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Carroll County Arkansas
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First Entry Land Surname Index
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First Entry Land Records - Surnames Beginning with F - G

Twp/Range                         Surname              Given Name
20N23W    FAIRCHILD            JOE            W
17N22W       FANCHER              JAMES
18N22W    FANCHER              JAMES
18N22W    FANCHER              JAMES
18N22W    FANCHER              JAMES
18N23W    FANCHER              JAMES
18N23W    FANCHER              JAMES
18N23W    FANCHER              JAMES
18N23W    FANCHER              JAMES
18N23W    FANCHER              JAMES          P
18N24W    FANCHER              JAMES
19N24W    FANCHER              JAMES          P
18N23W    FANCHER              THOMAS         B
18N23W    FANCHER              THOMAS         H
18N23W    FANCHER              THOMAS         W
17N23W       FANCHER              TOM            P
18N23W    FANCHER              WILKINS        K
18N22W    FANCHER              WILLIAM        A
19N25W    FANNING              ABRAM
20N23W    FANNING              AGRIPPA
19N25W    FANNING              ALBERT
19N25W    FANNING              ALBERT
19N25W    FANNING              GEORGE         N
19N25W    FANNING              GEORGE         W
20N23W    FANNING              JAMES
20N23W    FANNING              JAMES          F
20N23W    FANNING              JAMES          F
19N25W    FANNING              JOHN           J
20N23W    FANNING              JOSEPH
20N23W    FANNING              JOSEPH
20N23W    FANNING              MARTHA
19N25W    FANNING              ROBERT
19N25W    FANNING              ROBERT
19N25W    FANNING              SAMUEL
19N25W    FANNING              TAYLOR
20N25W    FANNING              YELL
21N26W    FARLEY               CHARLES        H
21N26W    FARLEY               FRANKLIN
19N24W    FARMER               GEORGE         D
19N24W    FARMER               JAMES
19N24W    FARMER               JOHN           A
19N24W    FARMER               PLEASANT       F
19N24W    FARMER               PLEASANT       H
19N22W    FARMER               ROBERT         A
18N23W    FAUCHER              THOMAS         W
19N23W    FAULKNER             JAMES
21N27W    FELLERS              CARROLL        G
19N24W    FELTON               ISAAC
19N24W    FELTON               WILLIAM
20N25W    FERGUSON             ALEX           J
21N25W    FERGUSON             ALVA           J
20N25W    FERGUSON             ALVIN          M
19N25W    FERGUSON             BRADFORD
20N25W    FERGUSON             DAVID          T
19N25W    FERGUSON             GILBERT
20N25W    FERGUSON             JAMES          L
17N22W       FERGUSON             MELVIN
19N25W    FERGUSON             THOMAS         R
20N25W    FERGUSON             THOMAS         C
21N25W    FERGUSON             WARICK         A
20N25W    FERGUSON             WILLIAM
21N25W    FERGUSON             WILLIAM        W
19N25W    FERREE               DEE            R
19N24W    FERREE               HENRY          W
20N27W    FIGGINS              CYRUS          R
21N27W    FIGGINS              CYRUS          R
21N27W    FIKE                 ROBERT         S
20N27W    FINN                 ALFRED         J
19N27W    FINN                 FLETCHER       C
19N27W    FINN                 ULYSSES        E
19N27W    FINN                 ULYSSES        E
21N22W    FITCHUE                             EGBERT
21N25W    FITTS                WILLIAM        A
21N25W    FITTS                ZILLMON        W
21N24W    FITZER               WILLIAM        H
19N25W    FLEMING              EDWARD
20N25W    FLEMING              EDWARD
19N23W    FLETCHER             RICHARD        J
20N27W    FLIPPO               WILLIAM        C
20N27W    FLIPPO               WILLIAM        C
21N23W    FLOWERS              ANDREW         J
20N25W    FLUTY                MATILDA
18N23W    FODDRELL             GEORGE         C
21N27W    FOLEY                JEREMIAH
18N24W    FOOTE                MATTIE         D
18N24W    FOOTE                MATTIE         D
