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Carroll County Arkansas
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Miscellanious Small Carroll County Cemeteries

Tombstone inscriptions for these cemetereies transcribed from Cemetery listings of the Carroll County Historical Society by Fleta Aday.

Burris ||  Brushy ||   Bobo ||  Blue Hole / King ||  Old Boyd / Jones-Mincik ||  Briley ||  Brumead
Chaney ||  Center Point ||  Clark ||  Carr  ||  Conner  ||  Dawson ||  Duncan || Whitley


Burris Cemetery is located on the old Shipman farm in the Cisco Community.

Alexander, Shelby
Burris, Betty--wife of Billy
Burris, Uncle Billy
Burris, John
Burris, Nancy --wife of John
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Wilson
Williams, Mrs. Wilson
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Brushy cemetery is located about 1/4 mile West of Joe Giles house or the site of the old Brushy School House. Survey by Carl Stamps Feburary 12 1981.

Lee, James R.--AR Pvt. 126 INF 32 nd Div--Feb 21 1935
Lee, Lottie Ella--dau of J. R. & F. E.--Jan 3, 1921--Apr 9, 1922
Lee, James Truman----July 16 1928--Nov 27 1932
Lee, James T.--Son of J. R. & F. E.--July 16 1923--Nov 22 1933
Clark, Henry--Funeral Home Marker
Gage, Mattie--Funeral Home Marker
Bailey, J.--Funeral Home Marker--Age 24 years
Hudson, Alvin--Funeral Home Marker--Jan 18 1939--44 years of age
--Note says Oliver Hudson Jan 18 1936 age 44
Lee, W. B.--Funeral Home Marker--Mar 5 1931--47 years of age
Lee, Infant--Funeral Home Marker--Nov 12 1946
Lee, Donald--Funeral Home Marker--Sept 10 1945--Age 10 years 3 mo and 10 days
Reading, Dan's L. H.--Co. D. 118 Ill Civil War
Haley, Callie----May 1864--1924
Blair, Charlie H.--Son of J. E. & C. E.--Oct 24 1907--June 21 1921
Blair, Eddie--Son of J. E. & C. E.--April 11 1926--April 22 1926
Fields, J. L. --Funeral Home Marker
Fields, J. H. (Mrs.?)--Funeral Home Marker
Daniel, David C.--Husband of Francis L.--Jan 23 1853--July 3 1925
Lee, Eliza B.--Wife of E. M.--Mar 16 1868--May 7 1917
Anderson, Infant--son of C. M.--Jan 3 1917
Sugg, Darcus L.----1928
Taylor, Isaac D.----1906--1921
Hudspeth, Amos
Clark, Grannie
Clark, Nancy
Bailey, Tennie----Feb 1940--Age 24 years 10 mos 29 days
Burris, Allie
Daley, Caley
Gage, James F.----Oct 22 1812--1878
Hanby, Gabe--son of S. R. & L. M.--Jan 9 1893--Oct 2 1893
Hanby, Hugh----Jan 15 1899--Jan 9 1917
Hanby, S. R.----Jan 4 1872--Apr 5 1923
Ki??iels, G. H.----Oct 8 1923--Age 41 years 4 mos
Meskimen, margaret L.----Dec 10 1866--Feb 7 1928
Wade Acel
Wade, Horace
Hammond, William----Mar 18 1870--Oct 23 1892
Hammond, Anna----1808?03--1880
Hammond, Mary----Mar 4 1842--Mar 9 1888
Hammond, Mosoura----Mar 2 1876--Feb 26 1902
Hammond, Cora----Sept 11 1882--Nov 15 1887
Hudspeth, John
Hollis, John W.----Nov 13 1883--Apr 14 1906
Hard, Otis
Gage, Nancy M.----April 11 1875--Feb 23 1923
Gage, Columbus--son of Tilford Gage--Feb 8 1874--Oct 13 1935
Gage, Infant
Armstrong, Sarah L.--Wife of J. D.--Dec 18 1883 --Mar 9 1911
Gage, Joe ?
Burks, mary E.----Mar 6 1848--Feb 11 1923
Burks, N. B.----Dec 19 1846--Mar 26 1913
Burks, Lela----July 18 1922--34 years 9 mos
Burks, Grady Flora----July 28 1922 3 mos
Clark, Jerry----1851--1923
Clark, Clare----1818--1908
Clark, Ellen----1818--1919
Clark, Carl--son of Maude & Jesse--1917--1920
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Located in the Bobo Community.  Survey made by Mildred Nickolson of Alpena.

Ballow, Kindred R.--Son of E. E. & S. O.--Dec 1 1874--May 19 1976
Bobo, Burrell --son of W. J. & A.--Aug 19 1873--Oct 16 1873
Collier, Mary O.--Dau of W. M. & M. O.--Feb 4 1844--Sept 3 1884
Bobo, Lucinda I.--Dau of B. & M. M.--July 29 1863--June 11 1867

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Blue Hole-King Gravestone Photos @ Arkansas Gravestone Project

Located on Melvin Williams land beyond Black Jack Cemetery; turn left off Highway 221.  This survey made by Ray Conley in April of 1977.

