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Carroll County Arkansas
Cemetery Listings


Moore Cemetery

Tombstone inscriptions for this Cemeterey transcribed from Cemetery listings of the Carroll County Historical Society by Teri Gregg .   Send all corrections to Keeper of the Keys.
Listings compiled Oct 20, 1979 by Jean High and Peggy Houston.  There are numerous flat sandstone and fieldstones located in the cemetery.  It appears that these are old markers and that the writing on the stones has disappeared over time.  Some markers are the ones placed by the funeral home.

Visit the Moore Free Will Baptist Church Website for an index of Moore Cemetery burials linked to photos of all the grave stones, courtesy Harris Family Group.


Alderson, Bertha----9 June 1894--no death date
Alderson, Fay----27 Mar 1895--6 March 1958
Alderson, Helen----12 Nov 1918--17 Nov 1918
Allred, infant--son of H.H. and Lena Allred--born and died 2 Sept 1932
Allred, Eva Lena----30 Nov 1898--3 Aug 1977
Allred, Dennis A.----2 April 1883--16 Nov 1963
Allred, H. Hubbert----11 Jan 1900--no death date
Allred, Lena M.--78 yr 8 mo 3 da--died 3 Aug 1979
Ary, Chloe G.----21 Aug 1904--no death date
Ary, Roy E.----9 Nov 1901--18 April 1957
Autry, Bell----no dates
Autry, Hobart----no dates
Autry, J.H.----14 Nov 1868--22 Apr 1932

Bailey, Sarah Joan----31 Dec 1939--18 Nov 1940
Bergren----died 13 Nov 1951
Bergren, Simon F.----died 17 Dec 1954
Boatright, infant--dau of George and Pansy Boatright----no dates
Boatright, infant--son of George and Pansy Boatright----no dates
Boatright, George P.----4 July 1905--16 Apr 1967
Boatright, Pansy----14 Oct 1907--no death date
Boots, Gertrude Hollis----1919--1950
Bowman, Herold E.----1900--1956
Bradshaw, David A.--aged 24--1954--1979
Brawley, Ina Sue----23 Jan 1947--17 May 1949
Brawley, Linda Carol----22 Sept 1949--21 Sept 1950
Brawley, Ollie----1919--1950
Bunch, Lewis C.----22 May 1846--28 Oct 1913
Bunch, Nan----no dates
Burkett, Johnny--baby--Oct 1935--Dec 1935
Burks, Betty----1943--1944
Burks, Buna V.----1878--1963
Burks, Joseph F.----1873--1945
Burks, Lola Bell----16 Jan 1902--7 June 1973
Burks, Richard----no dates
Burks, Shelba----no dates
Burks, Wesley D.----30 May 1885--19 Feb 1955

Calbert, Mary I.----18 Nov 1876--2 April 1938
Casey, Cora----7 Feb 1883--11 Sept 1957
Cavins, D.----no dates
Cavins, Daniel Otis----24 Jan 1900--20 Jan 1974
Cavins, ____--wife of D.R. Cavins--no dates
Clark, Belle Z.--Mother--30 April 1890--11 April 1961
Clark, infants--of Mr. & Mrs. Marion Clark--no dates
Clark, Marion E.--Father--3 March 1878--29 July 1953
Clark, Mary Ann--infant--5 April 1957--6 April 1957
Clark, Paul--Ark PFC Co B Mountain Inf WWII BSM--17 Oct 1922--27 Sept 1966
Colvin, Bell S.----23 April 1894--24 Feb 1963
Colvin, Dorothy V.----no dates
Colvin, Fannie E.----12 Nov 1884--12 Sept 1962
Colvin, infant----no dates
Colvin, J.J.--no dates
Colvin, John L.----9 July 1882--28 Dec 1932
Colvin, Lucy--wife of J.J.--no dates
Colvin, Robert B.----1859--1932
Colvin, Rufus W.----8 Feb 1893--4 Oct 1972
Colvin, Sam B.----29 March 1886--28 April 1952
Colvin, Sarah A.----1857--1930
Colvin, Virge----26 April 1886--30 Oct 1969
Colvin, Wid----9 July 1884--19 Aug 1965
Cone, Elige M.----12 Jan 1895--23 Sept 1978
Cone, Freddie E--baby of Elige and Ruth Cone--2 July 1933--7 July 1933
Cone, Ruth A.----20 Aug 1913--no death date

