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Carroll County Arkansas
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First Entry Land Surname Index
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First Entry Land Records - Surnames Beginning with L

Twp/Range                         Surname              Given Name
19N25W    LABSAP               JULIUS
20N25W    LABSAP               JULIUS
21N27W    LACEY                JOHN           M
19N22W    LAFFERTY             HENDERSON      S
20N26W    LAGER                JACOB
20N26W    LAMAR                JAMES          H
19N27W    LANDON               EZRA
20N23W    LANE                 CHARLES        L
20N25W    LANE                 SAMUEL
20N22W    LANE                 WILLIAM        H
17N23W       LANGLEY              BELLE
21N25W    LANGLEY              JOSEPH         W
21N25W    LANGLEY              JOSEPHINE      B
17N23W       LANGLEY              LEONZO
21N25W    LANGLEY              ROBERT
19N24W    LANTER               FRANK          M
19N24W    LANTER               JOSEPH         R
20N26W    LARCOM               LEVI
18N23W    LASATER              NICHOLAS
18N23W    LASATER              NICHOLAS
19N23W    LASSATER             LUSIDA         J
21N23W    LAURENCE             JAMES          M
20N22W    LAWRENCE             ANDREW         J
19N22W    LAWRENCE             BENJAMIN       D
20N22W    LAWRENCE             JAMES          B
20N23W    LAWRENCE             JAMES          F
19N23W    LAWSON               NELSON         L
21N23W    LAYMAN               GEORGE         L
21N24W    LAYMAN               GEORGE         L
20N25W    LE                   HO             NAH
21N25W    LE                   HO             N
20N24W    LEACH                CALVIN
20N24W    LEACH                GEORGE
20N24W    LEACH                GEORGE         C
20N24W    LEACH                JAMES
20N24W    LEACH                JEREMIAH
20N24W    LEACH                JOHN
20N24W    LEACH                TILLMAN
20N24W    LEACH                WILLIAM        A
20N24W    LEACH                WILLIAM        F
21N26W    LEACH                WILLIAM
20N25W    LEADBETTER           WILLIAM        J
20N23W    LEATHERBERY          REDMAN         P
20N22W    LEATHERS             CATHARINE
20N22W    LEATHERS             JOHN           V
20N22W    LEATHERS             JOHN           V
18N24W    LEE                  GEORGE
19N24W    LEE                  JOHN           L
20N23W    LEE                  JOSEPH         W
20N23W    LEE                  LUCINDA
19N23W    LEE                  MELISSA
20N25W    LEE                  THOMAS
19N23W    LEE                  WILLIAM
20N27W    LELAND               HORATIO        N
20N27W    LELAND               HORATIO        N
20N27W    LELAND               HORATIO        N
20N27W    LELAND               HORATIO        N
20N27W    LELAND               HORATIO        N
18N22W    LEMONS               WILLIAM        H
20N26W    LENT                 FRANCIS        J
19N24W    LEONARD              SAMUEL         A
21N22W    LEONARD                             JAMES   A
20N26W    LEVI                 JACOB          J
19N25W    LEVY                 JACOB          I
19N26W    LEWIS                JOHN           T
21N24W    LIGHTLE              WILLIAM        H
17N23W       LILLY                LURAN
20N26W    LINBARGER            GEORGE         O
20N23W    LINCH                ELISHA         S
19N23W    LINCH                FRANCIS        S
19N24W    LINCH                LILLIUS        A
18N22W    LISCO                THOMAS
18N22W    LISCO                THOMAS
20N23W    LITRAL               GEORGE
18N24W    LITTRELL             ALFRED
18N24W    LITTRELL             ALFRED
17N24W       LITTRELL             FRANCIS        M
20N23W    LITTRELL             GEORGE         W
20N23W    LITTRELL             JAMES          M
20N23W    LITTRELL             JAMES          M
20N22W    LITTRELL             JASPER         N
20N23W    LITTRELL             JASPER         N
18N25W    LITTRELL             JOHN           T
20N23W    LITTRELL             JOSEPH         G
20N24W    LITTRELL             JOSEPH         G
21N22W    LITTRELL                            WILLIAM J
20N26W    LLOYD                LEWIS          M
18N22W    LOE                  LUZANA         E
19N24W    LOGAN                JAMES          M
19N23W    LOGUE                ROBERT         B
20N23W    LONG                 JOHN
20N24W    LONG                 JOHN
20N25W    LONG                 JOSEPH
20N25W    LONG                 WILLIAM
21N25W    LONG                 WILLIAM
21N23W    LOOMIS               GEORGE         F
18N24W    LOONEY               JAMES          E
18N24W    LOONEY               PERRY
17N22W       LOOPER               SARAH
19N23W    LOVELADY             WILLIAM        C
20N24W    LOVETT               JAMES          A
20N23W    LOVETT               JOHN           H
19N25W    LOWE                 ABEL           C
19N25W    LOWE                 LOUISE         TOLER
17N23W       LOWERY               EDMON          P
19N26W    LUCKEY               DARIUS         B
19N26W    LUCKEY               DARIUS         B
19N26W    LUCKY                DARIUS         B
21N26W    LUNDY                JOHN           A
19N23W    LUNY                 WILLIAM
21N26W    LYONS                WILLIAM        J

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