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Seeking Photo of Carroll County School Groups
Contact Fleta if you have a Photo of a Carroll County School Group to share.
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Carroll County School Census Project
Sunny Lane 1929

Indentified: Third row from bottom, Extreme right, Henderson Brown, Second from right, Willis Powell.
Third row, first on left, Alton Beck, Unknown, Therodore Baughman
Back row, forth from right, Truman Powell.
Tall boy in middle of doors in back, Glen Beck.
These have been identified from the Sunny Lane Backetball Team - 1929/30. photo that we have that was taken the same day. The boys on the team are wearing the same clothes in both photos.
If you can identify any of the others in this photo, please Contact Fleta .

Photo donated by Winnie Jo Merk Sneed.

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