Cox, Charley C.----28 Dec 1879--6 June 1956
Cox, Emma D.----22 June 1879--11 Feb 1956
Cox, Ethel----10 Sept 1896--25 Dec 1917
Cox, John M.----1871--1948
Cox, Lissie E.----1898--no death date
Cox, M. Elizabeth----died 1922
Cox, Margaret C.--wife of J.M. Cox--9 Jan 1876--25 March 1919
Cox, Nathan----died 1913

Davis, Laura D.----1879--1965
Davis, Winfield W.----1874--1948
Dooley, Donnie F.----19 Jan 1947--19 July 1957
Dooley, Peggy Jean----17 Sept 1956--19 July 1957
Dooley, Timmie Lee----13 Jan 1960--11 Jan 1979

Estepp, Matthew Ryan--age 2 days--1979--1979

Fiveash, Ricky Joe Tackett----28 June 1963--8 July 1963
Fiveash, Tammy Lynn--0 yr 0 mo 0 da--died 7 Nov 1972
Fultz, Joe D.----29 May 1933--29 Sept 1960

Gage, Anna----1870--1937
Gage, Annie----22 March 1902--11 Feb 1978
Gage, Arlena----3 Sept 1859--2 Apr 1932
Gage, Barbara Gale----25 Dec 1957--5 Feb 1958
Gage, Charles C.----1893--1965
Gage, Connie E.--25 June 1921--29 Oct 1978
Gage, Cora----no dates
Gage, Edith----no dates
Gage, Effie----no dates
Gage, Elbert----no dates
Gage, Evalyn C.----1905--no death date
Gage, Fay----1897--1967
Gage, Francis C.----1906--1961
Gage, George S.----1878--1941
Gage, Halene----no dates
Gage, infant----no dates
Gage, Jesse Hugh----5 May 1899--no death date
Gage, John----no dates
Gage, Lena----no dates
Gage, Lillie J.----11 July 1891--29 Sept 1973
Gage, Lisa----no dates
Gage, Mabel----no dates
Gage, Marion--1868--1937
Gage, Mattie Kell----1877--no death date
Gage, Olene----no dates
Gage, Paskel----no dates
Gage, Rachel----no dates
Gage, Rosa----4 Dec 1873--30 Sept 1947
Gage, Ruth----no dates
Gage, Sarah----25 Jan 1868--13 Feb 1906
Gage, Thomas B.----18 Aug 1872--27 Nov 1946
Gage, Tiff F.----5 May 1884--8 Jan 1959
Gage, Tilford D.----5 March 1839--6 March 1923
Gage, Vancil F.----7 Dec 1917--no death date
Gates, Dwain M.--67 yr 3 mo 28 da--died Aug 4 1977
Giles, Joseph----1871--1951
Giles, Laura A.----1891--1935
Gilmore, Don Ray--Baby--1964--1964
Goins, Elsie A.---1905--no death date
Goins, Frank R.----1895--1965
Gooding, Paul D.--PFC US Marine Corps WWI--13 Oct 1897--10 Dec 1970
Grace, Ollie----12 June 1891--27 July 1942
Gregg, Chloe McKinney----1907--1930
Grogan, Alvin M.----4 April 1901--16 Sept 1971
Grogan, Billy Lee--39 yr 0 mo 22 da--died 4 Nov 1976
Grogan, Della M.----6 June 1908--30 April 1976
Grogan, Hillard B.----1898--1969
Grogan, infant--son of Clyde and Reva--no dates
Grogan, Joe M.----1910--1978
Grogan, Joel M.----1870--1957
Grogan, Myrtle----no dates
Grogan, Nancy A.--wife of J. M. Grogan--1871--1949
Grogan, Pearl Ann--age 79--1902--1979
Grogan, Robert L. "Bobby"----12 Oct 1940--11 Oct 1974
Grogan, Robert R.--Co E 345 Inf  USA--no dates
Grogan, Tamela J.----7 June 1960--19 Nov 1976

