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Carroll County Arkansas
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Eureka Springs Cemetery

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Tombstone inscriptions transcribed from Cemetery listings of the Carroll County Historical Society by Rita Scott and Fleta Aday.
All the gravestones I could find in the I O O F Cemetery at Eureka Springs. Arkansas Copied in April and May, and typed in September 1967 Constance Mikiska. Copied from list in Eureka Springs library.
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Abbott, Moses C----9-5-1847--6-11-1905--
Adams, Lois A----1900--1958
Akers, John----1896----
Akers, Laura E--wife of John--7-18-1885--5- 25-1965
Alexander, M L----no dates--
Allen, William R---- 4-16-1876--2-17-1903
Althea, Cloud--Surname might be Olthea----2-7-1961--
Althea, Withers----one date only--12-7-1925
Ames, Clara Mother (Matthews Maiden Name)--1898-- 1959--
Ames, Denver T--age 66 --12-6-1964----
Ames, John A--WW 1--12-25-1895--5-16-1935--
Ames, Clayton C----12-18-1863--4-15-1924
Ames, Annie E-- wife of Clayton-- 12-29-1866--2-12-1941
Ames, Leora----1908-- 1922
Ames, Lewis------2- 9-1889
Ames, Lillian--wife of Lewis-- 12-16-1893--12-21-1959
Ames, Oscar Lawrence--(son of John & Clare)-- 2-22-1926--12-15-1965--
Ames, Roy Eugene--(son of John & Clare)--2-2-1928--10-1-1956--
Amos, Cora--see Ames Wife of Jim--6-2-1881--2-19-1925
Amos, Dolly (Dollie)----10-14-1883--4-8-1899
Anderson, George----1888--1958
Anderson, Liddie--wife of George--1889 --
Anderson, George A----4-16-1877--3-13-1954
Andrews, Baker P-- --1869-- 1945
Andrews, Loretta O--wife of Baker--1873--1952--
Antle, E Logan-- Father--10-1-1844--6-14-1923
Antle, Florence--of E L and T--1900--1904--
Antle, Mable E--of E L and H A--189--1895
Arbuckle, G W----8-8-1847-- 9-9-1921.
Arbuckle,Rachel L--wife of G W--3-11-1857--
Armrurster, Alfred----1886--1952--
Arnold, Hugo Carl--age 77--7-10-1954----
Arnold, Emma Riley--wife of Hugo Carlone---- 9-9-1939
Arnold, inf. of Paul------5-2-1933
Ash, Grant----1881--1942
Ash, Howell---- 1908--1929--
Ash, T----4-30-1906--8-9-1921
Ash, William J--Father--1870--1948
Ash, Ida E--Wife of William Mother--1879--1936
Athens, J R----9-21-1888--1-21-1915
Auge, Leon--Father--1849--1940
Auge, Annie Lee--wife of Leon--1875--1903
Axley, Ristora----1-18-1884--10-6-1954
Ayres, Amy Ann----1-3-1960-- 9-22-1960

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Bailey, M L----1865--1928
Bailey, Minnie M----1868--1903
Baker, Fred ( Colored )----1868--1947
Baker, Clyde--of W H and T--1904--1905
Baker, Jennie L W--age 86--d May 23 1933----
Baker, William --Co I 88 Pa Inf--no dates--
Baldridge, Eileen----9-30-1894--10-3-1902
Baldwin, George F----1898--1902
Baldwin, Violet---- 1898-- 1918--
Bales, Z T----3-6-1845-- 5-23- 1906
Ball, Mary Callatonna--of Ben and Sarah Darity--1884--1962--
Ball, Myrtle----2-4-1894--5-13-1914
Batcroft, May Wilcox----1859--1937
Bancroft, Wilbur W----1885--1949
Barange,Leota D---- 1873-- 1948
Baranger, W C----1870--1947
Barbee, Bobbie----9- 10-1900--9-27-1904
Barbee, Minnie Lee----9-10-1900-- 9-27-1964
Barber, Leonard----May 1917--July 1918
Barber, Thomas J--U S Army--1920--1943--
Bare,--dau of A L and E V-- Mar 4 -17- 1907??--
Bare, Azaline--wife of A L--12-13-1868-- 8-27-1904
Bare, Baden Q----1879--1930
Bare, Columbus L-- Father-- 1850--1930
Bare, Martha T --wife of Columbus Mother--1850--1929
Bare, Eldon M----1869--1943
Bare, Mary C-- wife of Eldon--1874--1959
Bare, Vera--of N and Leille--1903--1904
Barker, Wesley G----1879--1947
Barker, Mabel I--wife of Wesley --1897--1963
Barnes, Eliza J--McMillen wife of John N--1840 --1918
Barnes, John Norris----1834--1914
Barnes, Mary Lena---- 1861--1937
Barnes, Maude M-- wife of J W--9-27-1887--1-22-1925
Barnett, Clayton A--son of W C and A L-- 1883 --1907
Barnett, W C----5-19-1857-- 8-15-1917
Barnette, Dr. E E--52 years---- 7-12-1888--
Barnette, Stanley--of E E and J C age 14----1-23-1889--
Barter, Reginald------ 10-12-1963
Barthold, Walter---- 1-21-1895--10-27-1956
Beardsley, Mrs S A----7-21-1837--8-25-1903
per T.E. Stone s/b Mrs. E.A. Beardsley-- 7-12-1837--8-25-1908
Beasley, Seth Cpl of the Fed Army, 1861 1864Co K11 Ky Inf Vol--1836-- 1924
Beck, Elias Father----1-30-1820--8-22-1892
Begun, Edgar L--age 36---- 9-10-1887--
Belden, Charles D----1845--1919
Bell, Thomas---- 1847--1893--
Bellchamber, Barbery E-- wife of Frank age 48-- --1891
Bellows, Rennie A-- --1887--1942
Benefield, Joe----1867--1920
Benefield, Nellie--possibly wife of Joe-- 1873--1932
Benight, Orin Ivyd--35 years--2-2-1876--
Bergdorf, "Little" G----2-29-1912--12-9-1918
Bergdorf,-- infant dau of George and Emma--7-12-1889--Eureka Springs
Bergdorf, George---- -- 7-29-1910
Bergdorf,-- Emma wife of George---- 12-8-1953
Bergdorf, George----4-26-1852--7-29-1910
Bergdorf, John age 81--born in Canton Aargan, Switzerland-- 12-1-1881--
Bergstresser, Charles--doctor --no dates--
Berling, Savna Kim----11-2-1870--7- 6-1888
Berry, Herbert W--WW 2--1-25-1910--12-5-1958--
Berry, Lavelle Price----9-1-1918-- 1-8-1951
Berry, William G--Ohio Spanish Am.War??--2-2-1877--2- 27-1950--
Berry, William D--WW 2--4-10-1907--1- 8-1951--
Betten, see Martin ------
Betton, Charles----6-17-1962----
Bickford, Ray B---- 9-29-1900--4-4-1961
Bidenharm, Nettie V----1876-- 1934--
Bidenharm, Victor G----1863--1930
Birchfield, Maud Roberts-- of W F--5-12-1893--12-13-1910
Black, Garland Clay Confederate soldier born Rockbridge Co. Va--1832--1916
Black, James Addison----10-23-1890-- 12-9-1958
Black, Joseph L----7- 29-1832-- 4-19-1883
Black, Julia A Henderson--wife of G C born Pettis Co, MO.--1842Eureka Springs
Black, Olive Blair--of Julia and Garland C-- 1881--1960
Black, Thomas Leroy----11-9-1914-- 11-28-1954
Blair, John Vance M D In Finnell lot-- 5-11-1891--4-7-1966
Blair, Margaret V----7-31-1895--
Blanchard, Mary A--Mother same stone as May B--no dates--
Blanchard, Mae--same stone as Mary Blanchard--no dates----
Blunk, John A--Eureka Springs--1891--1942
Blunk, Elsie L--wife of John-- 1894--
Blunk, John Robert-- WW 2-- 2-5-1919-- 4-24-1961
Bolton, John Bickerton, M D----1-25-1853--7-12-1909
Bolton, Agnes Newland-- wife of John--12-20-1857--2-23-194
Bolton, John Frederick MD----3-15-1880--3-27-1944
Bolton, Ruby King--wife of John--2-2-1879--10-2-1965
Bolding, William----1871--1892
Bonebraker,-- Father and Mother-- no dates--
Bonebraker, Mattie-- Mother--6-15-1838--5-21-1911
Bonner, Harry A---- 1880--1937
Booth, Leota----10-20-1893-- 6-22-1902
Booth, William Lee-- --9-22-1865--5-8-1908
Border, Charles E----8-19-1880--6-27-1960
Border, Nellie A--wife of Charles-- no dates--
Boren, Noah S--WW--1-9-1897--6-2-1958--
Bourdeaux, see Cline------
Bourke, Walter----11-27-1836--3-14-1913
Bowden, Irene Thomas----no dates--
Bowen, Eliz a J--wife of V C--8-13-1864--7-14-1887
Boyd, Claude A----1888--
Boyd, Nellie L-- wife of Claude--1890--1937
Boyd, Finis--of Claude and Nellie--1925-- 1930
Boyd, Nettie McCollister----1891--1930
Boyle, Henry Martyn----11-23-1852--1-12-1935
Boyle, Anna Catherine--wife of Henry Hartyn.--11-7-1871--9-16-1950
Brace, Herbert S----10-8-1880-- 9-6-1907
Brack, Phebe A--in Hill lot-- 1826--1903--
Bradley, Anna B--next to William E Bradley-- 1876--1893--
Bradley, Charles D----1877--1935
Bradley, Cynthia Ann--infant of Paul and Ruby---- 1937
Bradley, D C----9-4-1847--7-7-1894
Bradley, Louisa M-- wife of D C-- 8-10-1849--8-21-1927
Bradley, infant-- dau of Daniel and L---- 2-16-1891--
Byearradley, Larry Lee----11-30-1946--12-15-1946
Bradley, Leoma IArbuckle-- wife of C C--1-29-1882--7-11-1919
Bradley, Semeon--Co K 14 Ill Inf--no dates--
Bradley, William E--Father--1844--1906
Bradley, Eliza J--wife of William Mother--1853--1935
Brand, Anna M----9-21-1873--12-31-1957
Brand, Lydia----4-16-1878--7-26-1954
Branham, Jennie--age 72--4-15-1920--
Branham, John J----12-26-1881--7-20-1947
Branham, Mary C-- wife of John J-- 2-1-1881--5-2-1963
Bream, William T----1862--1901
Brashear, John M----1875--1931
Brashear, May R--wife of John--1876--1951
Braswell, Ethel O---- 1883--1950
Bratton, Beorge M---- 1879--1963--
Brewer, J A----7-15-1856-- 4-1-1927
Brewer, Mary----1876--1944
Bridgford,--no readable stones B----
Brittain, Homer Eddie----9-4-1884--8-10-1957
Brittian, Irene E Ogle----4-7-1896--4-8-1924
Britt, Samuel H--Co K 2 Minn Cav civil war--no dates--
Brockington, Edmond C--92 years---- 7-17-1960
Brodersen, John----1851--1945
Bronson, Lilly---- 8-25-1865-- 10-19-1955
Brookes, Charles Gray--WW 1--2-9-1892-- 1-5-1960--
Brown,Alice M----2-14-1866--9-21-1918
Brown, Caroline----1871-- 1942
Brown, Dora----1868--1956
Brown, Henry H----8-24-1855-- 3-29-1908
Brown, Mary----1-29-1851--1-25-1888
Brown, Mary E--wife of Wm 38 years---- 1-25-1888--Brown, May----no dates----
Brown, W B "Billy"------
Brown, Wesley--child--1-9-1938--
Brown, William--veteran no information----
Brown, George Spencer----12-21-1823--12-19-1912
Browne, Henrietta E--wife of George S-- 11-3-1831--12-27-1894
Browns Lucile--of C R and C P --10-16-1887--1888
Browne, Vivian--of C R and C P--1884--1894
Browne, Carol--of C R and C P--1900--1900--
Brumfield, Jasper----1837--1912
Buehler, Caroline----1865--1922
Buehler, Leonard---- 1854--1934
Buss, Hattie P--Name might be Buff--6-19-1840-- 6-30-1908--
Bullock, Bertha Ellen 71 years Second wife of Samuel---- 9-12-1965--
Bullock, Crockett M----1867--1943
Bullock, Harriet E---- 1880--1959
Bullock, Maurice E----1900--1936
Bullock, Samuel----1876--1945
Burch, J Phillips-- of T S and Grace--1919--1920
Burch, Willey M----5-27-1869--3-30-1954
Burch, Mary--wife of Willey-- 8-30-1871--
Burkey, G R--Woodmen of the World--1-12-1885--4-12-1925--
Burks, William Sr--age 63-- 10-9-1963--
Burris, Nella M----7-7-1875--3-30-1905--
Burson, Bessuel--age 72---- 1957--
Burson, Glenn Eart-- age 71-- --10-4-1958--
Burson, Herman Jesse----6-9-1916--6-28-1926
Burson, John Martin----3-15-1912--8-28-1926
Burton, David S----8-22-1824--5-3-1909
Burton, Elizabeth, wife of D S Married 10-12-1843--1-8-1824--12-16-1899--
Burton, James----1852--1939
Burton, Marie L--wife of James--1852-- 1943
Buss, Meta Viktorija--(possible name Buff)-- 11-8-1894-- 10-21-1960--
Butt, Dorothy Dean----1909--1940
Butt, Festus O----1875--
Butt, Easie E--wife of Festus----1879
Butt, John Kenneth "State representative, Prosecuting attorney, Judge--3-10-1902--8-27-1949
Butt, Robert Lee----5-21-1906--11-1-1959
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Cadwell, Charles W----1861--1944
Cadwell, L Pearle--wife of Charles--1881----
Cadwell, Gideon----1909--1939
Cain, James--22nd Reg Ind Vol--8-15-1842--7-13-1904--
Calaham, see Browne------
Calkins, Eva Landaker----1862--1936
Call, Cora Pinkley--age 74 years----6-7-1966--
Call, Lyman G--Sgt Co D 84 Ill. Inf--no dates--
Camble, Dave----1873--1953
Camble, Nettie--wife of Dave ----1889
Cameron, Clara----7-22-1866--
Cameron, Frank D----1914--1940--
Cameron,Frank Id E----1945--1947
Campbell, Allen----1850-- 1939
Campbell, Angie------1856
Rufus F. Beasley--Three on one stone--1859--1943
Campbell, Claude J----1870--1954
Campbell, Mary--wife of Claude--1880--1952
Campbell, Clyde Earl----4-15-1894--12-8-1898
Campbell, Grace L--wife of Buel V--12-18-1897--9-4-1920
Campbell, Harry S----1-12-1891--5-9-1920
Campbell, J A----9-20-1849--4-3-1909
Campbell,see Johnson
Campbell, Mildred----4-15-1909--7-15-1909
Campbell, Minnie----11-1-1885--10-17-1909
Caraway, Tol---- 1891-- 1958
Caraway, Ruth--wife of Tol--1896--
Carey, C E---- 1879-- 1964
Carey, Gertrude K--wife of C E--1877--
Carleton, Albert-- of E W and M E --1884--1886
Carlisle, see Hawley------
Carlock, Joseph-- Co G 11th Ill Cav--no dates--
Carnes, George W----2 15-1845--3-30-1926
Carnes, Ida B---- 1859-- 1945
Carney, Eleanor Johnson----1887--1959
Carnie, Juliette---- 1884--1927
Carnie, Marie Louise----5-31-1916--5-31-1916
Carroll, Inez M d--85 years----12-17-1941--
Carroll, Cap John-- b in Virginia--8-30-1825--8-17-1895
Carroll, Mamie----1886--1948
Carter, Charles Clayton----8-8-1881--9-8-1904
