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Carroll County Arkansas
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First Entry Land Surname Index
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First Entry Land Records - Surnames Beginning with N - O - P - Q

Twp/Range                         Surname              Given Name
17N23W       NARD                 MARY           J
18N24W    NEAL                 CYRUS          D
18N24W    NEAL                 PERRY          A
18N24W    NEAL                 WILLIAM        W
21N22W    NEFF                                FLAVIUS J
19N22W    NELSON               ISAAC          N
19N27W    NELSON               MURRELL        D
21N25W    NELSON               NATHAN
19N27W    NELSON               ORA            E
19N27W    NELSON               WILLIAM        D
19N27W    NELSON               WILLIAM        J
19N22W    NELSON               WILLIS
21N23W    NELSON               WILLIS
19N24W    NEWBERRY             WILLIAM        B
20N27W    NEWBERRY             WILLIAM        J
19N23W    NEWCOM               DAVID          C
21N23W    NEWMAN               ALLIE          W
20N26W    NEWMAN               ISAAC          A
21N23W    NEWMAN               ISAAC          N
20N23W    NEWMAN               JAMES          W
21N22W    NEWMAN                              WILSON
21N25W    NEWNAM               EDWARD
19N25W    NEWTON               GEORGE         G
19N25W    NEWTON               GEORGE         G
19N23W    NEWTON               JAMES          W
20N23W    NEWTON               JOHN           M
20N23W    NEWTON               ROBERT         W
21N23W    NEWTON               WASHINGTON     C
17N23W       NICKOLS              JOHN           A
17N23W       NICKOLS              JOHN           F
19N23W    NOBLETT              SARAH
19N23W    NOBLIN               CHARLEY        S
19N23W    NOBLIN               JOHN
19N23W    NOBLIN               PATTON         F
19N22W    NOBLIN               WILLIAM        T
18N22W    NODINE               JOHN           B
17N22W       NORMAN               WILLIAM
19N26W    NORRIS               ELLA           T
20N23W    NORRIS               FRANCIS        W
19N23W    NORRIS               GRANVILLE      N
19N23W    NORRIS               JAMES          E
20N26W    NORRIS               JAMES          G
20N23W    NORRIS               JOHN           W
19N23W    NORRIS               JONATHAN
19N23W    NORRIS               JONATHAN
20N23W    NORRIS               JONATHAN
20N23W    NORRIS               JONATHAN
20N23W    NORRIS               JONATHAN
20N22W    NORRIS               MARTHA
21N22W    NORRIS                              JAMES   R
20N24W    NORTON               EPHRAIM
21N25W    NULL                 JOHN           B
20N22W    NUNNALLY             LAWSON
19N22W    NUNNALLY             PATRICK        H
19N22W    NUNNALLY             THOMAS         A
17N23W       NUNNELEY             MALINDA        C
19N23W    O                    NACHE
20N24W    O                    NACHE
20N25W    O                    NACHE
21N24W    O                    NACHE
20N26W    ODLE                 SAMUEL
20N26W    ODLE                 SAMUEL
21N26W    ODLE                 SAMUEL
19N24W    OHAH                 TUBBEE
20N24W    OHAH                 TUBBEE
18N22W    OLIVER               ALVIN          C
18N23W    OLIVER               ALVIN          C
20N27W    OLIVER               FREDERICK      J
19N26W    OLIVER               GEORGE         H
19N27W    OLIVER               GEORGE         H
20N25W    ONA                  HE             MA
20N22W    ONEAL                CHARLES        G
20N23W    ONEAL                CHARLES        G
20N23W    ONEAL                CHARLES        G
20N23W    ONEAL                CHARLES        G
21N23W    ONEAL                CHARLES        G
21N23W    ONEAL                CHARLES        G
21N23W    ONEAL                CHARLES        G
21N23W    ONEAL                CHARLES        G
21N24W    ONEAL                CHARLES        G
20N23W    ONEAL                JESSE          M
20N22W    ONEAL                JOHN           J
20N23W    ONEAL                JOHN           S