Hammons, Bobbie----4 March 1921--no death date
Hammons, Ralph----20 April 1915--19 April 1967
Harp, Altie----no dates
Harp, Bertha--age 77--1901--1978
Harp, Sarah L.--wife of H.T. Harp--3 April 1878--11 June 1904
Hart, Sarah----died 23 April 1925
Hatfield, Euma J.--31 Aug 1915--no death date
Hatfield, Gladys E.----1903--no death date
Hatfield, Johnnie E.----1886--1973
Hatfield, Parker R.--4 Nov 1913--28 Nov 1959
Hatfield, Patricia Jane----13 Nov 1939--14 Nov 1939
Hill, Albert----no dates
Hill, Orie----no dates
Hobbs, Albert Etzell,----1896--1976
Hobbs, Alice----19 Jan 1882--25 Dec 1918
Hobbs, Bell----26 July 1878--28 Jan 1904
Hobbs, Bonnie----16 Nov 1905--22 Jan 1925
Hobbs, James----23 April 1876--20 Oct 1938
Hobbs, Kelley----5 July 1914--5 Oct 1914
Hollis, Charley----28 Nov 1886--17 June 1957
Hollis Mary----4 May 1889--1 May 1960
Holman, Dana Annette----16 June 1964
Holman, Dorthy Merie--infant of Everette and Dorthy Holman--29 Nov 1953
Holman , Ellen M.----1875--1964
Holman, Janie S.----1905--1964
Holman, John Doyle--Ark PVT 16 Co 162 Depot Brigade WWI--31 Jan 1894--12 May 1958
Holman, Royal T.----31 Jan 1895--30 Oct 1969
Horton, Tamara Gail,----22 March 1968--13 Nov 1971

Jackson, Mandy J.----2 Sept 1892--no death date
Jackson, Wilburn R.----30 Dec 1898--8 Feb 1948
Jackson, W. Thomas----18 Dec 1882--5 June 1961
Jensen, Dewey----26 Jan 1898--8 Feb 1977
Jensen, Rose----8 Feb 1902--19 Jan 1976
Johnson, Alta A.----12 Dec 1918--no death date
Johnson,  Blanco----17 Oct 1900--30 July 1965
Jones, Clara----15 Jan 1888--20 July 1949
Jones, Edward----1922--1945
Jones, Emma--Mother--1869--1927
Jones, John T.----22 April 1861--11 March 1940
Jones, J.P.----no dates
Jones, Joseph T.----1891--1930
Jones, Mary E.----6 Feb 1868--1 July 1955

Keen, Dixie M.----8 Feb 1933--19 March 1933
Keen, infant----no dates
Keen, Olive H.----19 March 1934--21 March 1934

L.C.B.--initials only--no dates
Lee, Etta----no dates
Lee, infant----no dates
Lindsay, Bale----no dates
Littrell, Anna----23 Dec 1903--17 Oct 1961
Lum, Patty----no dates

Matthews, Fredrick----no dates
May, Chas. H.----14 July 1894--1 Feb 1934
May, Dixie L.--23 April 1929--10 June 1963
May, Francis Susan----6 March 1878--16 Aug 1960
May, infant--dau of C.H. and Maude May--born and died 24 Jan 1925
May, Mary--Wife of W.H.--28 April 1856--1 June 1917
May, Maude----21 June 1900--10 May 1970
May, William H.----8 Jan 1857--18 Feb 1924
McClain, Rosetta Rosy----20 Nov 1889--4 Aug 1964
McClain, Thomas Lem----3 Feb 1884--26 Aug 1968
McGee, Grandma----no dates
McKinney, Anna A.----4 Oct 1910--no death date
McKinney, Becca----no dates
McKinney, Bissie----no dates
McKinney, Elijah Carr "Lige"----8 Sept 1889--23 May 1978
McKinney, Elmo----10 Sept 1905--24 June 1978
McKinney, Elsie Irene Wilson----18 Nov 1922--3 Aug 1970
McKinney, Ertle C.----1905--1938
McKinney, Etta R.----22 Nov 1889--7 May 1967
McKinney, Flora----no dates
McKinney, Garland A.----1909--1972
McKinney, Imandra "Bessie"----1883--1933
McKinney, Jessie----1 Jan 1914--no death date
McKinney, Joe N.--TSGT US Army WWII--13 Jan 1921--20 Dec 1975
McKinney, John Add----24 Sept 1887--15 Sept 1933
McKinney, Julia Tennessee----25 Jan 1858--12 May 1922
McKinney, Julie----no dates
McKinney, Margaret I.----14 April 1856--8 April 1918
McKinney, Mary----no dates
McKinney, May----1897--1925
McKinney, Minnie----no dates
McKinney, Pearl----no dates
McKinney, Rebecca----21 Feb 1897--no death date
McKinney, Robert Denton----22 April 1885--19 March 1956
McKinney, Robert T.----24 May 1849--14 June 1908
McKinney, Rufus Bea----1887--1963
McKinney, Samuel Milton----20 Aug 1851--11 July 1942
McKinney, Sarah Ann----5 Sept 1860--17 Oct 1937
McKinney, S.J. "Sam"----9 Sept 1885--19 Sept 1959
McKinney, Tennie----17 March 1889--21 April 1942
McKinney, W. Bruce----12 Aug 1910--22 July 1972
McKinney, William B.----19 March 1855--28 Feb 1923
McKinney, William Walter----1878--1938
Middleton, Cora Dell----2 Oct 1887--21 Sept 1922
Middleton, Jim----no dates
Middleton, John----11 April 1884--8 July 1973
Miller, Elmer----no dates