Carter, John Edna Father----5-9-1842--6-1-1920
Carter, Susan A-- wife of John Mother--1-17-1857--5-14-1932
Carter, W A--no dates co H 9th Tenn. Cav----
Carter, William H-- WW I--8-11-1879--9-23-1949--
Case, Waurence --of G R and A B--11-13-1906-- 10-12-1912
Cassetty, Lossie Burnice-- of M C and Levia--1894-- 1895
Caudell, Martha A----10-10-1830--8-3-1881
Cear possibley Gear see Gear------
Cearlock, Lester--W W I--1-15-1889--9-26-1965--
Chadlvick, Roy--WW----10-28-1935--
Champlin, Stephen Paul---- Apr 28 --- May 15, 1951
Chandlee, Albert C---- 12-18-1879--12-2-1961
Chandler, Edgar J----1-1-1879--3-9-1951
Chandler, Ida S-- wife of Edgar--8-15-1886--9-10-1953
Chandler, Ella H----1901--1902
Chandler, J A----1-25-1840--10-30-1901
Chandler, Mary----5-12-1844--12-27-1921
Chandler, Mary Jean-- of J S and Christine--1927--1929
Chandler, Miriam A--wife of H C--8-23-1819-- 1-22-1890
Chandler, Mora K----12-21-1880--3-29-1907
Chapham, J W----1845--1901
Chapman, Earl--soldier--7-29-1891-- 4-1-1919--
Chapmar, Newton A--soldier--11-27-1900--3-15-1919--
Chapman, Viola Stone----5-27-1867--12-11-1942
Charles, Dr. L K---- 1882--1950
Charles, Mildred T-- wife of L K--1889--1967
Chase, J I----1854--1908
Chastern, Charles F----1886-- 1956
Chastern, Gladys wife of Charles name might be Chasteen----
Cherry, see Nichosids------
Cheery, John I-- of L H and M F (or N. F.)--5-26-1874--8-14-1883
Chollar, Kate Pauline--Eureka Springs--12-4-1865-- 1-7-1941
Church, Louis Ennis---- 1886--1937
Church, Louis Franklin----1913--1935
Church, Ralph Wilson----8-8-1885--11-8-1949
Church, Willard----1898--
Church, De Lee----1898--1965
Clare, Floy Marjory--of Mrs M W Clare--1900-- 1907--
Clark, James--Prv Del Dpt M D--5-4-1894--3-4-1938--
Clark, John-- Father--. 5-4-1859--5-24-1924--
Clark, Mary-- wife of John Mother--3-22-1859--11-6-1924--
Clark, John L 6 5 1884----5-2-1958--
Clark, Leelon---- no dates--
Clark, Lewis Allen---- 1914--1950
Clark, Louinda--Next to Thomas Clark-- 2-13-1836--3-10-1914--
Clark, Lovie--WW I--10-1-1886--1-31-1947--
Clark infant --daughters of M E and Ona-- no dates--
Clark, M Jane--Mother --10-28-1882--12-3-1960
Clark, Mattie A----6-13-1888--7-29-1963
Clark, Mary M-- wife of J T--11-6-1857-- 1-6-1889
Clark, Roland R--Age 46-- WW ?--12-9-1966--
Clark, Sarah M----1-10-1883-- 7-12-1959
Clark, T Ellwood--Lieut. Co. B. I Dak Cav--no dates --
Clark, Thomas----5-28-1880-- 8-24-1958
Clark, Edith--wife of Thomas--12-10-1884--9-16-1961
Clark, Thomas Ark. Cav. Co.E next to Lourinda Clark--10-14-1820--1-24-1958--
Clark, Vivian----3-11-1931--3-12-1964
Clark, William H Cassville, Mo Woodmen of the World,--6-11-1881-- 8-27-1928--
Clegg, Murl C----11-10-1891--
Clegg, E. Irene--wife of Murl--9-17-1897--6-26-1963
Cline, Damaris J-- wife of W H--7-25-1857--10-2-1881
Cline, Lou----1889-- 1945
Cline, Magdeline Bourdeaux----12-25-1872--8-16-1940
Cline, Martha Ann----1877--1952
Cline, Ray Dad----no dates--
Cline, Martha Ann--wife of Ray Mother--no dates--
Cobb, J Mazie----7-14-1867--6-11-1933
Cobb, Mattie E-- Mother--4-29-1850--4-7-1928
Cochran, see Mark------
Cochran, John W----1842--1913
Cochran, Hattie R--same stone--1862--1942
Coffey, A------2-2-1856
Coffey, Winnie-- wife of A----6-3-1857
Coffey, Eliza daughter of Ausban and Winnie Coffey--7-8-1878--3-8-1907
Coffey, Causba son Ausban and Winnie Coffey--11-4-1881--3-17-1901--
Coffey, L L--Father--8-20-1841--6-9-1912
Cole, see Lichlyter------
Cole, Cora B----5-17-1872--5-1-1964
Cole, Eaton----12-12-1868-- 6-9-1943
Cole, Elizabeth----2-9-1854--4-20-1915
Cole, Hanna J--age 64---- 11-10-1916--
Cole, Isaac, Rev----3-13-1822--5-10-1904
Cole, Isaac N--WW 2--3-13-1899-- 1-15-1965--
Cole, Kathleen M-- wife of Isaac----1893
Cole, Robert D-- WW 2-- 1-12-1926--8-15-1964--
Cole, Anna L Married 4-6-1945 wife of Robert D----2-17-1927
Cole, Rosa B----4-26-1884--3-10-1920
Collins, Nora----10-10-1881-- 5-30-1909--
Collins, William A--Sgt. C I 6 U. S.Cav.--no dates--
Colvin, Buddy Floyd----2-5-1929--6-20-1939
Compton, Doris Huntington----1-1-1920--1-3-1920
Compton, Everett H----5-15-1880--7-28-1944
Comton, Verneta May----9-7-1918--9-24-1920
Conner, see Thompson------
Congdon, James--b Albany, N Y--10-9-1827--3-23-1890
Conner, Charles W----10-18-1874--11-4-1965
Commer, Una D----4-2-1883-- 10-10-1958
Connolly, Alice M-- of Wm Z and Maud M--1908-- 1910
Conway, Jane--Mother--1836--1911
Cook, Jessie N---- 12-13-1885-- 10-20-1904
Cook, John P----1852--1909
Coons, Ada White----1880-- 1952
Coontz, John Walker---- 1872-- 1952
Coontz, Maude Lillian--wife of John Walker--1878--1953
Cooper-Light, Louise--Mother--3-27-1841-- 6-1-1924
Copple, A F----1-1-1865-- 11-25-1941
Cornell, A L----1875----
Cornell, Mrs. A J--wife and A L--1879-- 1945
Cornell, Adeline----12-25-1860--7-12-1925
Cornell, Edward--WW--10-13- 1886--8-6-1918--
Corr, T J----6-23-1829--1-1-1885
Corson, Harley Townsend--Dad-- 9-2-1871-- 10-3-1960
Corson, Hattie Louisa-- Mother--6-8-1867--3-11-1949
Corson, Keith Townsend----12-20-1893--10- 11-1963
Courtney, Mary E--age 36-- 7-14-1880--
Courtney, Willard T--26 years--1-31-1882----
Cox, Jere--Co. K 27th Wis. Inf--no dates--
Cox, Laura-- undertaker's marker----5-11- 193_--
Cox, Philip M-- husband of Mrs. L M-- 7-5-1854-- 11-5-1903
Cox, Stanfred---- --1931
Craback, Agnes E Randels wife of Philip might be Granbach or Graback --4-8-1861--Eureka Springs--
Craigen, C S----7-9-1854--6-16-1913
Craine, Pearl--Mother wife of Clarence--4-20-1893--12-10-1917
Crawford, R J----9-1-1852--5-2-1889
Crider, Minnie M--Mother--1887--1949
Crim, Rachel wife of John T Crimb in South Caroline-- 6-26-1830--1-13-1900--
Crosley, Lee--CoE 53 us Ct--no dates----
Crow, Errel O----2-24-1896--1-26-1953
Crow, Flora Ellen----1870--1925
Crow, George N---- 1861-- 1935
Cull, Flora Norvell----1-21-1878--10-22-1955
Culwell, James----5-22-1872--11-7-1888
Culwell, M S--no dates----
Cunningham, John C--born in Tenn--1821--1905
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Danforth, Charles----4-16-1828--7-20-1900
Darby, Clarence W------ 11-28-1919
Darity, see Ball------
Darrow, Benjamin F----1864-- 1932
Darrow, Amanda A--wife of Benjamin--1862--1944
Darrow, John O----9- 3-1891--2-21-1923
Davenport, James C----1868-- 1933
Davenport, Katheryn----1908--1937
Davenport, Nephi--one date only----5-27-1895--
Davenport, Emma Dee-- same stone--12 -24-1901--8-26-1955
Davenport, Sarah Bell----1870--1957
Davey, Henry-- Capt. Co E 68 Ill Inf--no dates--
Davidson, Doris A----1900--1954
Davidson, George G---- 1868--1951
Davidson, Loreta Ruth--of Asa and Minnie--1917--1919--
Davidson, Zora Mae----1878--1943
Davis, Daniel A----8-16-1845--7-19-1926 --
Davis, Elim C--G A R Father-- 1868--1946
Davis, Alta H--wife of Elim Mother--1872--1934
Davis, Ray M--of Elim and Alta--1902--1922
Davis, Ella-- onedate only---- 1950
Davis, Fannie----2-2-1886--3-13-1907
Davis, Fred Edward-- age 80----7-18-1966--
Davis, James---- 1862-- 1911--
Davis, Orval----1907--1923
Davis, Roy--of W D and E C--1902--1904
Davis, William A----3-25-1820--12-2-1892
Dawson, Andrew J----1843-- 1925
Dawson, Susan A--wife of Andrew--1853--1933
Day, Emma R--Mother-- 1860-- 1944
Day, G W J Father----7-6-1844--3-12-1917
Dean,see McKeown and Ellsworth----
Dean, Clarence----10-4-1902--3-19-1905
Dean, Eliza Ann Wheeler----1854-- 1937
Dean, Jake--woodman of the world--1871--1947--
Dean, Louis----3-10-1901--9-5-1903
Dean, Marcus-- 55 years--11-30-1900----
Delant, Sarah A----3-29-1857--7-9-1940--
Delap, Sina in Sawyer lot age albout 50wife of J L-- 11-29-1883----
Denny, Robert B----1870--1957
Denton, Henry----1855--1921
Derthick, Bird Albert-- same stone as Lura A--1852--1928--
Derthick, Lura A -- same stone as Bird Albert--1862--1954--
Dewitt, Zoe Ann----1888--1953
Dickens, Florence H----12-31-1859-- 11-6-1949
Dickens, John B---- 5-28-1883--4-5-1902
Dickens, John H---- 5-29-1859--4-11-1939
Dickens, Paul S--of S T and J E age 4---- 11-29-1887
Dickens, Martha B-- difficult to read--10-26-1826-- 1910
Dickens, William T----1-19-1821--2-18-1899
Dickerson, Mrs Kittie---- 2-8-1871--12-26-1927
Dickinson, Mary E E Worden-- See Park Worden--1852--1923--
Dickson, Rena Gex----1869--1947
Diehl, Stephen A----1865--1955
Diehl, Hannah J--wife of Stephen--1874--1952
Dillon, Nancy A---- 12-17-1881--7-23-1957
Dillon, Nancy Agnes--age 75---- 1957--
Dingle, Taylor C-- age 81----1-3-1960--
Dixon, Robert----5-23-1838--1-1-1904
Dobbins, William F---- 1874--1949
Dobbins, Mary C-- wife of William F----1878
Doling, John H--58 years----8-22-1829--
Donnell, Thena-- wife of J. Luther--1911--1951
Donnell, Mary M--Mother--1874--1950
Donnell, Thomas A----8-15-1868--4-20-1910
Donnell, William L-- Husband and father--10-30-1897--7-4-1964--
Doss, James P-- 65 years----6-13-1895--
Dowell, Ada--May-- 5-31-1890--2-13-1912
Dowell, George A----4-17-1853--4-25-1934
Dowell, Frances S--wife of George--1-28-1855-- 12-25-1919
Dowell, Roselee----1936--1944
Dowell, Walter N--WW I--9-14-1892--4-2-1953--
Dresbach, Glenn Ward------1889--
Dresbach, Mary Boyle--first wife of Glenn Ward-- 1891-- 1943--
Drinkwater, Harriet A----8-2-1848--7-23-1912
Dryer, Maggie--wife of Martin L--7-4-1854-- 7-17-1932
Dunaway, John----2-7-1831--7-11-1881
Dunn, Annie--age 89---- 1957--Dunn, Fannie Bawden--wife of Charles age 49----5-1-1931--
Dunn, Charles------1873
Dunn, Mary Louise----12-1-1907-- 7-26-1908
Durlin, Virgil E---- 1864--1937
Durlin, Rebecca J-- wife of Virgil--1871-- 1945
Dysart, Thomas M---- 5-2-1817--11-17-1881
Eads, Edward--Corp co K 36In Inf--1824--1896
Eads, Sarah M--wife of Edward age 55---- 7-25-1890--
Eagan, Peter--G A R--6-5-1844-- 8-11-1940--
Eastman, Harry Silas Dr.-- -- 3-5-1880--1-4-1954
Eckles, Nettie Lee----10-28-1881--8-8-1956
Eckles, Vanoid H---- 1879--1965
Eddy, Anna--inHouse plot--no date--
Edge, Beulah----7-12-1911--7-3-1959
Edie, Paul R----3-31-1902--12-1-1962
Ekman, Einar Patrick--b in Cateborg, Sverige--4-14-1961--2-22-1885
Elfstrom, Gertrude Kappen----10-24-1893--11-15-1918
Ellett, Mary Ann Grandmother of Sigmund Janas----3-14-1886--
Elliott, Jane---- 1-3-1830--4-24-1909
Ellis, John Fremont------3-11-1931
Ellis, Wilma Jarrott-- wife of John----1879
Ellison, John H-- Co. H 1st Mo.S M Cav--no dates----
Ellsworth, Clara--of C M. Dean---- 1886
Elvins, Irene Sawyer----1898--1939
Ensign, Mary Stuart----1853--1925
Erickson, E W---- 1839--1922
Ervine, G S----3-25-1851--2-8- 1923
Ervine, Alice B-- wife of G S-- 5-23-1852--
Essary, Emma Lofftue--Mother-- 3-25-1890--4-5-1961
Evans, Beuhal A--69 age--d 12-1-1964----
Evers, Frank--of W F and H C--10-20-1888--6-11-1908
Evers,Harriet C--wife of W F--3-20-1852--1-13-1927
Everett, Maggia--wife of David-- 4-25-1829--2-4-1886
Everett, Wickey--of David and Maggia--1882--1885
Ewing, Signey--Co F 10 6 Ill Inf--4-3-1850--10-9-1924--
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Faber,A W--difficult to read--12-3-1829-- 3-3-1900--
Fain,Eunice C-- Mother--11-5-1874--10-21-1946
Fain, D A--Father--4-23-1868--1-4-1913
Fancher, Richard----3-18-1837-- 5-2-1911
Fanning, William C------3-19-1866
Fanning, Martha--wife of William--3-25-1884--4-17-1944
Faust, Edward C----6-17-1895--12-23-1953
Fenimore, Ina----2-28-1893--6-15-1965
Fenn, Clarence J----1932--1965
Fergusin, Sylvester E----5-11-1842--2-15-1902
Ferguson - Fergusin stone with dates, but no nameMother--7-4-1823--7-4-1901
Ferguson, Anna-- --7-6-1855--9-24-1893
Ferguson, J W--of J N and M--10-23-1887--11-26-1887
Fertig, Clarence C----1888--1964
Fertig, Della G--wife of Clarence--1889--1961
Fetty, Winner James----1896--1941
Field, H D--born Delhi, N Y--12-3-1841--8-29-1901
Finley, E----5-12-1802-- 7-19-1889
Finnell, see Blair,see Williams---- Eureka Springs
Finnell, D Edward---- 11-15-1863--8-5-1924
Finnell, John H--Lead South Dakota--2-8-1868--2-14-1924--
Finnell, Norah A----1-6-1875--
Finnell, Waltina----7-30-1915-- 4-9-1916
Fitch, AlbertD--Pvt 139 (Kanasa) Inf 35 Div)-- 9-29-1918----
Fitch, C D---- 1860--1909
Fitch, Gilbert--Co. F 31 Wis. Inf--no dates--
Fitch, Olive A----4-21-1849--8-22-1925
Flannery, two infant daughters of MS and I. M.--1889--1892??
