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Rule Cemetery

Rule Gravesone Photos @ Arkansas Gravestone Project

Tombstone inscriptions for this Cemetery transcribed from Cemetery listings of the Carroll County Historical Society by Phyllis Carr. Send all corrections to Keeper of the Keys.
Visit the Harris Family Rule Cemetery Index for an updated burial list and gravemarker photos for Rule Cemetery.

Photo from Chaney Grave Photos at Rule Cemetery courtesy Charles C. Chaney
Located at Rule, AR on the Rule-Green Forest Road.  Names collected by JK Fancher in May 1960 and Henry Griffith in March 1977.  This cemetery obviously has many unmarked graves and numerous stones with no markings.

Allen, Ellen--(Brawley)--Jan 21 1878--Apr 22 1917
Allred, Arizona----1876--1901
Allred, Brockie--(Smith)--1892--1918
Allred, Davis----1862--1879
Allred, Ella--(Wilson)--1872--1963
Allred, Eos----1890--1937
Allred, Frenchie----1902
Allred, infants----1903
Allred, Isabell--wife of Alford--Sep 1 1861--Apr 2 1900
Allred, JT----1888--1923
Allred, James----1852--1938
Allred, Leban----1865--1945
Allred, Mary--(Douglas)--1861--1930
Allred, Sarah----1828--1906
Allred, Thomas----died 1870
Allred, Will--no dates
Anderson, BA----1904
Anderson, Elsa--(Hittson) no dates
Anderson, Fred----1906--1962
Anderson, JH----1891--1918
Anderson, Lucie----1932
Anderson, Rosa--(Lane)--1886--1921
Anderson, TJ--no dates
Anderson, Wesley----1897--1969
Anderson, Will----1881--1970
Armer, Vesta--(Taylor)--1898--1963
Armour, JW----1928--1928
Armour, KW----1937--1938
Ashworth, Standley----1954--1967
Attwell, Ida Loetta--(Wade)--1936--1969
Baker, Frank----1877--1921
Baker, Mattie----1880--1969
Beeson, Caroline--1948--1950
Beeson, Fay Roscoe----1914--1970
Blackburn, ME----born 1877
Blasengame, Balie--infant twin of AJ, Age 2 months, 4 days--Nov 1892
Blasengame, Bashie--infant twin of AJ, Age 2 months, 4 days--Nov 1892
Blasengame, Flora M--d/o GR & LB--Feb 8 1889--Oct 9 1889
Blasengame, Infant--d/o CR & Maggie--Jul 8 1901--Aug 11 1901
Bradshaw, Abel----1840--1925
Bradshaw, Amos----1877--1962
Bradshaw, Carolina--(Pierce)--1848--1905
Bradshaw, Eliza--(Fredrick)--1881--1960
Bradshaw, Emma--(Wood)--1877-1957
Bradshaw, Geneva----1902--1902
Bradshaw, Ina Jane----1928--1928
Bradshaw, Levona----1881--1883
Bradshaw, Hubert----1919--1976

