Mrs. R. E. Myers
  21. Swedish Tea Ring by Bernita Inman – White Bread by Gertrude Powell
  22. Baking Powder Biscuits by Gertrude Powell – Cinnamon Rolls by Mrs. W. M. Rodenbeek
  23. Johnny Cake by Thelma Gwaltney – Refrigerator Rolls
  24. Quick Butterscotch Rolls by Eula Oxford – Sweet Yeast Buns by Mrs. Pete Bell
  25. Amateur Corn Bread by Mrs. Maude Myers
  26. Adds – Chocolate Candy Mrs. Joe Campbell
  27. Divinity by Leann Rodenbeek – Peanut Butter Candy Mrs. Garland Bell
  28. Pecan Pie by Mrs. T. T. Bell – Yum Yum Salad by Mrs. Mary Dunn
  29. Boston Cream by Mrs. Gordon Roberts – Coca Fudge Candy by Mrs. Bonnie Fae Myers
  30. Pumpkin Pie by Mrs. Verna Campbell – Easy Relish by Lovetta Powell – Gooseberry Nut Pie by Mrs. Garland Bell
  31. Apple Pie My Eye by Mrs. Jessie Mae Elmore
  32. Lemon Refrigerator Pie by Janice Maples – Pour in Pie by Mrs. Joe Campbell
  33. Fruit Pie by Helen Smith – Never Fail Pie Curst by Mrs. Maude Myers
  34. Royal Bread Pudding by Leann Rodenbeek – Brown Sugar Pudding by Mrs. Joe Campbell
  35. Strawberry Ice Cream by Mrs. W. B. Williams – Lemon Chiffon Pie by Gertrude Powell
  36. Adds – Household Hints by Sunny Lane Home Demonstration Club Ladies
  37. Super Carmel Pumpkin Pie by Mrs. Maude Myers – Deluxe Pecan Pie by Mrs. Bonnie Fae Myers
  38. Baked Apples by Mrs. Pete Bell – Refrigerator Ice Cream by Mrs. Joe Campbell
  39. Pumpkin Chiffon Pie by Mrs. Garland Bell – Twenty Four Hour Salad by Mrs. James Thompson
  40. Strawberry Mallow Pie by Mrs. Sue Grisham – Tapioca Fruit Salad by Mrs. Mary Dunn
  41. Fruit Salad by Mrs. Bill Dillon – Lemon Chiffon Pie by Mrs. Bob Brown
  42. Apple Pudding by Mrs. Bill Dillon – Cherry Pie by Mrs. Gordon Roberts
  43. Pepper Relish by Theo Knight
  44. Devils Food Cake by Mrs. W. B. Williams – Upside Down Cake by Mrs. Pete Bell
  45. Cabbage Salad by Ruth Smith – Sweet Potato & Marshmallow Balls by Mrs. Edd Grisham
  46. Mexican Bean & Cheese Loaf by Sue Grisham – Perfection Salad by Theo Knight
  47. Cabbage Tamales by Loretta Wilson – Old Fashion Salad by Maude Myers
  48. Scalloped Potatoes by Hazel Powell – Southern Cornbread by Thelma Gwaltney
  49. Sandwich Spread by Mrs. W. M. Rodenbeek
  50. Mayonnaise Dressing by Mrs. W. B. Williams – Cranberry Relish by Eula Oxford
  51. Mixed Pickles by Mrs. Jay Myers – Ever Crisp Cucumber Pickles by Mrs. Virgie Maples

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