Fleet, J David Crane--In Penn lot-- 1877--1898
Fletcher, Mary L--Mother--3-4-1847--2-8-1920
Floyd,see Hayden------
Floyd,Clara Frances Whiting----1879-- 1935
Floyd, Jennie Setzer---- 1868--1904
Floyd, Russell G M. D.----1851--1916
Floyd, Jennie--wife of Russell--11-30-1868--2-2-1904
Folek, Daisy Belle----11-5-1878--11-1-1880
Folck, George D----2-19-1872--11-1-1892
Folek, George Sylvanus--b Cumberland, Maryland--10-18-1834--6-4-1894
Folek, Jacob M----7-17-1875-- 8-8-1883
Folck, Rodney---- 2-22-1871-- 2-27-1871
Folek, Isabella A-- born Lovington, Va.--1846-- 1915
Forman, Clarence E----1873--1925
Forman, Nannie H--wife of Clarence-- 1871--1951
Forrest, William H----1857--1925
Fortner, J. Newton----1863--1935
Fortner, F. M. Alice-- wife of J Newton--1871--1946--
Fortune, John E--WWI--4-15-1885-- 4-13-1960--
Foster, John H----1868--1948
Foster, Zona C----1870-- 1955
Fox, Bert J----no dates--
Fox, Josephine L--wife of Bert--no dates--
Franche, Darius C----1857--1920
Franklin, Debra Lea-- Age 3---- 3-2-1963
Freeman, A J---- 6-10-1818--10-23-1902
Freeman, Chacie-- of O E and A I---- 1891
Freeman, Sallie E----7-30-1860--12-13-1947
Frost, Eunice----12-6-1893--7- 6-1931
Frost, William L Father----1-24-1864--3-13-1929
Fry, George P Rev.----1852-- 1905
Fry, William Jasen--40 years-- --8-11-1908--
Fry, William W------6 -16-1891--
Fryar, T Houston----10-23-1889--5-18-1961
Fuller, Claude A----1-20-1876--
Fuller, May (see Obenshain)--wife of Claude--5-1-1875-- 10-5-1961
Fuller, Elizabeth----9-26-1848--7-4-1943
Fuller, Harvey H----1879--1949
Fuller, Maude A--wife of Harvey--1881-- 1962
Fuller, Ira son of C A and May in Obenshain lot--1904-- 19 04
Fuller, Levi----1817-- 1903
Fuller, Lillie A F----5-28-1881--6-5-1933
Fuller, Luaius--Co. - 8 Kansas Inf.--2-4-1842--8-16-1927--
Fuller, Mary A Mother----6-26-1836--10-18-1925
Fuller, Stella--same stone as Minnie Plant--1883--1958--
Fuller, Milmont P---- 1-24-1848--2-12-1926
Fuller, Maria L--Wife of Milmont--4-22-1848-- 9-12-1904
Fuqua,--John W--9-2-1843--9-15-1916
Gaddie, Malinda J--wife of Buford--9-16-1818--May 1908
Gaither, Ada M---- 1880--1960
Gaither, I A Rev----1847--1924
Galther, L P--(McClellan wife of I A 1 58----1932
Galbrath, Etta------ 3-7-1966
Galbrath, Samuel--age 54 years---- 1-22-1941--
Gamble, Audrey K Riley----4-26-1917--5-6-1955
Gard, Harold F--of E F and Mary--1920-- 1922
Garland, see Hatcher------
Garland,--age 89 difficult to read---- 10-30-1961--------
Garrett, Andrew R---- 10-27-1831-- 2-18-1913
Garrett, Minerva A--wife of Andrew--9-24-1838-- 6-13-1924
Garrison, George Earl----1906--1936--
Garrison, Mildred--of A J and Tonie infant----
Garrison, Tonie--same stone as Autha--10-24-1876-- 8-1-1952--
Garrison, Autha--same stone as Tonie--2-25-1876--12-15-1957--
Gaskins, Steve T----1859-- 1926
Gaskins, Mollie V--wife of Steve--1866--1957
Gasteneau, Chrisley--same stone as Katharine--5-26-1840--10-7-1911--
Gasteneau, Katharine--same stone as Chrisley--1-31-183--6-8-1914--
Gasteneau, Fannie--Mother--no dates--
Gasteneau, Jimmie---- no dates--
Gasteneau, Rose----no dates--
Gaty, Samuel T--48 years---- 2-14-1886--
Gear, W Earl ( might be Cear)--of Mr and Mrs M R-- 1891Eureka Springs--
Gelwicks, Nettie Lee---- 1869-- 1953
Gemberling, Anna M--wife of J A--8-6-1867--10-17-1924
Gentry, Aboline-Bandy----1904--1946
Gentry, Albert L--35 years----3-5-1967--
Gentry, Hannah V----4-4-1852--1-2-1921
Gentry, J Wesley-- same stone as Dale-- 1906--1937--
Gentry, Dale--same stone as J Wesley--1909--1936--
George, Hattie--wife of J M-- 7-3-1839--5-14-1909
George, Robert A---- no dates--
Gerber, Jimmie Irene--(Bennett)--10-13-1918-- 1-8-1956
Gex, see Dickson
Gibbs, Anna Laura---- 11-14-1868-- 6-28-1925
Gibson, Ella----10-14-1875--4-23-1966
Gibson, John C----2-2-1879--7-28-1943
Gibson, Marlan of L C and Lulu--10-7-1912--12-30-1920
Gibson, Lula Cas--Mother--4-16-1885--1-29-1961
Gibson, Murray P----5-30-1862--1-27-1938
Gilbert, Bertha V wife of M O--7-11-1884-- 5-30-1915--
Gilbert, Stella---- 11-8-1883--4-21-1933
Gilmore, Sister Anna----3-22-187_--6-1-1932
Gilmore, James E----1-2-1826--6-18-1884
Gilmore, Laura (Gregg)----3-14-1862--8-7-1948
Glasgow, Eliza J----1868--1941
Glasgow, Pauline Jameson----1898--1961
Gleason, Belle Willis----6-2-1882-- 10-14-1956
Glenn, Blanche P----1884--1960
Glenn, Thomas J-- 1874----1952
Godard, Mabel Rhodes----1883-- 1944
Goff, Angela--infant--1961--1961
Goff, William Rob 1 year ert----12-1-1965-- 12-9-1965
Golden, Charles M----1852--1916
Goodrich, Lewis C---- no dates--
Goodwin, George M---- 7-12-1887-- 11-19-1959
Goodwin, H B----1853--1922
Goodwin, Lyda----1852--1922
Gordon, Curtis--same ston e as T J-- 3-26-1874--6-5-1895--
Gordon, T J same stone as Curtis no identification-- 4-3-1854-- 7-30- 1917--
Gorman, Kate R--age 86---- 9-3-1956--
Gorman, Fred----1870--1944
Goudelock, see Carrett------
Goudelock--Pvt co B 3 S GA Legion CSA----6-18-1908--
Goudelock, Hamlet----5-8-1864--9-15-1950
Goudelock, Sarah F--wife of Hamlet--6-4-1868--5-18-1950
Goudelock, M O--Garrett Sister--5-21-187--8-3-1908
Goudelock, R W----11-30-1840-- 6-18-1908
Goudelock, T J----4-23-1943-- 2-15-1907
Gould, American same stone 8S Cassie G. Hicks-- 5-6-1842--9-26-1921
Goundy, Julia A--difficult to read--2-2-1823--2-11-1888
Grabach see Myers------
Grochons, Mack ? ?------
Groshones, McKinley --of L B and Mary--1896--1898
Graham, Louisa A---- 1-31-1869--11-2-1946
Graham, William M----6-30-1851-- 1-20-1901
Gray, Lucien----7-12-1862--8-19-1926--
Gray, Thomas----7-6-1825--
Gray, Margrete wife of Thomas-- 2-20-1832--11-11-1908
Greathouse see Lawrence------
Green, Carle (or Carl E)-- of W and S A 1 year----1884
Green, Clyde W--Father--1877--1929
Green, Verna A--wife of Clyde Mother--1877-- 1913
Green, Harry O same stone as J L Osburn of Mr and Mrs J H--11-24-1899--7-23-1900--
Green, William C-- of W and S A 1 year---- 1886--
Greene see McLaughlin------
Grier, Miriam----l917--1917
Griffing, Neva Warren----1908-- 1945
Gudd, Charlie of J H and E----9-23-1880--3-9-1881
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Hackney, William A---- 7-17-1853-- 3-31-1921
Hadley, Harry W----1875--1951--
Hadley, Winnie W--wife of Harry--1875--1954
Hagerman, Elizabeth--wife of P--11-11-1833-- 12-29-1900
Haggle, Pearl-- age 83---- 1958
Hall, Ella W----1853--1936
Hall, Harry S----11-1-1886--5-2-1964
Hall, Lafayette S----7-14-1898--5-27- 1961
Hall, Margaret Ann--same lot as Nora Tuall--3-6-1850--10-29-1928-- Hall, Maudalee Wheeler----1886-- 1944
Hall, William----2-29-1815-- 5-9-1892
Halter, Carrie Norvell----6-25-1874--3-11-1955
Hamblin, W E----5-27-1861--10-22-1888
Hamilton, two children--of John and Michael-- no dates--
Hamilton, Lela Mae----7-26-1919--9-2-1953
Hamman, F Dr----3-5-1832-- 2-4-1906
Hamman, Susan A----5-15-1840--11-8-1926
Hancock, Frank M----1867--1936
Hancock, Nellie--age 84-- 3-11-1959--
Hancock, S C----1839--1908--
Hancock, Addie wife of S C----1839--1928
Haney, Earnest R--WW I--9-23-1890-- 11-8-1945--
Haney, Elizabeth Young----11-3-1858-- 5 -11-1943
Hanley, Lily R wife of J L----10-24-1878--2-8-1930
Hanner, P A----4-27-1849--12-8-1908
Hardesty, W R----11-13-1844-- 8-9-1897
Hardin, Daniel Price,----1863--1940
Hardin, Sallie F----1867--1960
Hargrove, J S----2-14-1840--12-19-1925
Hargrove, Nancy B---- 1856--1946
Harlan, Ellis W----1861--1947
Harlan, Elizabeth Lee----l862--1924
Harp, Harold--of Mr and Mrs W H Harp----
Harp, Hazel May----1937--1963
Harp, Lucey, --of Mr and Mrs W H Harp----
Harp, James T----3-4-1871----
Harp, Ellen wife of James T--Married 10-11-1895--9-2-1880--3-17-1964
Harp, Minnie May wife of W E--1898--1926
Harp, Peter--WW I--8 -31-1892--8-30-1940--
Harmon, Charles J----1921--1923
Harrigan, Thomas----1855--1928
Harrington, Luann---- 2-12-1855-- 8-17-1881
Harris, Freda, E----1884-- 1936
Harris, Floyd-- son of Mr and Mrs W A---- 1903--
Harris, George L----1854--1913
Harris, T C----12-11-1839--2-1-1884
Harris, Thoro---- 3-31-1874-- 3-27-1955
Hart, Louis----7-15-1840--10-10-1910
Harvey, Richard B----1896--1959
Harvey, Joyce D--wife of Richard---- 1902
Harvey, Richard S--WW I----
Harvey, T ----1859--1933--
Harvey, Miss Zoni-- 26 years---- June 15 1900--
Hasen, Harold-- of CA and M A--9-10-1911--9-13-1911
Hastings, Lena -- age 62 wife of F F----Aug 3-1915--
Hatcher, Cecil-- of W L and M C Son--5-21-1888--12-25-1903--
Hatcher, Edith J---- 8- 29-1892--7-26-1914
Hatcher, George Penn------ Apr 6 1938
Hatcher, Joyce Annband------2- 1940
Hatcher, Judy Garland----2-13-1945--10-6-1961
Hatcher, . Kathleen R----8-5-1910--4-3-1939
Hatcher, Robert Eugene----4-26-1942-- 9-30-1961
Hatcher, Roland B---- 9-24-1870-- 5-6-1950
Hatcher, Della M--wife of Roland--8-4-1876--12-16-1954
Hatcher, Rosetta------1-1-1947--
Hatcher, Will W----1886--1963--
Hatcher, Anna K--wife of Will W--1893--1963
Hawins, Elizabeth E-- born Green co, Ind--3-5-1872-- 1888
Hawkins, Johnathan J----2-14-1858--7-15-1937
Hawkins, Ollie M----3-4-1878--1-14-1944
Hawkins, Preston J--Brother--9-20-1899--9-9-1930
Hawkins, Elizaveth A--Sister--2-22-1901--12-4-1929
Hawkins, William A b Davis County Ind d Marysville, AR--1-7-1843--4-10-1902
Hawley, Katherine Frances-- of Theo and Annie--12-7-1900--4- 8-1909
Hawley, Flora Spencer----9-11-1847-- 2-2-1923
Hawley, T F--WW I-- 2-18-1840--6-20-1916--
Hawley, Theodore Carlisle----10-30-1902--9-26-1903
Hawley, Theodore L----1875--1962
Hawley, Anne Carlisle--wife of Theodore--1872-- 1954
Hayden, R Stanford--Rev.--1896--1944
Hayden, Jennie Floyd--wife of R Stanford--1904--
Hayes, Margaret E----1850--1925
Haynes, Lyn----12-20-1893--4-27-1962
Hays, Mary P----1850-- 1920
Hays, S E---- 4-27-1845--10-25-1913
Helmer, Victor F----1867-- 1945
Henderson, see Black--------
Henderson, Ada P-- --1879--1959
Hendrix, Selicina --of J H and S--11-2-1872--11-29-1884
Henley, J B--In Tweedy lot-- 2-18-1914-- 7-10-1914--
Helms, Francis----1866--1939
Henson, Josephine --wife of J W--8-16-1857--6-5-1889
Henson, May L----3-18-1874-- 1-3-1917
Herndon, Clarer Earl----6-3-1896--8-8-1956
Herod, Walter--D--7-22-1873-- 12-20-1948
Herod, Ann SIB wife of Walter--3-27-1868--4-1-1930
Herrell, Edith--same stone as Lyda May Roberts--1906--
Hess, Adda Allen---- 1873--1966
Hess, Albert L----1872--1944
Hewitt, Robert--Father Co B 11 Ga Cav C B A--1864--1925
Hichfill, David M----5-22-1847-- 11-4-1911--
Hickey, Jeremiah--age 79 years 36 Reg Ill Cal----3-28- 1914 ??--Hickman, J P--63 years----4-28-1908??--
Hickman, James M-- 64 years---- 6-29-1887
Hickman, Martha-- wife of J M--6-30-1826-- 3-24-1913
Hickman, Dora May--probably infant---- June 14 no year--Hicks, Cassie G--same stone as America Gould--4-13-1884--3-27-1924--
Hicks, Harrison G----1879--1949
Hicks, Lena C-- wife of Harrison---- 1904
Higgins, Kathrin--b in Foxford, Ir. age 18-- no dates--
Higggins, Orville-- --11-22-1886--1-17-1950
Higgins, Edna--wife of Orville ----4-14-1883
Highland, Pearlie Rose---- 1900--1930
Hile, Ernest E--about 70 years old---- 9-16-18 65--
Hill, see Phebe Brack------
Hill, Flora Ada----8-22-1893--11-27-1914
Heacox, John William--of Harry and Constance-- May 22-1942--May 22 1942