Bradshaw, Mary--no dates
Bradshaw, Nellie--no dates
Bradshaw, Thomas----1875--1945
Bradshaw, William Walter--no dates
Bradshaw, William----1907--1933
Brawley, Alfred----1865--1926
Brawley, Alice--wife of Wyath--Dec 3 1846--Nov 16 1895
Brawley, Betty--(Armstrong)--1880--1963
Brawley, Claud----May 25 1910--Apr 1 1935
Brawley, Dennis----1941--1942
Brawley, Floyd----1909--1944
Brawley, Hatty--d/o Joel & Margaret--Oct 13 1895--Dec 7 1895
Brawley, Infant--no dates
Brawley, Joel----1870--1951
Brawley, Lee----1872--1945
Brawley, Louisa--d/o Alfred & Nora--Jun 16 1893--Jun 18 1895
Brawley, Margaret--wife of Joel--Jun 15 1875--May 25 1898
Brawley, Myrtle F--d/o Joel & Margaret--Feb 15 1898--Nov 9 1898
Brawley, Nancy--(Bradshaw)--1879--1928
Brawley, Nora--(Hays)--1873--1930
Brawley, Polly----Jun 18 1814--Feb 2 1907
Brawley, Stella--d/o Joel & Betty--May 22 1904--Nov 4 1921
Brawley, WL----1838--1923
Breeding, Byron----died 1901
Breeding, Stephen----died 1876
Brown, Sally----Jan 6 1901--Apr 7 1901
Buchanan, Glen----1903--1949
Bunch, Eliza--no dates
Bunch, JP----Jul 24 1857--Aug 21 1875
Bunch, Jake----1879--1892
Bunch, John----Dec 1 1812--Feb 3 1892
Bunch, LP----Oct 11 1851--Feb 8 1914
Bunch, Tennessee--wife of LP--1851--1883
Buell, Belle----1867--1943
Bybee, EJ----1889--1890
Chaney, Alice--(McKinney)--1880--1952
Chaney, Archie----1891--1970
Chaney, Bud--no dates
Chaney, Eliza----1838--1920
Chaney, Jewel--no dates
Chaney, Louis--no dates
Chaney, Mable--(Howard)--1915--1966
Chaney, Mother--no dates
Chaney, Robert----1891
Cheeseman, Isiac----1889--1963
Cheesemen, Ella B----1839
Cisco, Ethmer----1914--1942
Cisco, Gail Lyn----1903--1903
Cisco, Infant----1912--1913
Cisco, Thomas----1888--1967
Collier, Anna Lee--(Douglas)--1866--1905
Collier, Thomas----1863--1933

Collins, Abbie Gail--(Griffith)--1878--1948
Collins, Bernice----1920--1924
Collins, Dora--(Cox)--1887--1923
Collins, Henry----1913--1957
Collins, J Arthur----1875--1928
Collins, Mary Ann----1850--1936
Collins, Nerva--(Fultz) no dates
Collins, Paul----1923--1923
Collins, Robert----1887--1971
Collins, Ruth--(Fultz) no dates
Collins, William----1843--1923
Collins, William----1872--1954
Collins, WH----1979--1938
Cox, Dan----1909--1941
Cox, Sarah----1888--1960
Crow, JW----1871--1923
Crow, Mary--d/o Robert & Westie--Aug 17 1864--Nov 26 1886
Crow, Robert--(U C V), Age 80 years--1827--1915
Crow, WT----1872--1932
Crow, Westie--wife of Robert;Age 75 years--1830--March 25 1905
Deweese, Ernest--no dates
Deweese, Inis----1924--1942
Deweese, John Norman----1895--1973
Deweese, Loyd----1914--1964
Deweese, Mark----Jan 17 1889--Sep 17 1949
Deweese, Mollie--(Sims)--1894--1960
Deweese, Nancy J----Jul 22 1855--Apr 11 1920
Deweese, Ninty--(Daisy) no dates
Deweese, Norman--no dates
Deweese, Tom----May 11 1880--Nov 17 1951
Deweese, VC--(U C V)--May 21 1839--May 19 1924
Deweese, Vada--(Robertson)--1887--1961
Deweese, WP----Oct 23 1886--Aug 1 1936
Douglas, Ave--(Crow)--1861--1930
Douglas, Coe----1854--1952
Douglas, Dock--He was a Carroll County  school teacher--Mar 30 1881--Jul 11 1916
Douglas, Ellen----1825
Douglas, Garland--Dec 3, 1902-May 14, 1979
Douglas, Gertie--(Noblett)--1895--1972
Douglas, JB----1859--1914
Douglas, JS--(Obit s p: d. Mar 15 or 19 1909)--1826--1909
Douglas, Julia--(McCullough)--1874--1953
Douglas, Mattie--(Griffith)--1907--1952
Douglas, Pearl----1901--1937
Fancher, JK----1889--1968
Fancher, Joseph----1883--1959
Fancher, Mary--(Hoppins)--1902--1947
Faught, William--no dates
Fletcher, JF----Sep 26 1921
Fletcher, Mrs. JF--(Scarborough)--Jun 12 1922
Fodrell, Russell----1896--1901
Fultz, Bonnie G----1927--1943