Newberry, Brydean----11 Oct 1915--no death date
Newberry, William Clyde--PVT US Army WWI--29 Sept 1895--2 May 1978

Osgood, W.H.----30 Sept 1871--24 July 1964

Patty, E. Walker----1877--1943
Patty, Maudy L.----1878--1940
Patty, Lum.----no dates
Perry, Eliza--dau of D.H. & E.J. Perry--8 Feb 1893--10 April 1916
Pittman, Ester--85 yr 3 mo 24 da --7 July 1813--30 Nov 1898
Pryor, Lucy West----17 Jan 1887--1 Nov 1976
Pryor, Robert V--Ark Pvt 64 Co 162 Depot Brigade WWI--10 June 1887--2 Oct 1958

Richardson, Lee B.--Cpl. 3 Nebr. Inf. Sp. Am. War--no dates
Rhodes, David S.----22 May 1896--11 Nov 1896
Rhodes, Jessie H.----1888--1961
Rhodes, John W.----2 Nov 1873--28 Oct 1919
Rhodes, Mary E.----17 Sept 1877--24 June 1965
Rhodes,____--wife of R.R.--no dates
Rhodes, Riley R.--Co G Ark Cav--no dates
From the CC Families, pg. 506, column 3, 3rd full paragraph down:
"Riley Ransom Rhodes died December 5, 1910, and he was interred in the Moore Cemetery of Carroll County. Cordelia Ann (Wright) Rhodes died December 17, 1923." Also it says in that article that Riley R. was born Feb. 1843 in Stone Co, MO and Cordelia was born January 1851.
Roach, Damion M.--age 17 days--1978--1978
Roberts, Margaret----1857--1916
Roberts, William H.----1854--1940
Ross, Helen M.----3 June 1914--1 June 1979
Ross, Ray C.----18 Dec 1906--no death date
Row, A.L.----1861--1945
Ruhde, John H.----1883--1964
Ruhde, Mary M.----1885--1957