Heacox, Harry William--WW I--6-24-1895--4-16-1948--
Heller, Abraham Father---- 1823--1910--
Heller, Marqureta--wife of Abraham--1821--1903--
Hill, James W----1853--1903
Hill, Ada M--wife of James W--1853--1901
Hill, Tommy Joe----10-18-1930--9-9-1931
Hill, W A----no dates--
Hinton, Lily--Mother---- 11-23-1914
Hoag, Charles F--Father-- 2-16-1868--1-1-1957
Hoag, Jennie V-- wife of Charles Mother--6-2-1876--1-25-1955
Holt, W C---- 12 -18-1822--2-7-1892--
Homer, U R----8-21-1852--11-20-1881
Hone, Ella M----7-8-1852--3-9-1897
Hone, John C----12-14-1843--3-12-1932
Hoover, James Archie--WW--4-10-1933--10-13-1964--
Hopkins, Jess A Rev--no birth date---- 1955
Hopkins, Lillian--wife of Jess no birth date---- 1951--
Hopkins, John----11-18-1835--4-20-1892
Hopkins, W H------8-6-1869
Hopkins, Malinda A--wife of W H--3-27-1868-- 7-5-1919
Hopper, Cecil D--of D H and M T age 5--6-20-1896--
Hopper, Irene B--of D H and M T--1894--1895
Hopper, Mollie Dallas----no dates--
Hoskins, Johnie--Next to Hoskinson---- 1899
Hoskins, Joseph R----1882--11-7- 1973
Hoskins,Allie B-- wife of Joseph--1883-- 1965
Hoskins, Seriee (Sarah E. Ashby)--6-7-1848-- 5-26-1898
Hoskinson, Edmond--Sp. Am. War--no dates--
Hottel, John K--soldier--10-22-1941--
Hottel, W C----1864-- 1920
House, see Eddy------
House, Annie W---- no dates--
House, George W----no dates--
Howe, William H---- 3-28-1859--5-4-1881
Howell, Helen--Mother--1879-- 1958
Howerton, Cleo Jr--. of Ann and George--5-28-1023 --5-28-1923
Howerton, Geo. J--wife of Ami-- 6-6-1901--7-31-1947
Hoyle, J---- 1866--1918
Huddleston, Otto E----8-15-1881--10-17-1881
Hudgens, Melissa Johnson----1868--1952
Hudgens, Perry--of W R and Mary--7-16-1879--9-20-1881
Hudgens, Vance----8-5-1881-- 12-1-1930
Hudgens,--W R--5-30-1859-- 6-8-1927
Hudson, Robert D----4-16-1884-- 11-17-1960
Hudson, Nita--wife of Robert----2-18-1901
Hudson, William P---- 1829--1908
Huffman, Elvis---- 1883-- 1937
Huffman, Perry--died from fire-- 1900--1942----Gasoline Fire----
Huffman, R C---- 1858-- 1959
Huffman, Mary Ann--wife of R C--1861--1929
Hughes, Thornton---- 10-8-1818-- 8-25-1891
Hughes, Elizabeth--wife of Thornton--6-2-1824--8-8-1912
Hughes, T---- no dates--
Hull, Della----1872--1952
Hull, Nannie B---- 1875--1965
Hull, O S----1866--1945
Hunt, Julia Ann--of Olin and Stella---- 11-6-1942--
Hunt, Olin---- 1898--1962
Hunter, Forrest R----3-8-1871--3-23-1931
Hunter, Florence J--wife of Forrest--8-5-1875--6-15-1957--
Hunter, Lacy Laureola--of Rev. I M and Laura B--3-22-1884--8-3-1886
Hurlbut, Charles W--same stone and Blanch--no dates--
Hurlburt, Blanch--same stone as Charles--no dates--
Hurst, George Cassell of Thomas Warren and Sarah Hurst--8-31-1853--8-8-1929
Hurt, George Washington-- 69 years---- 5-18-1940
Hussey, Anna T--Mother--1860--1939
Hutchinson, Ernest W--Father--4-24-1897--11-10-1953
Hyde, Mose Samuel--Twin--12-25-1832-- 11-5-1914--
Hyde, Aron--Twin--12-25-1832--5-7-1911--
Hyde, Frances--Mother--1853--1921
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Irwin, Frances--Mother--1853--1921
Irwin, William C----1870--1952
Irwin, Gertrude M--wife of William--1875--1956
Isaacs, Alan C----1871--1939
Isaacs, Abilene Riley--wife of Alan--1876--
Ivey, Joseph F----2-25-1847--7-24-1899
Ivey, Nancy J--wife of Joseph--9-22-1844--4-25-1909
Jackson, Rufus Leroy----3-29-1869-- 7-15-1960
Jackson, Edna Parsons--Mother--6-5-1877--3-19-1962
Jackson, Raymond Edward--son--9-15-1909-- 1-24-1926
Jackson, Ruth Seidel---- 1895--1965
Jackson, Winnie----1896--1950
Jageman, Jennie L--of F and M J--1881--1887
Jageman, John T--of F and M J-- 1884--1886
James, Charles D-- Ark. Col. 153 Inf. 39 Div----12-24-1938
James Evert O----9-22-1897--6-7-1931
James, F M M.D.--Military Stone--4-3-1828--4-29-1882--
James, Franklin Earnest----8-26-1872-- 1-30-1943
James, Nancy Jane--wife of Franklin--3-2-1873--10-26-1955
James, Mary H Dexter--wife of Richard S--1928--1911--
James, Richard B----1824--1903
James S Jack--WWI--3-2-1894--6-3-1963--
James, Nell Kelley--wife of S Jack-- 2-18-1894--
James, see Glasgow------
Jamison, William J----12-30-1868--12-5-1945
Jamison, Frances A--wife of William--2-14-1870--1-26-1958
Janas see Ellett------
Jarrett see Ellis------
Jarvis, Allie --wife of J E no dates----
Jasper infant --son of O F and Dora----8-7-1903
Jasper, Charles F----1901--1950
Jasper, Aunt Nan----1842--1927
Jasper, Oscar F----1871--1957
Jasper, Dora A--wife of Oscar--1879--1960
Jeffers, William C--see Melinda L--6-2-1901--
Jefferies, Henry----10-6-1848--2-24-1888
Jeffers, Melinda L--wife of William C--7-12-1902--4 or 1 -1-1964?????
Jenkins, G W --CO. G 43 Prov EN MO Mil----
Jenkins, George W--Father--11-24-1830-- 6-1-1904
Jenkins, Harriet E--Mother wife of George--5-24-1842--4-30-1910
Jenkins, Lora Ethel--Mother--1883--1943
Jenkins, William--1850-- 1913--
Jeske, Amanda----1876-- 1951
John, Joseph F M.D.----1875--1954
John, Lillian A--wife of Joseph----1875
Johnson, see Carney --See Sarles----
Johnson, Charles----10-31-1893--1-10-1964
Johnson, F I----1876-- 1949
Johnson, Glen T----5-31-1902-- 7-8-1964
Johnson, Lena F--wife of Glen----7-23-1905
Johnson, Mary C Mother next to Ernest W Hutchinson--12-27-1863--5-10-1947
Johnson, Mildred Sarles,--wife of O F--2-26-1876-- 4-11-1941
Johnson, Nannie--Mother--2-13-1862--2-5-1925
Johnson,infants--of Oscar and Nannie F------
Johnson, W Frances----10-13-1879--2-4-1957
Johnson, Myrtle--wife of W Frances--12-20-1881--7-22-1959
Johnson, W H--husband of Vashtia--10-31-1822--4-26-1891--
Johnson, Mrs Vashtia--wife of W H--3-14-1821--3-29-1892--
Johnson - Campbell Mamie B----1860Eureka Springs
Johnson - Campbell Annie Warren--1866--1906
Johnston, Ruby Mae----9-13-1903--11-26-1919
Jones, D--Powell-- 8-27-1841--8-26-1917
Jones, Fenton Carlyle--Presbyterian Minister--1868--1954--
Jones, Gladys E----1891--1918
Jones, Henry H---- 5-21-1900--2-22-1963
Jones, Joseph D----7-9-1918-- 11-30-1918
Jones, Mary P---- 1878--1956
Jones, Oscar Burton----3-31-1900--1-9-1964
Jones, Oscar G----1869-- 1943
Jordan, Ernest----1892--1961
Jordan, Florence----not dates--
Jordan, Louise G---- 1855-- 1945
Jordan, Samuel B---- 1856--1951
Jory, Helen b. Pachuga, Mex.d. Easter Sunday--2-26-1900--1918
Jumper, Rebecca--wife of William--9-3-1817--6-27-1909
Justice, G M--CO. K 1st Ark Cav--5-20-1835-- 3-7-1901--
Justice, Lumisa Jane--Mother--1835--1911
Justice, Missouri Ruth--sister same stone--1872--1937
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Kappen see Elfstrom------
Kappen, Annie Theresa----2-6-1902--5-24-1943
Kappen, Robert---- no dates--
Kappen, W M----10-20-1865-- 4-9-1930--
Kappen, William----1865-- 1930
Kappen, Mabel L--wife of William--1870--1902
Kappen, William G----9-17-1888--2-3-1949
Kappen, Lottie T--wife of William--1-6-1889--
Keck, Benjamin E----11-7-1890-- 8-18-1965
Keck, Ruth M--wife of Benjamin--12-28-1888--6-9-1960
Keck, Don Eugene----3-5-1948--3-5-1048
Keeter, Hazel Marie--of Mr and Mrs A L--1928--1929
Keller, John---- 1835--1902
Keller, Phoebe---- 1844--1907
Kelley, A F 2-26-1908------11-12-1924
Kelley, Carroll D----11-20-1898--12-10-1938
Kelley, Emily Louise----8-21-1921--11-11-1921
Kelley, Granger--WW II--11-9-1911--5-11-1963--Kelley, J Wesley----1894-- 1918
Kelley, Jennie----8-11-1872--3-13-1960
Kelley, Louise----9-9-1871-- 5-30-1957
Kelley, Ona Louise----7-20-1923--1-23-1932
Kelley, R B----12-5-1872--7-9-1922
Kelley, U G ----11-7-1867--2-17-1920--
Kelly, James T--one date only ----1-11-1935
Kenfield see Schiosser------
Kenfield, M B ----1872--1948
Kennedy, Fred C------1-23-1914
Kennedy, GeorgeB----1868--1931
Kennedy, Bertha H--wife of George----1870
Kennedy, Hugh C----9-5-1871--11-10-1962
Kennedy, Mary Riley------ 1-20-1933
Kennedy, Pearl I------ 8-9-1910--
Kent, George A------1889
Kent, Sally W--wife of George--1880--1965
Kern, Anna D----5-31-1849--7-23-1918
Kern, James F----3-31-1850-- 7-17-1918
Kern, Rosalie----1876--1952
Kern, LuluK Pugh---- 1879--1943
Kerr, Henry R----11-22-1856-- 12-19-1930
Kerr, Belle Z--wife of Henry--2-29-1864--9-12-1935
Keys, George F--no dates----
Kibbe, Milo W--age 17--1872--1957
Kibbe, Cora A--wife of Milo--1869--1961
Kile--see Reid----
Kile, "Family of Elias Linzee Kile and Amma H Kile Timmons"--
Kimberling, Arch----1870--1943
Kimberling, Delia Lee--wife of Arch--1872--1943--
Kimberling, Paul R--WW2--3-27-1910--4-11-1956--
King see Bolton------
King, Carter--of W C and M P 1880----1881
Kinser, Sarah--Mother--8-27-1848--11-9-1892
Kirk, F P--in Mattocks lot--no dates--
Kirkland, Emma 27 years b livingston, Sumpler County Ala.----7-27-1887--
Kizer, James M--of W H and M E--3-26-1870--8-22-1901--
Klock, Gaylord J----6-8-1854--3-29-1912
Klott, Margaret F----5-4-1886--11-29-1959
Knight, Florena H--next to Humphrey D--1884--1941
Knight, Humphrey D----1870--1927
Knight, Ruth M----1903--1945
Knowles, Ellery-- 70 years-- 9-20-1903--
Krkosska, Frank J----1888--1943
Kukler, Adolph H----1889--1963
Kukler, Augusta M--wife of Adolph----1885
Kuykendall, Ada----1874--1882
Kuykendall, J. L.----1868--1884
Kuykendall, S F 1836------1896--
Kuykendall, Ivy O--Daddy--1887--1964
Kuykendall, Mary J----1860--1936
Kynaston, Edward--ER Co F AM - A KL Far W, March r,yn 1884 Efe A Hindodd yn yr Argiavydd YDOEDO O EWPORIA
Lacy, J A---- 8-3-1847--8-7-1924
Lake, Caroline B--age 91 years---- 10-8-1962--
Lamar, Mrs. R D--wife of J H age 48---- 4-24-1905--
Lambert, Doly E----1876--1900
Lambert, Elida E----1879--1900
Lambert, Hosea R----1886--1917
Lambert, John W----1848--1906
Lamonte, Hammond B----8-2-1875--1-29-1956
Land, A J----9-13-1843--6-13-1883
Land, Edmond--son of A J--5-16-1881--9-20-1882--
Landaker, see Calkins------
Landaker, Mary E--Mother--6-4-1895--age 53
Lane, Bertha Agnes----1882--1885
Langley, Sarah--wife of Thomas J age 54---- 11-22-1901--
Larche, Paul Allen--Mason-- 1880--1947--
Lark, Elsie--wife of Rev F A--1876-- 1909
Lassagne, Caroline Hawley--wife of Victor F--4-15-1972--12-2-1904
Lawrence, Belle Greathouse----1833-- 1909
Lawson, John Harold--Ill 1st Lt WW I--9-29-1897-- 6-20-1966--
Lawson, Leora H--wife of John Harold----1897
Leach, James K----1883-- 1960
Leach, Dora C--wife of James----1886
Lease, Dr C L----1868-- 1921
Lease, Margaret H----1970--1951
Leath, Annie V----1879--1953
Leath, Sam--age 89-- 9-4-1966-- (name is Samuel Alexander per Janet Leath Ames
Lee, Edgar E----7-3-1875-- 9-23-1960
Lee, Louisa--73 age---- 2-11-1907--
Leighton, Charles------ 10-23-1942
Lenox, Miss Clemantine----12-8-1877-- 8-8-1904
Lent, Jimsy----3-28-1924--12-11-1929
Lentz, Ira I----9-27-1873-- 12-2--1953
Lentz, Maude O--wife of Ira (Obershain)----5-1-1875--
Levi, Catherine E---- 1935--1902
Levi, Jacob I----1825-- 1909
Lewis, see Young------
Lewis, Azelia Lamb------12-30-1958
Lewis, Charles H----10-22-1864--2-7-1947
Lewis, Minnie E--wife of Charles--9-3-1867--5-31-1948
Lewis, L A----9-21-1845--4-3-1902
Lewis, L V----11-6-1846--1-1-1916
Lewis, Lillie adopted daughter of J P and S M-- 1881--1901
Lewis, William Riley----12-19-1851-- 7-12-1920
Lewis, Nora Lamb--wife of Wm Riley--1-6-1853--3-12-1934
