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Carroll County Arkansas
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First Entry Land Surname Index
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First Entry Land Records - Surnames Beginning with C

Twp/Range                         Surname              Given Name
18N23W    CADILL               ISAAC          B
18N25W    CAIN                 JAMES
21N27W    CALL                 JOHN           P
19N23W    CALLEN               AMERICUS       V
20N23W    CALLEN               AMERICUS       V
20N23W    CALLEN               AMERICUS       V
20N23W    CALLEN               AUGUSTUS       G
20N23W    CALLEN               AUGUSTUS       G
20N24W    CALLEN               LEROY          M
20N23W    CALLEN               SOCRATES       P
21N23W    CALLEN               WEST           J
21N23W    CALLEN               WHITTINGTON    C
19N25W    CALVERT              ELLEN
19N24W    CALVIN               ROBERT         B
19N22W    CAMP                 WILLIAM        T
19N23W    CAMP                 WILLIAM        T
20N22W    CAMPBELL             DANIEL         C
19N22W    CAMPBELL             GEORGE         M
18N23W    CAMPBELL             JOSEPH         M
19N22W    CAMPBELL             JOSEPH         C
19N22W    CAMPBELL             MATHEW         A
20N22W    CAMPBELL             SAMUEL         C
20N26W    CAMPBELL             SIMON          P
20N26W    CAMPBELL             SIMON          P
19N22W    CAMPBELL             WADE           H
20N22W    CAMPBELL             WADE           H
20N22W    CAMPBELL             WADE           H
20N22W    CANFIELD             GRAHAM
19N24W    CANNAFAX             FRANCIS        T
19N24W    CANNAFAX             WILLIAM        J
20N24W    CANNIFAX             JANE
19N22W    CANTRELL             ELI            C
19N22W    CANTWELL             ANDREW
20N22W    CAPPS                GEORGE         W
20N22W    CAPPS                JAMES          H
20N22W    CAPPS                JOHN           T
20N22W    CAPPS                JOSHUA         J
19N27W    CAPPS                MARSHAL        P
19N27W    CAPPS                WILLIAM        H
20N22W    CAPPS                WILLIAM        L
19N27W    CAPPS                WILSON
18N22W    CARLTON              CHARLOTTIE
18N22W    CARLTON              JAMES
21N25W    CARNEY               ANNA           E
21N25W    CARNEY               GEORGE         C
20N22W    CARPENTER            ELI
20N23W    CARPENTER            ELSIE
19N22W    CARPENTER            FRANCES        C
20N22W    CARPENTER            JAMES          M
20N22W    CARPENTER            MICHAEL        T
20N22W    CARPENTER            MICHAEL        T
20N22W    CARPENTER            WILLIAM        H
20N22W    CARPENTER            WILLIAM        W
20N22W    CARPENTER            WILLIAM        W
20N22W    CARPINTER            WILLIAM        W
19N24W    CARR                 AMON
21N24W    CARR                 JOHN           C
20N26W    CARR                 MARY           E
21N25W    CARR                 MARY
20N23W    CARR                 OLIVER         H
21N24W    CARR                 OLIVER         H
21N25W    CARR                 WILLIAM        J
20N26W    CARROLL              LUCY
21N25W    CARTER               CHARLES
19N23W    CARTER               FERNANDO       J
18N23W    CARTER               JOHN           P
19N23W    CARTER               ROBERT
20N23W    CARTER               ROBERT
19N23W    CARTER               WILLIAM        B
19N23W    CARTER               WILLIAM        B
19N23W    CARTER               WILLIAM        F
19N23W    CARTER               WILLIAM        F
20N25W    CARTER               WILLIAM        F
20N26W    CARTER               WILLIAM        A
20N26W    CARTER               WILLIAM        F
21N24W    CARY                 THOMAS
21N22W    CARY                                ABRAHAM G
21N22W    CARY                                JOHN
21N22W    CARY                                PARMELE
21N22W    CARY                                WILLIAM
19N22W    CASEY                THOMAS         B
19N24W    CATHEY               ALEXANDER      B
19N24W    CATHEY               ALEXANDER      B
20N23W    CAUDILL              JAMES          A
21N23W    CAUDILL              JAMES          W
21N22W    CAUDILL                             JAMES   W
