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Douglass School History, Carroll County Arkansas Genealogy History of Douglass District
From files at Carroll County Heritage Center
Copy of newspaper article with no source or date given.

        Sometimes it does a community good to look back upon the path they have traveled. This little article draws the curtains from a past dating back almost half a century. (Click photo for larger view and names.)
        The scene opens upon a group of school children entering a newly built school house, just a small, ceiled boxed house, two windows on each side, a door in the north, a blackboard extending across the south, and long benches made of oak lumber serving as desks.
        Emma Coleman taught the first school. It being a subscription school. we have no record of the attendance, however Joe Norris claims to have been in the first primary class. He says he was not old enough, but they liked to get him out of the way at home.
        The district was organized in 1882. Milton Gregory, Spenser Hulsey and Grandville Norris were the first school board. Two of them are now dead. Grandville Norris still lives in the district and in his capacity as justice of the peace is often called on to marry the “children of the children” who attended this first school.
        Lewis Meadors taught the first district school, at a salary of $25 per month. He paid one dollar per week for board at Gregorys. McGuffey's readers, Spencers writing, Rays Arithmetic, Websters spelling and various kinds of geographys and grammars were taught to the following pupils: Chas. Young, Aut, Will, Vash, Mary and Emma Hulsey; R. A. and W. T. Prather; J. L. Newcom, J. S. Newcom and Millie Newcom; J. F., Lee, Andrew, John, Ida, Rhoda, Martela and Julia Norris; Brink, Ira and Annie Reagan; Will, Orphia, Dora And Cora McNemar; Leo and Richard Davis; John and Callia Hammel; Will, Emma and Julia Fry; Lace, Elizabeth, Bindy and Martha Pendley; J. W., Newt, Stella and Zella McMorris; J. T., Rutha, Ella and Lizzie Galloway; Nerva, Jennie and Mary Lawrence; Agnes McNeil; Mary, Mattie, Lydia, Alice and Jennie Short.
        Lace Pendley, Vash Hulsey Norris and Martela Norris McNemar are the only ones of the first school who still reside in Douglass District.
        The present school house was built at Douglass in 1886, and the well dug three years later.
        There have been thirty-eight teachers at Douglass since 1881. They are: Emma Coleman, Lewis Meadors, Sterle Shipman, Maggie Gregory, Alf Leathers, Math Duncan, W. R. Phillips, MR. Roberts, James Lawrence…

The copy ends here. I will attempt to locate this article, and transcribe the remainder of the text.
Fleta Aday

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