Aery, William F.--Son of L. P. & M. E.--Feb 2 1880
Aery, Samuel L.--Son of L. P. & M. E.--? 20 1886
Aery, Mary--wife of J. A.--Oct 31 1816--J? 1881
Aery, J. A.----Feb 12 1812--Jan 28 1887
Davis, Olga--Dau of C. G. & N. E. --Oct 23 1884--Jan 31 1886

Jimmy Smith says the following 3 Standlee graves are NOT in Blue Hole Cemetery, but are instead located on Hwy 221 north of Berryville in a Standlee Plot.
Standlee, Susan----Jan 16 1808--Jan 1 1856
Standlee, Elizabeth---- April 18 1844--Jan 18 1845
Standlee, George W.----Jan 11 1851--Sept 15 1856
Above 3 Standlee graves are NOT in the Blue Hole Cemetery, but are instead in another location off Hwy 221.

With this cemetery is a letter dated April 16, 1996 from Freeman and  Pat Cole Eary, Austin Texas stating that these three gravestones were moved form Blue Hole-King Cemetery at Stony Point to Black Jack Cemetery. The letter states that John Alexander Aery and Mary Hannah Ponders Aery are know grandparents of William and Samuel, sons of Loveless Pinkney Aery and his first wife Mary Elizabeth Merritt Aery.  Olga Davis is also thought to be a grandchild of John and Mary Aery.
Aery, Mary --wife of J. A.--Oct 31 1916--Jan 4 1881
Aery, J. A.--Husband of Mary--Feb 12 1819--Jan 28 1887
Aery, William F.----Sept 16 1879--Jan 1 1880
Aery, Samuel L.----Mar 31 1885--? 20 1886
Davis, Olga--dau of C. G. & N. E. --Oct 23 1884 --Jan 31 1886

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Briley cemetery is located on the road ot Snow Cemetery about 1 ½ miles from Highway 62 East.  Listing by Carl Stamps, July 31, 1978.

Briley, Everett G.----1892--1965
Mims, Charles----Feb 10 1977--Aged 23 years 7 mo. 19 days

NOTE: An unnamed researcher gave the information that Earl Briley who still lives by the cemetery said Mr. & Mrs. D. W. Briley, parents of Everett Briley, and on e child of Everett Briley are also buried here. Dated June 11, 1982.

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This is one grave located on the old Brumead palce about 1 ½ miles east of Denver.  J. J. Brumead is said to have homesteaded this land.

Brumead, J. J. ----1824--1894

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Located just north of the Old Clyde Sisco House on Highway 412, Osage, Arkansas.  This survey made by Carl Stamps in November 1977.

Chaney, Susan O.----June 20 1846--May 16 1864
Chaney, George Y. --Son of J. C. & N. D.--May 21 1817--Aug 17 1848
Chaney, William H.--Son of J. C. & N. D.--April 1 1837--May 22 1848
Wright, M. E.

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Taylor, James--Civil War Soldier (Co. K 1st Ar Cav)
Simpson, Thomas--Civil War Soldier (Co. K 1st Ar Cav)
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The Clark Cemetery is located on the Larry Fry place which was known as the Bob Collins palce and the Albert Clark place, off the road about 1/4 mile to the north 100 yards west of Larry Fry's house.  Survey by Carl Stamps, May 1978.

Current directions to Clark Cemetery with County Road Numbers thanks to Terry and Kathy Clark (email From the Berryville/Green Forest area go south on AR Hwy. 103 out of Green Forest. After passing the Rule community about 2 miles, turn left on Carroll County Road 995 and go almost 3 miles until three large red turkey/chicken houses are seen on the left.  Turn left into the entrance to the turkey houses, the Clark Cemetery is located about 30 yards to the left of the third structure.  If coming from U. S. Hwy 412, turn north on County Road 995 (intersection at the east end of the Hwy. 412 bridge over Osage Creek) proceed north about 3 miles, crossing Osage Creek twice, until three red turkey/chicken houses are seen on the right. Turn into the entrance to the turkey houses as noted above.

The Clarks also report the following concerning this cemetery, Joly 2006: Today (Saturday) five of us worked on the cemetery for several hours.  A number of previously hidden gravestones were uncovered and I personally counted 75(!) gravestones, most of them are ordinary stones without any writing.  One of the workers knows that some of his relatives were buried there without any type of marker, and likely there are still a few stones still covered so if there where not many "dual stones" (both head-and-footstones) there must be 70 to 80 graves there at a minimum.      I have a bit more information on what is written on the few graves that are marked, but we plan to do more so I will give you an update on this later.  Also if you want to put the GPS-derived coordinates of the site in the file they are: 36 degrees 13.73 minutes N latitude, 93 degrees 25.46 minutes W longitude. Pictures of the cemetery were taken today by Carroll Fultz and I hope to get a copy suitable for your file.