21N23W    ONEAL                JOHN           S
21N23W    ONEAL                JOHN           S
21N23W    ONEAL                JOHN           S
21N23W    ONEAL                RUFUS          C
18N22W    ONEAL                WILLIAM        J
18N23W    ONEAL                WILLIAM        J
20N22W    ONEAL                WILLIAM        J
20N23W    ONEAL                WILLIAM        J
20N23W    ONEAL                WILLIAM        J
19N24W    OON                  AH             TUBBEE
20N25W    OON                  AH             TUBBEE
20N25W    OON TE AH                           TUBBEE
19N25W    OON TE AH TUBBE      E
19N23W    ORALL                ALPHA
19N23W    ORELL                ALPHA
19N23W    ORELL                ALPHA
19N23W    ORELL                ALPHA
19N23W    ORELL                BENJAMIN       L
18N24W    ORELL                WILLIAM        H
19N23W    ORELL                WILLIAM        H
19N23W    ORRELL               ALPHA
20N27W    OSBORN               LEE            A
19N22W    OSBORNE              JEFF           D
21N22W    OSBORNE                             JAMES   R
21N27W    OTT                  HENRY
19N23W    OVELL                JOHN           H
19N23W    OVELL                MARCUS         L
19N23W    OVELL                WILLIAM        H
20N26W    OWEN                 DAVID          W
19N23W    OWENBY               LUSINDA
20N24W    OWENS                EMSLEY         C
20N25W    OWENS                OWEN
20N24W    OWENS                SARAH          J
20N24W    OWENS                WILLIAM        C
20N23W    OWNBEY               HERCULOUS
20N23W    OWNBEY               HERCULOUS
21N23W    OWNBEY               JOHN           E
19N23W    OWNBY                LUSINDA
19N26W    PACKARD              JUSTUS         S
19N26W    PACKARD              SALLY          G
20N25W    PACKWOOD             PARRINGTON
19N22W    PADGETT              BERRY          H
19N22W    PADGETT              ENOCH          H
20N23W    PAGE                 MARY           A
17N24W       PAGE                 WILLIAM        A
19N25W    PAGE                 WILLIAM        C
19N24W    PAH                  HOOK           TA
20N24W    PAH                  HOOK           TA
20N25W    PAH SHAH HO TE       MAH
19N25W    PALLETT              SAMUEL         D
21N23W    PARKER               ELLIS
17N24W       PARKER               HOSEA
20N23W    PARKER               JOHN
20N23W    PARKER               JOHN           M
21N23W    PARKER               JOSEPH         H
17N24W       PARKER               LEWIS          C
21N23W    PARKER               WILLIAM        B
19N26W    PARKHURST            HARRIS
18N23W    PARKS                ROBERT         H
18N24W    PARKS                ROBERT
18N24W    PARKS                ROBERT         H
20N25W    PARKS                WILLIAM
21N25W    PARKS                WILLIAM
21N23W    PATTON               LITTLETON
20N24W    PATTY                HENRY          F
20N23W    PATTY                JEREMIAH       H
19N22W    PATTY                JESSE
20N24W    PATTY                JOHN           T
21N23W    PATTY                JOHN           B
19N22W    PATTY                OBID           W
19N23W    PAXTON               JAMES          M
18N22W    PAYNE                JOHN           W
20N25W    PE                   LA             TUBBEE
21N25W    PEERSON              LOUISA
21N27W    PENDERGRAFT          TITUS
20N26W    PENDERGRASS          CHARLES        L
19N23W    PENDLEY              CATHERINE
19N23W    PENDLEY              JOHN
20N26W    PENN                 GEORGE         W
21N23W    PENNINGTON           WILLARD
19N26W    PERRIN               JOHN           B
17N23W       PERRY                DAVID          H
18N25W    PERRY                DOCK
18N23W    PERRY                RANSOM
19N25W    PERRYMAN             CHARLES        R
20N22W    PERRYMAN             WILLIS
21N23W    PETERS               STEPHEN        W
21N24W    PETERS               STEPHEN        W
21N24W    PETERS               WILLIAM        H
20N25W    PHARISS              WILLIAM        F
20N26W    PHELPS               JAMES          W