Fultz, Francis--no dates
Fultz, Herbert----1895--1947
Fultz, IM----1886--1916
Fultz, Jennie--(Davis)--1896--1975
Fultz, John----1866--1921
Fultz, MC----1866--1936
Fultz, Stephen----1889--1956
Fultz, Zonia--(Jackson)--1903--1972
Garland, Joe Harold----1939--1944
Griffith, Alice--(Jackson)--1896--1963
Griffith, Alvin----1908--1975
Griffith, Bessie--d/o HJ & ME--Jan 8 1892--May 16 1899
Griffith, Columbus----1886--1915
Griffith, David C--(1836/1912 ?)--Feb 2 1853--May 1 1912
Griffith, Ella--(Snow)--1875--1910
Griffith, George----1869--1928
Griffith, Geo. Jack----1923--1958
Griffith, Harley Otis--s/o HJ & ME--Mar 29 1884--Jul 13 1886
Griffith, Henry--(Columbus)--1905--1974
Griffith, Henry Kendall----1945--1970
Griffith, Infant--s/o HJ & Mattie--born & died Apr 5 1919
Griffith, Jack----Sep 10 1857--May 16 1943
Griffith, John Ross--s/o HJ & ME--Jul 6 1880--Mar 3 1881
Griffith, Kety--(Smith)--1839--1905
Griffith, Malissa--(McKinney)--1881--1960
Griffith, Mary--(Ramsey) no dates
Griffith, Mary Cora--(Jackson)--1881--1948
Griffith, Mary E--wife of HG--Mar 3 1856--Oct 9 1912
Griffith, Mary Louise----1939--1940
Griffith, Matthew----1810--1883
Griffith, Mattie--(Meek), wife of HJ--Dec 8 1874--Oct 6 1933
Griffith, Otis Samuel----Jul 27 1920--Sep 1 1975
Griffith, Susan----1809--1883
Griffith, Tompy--no dates
Griffith, Ula----1890--1969
Griffith, WHJ----1906--1910
Grigg, Martha----1877--1921
Grigg, Ralph--soldier--1922--1944
Grigg, Rebecca--(Hudspeth)--1879--1976
Grigg, Rudolph----1922--1922
Grigg, SA----1853
Grigg, Thomas----1875--1973
Haag, Carl--WWI German soldier/Interpreter of German & French (per JK Fancher)--Dec 31 1885--Jan 8 1958
Haag, Emmy----1887--1964
Hamby, Della----1898--1899
Hamby, Henry Clay----Oct 30 1914--Sep 25 1958
Hamby, James E----Mar 19 1869--Feb 19 1922
Hamby, Samantha M----1881--1965
Hamby, Virgie----1901--1901
Hamby, W Jewel----1906--1934
Harbert, --no dates
Harbert, Auburn----1879--1891

Harbert, Bessie----born & died 1822
Harbert, James--no dates
Hittson, Alex----1927
Hittson, Anna--no dates
Hittson, Berton--no dates
Hittson, children--no dates
Hittson, George Tom----1873--1964
Hittson, Grace--(Allred)--1886--1968
Hittson, Ida May--(Walker)--1885--1917
Hittson, Isabell--no dates
Hittson, Jewel----Oct 20 1894--Jul 6 1914
Hittson, John T--6 years 11 months--Aug 14 1880--Jul 1887
Hittson, Margie----May 18 1889--Jul 10 1919
Hittson, Mary J--wife of WS--Nov 25 1864--Feb 25 1901
Hittson, Mattie--(Chase)--1874--1943
Hittson, Nancy----Feb 3 1827--Mar 11 1906
Hittson, Nancy----1922
Hittson, Robert Coe----1874--1966
Hittson, Roy Oscar----1881--1942
Hittson, TJ--(U C V)--Aug 7 1832--Feb 5 1920
Hittson, Tom--no dates
Hoppins, Cynthia--(Bunch)--1870--1910
Hoppins, Cynthia--Infant--died 1910
Hoppins, Henry--no dates
Hoppins, Infants----1891
Hoppins, MJ----1856--1927
Hoppins, Melvin----1861--1934
Hoppins, Nancy----1837--1910
Hoppins, William----1899--1901
Jackson, Auburn--no dates
Jackson, Carry----1850--1920
Jackson, Ella----1889--1914
Jackson, Francis--(Bunch) no dates
Jackson, GA----1853--1921
Jackson, HL----1894--1910
Jackson, Hannah--per Joyce Hall, g-gdaughter on 3/5/1981--Feb 13 1847--Apr 11 1928
Jackson, Infant----1896
Jackson, Infants--no dates
Jackson, JP----1846--1927
Jackson, Jas----1881--1965
Jackson, John----1875--1937
Jackson, John D----1870--1939
Jackson, Kizzie--no dates
Jackson, LV----1917--1917
Jackson, Margaret--(Walker)--1879--1937
Jackson, Mattie Eller--(McCoy)--1878--1957
Jackson, Minnie--(Oldham)--1881--1918
Jackson, Nellie--no dates
Jackson, Riley--no dates
Jackson, Stephen----1875--1938
Jackson, WH--no dates
Jackson, William----1883--1905