Lichlyster, Clara Cole----1897--1926
Life, Anna E C----1-25-1842--12-2-1904
Light--see Cooper----
Light, Sara J----1829--1912
Linabarger, George O----1836--1910
Linder, William----1-9-1834--
Linder, Martha E--wife of William--8-13-1839--10-19-1910
Lindsey, Beatrice---- 1901--1903
Lindsey, Lena May----1904-- 1904
Lintecum, Glen S--Mason--1882--1952--
Lintecum, Idona O--wife of Glen --1892--
Lintecum, Thomas Kent--WW I--5-22-1894--4-10-1965--
Livington,--WW--1923-- 1944--
Lloyd, Ida B---- 1871--1944
Lloyd, William J---- 1856--1936
Lobban, Cora Stratton----8-16-1865--5-23-1929
Locke, Rose P Waddill---- 1867--1930
Locke, L E---- 1850-- 1905--
Loffland, Louisina----1-10-1834-- 8-16-1892
Lofftus, See Essary------
Lofftus, Ida--Niece--12-20-1886-- 10-21-1959
Long, Joseph L----1861--1909
Long, Lulu M--Mother-- 1884-- 1965
Longfellow, Elizabeth--understakers markers only----
Longfellow, Francis Marion-- under takers marker only -- 11-14-1852-- Feb. 14 1935--
Longfellow, John Henry--Father--3-10-1865--5-14-1931
Longfellow, Laura Elizabeth--daughter--9-27-1905-- 3-24-1925
Longfellow, Martha Mellissa--Mother--12-6-1869-- 2-18-1958
Loucks, Heman----7-13-1873--1-30-1963
Loucks, Florence--wife of Heman--4-21-1887-- 2-12-1958
Lovell, Sarah J----6-8-1840-- 9-27-1914
Luce, Charles Frederick--Father--1860--1928--
Luce, Marie Allen--wife of Charles Mother-- 1865--1941--
Lucky, Annie----3-25-1849--10-21-1921
Lucky, Arthur M----1877-- 1920
Lucky, Alice F--Wife of Arthur--1883--1920
Lucky, D B----2-10-1840-- 2-6-1902
Lucky, Kenneth--infant of A M and Alice--no dates----
Lucky, Katherine--infant of A M and Alice--no dates--
Lund, Anna--Mother--12-9-1844--2-15-1923
Lund, Hugo--Son--9-15-1862-- 9-30-1947
Lundberg, Laura R----1888--1967
Lundberg, Victor E----1885-- 1964
Lynch, H V--undertakers marker only---- 1952--
Lynch, Henry A--Rev--1885--1960
Lynd, Roland N----1905--1907
Lyons, William Squier-- of Elizabeth and John--1906--1914
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Mack, Perhaps a first name In Greshons lot----
Maddox, see Perkins------
Maehr, Edward A----5-8-1896-- 6-24-1964
Maehr, Ruth M--wife of Edward----5-5-1901
Manning, Harold A----1879-- 1962
Manning, Mary Snapp--wife of Harold-- no dates--
Mark, Ina Cochran----12-18-1887-- 5-10-1944
Mark, Perry C Jr----1912-- 1913
Marsh , see McLaughlin------
Marsh, Arthur McLaughlin------
Marsh, Arthur J----1864-- 1951
Marsh, Florence N--wife of Arthur----1883
Marsh , Edward L----1846--1894
Marsh, Emily P----1826--1894
Marsh, James H----1837--1925
Marsh, Isabel G--wife of James--1840--1910
Marshallsee True------
Marshall, Henry----11-1-1841--5-10-1888
Marshall, Marie Rawlins--wife of Henry--12-16-1836--
Martin, Luly B wife of J E dau of J C and M A Betten--7-15-1871-- 2-25-1906
Martin, M C Mother----5-26-1845-- 12-4-1919
Martin, Nora E--of G W and M E--2-24-1881--9-10-1883--
Martin, Ross E----8-31-1901--9-10-1956
Mathews, Cal d--59 years ----11-6-1898
Mathis, Don L----11-30-1936--4-22-1963
Mathis, Helen F--wife of Don----2-18-1909
Mathis, Lewis----1870--1950
Matthews, A N----2-27-1853-- 2-14-1910
Matthews, M J--wife of A N--12-6-1835--9-7-1900
Matthews, Bobby H----3-17-1926--6-15-1927
Matthews, Jewell R----3-25-1922-- 11-4-1925
Matthews, John H----1889--1954
Matthews, Letha E-- wife of John----1891
Mattocks, see Kirk------
Mattocks, children --of F L and A L no names--no dates--
Mattocks, Frederick L---- 1873--1941
Mattocks, Angeletta--wife of Frederick--1876--1946
Mattocks, Joseph----6-15-1845-- 2-19-1913
Mattocks, Kate-- wife of Joseph--7-27-1850--8-20-1881
Mattocks, Meadair or M F or M E Does not give surname in Mattocks Lot-- 1-21-1849-- 9-7-1881
Maxey, Stephen Wood---- 1886--1964
Maxey, Nelle Mildred--wife of Stephen----1892
McAllister, Arch-- Spanish AM War--3-31-1877--5-19-1958--
McAllister, Lillie---- 1887-- 1940
McBee, Ira Clinton--son U S A F--1917-- 1944--
McBee, William Kenneth--Grandson----10-27-1944--
McBee,Victor B--Father--1884--1035
McBee, William Maurice--Son US Air Corp--1911--1938--
McBride, see Carter------
McBride, Carter Same stone as Cleveland McBride--1-26-1885-- 6-15-1886--McBride, Cleveland--son of J M and J L--no dates--
McBroom, Donald--son of E F and Mabel--7-12-1904-- 8-18-1913
McCall, Chrystal----1907--1960
McCall, Finis O---- 9-17-1875-- 9-12-1942
McCall, Marcus Lee----1870-- 1947
McCall, Bertie L--wife of Marcus--1871--1955
McClarkin, Sam'l--Co H 5 Illinois Cav-- not dates--
McClure, Nancy-- 48 Years---- 12-21-1896
McCollister, see Boyd------
McCollister, Nettie-- 53 Years---- 7-10-1912--
McCollister, Spencer D--Father--7-27-1857-- 9-22-1931
McCollister, Anna Vance--Wife of Spencer Mother-- 9-1-1865--7-25-1935
McComb, Victor Rufus---- 1887--1888
McConathy, George B----10-27-1825--10-25-1891
McCorkie, Nancy Ann---- 1886-- 1953
McCorkle, R E Rev----1860--1940
McCord, Newton N----1834-- 1909
McCord, Susan C--wife of Newton-- 1851--1928
McCormick, Alonzo B----12-12-1849--9-18-1929--
McCormick, Francis Marion----1-18-1847--12-9-1907
McCormick, William--b County Westmeath, Ireland--11-17-1847-- 10-8-1910--
McCormick, Susan (Batsell)l either maiden name or place of birth-- 2-5-1865--10-4-1827--
McCullough, Charles T----9-24-1877--10-10-1905--
McCurdy, Robert M b Henderson County, ILL of T C and S--5-10-1870-- 12-25-1885--
McDonald, Anson--Crpl Co O 37th New Jersey Inf--no dates----
McDonald, J P-- 82 yrs----1-12-1842--
McDonald, Robert E----1845-- 1926
McDonald, Mary E--wife of Robert--1850--1926
McDonald, William Doughlas`-- 1882-- 1949
McDuff, James----2-13-1830--4-2-1882
McElfresh, Edna L--In same lot as Wm M Forrest--1873--1962--
McGrath, see Perkins------
McIntyre, Betsey---- 1829-- 1905
McIntyre, Daniel----1825-- 1917
McIntyre, George----1859-- 1949
McIntyre, Georgia A--wife of George--1880--1964
McInfyre, Katie May--wife of Robert--9-22-1872--9-6-1907
McKeown, James----1871-- 1947
McKeown, Tilda E Dean --wife of James--5-5-1876--10-27-1912
McLaughlin, see Marsh------
McLaughlin, George Homer---- 6-28-1874--11-10-1939
McLaughlin, Fa nnie Greene----no dates--
McLaughlin, Florence M--Mother--4-9-1875--1-2-1950
McLaughlin, Homer----1-12-1913-- 2-18-1960
McLaughlin, John P--Co C 97 Ind Inf--no dates--
McLaughlin, Mary C--wife of J P age 46----4-26-1890--
McLaughlin, Mary C There are two stones for Mary C--3-4-1844--4-26-1890
McLaughlin, Mabel--of J P and M C--1881--1882--
McLaughlin, Richard B--of Mr and Mrs G H--11-18-1897--6-7-1898
McLaughlin, T B----1872--1936
McMillen, see Barnes------
McMillan, Paul Peter--ARK Ensign USNR----4-26-1934--
McKimmey, Joe T----1886--1939
McKimmey, Melton-- 50 yrs----10-28-1941
McKimmey, Wilson H------6-7-1839--
McKimmey, Malinda--wife of Wilson--4-17-1845--12-6-1909
McKinney, G A Savanna------ 7-4-1884
McMullem, Joseph----1883--1933
McNab, Evaline C----1866--
McNab, Rowland T----1856--1928
McPhail, Ruben Allens----1897--1952
McQuerry, John--WW I--5-27-1910-- 3-7-1966--
McQuerry, Wallace----4-13-1875-- 3-24-1955
McVey, Grant Earle-- of John W and Nellie 13 years--9-29-1881------McVicar, see Streve----
McWilliams, Annie E------9-5-1906--
Meador, R L--Father--1-8-1862--7-23-1895--
Meador, (probably Meador--Mother--1864--1948
Means, James----1818--1896
Means, Laura--of J M and Sophia--5-15-1859--3-17-1886
Means, S R----12-12-1855--12-31-1921
Means, Sophia C----1876-- 1951--
Meily, Leath A---- 1823-- 1913
Medley, Joseph M----7-16-1844--3-26-1882--
Meeks, Lillian----1838--1922--
Melone, James O------1858
Melone, Kate E--wife of James--1860--1933
Melton, Alfred----11-19-1842--8-8-1905
Melton, Rebecca C--Wife of Alfred--1-31-1845--2-9-1911
Mendenhall, Ioda B----1878--1957
Merker, Alta L---- 1892--1939--
Merker, Willie Yvonne----1919--1919
Merry, James P--born in Ohio-- 4-10-1820--2-18-1895
Metcalfe, Walter E--Sp AM War--7-7-1877--8-7-1953--
Middleton, I L--Father-- 8-23-1866--12-9-1917
Mikesell, Roy R----11-12-1891-- 2-5-1957
Miller - See Secor------
Miller, Clio Wirt---- 1878--1962--
Miller, Mabel P--wife of Clio--1878--1964
Miller, Edward F--May--17 1875--7-9-1964
Miller, Addie L--wife of Edward--3-28-1873--2-26-1958
Miller, Paul A----1-20-1876--7-14-1964
Miller, Myrtle L--wife of Paul----1-15-1884
Miller, Rush----12-3-1953-- 12-19-1954
Miller, Thomas--Rev 71 years---- 10-8-1885--Miller, Wanda Ray--one date only----1-11-1923
Millsay, Richard----2-6-1848-- 6-2-1885
Miner, Almon C----9-9-1827-- 2-13-1890
Minick, Clover Dale----4-6-1906--9-30-1959
Mitchell, George A---- 1859--1934--
Mitchell, Annie G----1859--1944
Mitchell, Ira O f Fillmore and W A--1-4-1878--3-10-1888
Mitchell, John-- of W M and T--1893--1904
Mitchell, Nancy--no dates d age 83----
Mix, Jas W--no dates co D 93 Ind Inf----
Mock, David--Co D 98 Ill inf----9-18-1844
Monagan, Mother --nothing more----
Monagan, Annie J----1859--1944
Monagan, Ellen E----1862--1948
Monagan, Laura--b Clarksville, Tex.--4-13-1862--10-13- 1902
Montgomery, Duncan---- 1831--1907
Montgomery, Lillie--wife of Duncan age 64----3-13-1895
Montgomery, Richard Jay---- 1882-- 1964
Montgomery, Rita M Church------1891
Moody, Amyal--of J W--10-14-1879-- 10-24-1903
Moody, Tom----1-28-1871--9-4-1953
Moody, Pearl E--wife of Tome--6-20-1874--7-30-1939
Moore, William Sam----1864--1932
Moore, Aileen-- of Walter E and Addie P--1884--1892
Moore, Clifford D--b and d--2-13-1947--
Moore, Edith M----1910--1936
Moore, George E----1918--1943
Moore, Mary M----9-29-1876--2-24-1962
Moore, Roy---- 1889--
Moore, Reba--wife of Roy----1895
Moore, Ruth--of W S and Susie 5 days----
Moose, Eugene--of H H and K-- 4-4-1866-- 2-3-1882
Moose, Etta May--of H H and K--1-8-1863 (or 8)--1-31-1922
Morgan, G H---- 12-12-1837-- 11-5-1881
Morgan, Lee Darby----1875--1936
Morris, Joe A---- 1876-- 1956
Morris, Sarah L-- wife of Joe--1885--1944
Morris, Joe A---- 1876--1956
Morris, Sarah L--wife of Joe--1885--1944
Morton, Harry Clayton----10-6-1920--10-12-1920
Moseley, Samuel----12-16-1908--5-22-1957
Moseley, Georgia--WW 2----
Motley, Z T---- 11-30-1861--4-1-1921
Moyer, R G----1873--1913
Mulford, Robert A----1877--1944
Mulford, Louise O-- wife of Robert A---- 1879
Mullen, George T--Woodman of the World--1844--1916
Mullen, J B---- no dates--
Mullen, Mary J-- wife of George T--1841-- 1930
Murphy, Maxie Lee--Daughter--9-18-1922--3-27-1923
Murphy, Shedrick,----1878--1960
Murphy, Maletna----1889--1962
Muse, two-- infants----
Muse, Clifford----7-2-1893-- 3-16-1898
Muse, Claude---- 1-19-1896--8- 31-1897
Muselius, Haydee-- one date only----12-27-1930
Myers, Mayme Grabach--Moms--1-16-1881-- 1-28-1965
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Nafzinger, Samuel O----1888--1963
Nafzinger, Eva N--wife of Samuel----1901
Nelson, Murrell D----1869--1953
Nelson, Pearl M of--S B 2-19-1886--10-9-1903--
Nessit, William A----1851-- 1922
Nessit, Emma J-- wife of William---- 1858
Newland, see Bolton------
Newport, J W----1-19-1845-- 3-27-1919
Newport, T Ellen--wife of J W--2-2-1852-- 5-30-1917
Newton, Edward--Mason-- 1882--1936
Newton, Sheila Noel----1939--1956
Nichoalos, Cherry Josephine--of Wesley and Ella-- 3-11-1886--12 ?????