19N24W    FOOTE                MATTIE         D
20N24W    FORT                 WILLIAM        L
18N25W    FOSTER               ELIJAH         D
18N24W    FOSTER               SAMUEL
18N25W    FOSTER               THOMAS         W
17N23W       FOWLER               EDGEL
17N23W       FOWLER               JOSEPH         C
20N23W    FOWLER               JOSEPH         F
21N23W    FOWLER               MITCHELL       L
18N24W    FRAIZER              ELI
18N24W    FRAKER               ELIZABETH      M
19N24W    FRAKER               ELIZABETH      M
19N25W    FRAKER               ELIZABETH      M
20N25W    FRAKER               ELIZABETH      M
19N25W    FRAKER               JAMES          C
20N26W    FRAKER               JAMES          C
19N25W    FRAZIER              LEANDER
21N22W    FRAZIER                             HENRY
21N25W    FRAZZOR              GEORGE         W
20N24W    FREEMAN              JESSE          W
19N24W    FREEMAN              TIMOTHY        C
20N25W    FRENCH               ELVIRA
21N26W    FRENCH               ISAAC          B
21N26W    FRENCH               JOHN           P
21N26W    FRENCH               MANSON
20N26W    FROGGE               ARTHUR         R
18N22W    FRY                  MARSHALL       C
19N23W    FRY                  PHILLIP        B
20N26W    FULLER               MARY           A
20N25W    FULTON               ROBERT
17N24W       FULTS                ANDY           M
18N23W    FULTS                ISAAC
17N24W       FULTS                WILBURN        M
18N24W    FULTZ                ALEXANDER      B
17N23W       FULTZ                BIRDIE
18N23W    FULTZ                BIRDIE
18N24W    FULTZ                ELZY           L
17N23W       FULTZ                JAMES          F
18N23W    FULTZ                JOHN
18N22W    FULTZ                LINK
18N24W    FULTZ                LIZZIE
20N23W    FULTZ                MARTHA
17N24W       FULTZ                THOMAS         F
18N22W    FULTZ                WILLIAM
21N23W    FUNK                 ALFRED         S
20N22W    GADDY                GEORGE         E
20N23W    GADDY                LOUISA         J
20N22W    GADDY                WILLIAM        S
21N22W    GADDY                               LOUISA  G
21N22W    GADDY                               MARY    A
21N22W    GADDY                               SAMUEL
18N24W    GAGE                 CHARLES        D
18N24W    GAGE                 FRANCIS        M
18N24W    GAGE                 JAMES
19N24W    GAGE                 JOHN           T
19N24W    GAGE                 RETTA
19N25W    GAGE                 RETTA
19N24W    GAGE                 THOMAS         B
19N24W    GAGE                 TILFORD        D
19N24W    GAGE                 WILLIAM        B
20N25W    GAGE                 WILLIAM        B
20N23W    GALLOWAY             WILLIAM        R
21N23W    GAMBLE               JOHN           J
20N24W    GAMBLE               WILLIAM        J
21N27W    GARBER               LEWIS
19N24W    GARDENHIRE           GIDEON         E
19N23W    GARDENHIRE           JACOB          H
19N24W    GARDENHIRE           TENNESSEE      J
21N24W    GARNER               EVAN           J
21N24W    GARNER               HIRAM          B
20N26W    GARRETT              CARY           C
20N23W    GARRETT              DAVID          H
20N25W    GARRETT              JOSEPH
19N24W    GARRETT              MOSES
20N25W    GARRETT              MOSES
19N22W    GARRISON             JAMES          C
19N22W    GARRISON             WILLIAM        B
18N23W    GARVER               CHARLEY
19N25W    GARVER               SOLOMON        G
19N25W    GARVER               WILLIAM        T
20N25W    GASAGE               LUCY
20N27W    GASKINS              ADELINE
20N26W    GASKINS              ELIAS          J
20N26W    GASKINS              ELIAS          J
21N26W    GASKINS              ELIAS          J
21N26W    GASKINS              ELIAS          J
21N26W    GASKINS              JAMES
21N26W    GASKINS              JAMES
21N26W    GASKINS              JOHN
21N26W    GASKINS              JOHN
21N26W    GASKINS              JOHN
21N26W    GASKINS              SAMUEL