21N27W    CAYWOOD              ALFORD         C
19N22W    CENTER               WILLIAM        M
20N23W    CHAFFIN              HARMON         O
20N25W    CHAFFIN              HARMON         O
20N26W    CHAFFIN              HENRY          T
20N25W    CHAMPLIN             HUGH           L
20N24W    CHAMPLIN             JESSE          S
18N23W    CHANEY               CHRISTOPHER    C
21N26W    CHANEY               HEZEKIAH
18N23W    CHANEY               JAMES          C
17N23W       CHANEY               JOHN           D
17N23W       CHANEY               ROBERT         D
19N23W    CHANEY               ROBERT
19N23W    CHANEY               ROBERT
19N23W    CHANEY               ROBERT
18N23W    CHANEY               WILLIAM        T
20N26W    CHAPMAN              EDWIN          A
19N24W    CHAPMAN              JAMES
20N24W    CHAPMAN              THOMAS         E
20N24W    CHAPMAN              WILLIAM        H
21N25W    CHARLTON             WILLIAM
18N24W    CHASE                JAMES          S
19N24W    CHASE                LEVI           H
19N23W    CHAUNCEY             MOSES
18N23W    CHE                  AH
20N25W    CHE                  AH
20N25W    CHE                  AH
21N24W    CHE                  AH
18N23W    CHE                  MAH
19N24W    CHEESMAN             GEORGE         B
19N24W    CHEESMAN             WILLIAM
21N26W    CHEEVER              RUSSELL        W
20N26W    CHIDESTER            JESSE          M
19N23W    CHILDERS             AMANDA         D
19N22W    CHILDERS             JACKSON
19N23W    CHILDERS             JACKSON
19N22W    CHILDERS             JOSIAH
19N22W    CHILDERS             JOSIAH
20N22W    CHIN                 SAH
20N24W    CHIN                 SAH
20N25W    CHIN                 SAH
17N23W       CHOTE                BENJAMIN
20N23W    CHRISOP              THOMAS         C
21N24W    CHRISOPE             THOMAS         C
21N24W    CHRISOPE             THOMAS         C
20N23W    CHRISTIAN            FRANCIS        M
20N23W    CHRISTIAN            THOMAS         W
20N23W    CHRISTIAN            WILLIAM        W
20N26W    CHURCHILL            DOUGLAS
17N23W       CLARK                ALBERT         B
20N25W    CLARK                BENJAMIN       F
18N24W    CLARK                JERRY
19N24W    CLARK                JERRY
18N23W    CLARK                JOHN           W
20N25W    CLARK                JOHN
20N25W    CLARK                JOHN           C
19N27W    CLARK                JOSEPH
18N24W    CLARK                MARION
18N23W    CLARK                ROBERT         B
18N23W    CLARK                THOMAS         H
18N23W    CLARK                THOMAS         H
18N23W    CLARK                THOMAS         H
18N23W    CLARK                THOMAS         H
19N26W    CLARK                THOMAS
19N24W    CLARK                WALTER         L
20N22W    CLEMENCE             FRANK          M
21N27W    CLEMENTS             BARTON         B
21N27W    CLEMENTS             BARTON         B
18N22W    CLEMENTS             MANNON
18N22W    CLEMENTS             WILLIAM
21N22W    CLEMISHIRE                          GEORGE  G
21N24W    CLIFTON              CASWELL        D
21N27W    CLIFTON              THOMAS
21N27W    CLIFTON              THOMAS
18N22W    CO                   NAH            TIM
20N24W    COATNEY              ELLIS          G
19N23W    COATNEY              FRANCIS        M
19N24W    COATNEY              JAMES          F
20N24W    COATNEY              JOHN           G
19N24W    COATNEY              RILEY
19N25W    COCHRANE             LEROY          A
19N25W    COCHRANE             LEROY          A
20N25W    COCHRANE             MARY           E
20N26W    COCKRUM              HARRIET        A
20N22W    CODY                 JOHN           C
20N27W    COFFEE               JOHN
17N23W       COFFMAN              JAMES          A
20N24W    COFFMAN              JAMES          R
17N23W       COFFMAN              ROBERT         N
17N23W       COFFMAN              THOMAS         B
17N23W       COFFMAN              WILLIAM        W
17N24W       COGBURN              ROBERT         L
20N24W    COLE                 CHARLES
21N24W    COLE                 FRED           W
21N24W    COLE                 JAMES          C
20N24W    COLE                 MARY
18N25W    COLEMAN              LEE            W
18N22W    COLLIER              FRANK          A