Nichoalda, Eunice L--of G W and Mary--5-16-1908--4-17-1915
Nicholes, Margaret M-- wife of J R--5-8-1867--12-4-1922
Nichols, Bert--Father--1879--1930
Nichols, Mrs M B----no dates--
Nichols, Oda--Mason--9-26-1886--1-12-1933
Nichols, Orra--son of P M and H--5-4-1875--1-19-1915
Nichols, William S----1866--1947--
Nolen, E N----4-25-1866--4-6-1938
Norvell, see Cull------
Norvell, see Halter------
Norvell, no surname copied--Woodman--12-3-1848--5-11-1915
Nordquist, Philip A---- 1877--1962
Nordquist, Alice H--wife of Philip--1888--1966
Norris, Bessie B--age 91---- 3-29-1966
Norris, Emma----1860--1934
Obenshain, see Pitts------
Obenshain, Jacob--Father--1-16-1838-- 6-16-1899
Obenshain, Mary C--wife of Jacob Mother--4-29-1837--7-23- 1928
Obenshain, Ora----8-28-1866--1-30-1957
Obenshain, Ulah----11-31-1868--3-30-1893
O'Brien, Peter--Father--1835-- 1895
O'Conner, E D----no dates--
O'Conner, M P----5-27-1906-- 7-11-1946--
O'Connell, Willie Lee----8-10-1888--8-12-1964
Oehling, Albert-- undertakers marker--no dates--
Ogle, see Brittian------
Olthea see Althea------
Orr, E--Mother --1830--1913
Osborn, Adal----9-14-1861--1-9-1927
Osborn, Harry S----1-8-1868--10-4-1941
Osburn, Julia L--of Mr and Mrs W T Osburn--1-2-1876--1-27-1897
Overstreet, Amanda----1852--1894
Overstreet, Earle Chester-- of Ed C and Nannie P--11-23-1899-- 2-20-1899
Overstreet, Harian----1880--1905--
Overstreet, Kathleen--of Ed C and Nannie P--1-16-1892--9-21-1892
Overstreet, N J----10-12-1864-- 3-12-1903
Overstreet, Nannie P----7-13-1860--4-4-1900
Owens, Edward V----10-20-1856--8-24-1903
Owens, infant-- of E V and R P (Edward V)----
Owens, Ernest C-- of J W and N E--1-20-1892--6-7-1892
Owens, Esther E-- of J W and N E--1-24-1894--4-25-1907
Owens, James W----1860--1951
Owens, Elizabeth--wife of James--1857--1931
Owens, O S----12-4-1857--3-29-1889
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Palmer, Benjamin----1887-- 1899
Papham, J S----6-16-1854--10-16-1886
Parker, Elbert Ossian--WW 2--12-10-1912--5-3-1957
Parker, J E----10-18-1850--1-9-1910
Parker, J L--Father--7-27-1834--9-6-1917
Parker, Sarah A--wife of J L Mother--8-3-1833--11-1-1918
Parker, James J----9-18-1839--9-1-1908
Parker, Jesse J----1865--1949
Parker, Sula A-- wife of Jesse--1877-- 1941
Parker, Mary Lou----4-5-1916--11-15-1918
Parkhill, Claude F----1902--1944
Parkhill, Louis W----1886--1925
Parkhill, Maude R----1870--1954
Parks, see Riley------
Parliez, Jon---- 1881--1938
Parliez s Ritty----1900--
Parraham, Elizabeth N--Mother--1869--1943
Patterson, see Young------
Patterson, T H----11-19-1832--12-2-1887
Paul, Clark Otis Dr----12-19-1874--1-15-1937
Paul, Cella Brinson--wife of Clark Otis--2-22-1878--6-27-1967
Paul, Jay Brinson--son of above--1919--1919
Paul, Ida---- 1876--1934
Paul, William----1872--1944
Payne, A Curtis----1866--1937
Payne, Evelyn C-- wife of A Curtis--1869-- 1950
Payne, Aubrey H----1877--1954
Payne,Kenneth K------4-9-1953
Payne, Margaret Woods--wife of Thomas Payne--no dates--
Payne, Sarah Jane--Mother--1881-- 1964
Peant--difficult to read could be Piant----
Pearce, John--of F A and Barbara--6-17-1904--6-12-1906--
Pearce, John G---- 1862-- 1928
Peirce, Martha Ellen--see Pierce--1882-- 1934
Pell, Mary Ethel--of Fred and Annie--1-27-1885--11-8-1905
Pendergraft, Burrus A--WW I--2-16-1898-- 3-26-1962
Pendergraft, Trevie R----1914--1958
Pendergraft, Wilma Loraine--of Mr and Mrs MM----9-22-1928
Pendergrass, Anna--wife of J B--2-11-1855--5-1-1930
Pendergrass, Diancy--wife of C L W--9-10-1857--2-28-1896
Pendergrass,Emma Swett----1863-- 1920
Pendergrass,Eugene T----1919-- 1954
Pendergrass,John B--Woodman of the World-- 1-20-1858--11-10-1918
Pendergrass,Kirk W----1917--1931
Pendergrass,Lola Dell----1889--1961
Penn, see Fiest--see Taylor----
Penn, W E-- B in Tennessee--8-11-1832--4-29-1895--
Perkins, Arthur----11-29-1844--7-4-1909
Perkins, Annie L--wife of Arthur--1-15-1851--7-18-1911
Perkins, Clyde M----1895--
Perkins, Daisy T----1897--1962
Perkins, Dorothy B--wife of Clyde M (second)----1895
Perkins, Vevie Maddox--wife of W E Perkins--7-6-1877--7-17-1921
Perkins, W O--Father--7-9-1866-- 3-19-1944
Perkins, Tressie McGrath--wife of W O Mother--3-21-1866--8-8-1934
Perkins, Wm E---- 11-16-1871-- 12-2-1960
Perry, Elizabeth B--on West Monument---- 5-20-1890
Perry, Ellen--undertakers marker----3-19-1922
Sperry, James H---- 4-6-1817--3-1900 ????
Perry, Rebecca K--b in Valpraiso, Ind--2-13-1846--8-12-1913--
Perry, Martha H--wife of Simeon--8-10-1833--6-16-1891
Perry, Maude--73 age undertakers marker----12-17-1964
Perry, Samuel--undertakers marker--no dates----
Perry, Simeon--Pvt II Missouri Cav--1828--1916
Perry see West------
Pet, Ward Goodlow------ 6-26-1936--
Peterson, Antonette----3-14-1850--12-14-1936
Peterson, Mary A----1883--1961
Peterson, Perry----1899--
Peterson, Jardice F-- wife p of Perry--1906--1963
Petty, Joseph A----1858--1935
Petty, Mary J-- wife of Joseph--1872-- 1939
Phelps, Luella C-- wife of C I age 26----5-27-1887
Phillips, Thomas H B--Co E 14th West Virginia Inf--1841--1892
Phillips, Rose H-- wife of Thomas--1843--1937
Piant, Minnie-- same stone as Stella Fuller-- 1875-- 1962
Pichard, infant son--of Mr and Mrs F A Jr-- 10-1-1899--
Pierce, Robert C----1882--1967
Pike, Mary Anna--undertakers marker--1876-- 6-20-1962
Pinkley, Billie Lloyd--son of L G and Louise--1930--1930
Pinkley, Etta Anne-- of Herbert and Suzanne --8-14-1951--8-28-1951
Pinkley, John A----1872-- 1944
Pinkley, Bessie M--wife of John--1875--1953
Pinkley, Lloyd G----4-3-1907-- 3-10-1965
Pinkley, Louise-- wife of Lloyd--5-26-1913 --
Pitney, Lou J--Mother--1833--1914
Pittman, Frank W--age 62---- 2-14-1924
Pitts, Allie--same stone as Sarah Sawyer--no dates--
Pitts, James----1-12-1873-- 6-7-1940
Pitts, Maude--wife of James--8-11-1876--8-12-1958
Pitts, William H Father----9-15-1849--10-14-1923
Pitts, Zelah Obenshain--wife of William Mother--3-10-1860--4-4-1945
Planque, Frederick---- 1892-- 1961
Planque, Myrtle R--wife of Frederick---- 1900
Plouch, Wesley----2-2-1862--7-2-1941
Polly, Henry Hunt----12-25-1864--3-4-1940
Popplewell, Belly B----8-7-1920--2-11-1935
Popplewell, W T--WW I-- 11-19-1890--3-11-1957
Popplewell, William C-- Father--1856-- 1922
Popplewell, Minnie O--wife of Wm--1866--1922
Porch, Beulah L--of J C and Nannie--1906--1907
Porch, John Penn--son of Dr JS and Letitia--1-3-1887--12-24-1913
Porch, Joseph S M D--Father--1847-- 1931
Porch, Letitia E--wife of Joseph Mother--1856--1925--
Porter, Nettie P-- age 41 Undertakers marker---- 6-3-1920
Poss, John Matt--b at Aurora Ill-- 5-13-1900--10-17-1962
Poynter, C C--Mother--1837--1916
Poynter, John Coleman--of T J and C C--1873--1894
Preston, Georgie--of J A and J E--10-15-1871--4-8-1885
Preston, Hayes----3-8-1876--3-29-1954
Preston, Daisy--wife of Hayes--4-28-1884--8-2-1958
Price, Allen----11-3-1922-- 3-2-1932
Prickett, Edna--Mother --11-7- 1851--12-7-1921
Probasco, Sam--age 77 undertakers marker---- 10-1-1953--
Proffitt, Solomon B----5-29-1863--7-18-1926
Pruden, Faith----1886-- 1963
Pryor, Joseph Samuel--WW I-- 12-15-1894--12-23-1964--
Pryor, William D----1851--1931
Pryor,--Mary E wife of Wm--1856--1940
Pryor, W W----1885--1954
Puckett, Fred C----1887--1920
Puckett, John----1845--1905
Puckett, Minnie----1849--1928
Pugh, see at Rosaile Kern------
Pulliam, Helen M-- wife of Col. R P-- 3-7-1829--12-3-1912
Purcell, infant --dau of W F and M C-- 8-14-1882----
Purcell, Jonnie K--son of W. F and M C--6-26-1880--8-13-1881
Purcell, S S----11-9-1831-- 9-2-1888
Putnam, Ida M--wife of R F--1-30-1862--5-10-1904
Pyatt, Bertie A--dau of S F and Susan--3-25-1890--6-22-1927
Pyatt, Jack O----1824--1961
Pyatt, James----1890--1948
Pyatt, Osacr Joe (Joe Boy)----2-4-1933--1-27-1938
Pyatt, S F-- Father--3-23-1845--6-24-1914--
Pyatt, Susan-- wife of S F Mother--3-1-1855--8-6-1930
Pyatt, Ula Lee---- 8-31-1928--10-11-1929
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Quance, Charles Henry--Ill Inf Vol----10-17-1943
Quance, Lou Etta Florence---- 1888--1940
Queen, Joe N--son of N B and Sophia--6-25-1918--11-23-1922
Quigley, James F--Father--4-6-1834--2-8-1908
Quigley, Malinda A--wife of James--3-4-1848--8-26-1924
Quinn, James M----6-14-1892--3-26-1953
Quinn, John----10-20-1836-- 7-10-1906
Quinn, Josephine--wife of John date hard to read--7-11- 1838--
Quirk, Mary--wife of Richard-- 5-20-1839-- 1-18-1897
Quirk, Richard-- Co H 43 Mo Inf--no dates--
Rainwater, George W----1837--5-27-1906
Rainwater, Clara E--wife of George--1858--8-29-1906
Ramsey, S H----11-1853--1-4-1902
Randels see Crabach------
Rapids, Elno----1906--1964
Rawlins, Harley----1909--1915
Rawlirts, Roddie----1894--1911
Rawlins, Vestes----1920--1920
Rayburn, Otto E--WWI--5-6-1891--10-30-1960
Reed, Elmer H-- WWI--5-4-1919--1-10-1965
Reed, Henry----1872-- 1952
Reed, Wilna--wife of Henry-- 1880--1965
Reed, J S--of J S and M F-- 1885--1886
Reese, Ella of Dr. W A Reese and N J McBride 14 mo.---- 9-24-1882--Reid, Juanita Kile----7-19-1884--12-23-1947
Reid, Lawrence L----3-21-1924--3-25-1927
Reid, Stephenson W Jr----3-17-1912--12-23-1948
Reid, William H M----1-26-1844--11-20-1907
Reid, Marion M-- wife of Wm--8-11-1848--2-4-1924
Reindenbaugh, A J---- 1883-- 1959
Reidenbaugh, Harriett--wife of A J--1879--1965
Reilly, Marian--of N J and Rose--1912 --1912
Rentfrow, J M----10-11-1811--5-8-1881
Raynolds, Arch--WW 2--2-23-1903--6-28-1962
Reynolds, Earl L D--only date d----2-11-1900
Reynolds, J W--Co E Mo Inf-- no dates--
Rhiel, Fred O----10-3-1902--4-8-1966
Rhiel, Ethel,-- wife of Fred---- 12-2-1905--
Rhiel, Helen---- 10-10-1901--10-10-1908
Rhiel, John----1832--1908
Rhiel, Sarah I--wife of John-- 1829--1916
Rhiel, Joseph A----5-16-1862--10-26-1908
Rhiel, Susie A---- 10-21-1861--4-16-1944
Rhiel, William Thomas--Father--9-15-1870--8-26-1952
RhodeY, Hazel--age 62 Undertakerts marker----8-28-1962--
Rhodes, see Godard------
Rhodes, Addison F--Co C 71 Ohio Inf Corpl--no dates--
Rhodes, Bartlett--Co G 71 Ohio Inf--11-21-1846--4-2-1928
