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Blevins - Youngblood Cemetery {Boone County, Arkansas}

Tombstone inscriptions for this Cemetery transcribed from stones in the cemetery by Fleta Aday August, 2003. Send all corrections to Keeper of the Keys.

See Vineta Terherst Wingate's Cemetery History

This cemetery name is unknown, but I am told it was once known as the Blevins-Youngblood Cemetery. Another name may be Rogers Cemetery. It is located within a stone's throw of Carroll County just over the Boone County Arkansas line, on the west side of Long Creek Arm of Table Rock Lake, a short distance from the Enon Bridge that crosses Long Creek. To get to the cemetery, I took Carroll County Road 826 off Highway 311 and drove approximately 2 to 2 1/2 miles through farmers fields down to the creek. The cemetery is a quarter mile or so from Long Creek.

There are probably 30 to 50 graves in the cemetery, most marked only with unmarked native stones. Some of the graves seem to no longer be marked at all.

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Flippo, Sarah C. - Mar 6 1864 - Jan 13 1938 - View Image
1900 Census Image of Family

Flippo, I. M. - Jan 22 1868 - Dec 13 1935 - View Image
1900 Census Image of Family

Blevins, Susie Y. - b. Jan 1837 Miss - M. 23 Apr 1860 - D. 15 Jan 1903 - View Image
1900 Census Image of Family
1880 Census Image of Family

Blevins, Jackson - Co K 1 Ark Cav View Image | View Image
1880 Census Image of Family

Blevins, Rufes L. - July 3 1877 - Oct 26 1938 - Father - Come Ye Blessed - Gone But Not Forgotten View Image
1880 Census Image of Family
1900 Census Image of Family

Blevins, Mary Liza - b. d.? 25 1884 - Mg? 15 1903 - DSS? 1904 View Image

Blevins, M?? - Died Sep 5 ?? - Born ?? View Image | View Image

Williams, Luther Tom - B. 1855 - D. 1922? View Image
1900 Census Image of Family
1900 Census Image of Family - Page 2

Williams, Louise A. - B. 1866 - D. 1932 View Image | View Image
1900 Census Image of Family

Blevins, Eliza Jane - B. 1872 - M. 1874 - D. 1910 View Image

Flippo, Squire William - Sept 20 1870 - July 16 1939 - View Image

Rathbun, George A. - Died mar 14 1902 - Age 60 - Come On To Rest View Image | View Image

Rathbun, Rosa?? - Died Jan 21 1903 - Aged 13 yrs - Gone But - View Image | View Image
1900 Census Image of Family

A ?? H? ? U ? OUN? ?? BL??? - Most of this name was illegible, but I think it is Youngblood - Born Dec ? - Died Mar ? - View Image | View Image

Blevins, J. M. - July 8? 9? 1877 - July 10 1910 - Watching for us - View Image | View Image | View Image

UNMARKED GRAVES Vinita Wingate has determined through her research of newspaper and death records that the following people are buried in unmarked graves in this cemetery.

HODGDONS, Oscar O. - born 24 Nov 1844 died 20 Dec 1914 (born in New Hampshire, fought in Civil War Co C, 13 Infantry Regiment New Hampshire, came to Enon in October 1911 where he died.  
WILLIAMS, Johnny Hess - born and died same day around 1930 son of Henry C. “Hank” & Mae Williams. (unmarked grave)
WILLIAMS, Bertie Irene - born and died same day in the 1930’s daughter of Henry C. “Hank” & Mae Williams. (unmarked grave)
FLIPPO, Onus Ross - born 15 Apr 1905 died 5 Jan 1946 (unmarked grave)
FLIPPO, Eugene - died at age 5 son of Onus & Mary Flippo (unmarked grave)
YOUNGBLOOD, Joseph - born 23 Feb 1883 died 13/14 Aug 1916 (unmarked grave)
YOUNGBLOOD, Essie - born 4 Dec 1912 died 13 Feb 1919 daughter of Joseph & Samantha Elizabeth "Lizzie" Tharp Youngblood (unmarked grave)

Susan Blevins Graveyard History

By Vineta Terherst Wingate

The cemetery in the Enon Community on backup waters of Table Rock Lake is where my gg grandfather Jackson Blevins and his wife (my gg grandmother) Sarah Susannah Youngblood Blevins (called Susan) are buried. It is my belief that this is where Squire Blevins (aka "White" Squire) my ggg grandfather is buried. The legal land discription of this cemetery is "SW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec25 T 21N R22W beginning at the NW corner of said 40 acres of land running 550 feet east for a graveyard, size of graveyard 140 yards long and 35 yards wide and situated on Long Creek, Boone County, AR".

This 40 acres of land was first purchased 15 Nov 1854 by Squire Blevins as a cash entry at the land office in Fayetteville, AR. This info available from BLM. Squire Blevins died by 1860 and land records are not available for that period of time so I don't know what happened to the land then. The next record that I can find pertaining to this land is that it was forfited back to the government in 1885. On 11 Nov 1889, Sarah S. Blevins applied for homestead and was issued a deed on 21 Mar 1896 Homestead Certificate No. 10605 for this same 40 acres. (*see note of interest below) She then sold this 40 acres on 30 May 1902 to her son Rufus L. Blevins. The following is what is recorded in the Boone County Courthouse Book BB page 336. "Sarah S. Blevins to Rufus L. Blevins 30 May 1902 SW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec25 T21 R22 40 acres except beginning at the NW corner of said 40 of land running 550 feet east for a graveyard, size of graveyard 140 yards long and 35 yards wide known as the Susan Blevins Graveyard and situated on Long Creek, Boone County, AR".

I think, but haven't checked this out at the courthouse yet, that Rufus L. Blevins sold this 40 acres to Andy Youngblood. Anyway, I do know that Andy Youngblood owned this land for many years and the older people of that area refer to this graveyard as the Andy Youngblood cemetery even though Susan Blevins officially named it the Susan Blevins Graveyard. I think most people refer to it as the Blevins/Youngblood Cemetery. I have never heard it referred to as the Rogers Cemetery.

*Note of interest..."White" Squire Blevins probably died after 1854 and before the 1860 census was taken and (I think) buried in this cemetery. His son Jackson Blevins faught in the Civil War with a Union company from Carroll County and after the war he and his wife Susan and kids lived in Dallas Co, MO. The following sentence is from the writings of Doctor Franklin Youngblood who was a brother-in-law of Jackson and faught in the same company "Blevins was an invalid from the war and left Dallas Co, MO in 1875 and moved back to Arkansas to be buried with his father." Jackson Blevins died 6 May 1881 and was buried in the above named cemetery. Was he buried with his father?????? I guess we will never know for sure. Susan Blevins died 15 Jan 1903 and was buried beside her husband Jackson. They have many other relatives buried in this cemetery including at least 2 sons, John Marcus Blevins and Rufus L. Blevins.

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