21N26W    GASKINS              STEPHEN        T
20N25W    GASSAGE              THOMAS
20N22W    GASTON               ROBERT         B
20N23W    GATES                SIMON          P
19N22W    GAULDEN              JAMES          W
21N25W    GAY                  DANIEL         H
20N27W    GAYLER               JOHN           W
20N27W    GAYLER               WILLIS         P
19N26W    GEAR                 MILTON         F
20N24W    GEE                  PRISSILLA
20N27W    GEE                  REBECA         J
20N25W    GENTRY               GEORGE         M
20N25W    GENTRY               GEORGE         M
20N25W    GENTRY               JAMES          P
20N25W    GENTRY               JOHN           M
20N25W    GENTRY               JOHN           M
20N25W    GENTRY               JOSEPH         S
20N25W    GENTRY               WESLEY         C
20N25W    GENTRY               WESLEY         W
20N25W    GENTRY               WESLEY         W
20N25W    GENTRY               WILLIAM        G
19N26W    GERMAN               THOMAS         P
21N25W    GIBBS                HENRY          B
18N22W    GIBBS                ISAAC          A
18N22W    GIBBS                JOHN
18N22W    GIBBS                WILLIAM        S
21N23W    GIBSON               JOHN           T
20N25W    GIBSON               WILLIAM        A
21N25W    GILBERT              JAMES
21N25W    GILLUM               JAMES          C
21N25W    GILLUM               MARY           E
20N25W    GILLUM               SPENCER
19N24W    GILMORE              JAMES
19N22W    GIMLIN               DANIEL
19N22W    GIMLIN               DICK           B
19N26W    GLAZE                WILLIAM        G
18N24W    GOAD                 EPHRAIM
20N22W    GOFORTH              RUFUS          L
20N22W    GOFORTH              WILLIAM
21N25W    GOFORTH              WILLIAM        F
20N22W    GOFOURTH             JESSEE
20N23W    GOFOURTH             JESSEE
20N22W    GOFOURTH             WILLIAM
20N22W    GOLSTON              MARY           C
21N22W    GOLSTON                             ELIJAH
21N25W    GOOD                 THOMAS         H
21N22W    GOODNIGH             T              JAMES   W
21N27W    GOOSEMAN             ISRAEL
19N24W    GOSNELL              ARCHELAUS      M
19N25W    GOSNELL              PETER          H
19N24W    GOSNELL              RETTA
19N25W    GOSNELL              RETTA
20N25W    GOSSAGE              GEORGE
20N22W    GOUGHNOUR            DANIEL         W
19N23W    GRAHAM               JOHN           L
21N23W    GRAHAM               JOHN           L
20N23W    GRAHAM               LEWIS          J
20N23W    GRAHAM               MARTHA
19N23W    GRAHAM               WILLIAM        E
19N23W    GRANTHAM             BENJAMIN       F
19N23W    GREEN                ALLEN          A
19N23W    GREEN                ELLEN          L
21N24W    GREEN                JAMES          M
21N24W    GREEN                WILLIAM        J
19N22W    GREGORY              ANDREW         J
20N22W    GREGORY              JOHN           K
18N23W    GRIBBLE              GEORGE         L
18N23W    GRIBBLE              JEREMIAH       M
19N24W    GRIFFITH             DAVID          C
19N24W    GRIFFITH             HARVEY
19N23W    GRIFFITH             HENRY          J
19N24W    GRIFFITH             HENRY          J
19N23W    GRIFFITH             MATHEW
19N23W    GRIFFITH             MATTHEW
20N26W    GRIGGS               THEOPHILUS
20N23W    GRIM                 CASABIANCA     B
19N23W    GRIM                 JOHN           J
19N23W    GRIM                 JOHN           J
20N23W    GRIM                 JOSEPH         N
19N25W    GRIMSLEY             ALBA           K
19N25W    GROBLEBE             CHARLES
20N27W    GROSHONG             LOUIS
20N26W    GUFFY                JOHN           A
19N22W    GUNN                 JOHN           W
20N27W    GUNNELS              HENRY          C
21N23W    GWALTNEY             JOHN           W
21N22W    GWALTNEY                            GEORGE  W
21N22W    GWALTNEY                            JAMES   T
21N22W    GWALTNEY                            JOHN    W

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