Rice, Azro A--born in Stockbridge, Vermont--9-6-1828--4-15-1916
Rice, Clara H wife of Azro b Stockbridge, Vermont--4-10-1834--Eureka Springs
Rice, Mrs E A-- age 83 undertaker's marker---- 5-4-1943
Rice, James B---- 1866-- 1948
Rice, Millie J-- wife of James--1856-- 1941
Rice, Thomas J---- 3-21-1859--2-22-1943
Rice, Mary Ella Wife of Thomas J undertakers marker--1-25-1873--8-24-1966
Richard, C. Rev--age 48---- 6-23-1898
Richard, Hary--age 28 Same stone as Rev. C--12-14-1902--
Richard, Eliza--8-30-1859--2-24-1926--
Richardson,--Father and Mother G A R--no names or dates--
Richmond, Mary J--b in Indiana--7-7-1841--10-7-1905--
Riggins, Judith Ann--of Toy and Mabel--9-27-1940-- 9-27-1940
Riley, see Isaaca------
Riley, Audrey Bailey------1879
Riley, see Gamble------
Riley, see Kennedy------
Riley, Harvey H--of Wilson and Amanda--12-24-1877--1-2-1882
Riley, Minnie May--of Wilson and Amanda--8-31-1879--10-26-1880
Riley, Samuel A----9-27-1872--1955
Riley, Helen R--Same stone as Samuel-- 5-5-1898--10-8-1964
Riley, Samuel L---- 1835--1915
Riley, Jane Parka--wife of Samuel--1833--1919
Rimer, Earl D---- 1886-- 1947
Rimer, Edith C----1888--
Ripley, Atha F----11-22-1883--8-14-1960
Ripley, Atha May----1918--1919
Ripley, Franklin S----3-25-1883--4-14-1956
Ritchie, Leanore--Sister--1896--1962
Ritz, Mary--Wife of S J--11-10-1856--7-9-1903--
Roach, Louisa--Mother-- 1890-- 1939
Roberts, A 29th Inf. Iowa CO. B Next to Doretha--5-16-1830--2-18-1925
Roberts, Anna E---- 5-18-1871-- 7-18-1934
Roberts, Doretha--Next to A--12-24-1852-- 7-17-1907 --Robertson, J H----1856-- 1912 ???--
Robinson, John F---- 3-5-1860--3-16-1912
Roberts, L B DR---- 1-18-1846--12-21-1910
Roberts, Lyda May--same stone as Edith Herrell--1879-- 1959
Ripley, J D----4-21-1853--3-1-1919
Ripley, Roscoe----6-27-1878--10-20-1945
Risley, Nancy--b Washington, Ky--4-25-1916--10-25-1881
Risley, Pierre----1871--1943
Risley, Eleanor--wife of Pierre--1868--1945
Ritchie, Leanora--Sister--1896--1962
Ritz, Mary--Wife of S J--11-10-1856--7-9-1903
Roach, Louisa-- Mother--1890--1939
Roberts, A 29th Inf Iowa Co B Next to Doretha--5-16-1830--2-18-1925
Roberts, Anna E----5-18-1871--7-18-1934
Roberts, Doretha--next to A--12-24-1852--7-17-1907
Robertson, J H----1856--1912
Robinson, John F----3-5-1860--3-16-1912
Roberts, L B Dr-- Woodman--1-18-1846--12-21-1910
Roberts Lyda May-- same stone as Edith Herrell--1879--1959
Roberts, Mary M--wife of Geo M--8-26-1842-- 1-15-1888
Roberts, W B---- 3-7-1863--8-21-1884
Roberts, William S----4-12-1867--3-24-1919
Rodebush, Cliff---- 3-11-1913--11-23-1966
Rogers, J B Co H 8th Reg UGV from Rome Ga--3-4-1844-- 5-29-1902--
Roller, Darrell Ray--age 2 undertakers marker only---- 4-29-1959
Roller, David-- infant undertakers marker---- 12-24-1962
Rose, George W----1874--1931
Rose, Julia Haggard-- wife of George----1884
Rosenbaum, Frank J--Mason--1884--1962
Rosenbaum, Litah K--wife of Frank----1886
Rosewater, Benjamin J----1857--1943
Rosewater, Gertrude M-- (Britts) Wife of Benjamin--1869--1941
Ross, see Young------
Ross David--Infant--9-11-1960--11-15-1960
Ross, Francis R--Of E S and F E-- 6-14-1914--12-17-1920--------
Ross, Mrs Florence--Undertakers marker-- 1858--
Ross, L D Rev----3-17-1878--8-21-1908
Ross, Oscar O--Ark Pvt 162 Depot Brig--12-2-1894--4-28-1919
Rosser, Benajmin L----1867--1953
Rosser, Marjorie T-- Wife of Benjamin--1889--1946
Rothhammer, Mary E----1854-- 1920
Rothhammer, Pliny C---- 1852--1900
Ross, Emsley--Son of E S and F E Ross-- --4-6-1926--
Rowe, Henry E--Co I Conn. HA--no dates----Royalty, Mary E same stone Amanda A Yarbrough Sisters --12-1-1844--Eureka Springs
Rude, A D Father----9-21-1842--6-27-1916
Rude, Jennie A--wife of A D-- 9-17-1847--6-6-1902
Rude, Eddie D----1869--1936
Rude, Mary B--wife of Ovid B--4-7-1817--6-23-1888
Rude, Ovid B---- 6-17-1807--10-20-1893--
Rundle, John R--Co A 25 Wisconsin Inf--no dates--
Russ, Fanny Henderson--age 83 wife of George----12-15-1965
Russ, George Albert--Pvt 6th US INF Ind----4-9-1933
Russ, George W--1st Sgt Co K Ohio Inf -- no dates--
Russ, Hattie E----10-4-850--2-13-1923
Russ, see Wilson------
Russell, Andrew Jay----1900-- 1960
Russell, Virginia D--wife of Andrew--1902--
Russell, Hency C----1888--1958
Rus sell, Violett E--wife of Henry C--1903-- 1948
Russell, Pleasant J--Father--1842-- 1909
Russell, Mary E--wife of Pleasant Mother--1843--1919
Rutherford and Jarvis monument to Mother and Daughter--No names-- or dates
Rutherford, R W----1843--1925
Rutledge, Grace Hood----1879--1966
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Saffle, I N----7-28-1844--11-5-1919
Sage, John----12-24-1840--2-23-1895
Sage, Lleuvina--wife of J W --11-27-1893----
Samples, see Stahl------
Samples, Tom----1867--1918
Samples, Lucy wife of Tom----1873--1907
Samuelson, Carl E---- 1890--1949
Sarles, see Johnson------
Sartain, W J Co E 8 Mo Cav Military marker----11-11-1838
Sartain, M E--wife of W J--1-7-1840--1-2-1903
Sawyer, see Delano------
Sawyer, Donald T----6-19-1924-- 11-5-1928
Sawyer, see Elvine------
Sawyer, Faith A----4-7-1899--8-31-1945--
Sawyer, Fred N----3-30-1893-- 3-20-1950
Sawyer, George W---- 7-1-1866--5-10-1931
Sawyer, Harry W--of G W and M--1904--1906
Sawyer, Mary Mother----1865-- 1948
Sawyer, Matilda--wife of G W-- 1865--1917
Sawyer, Sarah--same stone as Ailie Pitts--no dates--
Sayer, Charlie---- 10-16-1901--2-24-1963
Sayer, Eula wife of Charles----8-17- 1893-- 2-2-1962
Scarrow, Ethel Gracie---- 10-25-1937--2-4-1938
Schlosser, M Dorothy Kenfield--1884--1953
Schmidt, Paul----1884--1960
Schneider, Henry--Co I 15 Mo Inf-- no dates--
Schneider, M ary L----4-10-1849-- 6-15-1911
Schroeder, Adam----1851-- 1935--
Schroeder, Junia--wife of Adam--1869--1938
Schuster, Frank W----9-18-1875--8-6-1962
Schuster, Kate M-- Wife of Frank----11-20-1884
Schuster, Harry-- Ark Pvt U S M C one date only----10-14 1919
Scroggins, John W----5-7-1832--10-4-1898
Scoggins, Pheriba----wife of John W--10-16-1831
Seaman, Flora----4-2-1852--12-2-1929
Seaman, Richard G--???? are these the same--1847--1929
Seaman, Flora Williams-- wife of Richard--1852--1929
Seaman, Richard, -- Co I 47 N Y Inf ????------
Seamon, Carmin --undertakers marker---- 1940--
Seaton, Ann B----12-24-1832-- 4-30-1907
Secor, Arthur J----1872--1950
Secor, Ida B Miller-- wife of Arthur--1876--1957
Seidel, see Jackson------
Seidel Eva E--of Herman and Dorothy--12-15-1886--7-23-1887
Seidel, Julia Strau--s wife of Huge I--3-25-1873-- 2-24-1906
Seidel, Samuel Siraus-- of H I and Julia S--8-11-1894--8- 24-1894
Setzer, s ee Floyd------
Sewell, Alice----1879--1966
Sexton, George M----1-19-1880--8-23-1913
Sharp, G W---- 6-25-1824--1-14-1882
Sharp, George W---- 2-10-1863-- 8-24-1946--
Shaw, Pearl of J T and L----8-1877--8-1881
Shearer, Archibald,--of James and Mary--5-14-1846--9-29-1887
Sheeley, Calvin--Co E 80 N. Y. Inf--no dates----
Sheets, Charles F----10-5-1877--9-9-1952
Sheets, Sarah A--wife of Charles--2-22-1882--9-20-1960
Shelden, Charles S----1879--1919
Shelden, Clara G--same stone as Charles-- 19-10-913--
Shefield, Nancy--wife of L--6-15-1856--6-8-1921
Shewmaker, J S----1841--1917
Shewmaker, Mary --age 75----2-22-1921
Shields, A J--Sgt Co E 6th Mo Fed InE.--12-1-1827--
Shreve, Margaret McVicar----10-27-1822--1-30-1895
Shuman, Charles Edward----8-10-1882--9-23-1901
Shuman, James A----9-7-1850-- 7-29-1907
Shuman, John F------2-8-1916--
Sitton, Earl Patrick NavyKansas Pvt 40th US Vol Inf--3-17-1907--6-25-1964
Slagle, Charles---- 1898-- 1964
Slagle, Katherine--wife of Charles--1906--
Slane, Ada Berniece----1907--1952 --
Slane, James R----1869--1954
Slason, Margaret M----1854--1922
Slater, William--undertakers marker only----3-29-1945--
Slusser, Carl Wilson--Colorado, Capt Med Corps----4-1-1938
Smedley, Thomas Earnest--57 age-- 5-7-1939--
Smelser, G W----11-19-1832--3-29-1923
Smelser, Sarah E--wife of G W--8-12-1837--1-25-1918
Smith, Mother-- No name--12-28-1868--4-10-1914
Smith, Alberta----2-1-1889--1-24-1917
Smith, Benjamin J----6-27-1873--5-3-1955
Smith, Clara D----1878--1947
Smith, David Boyd-- 1878----1953
Smith, Edna E----1888-- 1936
Smith, Ella F of Rev R H and E W Trone--1-20-1856--6-29-1881
Smith, Elmer J---- 2-1-1891--7-7-1892
Smith, Francie E-- of M L--1886--1886
Smith, G W----4-18-1841--10-10-1911
Smith, Gertrude---- 1-6-1917--7-20-1918
Smith, Harry M----11-23-1892--6-5-1961
Smith, Grace A--wife of Harry----6-27-1897
Smith, Isaac L--undertakers marker----12-1962--
Smith, Philo W---- 12-27-1837--11-18-1908
Smith, Sarah Catherine---- 2-3-1841--6-19-1916
Smith, Sarah-- wife of C W--2-20-1853--12-8-1891
Smith, T A--Mason--4-19-1828--10-24-1884--
Smith, Xantyppee----9-28-1832--4-5-1910
Smothers, Haskell S----5-11-1911--7-21-1925
Smothers, Julia H--Mother--10-14-1888-- 12-24-1931
Smothers, Henry A--Father Mason-- 9-19-1887--5-18-1931--
Snapp, see Manning------
Snead, Mollie-- born in Texas--1865-- 1888
Spangler--no other name--1885--1951
Spangler, Auman--of Earl and Mary--1912--1949
Spangler, Bessie B----10-26-1887--5-14-1888
Spangler, Elmer D----8-30-1886--8-14-1887
Spangler, Harry D----4-1-1884--2-26-1886
Spangler, Luren---- 7-4-1882-- 7-24-1883
Spangler, Leonard D------ 8-21-1891
Spangler, Elsie L--wife of Leonard--12-6-1896--5-9-1957
Spangler, Leonard D----6-5-1855--6-26-1938
Spangler, Louisa A----12-14-1864-- 1-4-1941
Sparkman, Louise Stine----11-14-1880--3-9-1945
Sparkman, Morris----1883-- 1964
Spear, Anderson--Father--2-9-1837--3-22-1908--
Spear, Clarence W----10-24-1876-- 7-25-1949
Spear, Mahala J--Mother--12-3-1845--1-9-1907
Spear, May Woods--wife of C L--12-18-1875-- 12-15-1901
Spence, Tennessee----1-9-1867--5-18-1954
Spencer, H N--Capt 7th B 177th DVI--8-13-1825--7-2-1907
Spencer, Hawley of Flora-- difficult to read----
Spencer, Lawrence Utley----4-27-1851--4-5-1929--
Spencer, Rosett Utley--wife of Capt H N--7-17-1825 --12-17-1901
Sperry, Floyd----1897--1955
Sperry, William R----1876--1942
Sperry, Rosa Belle--wife of William--1880--1956
Spray, Elmer Glenn-- b at Fairbury Nebr-- 1854-- 1885 ??