Clark, Thomas H.--(1st Sheriff of Carroll Co.)--1803--Oct 10 1850
Clark, Missenia (Angeline Ballow) Mother--Oct 2 1851--May 11 1927
Clark, Robert B.--Father--July 19 1835--April 8 1917
Clark, Artie----Oct 31 1901--April 19 1905
Usrey, Rose----Sept 23 1840--Nov 29 1922
Usrey, Seth----Nov 27 1833--
Usrey, Mellie----Feb 2 1878--Mar 3 1894
Infant (Usrey??)----Dec 2 1908
Usrey, Charles----May 7 1884--
Usrey, Onney----Dec 25 1880
Usrey, Infant--dau of Seth & Rose
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Carr a.k.a. Stewart"s Bend Gravestone Photos @ Arkansas Gravestone Project


Survey made in March 1977 by Ray Conley.  Located in Section 18, Range 24 West, Township 21 North.

Marshall, William Cleo----1916--1917
Stewart, Minnie----Jan 23 1910--Feb 10 1911
Stewart, John----June 30 1859--Feb 10 1933(one stone)
Stewart, Mary E.----Mar 16 1871--Oct 15 1944 (one stone)
Stewart, Willie----Dec 10 1882--Oct 13 1952
Marshall, Mamie Alta----1897--1970 (one stone)
Marshall, Harrison M.----1893--1970 (one stone)
McCandles, John----May 3 1822--Dec 13 1909
Turner, Ida Bell--wife of Charles--Jan 2 1882--Jan 13 1905
McCandles, Arva--dau of J. A. & S. J--Feb 19 1900--Sept 12 1900 (one stone)
McCandles, S. J. --Wife of J. A.--May 14 1862--June 24 1902
Overstreet, N. A. --Wife of J. Overstreet--April 4 1879--59 years 3 mo 9 days
Vince, Allen----June 26 1884--42 years 4 mo. 25 days
Carr, O. H. P. ----Jan 28 1819--July 21 1895
Rine, J.
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Conner Cemetery is located about 100 yards off the road form Highway 412 to Bobo, about 3 miles from Highway 412 on top of the mountain.  Surveyed by Carl Stamps in May 1978.

Conner, Francis Marion--Father--Dec 24 1862--Oct 7 1947
Conner, Mary Adeline--Mother--Dept 20 1867--Feb 4 1959
Conner, Jim--Uncle--Died May 1955 Age 87 years 5 mos 24 days
Conner, Moll--Aunt--1930 only date on stone
Conner, John----Mar 15 1831--Aug 6 1912
Conner, Rebecca--wife of John--Jan 28 1832--Aug 15 1922
Conner, Susan R.--Dau of J. & R. A.--May 12 1864--May 8 1865
Nicholson, John--Uncle

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Names of those buried in the old family cemetery on the Robert Dawson Farm in the Snow Community, at Berryville, Arkansas; TWP 19 N, Range 24 W.   NOTE: It is unclear what information is actually on these stones, if anything, and what was supplied by an unknown researcher.

Dawson, Robert--Pioneered to AR 1832--1814--Aug 17 1886
Dawson, Jane Watkins--wife of Robert--1819--1855
Dawson, Nancy McMurray--wife of Robert mar. 1855--1825--1886
Dawson, Elizabeth--dau. Of Robert & Jane--1845--1860
Daawson, Julie Ann Sutter Howardon--1843--
--wife of Francis M. (Bud)
Dawson, Joselyn Isabelle--Mother & Babe same grave----1877
Dawson, Albert Oliver--Inf. Son of Bud and Katie--Dec 31 1881--Aug 18 1882

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Duncan Gravestone Photos @ Arkansas Gravestone Project


Located on the Old Duncan or Braswell farm, W. Dallas Snow farm near Cisco.  Information form W. D. Snow in June 1962.    NOTE: It is unclear what information is actually on these stones, if anything, and what was supplied by an unknown researcher.

Leach, Jerry
Leach, Lottie--wife of Jerry (per Lena Shipman)
Leach, Hiram--son of Jerry & Lottie
Leach, Jack--son of Jerry & Lottie
Leach, Cynthia --dau of Jerry & Lottie
Hammons, Sanford--son of Emma Hammons
Leach, Jim
Leach, Bessie --wife of Jim
Leach, Jimmie--their son
Leach, Polly
Leach, Margaret
Duncan, Hiram
Duncan, Pheobe
Dutton, Mr.
Larkin, Mrs. Charley--dau of Martha Braswell
Davis, Richard--father of Alice (Davis) Cisco
Warren, Renis
Warren, Mrs. Renis
Fort, Walter--brother of Fred - {we had this as FROT, but a visitor to the cemetery says the stone says FORT - Fleta}
Fort, Tilitha (Leach)--Aunt to Lena Bailey Shipman {we had this as FROT, but a visitor to the cemetery says the stone says FORT - Fleta}
Jennings, Pauline----1922--1922
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This grave is located near highway 62 and Kings River Bridge. Information by Ray Conley of Eureka Springs June 1977.

Whiteley Bud--12-15-1870--03-02-1936

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