Kelley, Freda----died 1937
Kelley, Infant--no dates
King, Mary--(Simpson)--1895--1919
Kirby, Ellen--(Miller)--1833--1954
Kirby, Hoarace----1885--1937
Kirby, JR----1854--1925
Lane, Margaret--(Anderson)--1855--1927
Lee, Alta Areta--(Dorain)--1896--1965
Lee, Eddings--no dates
Lee, Moussie----Feb 15 1858--Dec 5 1924
Lee, WR----Mar 18 1851--Feb 18 1893
Lee, Wm Marion----1890--1967
Logan, Carl Wayne----1934--1935
Logen, Joe----1909--1946
McClain, Joyce----1957--1969
McMahan, Byron----1854--1938
McMahan, Infant--child of WB & NE--1875--1876
McMahan, Mollie E----1876--1889
McMahan, MF--wife of WB--Oct 13 1848--May 3 1910
McMahan, Sadie----1877--1936
McMahan, Sam----1871--1939
McMahan, WB--(U C V)--May 18 1834--May 3 1919
McMorris, Margaret--(Murphy)--1889--1975
McNew, Mrs Tom----died 1889
Middleton, Lizzie--(Lee)--Jun 2 1893--Nov 1910
Newberry, Era--(Jackson)--1900--1934
Newberry, Franklin----1889--1890
Newberry, Luvica--(Snow)--1861--1950
Newberry, Pricilla May----1891--1942
Newberry, WB----1867--1952
Owens, Anna May--(Ramsey)--1938--1975
Pierce, Geo----1812--1900
Pierce, Nancy----Jul 31 1820--Mar 28 1907
Pinkston, Mrs Jim--no dates
Pryor, Clarissa--wife of James--Sep 26 1845--Jul 27 1905
Pryor, James----Apr 22 1849--Feb 1919
Pryor, John----Sep 8 1851--Oct 12 1892
Pryor, Helpia--wife of Jesse--Jul 25 1821--Apr 19 1909
Pryor, Jesse----Sep 9 1828--Mar 28 1902
Ramsey, Anna--(Craft)--1892--1917
Ramsey, Burton--s/o Poyner & Eva--Aug 3 1902--Jul 9 1904
Ramsey, Charlotta Ann----1967--1967
Ramsey, Chas--no dates
Ramsey, Clayton----1936--1936
Ramsey, Henderson--(U C V)--Oct 9 1844--Sep 3 1913
Ramsey, James--no dates
Ramsey, John R--s/o ML & RA--Nov 6 1868--Sep 25 1882
Ramsey, Montie----1895--1897
Ramsey, Rhoda--(Gage)--Jan 18 1845--Jul 7 1904
Reed, Horrace H--s/o J & M, Age 21 months 22 days--Jun 17 1893
Rist, Nora--(Collier) no dates
Roberts, Avo--(Grigg)--1905--1941