Spray, Mabel French--b 1890 in Naples, Ill---- 1961
Spurrier, Richard E------1-29-1895
Spurrier, Helen M--wife of Richard--4-12-1892--6-17-1964
Squier, see Lyons------
Squier, John J----2-18-1842--8-11-1898
Staggs, Austin, Hattie Allen,--surname not clear--1867-- 1909
Stahl, see Samples------
Stahl, Curtis P---- 1896--1961
Stahl, Marie E--wife of Curtis--no dates--
Stahl, David Samples---- 7-27-1927--1-25-1961
Stahl, Eliza---- 1856-- 1945
Stahl, Philip A--Woodman--2-15-1859-- 10-5-1926
Stahl, Rose Marie--Our daughter--12-18-1924--2-14-1955--
Stamm, Carl O----1908--
Stamm, Bonita M-- wife of Carl-- 1909--1964
Standley, June K----1924--1952
Staples, E B----1882--1948
Stark, Mrs Mary--44 years---- 4-15-1882
Stark, William M----1853--1934
Stark, Jennie D--wife of William--1860-- 1948
Starkey, W B----2-7-1873-- 9-8-1943
Starr, J C--Co C 26 Reg 14r Vol-- 12-7-1819--12-18-1881--------
Starr, Susan J Hobson--Mother wife of John--1848-- 1905
Stehm, Charley----4-4-1869--9-21-1954
Steiger, Mathias----1856--1934
Steiger, Ella--wife of Mathias--1866--1940
Stephens, Clara M--wife of W J--3-31-1863-- 1-23-1907
Stephens, Walter Ralph----11-22-1909--11-29-960
Stephenson, Larton of C R and Osa--1910--1913
Stevens, I N Mother----1870--1924
Stine, see Sparkman------
Stine, Edna Louise of O A And Marie--3-4-1920-- 7-20-1929--
Stites. Elizabeth.T----5-12-1837--3-29-1881
Stites, Jonathan-- Co C 68 Ill Inf w--6-6-1832--5-10- 1918 --
Stites, Bessie--of Joseph & Hettie --5-11-1907----
Stites, Hettie" Dubois"-- wife of Joseph--1872-- 10-21-1910
Stites, Jessie--Of Joseph & Hettie----7-14-11
Stites, M.A. ----8-7-1918--
Stites, Inf. of William----6-1-1907--
Stocking, Helen F----1892--1965--
Stockton, Joseph C----1873--1903
Stout, Lydia----1878--1944
Stover, Verne Rev----1878--1924
Strait, John R---- 1905--1966
Stratton, see Lobban
Stratton, Thomas---- 1835--1918
Stroud, Della, Miss----10-24-1886-- 5-21-1905
Sturgon, Lucinda----12-19-1836--10-4-1920
Sutton, James N----10-23-1821-- 1-21-1905
Summers, Sallie---- 1860-- 1931
Surratt, George F----1888--1964
Surratt, Muriel H--wife of George--1899--
Swaim, J A---- 7-15-1875-- 9-21-1947
Swan, Moses C-- Father age 59----8-18-1880
Swan, Lucina R--wife of Moses age 73---- 3-2-1910
Swedlun, Cordella F------1880--
Swedlun, Fred E----1877--1959--
Swedlun, Glenn C---- 1902--
Swedlun, Irene E----1908--1964
Sweeney, Patric--51 years R I P ----10-28-1905
Swett., see Pendergrass------
Swett, George W-- Col 194 Reg V Tol Inf-- 12-11-1835--12-26-1910
Swett, Mary E--wife of George--5-28-1835--12-6-1904
Swett, Phineas T--Mason--1876--1934
Swett, Ethel E-- wife of Phineas----1885
Swinney, Thomas W--3 Ill Cav Hosp Stewd--1843--1926
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Taggart, Edward----no dates--
Taggart, Charity--wife of Edward-- no dates--
Tallant, Elsie----1884--1959
Tallant, W H----6-6-1837--3-1-1899
Tallint, Henry----no dates--
Tarr, William H----1869--1912
Tatman, Albert E Dr.---- 1870--1925
Tatman, Pearl Dr-- wife of Albert--1867--1944
Taylor, Bettie A----10-31-1861-- 6-30-1953
Taylor, Blanche M--wife of Frank L--1889--
Taylor, Bunyan--Co C 1st Ark Inf, SP Am War--no dates--
Taylor, Frank L--see Blanche M--1887-- 1963
Taylor, G C in Penn lot Co G 3 Mo Inf C S A--no dates--
Taylor, Judeon Slade---- 7-24-1838--2-10-1889
Taylor, Lizzie Lee----9-19-1861--7-19-1944
Taylor, M Mrs--in Penn lot---- 3-5-1903
Taylor, Sophia wife of Rev Judson b Ohio Co. Ky--4-20-1838--4-17-1909
Tharp, Benjamin L----1853--1912
Tharp, Meranda E----2-19-1880-- 3-7-1914
Thomas, Agnes E---- 1907--1951
Thomas, Jane Mrs ----no dates--
Thomas, Joseph F--WW I N.Y.--6-17-1883--10-6-1949
Thomas, Queen----4-28-1865-- 8-13- 1914
Tharp, John Elsworth----July 12,1871--1972
Thomasson, Lewis Ste-Gemme-- 1914-- 1934
Thomasson, Russell E----1883--1950
Thomasson, Isabelle M-- wife of Russell--1886--1965
Thompson, Eli B----3-11-1878-- 3-1-1920
Thompson, Elswich--wife of--3-16-1848--3 18 1900
Thompson, James----1836--1891--
Thompson, Hattie B--daughter of James--1869-- 1893
Thompson, Mavie Donner----9-13-1902--10-6-1922
Thompson, William Herald-- son of E and Minnie--1913--1921
Thornton, Robert M--Father--1859--1906
Thornton, Kathleen--same stone as Robert--1902--1902
Thurman, Dorothy M----1917--1957--
Tilford, Ruth Ann----1944-- 1945
Timmons, see Kile------
Timmins, James W ----3- 1921--3-1921
Timmons, John W---- 3-23-1844--5-29-1919
Timmons, Samuel K----1862--1892
Timmons, Anna L--wife of Samuel-- 1869--1897
Todd, Walter---- 8-30-1884-- 2-19-1902
Tomlinson, M V Dr--born Somerset, Sir--8-17-1813--2-19-1881
Tomlinson, Sarah E--undertakers marker age 88 --12-4-1954----
Triggs, Emaline D----1849--1909
Trone, see Smith------
True, Eliza Marshall----12-2-1841--12-6-1921
True, Major J W---- 7-13-1834-- 2-26-1928
Tubbs, E H Mrs------ 4-22-1883
Tucker, Albert--WW I-- 7-6-1898-- 7-15-1947
Tucker, Mae---- 8-7-1895-- 2-9-1949
Tucker, Nattie---- 8-12-1879--2-26-1955
Tucker, Robert C----10-21-1872--7-2-1957
Tuell, Nora wife of Cecil same as Margaret Ann Hall 11-9-1878--8-9-1907
Turner, Magdalene-- P R N--1889--1961
Tweedy, see Henley------
Tweedy, Ada M----1-10-1869--8-20-1936
Tweedy, B A----1856-- 1946
Tweedy, Larena----11-14-1896--8-26-1944
Twigg, Walter---- 2-7-1898--6-3-1960
Twigg, Annie Ellen --wife of Walter--9-12-1904--9-12-1960
Tyler, Tinnie----3-27-1874--10-20-1925
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Underwood, R E--age 87--12-10-1910--
Utley, see Spence r------
Vance, see McCollster------
Vandever, Charles Edward----4-11-1848--11-10-1912
Vandever, Almira--Eldora wife of Charles --10-16-1859 --10-8-1953
Vanometers M E--age 10 months-- 6 12 1883--
Venrick, Vivian----1880--1947
Vetter, Anna M----1884--1966
Vincent, Claude P----6-26-1881-- 7-10-1952
Vincent, Stalla H-- wife of Claude----7-17-1886
Vincent, J S----12-19-1848--2-20-1900
Volner, Ida Henrietta, Miss--80 age---- 12-13-1966 ???--
Von Traituer, Minnie E----9-16-1863--4-18-1896
Waddill, see Locke------
Waddill, Anna Evelyne--wife of J T--7-19-1848--12-24-1901
Wadsworth, W S----no dates--
Waldman, Alford A-- age 50 undertakers marker---- 4-11-1950
Walker, Albert C----4-20-1858-- 2-25-1937
Walker, Sarah C--wife of Albert--2-26-1857--10-6-1935
Walker, Amanda--wife of J W--10-17-1856-- 9-20-1923
Walker, Charles E---- 1898--1919
Walker, Claude son-- of A C and Sallie-- 9 7 1889 --10 30 1917
Walker, Dorrell-- of T J and Belle Pvt co D Inf--6-1899 --4-11-1920
Walker, Ernest Marion----5-8-1887--12-9-1942
Walker, Florence Adeline--wife of Ernest-- 1-18-1889--
Walker, Floyd C----1876--1948
Walker, Gertrude----6 1128 1880--7 9 1943
Walker, Henry H --age 52 (or 57)----9 14 1887
Walkwe, J W----11-20-1850--2-18-1921
Walker, Lady Jane----1884--1946
Walker, Mary-- ----1-13-1892--
Walker, Nelkah E-- dau of A G and Hattie --1895--1895
Walker, Nellie Margaret---- 10-14-1911--12-24-1920
Walker, Nollie-- dau of A C and Sallie--4-12-1896--6-5-1916
Walker, Robert C----10-6-1856--10-24-1905
Walker, Thomas---- 11-3-1829--3-4-1906
Walker, Thomas J Father----1880--1955
Walker, Thomas J----1864--1950
Walker, Mary Isabelle--wife of Thomas J--1876-- 1939
Walker, Virginia Lee--no dates----
Walker, Walton----9-3-1910--10-24-1919
Walker, Mildred----3-12-1908--8-24-1913
Walker, Jewel---- 7-24-1906-- 8-9-1906
Wallace, Christopher C----3-13-1864--11-16-1930
Walrod, Jane E--wife of Rev D--3-5-1814--5-6-1881
Walter, Luvena----10-16-1881-- 7-2-1883
Walters,-- monument only----
Walton, Susan I--of J M and R L--9-27-1878-- 2-23-1884
Ward, James J----3-2-1880--3-5-1963
Warren, Sonny Arrell----6-8-1937--1-29-1939
Wasson, Hattie---- 11-17-1851-- 7-1-1896
Watkins, Evan d--79 years see Mary Watkins--10-25-1901--
Watkins, James Berkley-- of O W and Mamie A--12-30-1884 --6-2-1886
Watkins, Mary wife of E--63 years----2-4-1887
Watkins, O W---- 10-7-1852--4-17-1903
Watson, R---- 10-18-1856-- 1-5-1915
Watson, Sarah --A wife of J C-- 7-11-1832--5-25-1889
Weaver, Alpha R--Mother--1874--1910
Weatherford, Jackson Cicero----5-5-1873--2-21-1920
Weaver, John M---- 1877-- 1960
Weaver, Ella S wife of John M m.11-28-1897----1879
Weaver, Walter D----1879--1960
Weaver, Georgia A--wife of Walter--1886--1959
Webb, Belle Williams------
Webb, Harry P MD--Dad-- 6 17 1932--
Webb, J H--MD--1864--1954
Webb, --Mother--no dates--
Webb, Owen----6 301829--6 251912
Webe, W A----no dates--
Webbers, Birtie--wife of L R W--1859--1934
Webbers, Lewis R------1866
Weber, Margaret A----1845-- 1885
Webster, Mariam--in Cummingham lot--1835--1921
Weems, Margarett A--wife of W A--11-1-1850--11-15-1913
West, see Perry------
West, Fred B----1879--1951
West, Alice M wife of Fred------1884 _
West, Harold son of J W and Lissie Cunningham 1 year----
West, Lizzie P wife of George West same as Elizabeth Perry--11-8-1857--6-7-1901
West, Perry t, Myra same stones Elizabeth Inf. of George and Lizzie West-- 11-14-1888 Springs
West, Earle-- of George and Lizzie age 6--6-10-1890--
Westfall, Jane--Sister--6-5-1850--5-23-1928
Westphal, Lady Henrietta--age 78--12 81958--
Wellman, see Willman------
Weyand, Lucy M--wife of E S--1124 1837--4 251881
Weyand, Mary D--of E S and L M--3-21-1879-- 3-6-1881
Wheeler, see Dean------
Wheeler, Julia Webb----1860--1948
Wheeler, Maudalee--see Hall----
Wheete, Glenn----1883--1965
Whisler, Anna F--wife of W S--1883-- 1943
White, Mother and Father--no given names no dates----
White, C G---- 1-18-1859-- 4-26-1905
White, Ada L--wife of C G--6-26-1862--10-29-1902
White, Eva---- 1852--1929
White, Florence L----7-18-1878-- 7-18-1898
White, Fred A----1877--1921
White, H M C----2-13-1839--10-10-1915
White, Kathleen Woods --wife of P A--1892--1945 (1915)????
White, Mahala M--wife of Will--9-21-1833-- 7-16-1913
White, Martha A----1844--1928
White, T H----1859--1930
White, T P----8-25-1874-- 7-5-1919
White, William----8-11-1831--10- 4-1913
Whitehead, Sarah E----3-11-1834--4-19-1887
Whiting, see Floyd
Whitlock, June Morgan----1906--1920
Wickersham--given name not given--3-26-1824--11-3-1907
Wickersham, Elizabeth A----1-5-1828--3-25-1911
Wickham, Emory----1882--1939
Wickham, Eugene----1855--1921
Wickham, Narcissus wife of Eugene--1855--1941
Wiggins, Jack W----1842--1923
Wiggins, Elizabeth--wife of Jack--1841--1918
Wilcox, see Bancroft------
Wilcox, H Wilbur--Mason--1863--1935
Wilder, Amarylus----1916 not cleaSr--1920
Wilder, Frank----1872--1937
Wilder, Minnie--wife of Frank--1874--1961
Wilk, Harry William----1895--1952--
Wilkerson, J R-- of W H and Annie--1894--1894
Willett, Louis G--WW I--1-24-1893--4-11-1966
Willhite, Willie and Sam no dates Undertakers marker??----
Williams, see Seaman------
Williams, Alta--Mother --1894--1960
Williams, Josephine L-- wife of W A b Oneida co, N Y--4-27-1845--5-11-1887
Williams, Louise V--In Finnell lot--3-30-1897--
Williams, William R S--In Finnell lot--3-1-1896--2-6-1958
Willis, see Gleason------
Willis, M A--Mother--1843--1891
Willis, W F----1-26-1851--5 6 1925
Willits, Claud--of W P and Luella--10-20-1891--12-12-1908
Willman, Charles A--(This might be Wellman)-- 2-10-1874--2-5-1941
Willman, E Maud--wife of Charles age 37---- 3-21-1913----
Wilson, Ethel----9-21-1881--8-30-1966
Wilson, Harvey F----8-15-1845--1-18-1887
Wilson, James E--no dates Sp Am war----
Wilson, James H----4-9-1852-- 11-25-1922
Wilson, John H---- 11-14-1860-- 3-14-1893
Wilson, Russ D----5-29-1893--9-21-1918
Windell, H C---- 9-26-1844-- 10-18-1916
Wise, Lessie----12-27-1908--9-24-1919
Wolfe, Viola Mary--of A K and Martha age 1--1926--
Wolfinbarger, Ari Q----6-9-1899--
Wolfinbarger, Mary L--wife of Ari--6-6-1891--8-31-1955
Wood, Clarence Earl--in Spear lot WWE--6-23-1892--2-5-1962
Wood, Effie E--1in Spear lot--7-30-1869--9-8-1941
Wood, Helen--in Spear lot--8-27-1896--7-5-1917
Woodruff, Maude E--age 80 undertakers marker---- 1963
Woods, s ee Payne------
Woods, see White------
Woods, James F M--C L Spear on--10-11-1847--3-10-1900
Woods, Turzah B--wife of J F M--4-11- 1850-- 8-2-1902
Worden, Park--husband of Mary F--9-29-1832--9-24-1907
Worley, Shella B----12-27-1952-- 12-29-1952
Worley, Theodore------ 4-14-1893
Worley, Anna--wife of Theodore--8-15-1893--11-11-1957
Wright, Cleo D----7-27-1910-- 2-22-1932
Wright, Edward K----6-29-1919--4-10-1944
Wright, Joanna W--Mother wife of John 75 age---- 7-25-1889--
Wright, Lex Carlton--WW I-- 7-1- 1888--11-3-1943
Wright, S T--Co C 13 New Jersey Inf--no dates--
Wright, Samuel M----12-23-1872-- 9-4-1935
Wynn, Dovie L----3-13-1897----
Wynn, Harry--WW I--4-6-19 1894--12-7-1953
Yarbrough, Amanda A--same stone as Royalty--12-14-1848 --4-20-1920
Yeager. Susan A--wife of John-- 7-12-1831--7-18-1881
Young, see Haney
Young, Jane Lewis----1856--1933
Young, John Newton-- Father--6-12-1828-- 1-10-1912
Young, Jane Patterson--wife of John Newton Mother--10-14-1829--7-5-1910
Young, Lucy C Ross----1859--1909----
Young, Samuel-Alexander---- 6-17-1874--7-12-1933
Zimmerly, Mary A---- 1840-- 1920

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