18N22W    COLLIER              SEBORN         Y
18N22W    COLLIER              WILLIAM        W
20N23W    COLLINS              JOHN           R
18N23W    COLLINS              THOMAS         D
20N22W    COLLINS              WADE           E
17N23W       COLLINS              WILLIAM        J
21N23W    COLLINS              WILLIAM        A
21N22W    COLLINS                             WILLIAM A
21N25W    COLLINSWORTH         JOSEPH         F
20N26W    COLTAR               HENRY
19N22W    COLTER               DOCK
19N24W    COLVIN               JOHN           J
18N24W    COMBS                WHEELIN
18N23W    CONNER               DANIEL
18N23W    CONNER               FRANCIS        M
18N23W    CONNER               JAMES          T
18N23W    CONNER               JOHN           F
21N23W    CONNORS              JAMES
19N26W    CONWAY               ARTHUR
19N26W    CONWAY               DAVID
19N26W    CONWAY               ROBERT         J
20N24W    COOK                 LAFAYETTE
20N26W    COOPER               DONIA          A
20N26W    COOPER               DONIA          A
20N26W    COOPER               DONIA          A
20N26W    COOPER               HENRY          B
20N26W    COOPER               JAMES          W
21N25W    COOPER               WILLIAM        A
19N23W    COPE                 JOHN           S
21N27W    COPELAND             MARTIN
19N25W    COPPERNOLL           WILLIAM        G
21N25W    COTTER               JOHN           L
20N22W    COTTRELL             KIER           D
20N22W    COTTRELL             WILLIAM        H
21N24W    COUCH                HENRY
20N22W    COVEY                JOHN           N
18N23W    COWIN                RICHARD
21N26W    COWLES               DORMAN
20N26W    COWLES               HIRAM
20N23W    COX                  ANDERSON
19N22W    COX                  ANDREW         J
20N22W    COX                  ANDREW         J
18N24W    COX                  CHARLIE
19N24W    COX                  FRANKLIN       A
19N24W    COX                  FRANKLIN       A
20N26W    COX                  GEORGE
21N23W    COX                  JACOB          M
19N24W    COX                  JOEL           A
19N24W    COX                  JOHN           M
20N26W    COX                  JONATHAN       S
20N26W    COX                  JONATHAN       S
20N26W    COX                  JONATHAN       S
21N26W    COX                  JONATHAN       S
18N24W    COX                  NATHAN
19N22W    COXSEY               ANDERSON       T
18N22W    COXSEY               BENJAMIN       F
17N22W       COXSEY               JOHN           B
17N23W       COXSEY               MARTHA         J
18N22W    COXSEY               MARTHA         L
20N27W    COYLE                HENRY          M
20N25W    CRABAUGH             CHARLES
21N25W    CRABAUGH             GEORGE
21N25W    CRABAUGH             JOHN           O
20N25W    CRABAUGH             SARAH          C
20N25W    CRABOUGH             GEORGE         W
18N22W    CRAIG                JOHN           H
20N25W    CRAMPTON             SANDFORD       T
19N25W    CRAWFORD             JOHN           C
19N25W    CRAWFORD             JOHNSTON
19N23W    CRAWFORD             RUFUS          P
20N24W    CRAWFORD             WILLIAM        D
21N26W    CRAWFORD             WILLIAM        J
20N22W    CREEKMORE            HENRY          N
19N26W    CREWS                SIMON          P
19N27W    CREWS                THOMAS
20N25W    CROSS                MARTHA         E
20N26W    CROSS                MARTHA         E
20N25W    CROSS                PHILLIP
20N26W    CROSS                PHILLIP
19N23W    CROW                 ROBERT
20N24W    CRUME                RALPH          C
21N26W    CRUMP                GEORGE         J
18N23W    CULLENDER            JOHN           H
19N22W    CUN                  NE             T
21N26W    CUNNINGHAM           JAMES          F
21N24W    CUNNINGHAM           LOUIZA         M
19N25W    CUNNINGHAM           WILEY          D
21N22W    CUNNINGHAM                          JOHN    D F
21N22W    CUNNINGHAM                          JOHN    T
20N24W    CURNUTT              EVALINE        E
20N22W    CURTIS               JESSIE
19N24W    CURTIS               JOHN           B
19N23W    CUSH                 WILLIAM        S

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