Roberts, Bertha----1901--1976
Roberts, Clay----1900
Roberts, Jewel Wilson--wife of Dr. DC--Apr 11 1888--Oct 13 1909
Roberts, Johnnie----1906--1942
Roberts, Raymoun Dale----1936--1939
Robertson, Gwendoline----1945--1945
Roe, Jimmie Lou----1955--1969
Sheppard, Blanche----1890--1942
Shields, Josephine--(Mowry) no dates
Simpson, Charlotte----Jul 20 1859--May 20 1882
Simpson, Dewey----1919--1921
Simpson, Eva----1904--1904
Simpson, Leona--(Bradshaw) no dates
Simpson, Leonard--no dates
Simpson, WS----1854--1927
Simpson, William--no dates
Simpson, Willie--(Douglas)--1889--1960
Sims, Adeline--(McKinney)--1883--1961
Sims, Carson----Aug 12 1887--Oct 10 1912
Sims, Celia--Feb 25 1908--Mar 28 1923
Sims, Claud----Apr 3 1908--Aug 1 1958
Sims, Infant--child of Dan--1897--1897
Sims, Ed----Mar 31 1871--Jun 6 1951
Sims, Eva Lee----Mar 14 1887--Jul 3 1906
Sims, Infant----1928--1928
Sims, Mrs JC----Jul 18 1884--Mar 2 1915
Sims, Jennie--(McMahan), wife of Richard--Aug 9 1870--1963
Sims, JR----1887
Sims, MJ----1887
Sims, Richard----Nov 22 1866--Jul 29 1949
Smith, Eva--(Crow)--1901
Smith, Lee Otis----1943--1943
Smith, Wm----1896--1963
Snow, Artie Jane--(Monger)--1888--1969
Snow, Chas----1876--1930
Snow, Chas----1932--1960
Snow, James----1860--1930
Snow, John----1890--1931
Snow, Mary--(Smith)--1833--1910
Snow, Mollie--(Anderson)--1868--1899
Snow, Sis--(Gage)--1850--1900
Snow, William----1850--1927
Stephenson, Elzie----1907--1972
Stephenson, Frank----1862--1942
Stephenson, Ida----1873--1965
Stephenson, Walter----1902--1966
Stewart, Gary Lee----1966--1966
Stewart, Keith----1965--1965
Stroud, Hester----Sep 17 1830--Mar 1 1889
Stroud, Silvert----Sep 28 1886--Aug 9 1889
Taylor, Fannie--(McClellan)--1876--1909
Taylor, Geo----1876--1943

Taylor, Jack--s/o George & Fannie----1914--1941
Taylor, James--s/o George Washington & Rachel (Sneed) Taylor no dates
Taylor, Mattie--(Matthew Elizabeth (Standridge) Taylor no dates
Taylor, William M----1867--1935
Thompson, Manford----1941--1942
Tibbits, Robert Omar--Age 18 months 9 days--May 30 1887
Usrey, Carmie----1906--1913
Usrey, Ellis----1891--1944
Usrey, Hugh--Killed by Tom Fancher--1883--Oct 29 1925
Usrey, Ollie--(Murphy)--1892--1968
Usrey, Willie----1917--1976
Ussery, Thomas----1898--1960
Ussery, Venie--no dates
Wade, Jess----1909--1964
Wade, Reta----1907
Wake, Hiram----1872--1945
Walker, Abe----1852--1935
Walker, Mary--(Collier)--1860--1941
Watts, Nellie----1919--1941
Webb, Fannie----1894--1967
Webb, Infant----1881--1881
Webb, Infant----1903--1903
Webb, Jas----1876--1908
Whitlock, Berty--d/o MJ & AL. Field stones placed & chiseled as markers for graves--May 30 1890--Aug 3 1890
Whitlock, Merty--d/o MJ & AL. Twin with field stone as marker--May 30 1890--Aug 7 1890
Whitlock, MF--d/o MJ & AL. Another field stone placed & chiseled by loving hands--Feb 1 1881--Sep 3 1883
Wilson, Dan----1879--1965
Wilson, Elizabeth--(Ramsey)--1829--1871
Wilson, French Osborn--(1890 ?)--Mar 2 1889--Apr 26 1889
Wilson, JC--Confederate soldier--May 29 1843--May 1 1923
Wilson, John--no dates
Wilson, Mattie--2nd wife of JC--Feb 22 1855--Jul 17 1922
Wilson, Triphena--(Fancher), 1st wife of JC. Survivor of Mountain Meadows Massacre--Nov 10 1855--Apr 30 1897
Winning, James----1834--1882
Winning, Sarah----1850--1927
Wright, Carl----1941--1941
York, Beckie--(Morris)--1877-1931
York, Carrie----1882--1964
York, Dallas----1872--1941
York, Eugene----1932--1941
York, William----1873--1947

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