Sargent, Emilie O.----1893--1973
Sargent, William H.----1887--1969
Seitzer, George S.--"Grampa"--4 Dec 1904--30 Dec 1964
Sigmon, Burl A.----20 May 1897--3 April 1966
Sigmon Lela D.----9 March 1899--no death date
Smith, Anna I----28 Jan 1895--11 Dec 1966
Smith, Cora L.----Feb 1885--5 May 1942
Smith, Delta E----15 Nov 1900--no death date
Smith, Ed M.----26 Oct 1886--3 March 1960
Smith, E.M.----26 Oct 1886--3 March 1960
Smith, Elbridge C.----15 Sept 1899--2 Dec 1978
Smith, G.M.----7 March 1863--17 Dec 1943
Smith, John Clinton----5 Jan 1915--29 March 1915
Smith, John Frank--Ark Pvt 313 Inf 79 Div--11 Feb 1896--26 Sept 1938
Smith, Nancy A--wife of G.M. Smith--25 Feb 1858--26 Apr 1941
Smith, Robert M.----23 Dec 1897--16 Dec 1974
Smith, Walter----30 Oct 1890--25 Jan 1977
Smith, Walter Jr.----1922--1922
Smith, Willie V----26 Feb 1901--23 May 1955
Snow, Clarissa----16 Oct 1842--16 July 1898
Snow, Elbert M----23 Feb 1882--4 Dec 1970
Snow, Emmet----10 Oct 1885--31 Jan 1924
Snow, James C.----1872--1950
Snow, Maggie M.----1877--1961
Snow, Marion----1 April 1848--4 Feb 1916
Snow Martha E.----6 Aug 1881--2 July 1963
Snow, infant----no dates
Snow, infant----no dates
Snow, infant----no dates
Sparks, Edna L.--dau of W.F. and L.T. Sparks--28 Sept 1911--9 June 1912
Sparks, Georgie G.--dau of W.F. and L.T. Sparks--18 March 1913--21 Aug 1913
Sparks, Laura T.----1 Sept 1882--30 Jan 1970
Sparks, William F.----14 July 1879--18 Jan 1963
Stacy, Clint C.----15 April 1889--13 Jan 1959
Stacy, Elizabeth--wife of John W. Stacy--11 Aug 1851--16 Aug 1918
Stacey, Jimmy Ray----1954--1975
Stacy, John W.--Mo Militia Regiment 73--10 Jan 1847--30 May 1936
Stacy, Mary W.----21 Dec 1870--27 Nov 1947
Stacy, W. M.--Co D 16 Mo Cav--no dates
Stacy, Walter----10 Feb 1884--3 July 1919
Stacy, Wilburn--son of Mr. & Mrs. C.C. Stacy--9 May 1917--13 Jan 1919
Stacy, William J.----11 Aug 1867--no death date
Stanphill, Charlie F.----6 Dec 1897--3 Oct 1966
Stanphill, E.J.--Ark HM2 US Navy Korea--26 July 1930--29 May 1958
Swan, Gilbert E.--Enc US Navy WWII Korea--1910--1978

Taylor, Wynona P.----1883--1955
Thorne, Beverly J.----28 Oct 1940--12 March 1941
Thorne, David A.----12 March 1872--24 Dec 1941
Thorne, Della J.----11 April 1889--3 Aug 1965
Thorne, Norma J.----born and died 11 Oct 1936

Villines, Addison----23 Nov 1827--27 May 1904
Villines, Amanda----1 Sept 1836--19 May 1913
Villines, Dorcas L.----12 Feb 1872--29 July 1902
Villanes, Grace----3 March 1898--20 April 1920
Villines, Robert E.----30 April 1871--30 Sept 1945

Wade, Elmer C.----17 June 1893--20 Feb 1949
Walker, James S,--Texas SKCS US Navy WWII Korea Vietnam--14 Dec 1922--11 Feb 1972
Walker, Lloyd----22 June 1898--24 March 1971
Walker, Mary Alice----25 June 1927--11 May 1960
Walker, Mary E.----1901--no death date
Walker, Otis----1899--1956
Walker, Tryphena R.----11 April 1898--25 Aug 1946
Walters, Dan----14 Dec 1883--10 Nov 1954
Walters, Lewis C.----no dates
Walters, Zilpha--23 Sept 1886--10 Nov 1964
West, Charlie Ollie----1882--1949
West, Robert Bradley--Ark A3C 28 Installation Sq AF--10 Aug 1940--20 Nov 1958
White, Clarsie----no dates
White, Hal----no dates
Whiteley, Sue L.----1916--1958
Whitely, infant----no dates
Wigger, Bessie--66 yr 4 mo 18 da--died 21 Sept 1969
Wolfe, Mary M.----1895--1973
Wright, George E.----1882--1959
Wright, James----no dates
Wright, Lucy A.----1884--1974
Wright, Rex E.--Pvt US Army WWII--14 Aug 1914--8 Aug 1976
Wright, Richard O.----16 June 1845--7 July 1916
Wright, Rose----no dates
Wright, Saphronia----22 Dec 1851--23 Oct 1930

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