18N23W    PHILLIP              WILLIAM
17N23W       PHILLIPS             CHARLES
19N25W    PHILLIPS             CHARLES
17N22W       PHILLIPS             CHARLEY
20N22W    PHILLIPS             DARTHULA       M
18N23W    PHILLIPS             GRANVILLE
18N24W    PHILLIPS             GRANVILLE
19N23W    PHILLIPS             HENDERSON      B
19N23W    PHILLIPS             HENDERSON      B
20N22W    PHILLIPS             HENDERSON
20N23W    PHILLIPS             HENDERSON
17N22W       PHILLIPS             ISAAC          R
17N23W       PHILLIPS             JAMES
18N23W    PHILLIPS             JAMES          A
18N25W    PHILLIPS             JAMES
18N24W    PHILLIPS             MARSHALL       A
18N23W    PHILLIPS             RILEY
20N25W    PHILLIPS             RILEY
20N25W    PHILLIPS             RILEY
18N23W    PHILLIPS             WILLIAM
18N23W    PHILLIPS             WILLIAM
18N23W    PHILLIPS             WILLIAM
18N24W    PHILLIPS             WILLIAM        P
19N25W    PHILLIPS             WILLIAM        H
20N23W    PHILLIPS             WILLIAM        R
21N27W    PHIPPS               WILLIAM        A
20N24W    PIERCE               GEORGE         W
19N27W    PIERCE               REBECCA
21N24W    PINEGAR              WILLIAM        F
19N25W    PINKLEY              BENJAMIN       F
19N25W    PINKLEY              CHRISTOPHER    C
19N25W    PINKLEY              GEORGE         W
20N24W    PINKLEY              JOHN           J
19N26W    PINKLEY              WILLIAM        H
19N25W    PINKLY               GEORGE         W
19N22W    PINKSTON             CATHERINE
19N23W    PINKSTON             JAMES          D
20N25W    PIS                  A              HO
19N23W    PIS A HO KA TUBB     EE
18N23W    PITTMAN              ELIZABETH
19N25W    PITTMAN              STARLING       C
21N22W    PITTS                               WINCEY
20N24W    PLUMLEE              FRANCIS        M
21N23W    PLUMLEE              FRANCIS        M
21N23W    PLUMLEE              HENRY          C
20N24W    PLUMLEE              ISAAC
21N23W    PLUMLEE              JAMES          T
20N24W    PLUMLEE              JOEL
20N25W    PLUMLEE              SARAH          E
20N24W    PLUMLEE              WILLIAM
20N24W    PLUMLEE              WILLIAM
20N24W    PLUMLEY              WILLIAM
18N22W    POINOR               WILLIAM
19N22W    POINOR               WILLIAM
21N26W    POLLICK              JACK           T
21N26W    POLLICK              NANCY          A
21N22W    POOR                                MARY
20N26W    POPPLEWELL           GHOLSON
20N23W    PORTER               JOHN           R
19N23W    PORTER               MARY           A
19N23W    PORTER               WILLIAM        A
19N23W    PORTER               WILLIAM        J
19N25W    POTTER               AMOS           J
19N25W    POTTER               AMROS          S
20N24W    POTTER               ELMIRA
19N25W    POTTER               JOSEPH         B
19N25W    POTTER               JOSEPH         B
20N24W    POTTER               THOMAS         B
18N23W    POTTS                JOHN
18N23W    POTTS                JOHN
20N22W    POTTS                THOMAS
21N26W    POWELL               DAVID          A
19N27W    POWELL               JESSE          A
21N26W    POWELL               JOHN           W
21N26W    POWELL               JOHN           W
19N24W    POWELL               STEPHEN        O
18N22W    POYNCE               WILLIAM        S
18N22W    POYNOR               CAMPBELL
19N22W    POYNOR               CAMPBELL
19N22W    POYNOR               WILLIAM
19N24W    POYNOR               WILLIAM        P
19N26W    PRICE                ELIAS          B
20N25W    PRICE                JAMES          S
20N25W    PRICE                WASHINGTON     O
20N25W    PRICE                WILLIAM        G
20N25W    PRICE                WILLIAM        G
20N24W    PRICE                ZENO           G
20N24W    PRICE                ZENO           G
20N25W    PRICHARD             JOHN           N
20N27W    PRICKETT             THOMAS         J
20N23W    PRIEST               MONTERVILLE
21N23W    PRIEST               MONTERVILLE
19N26W    PROCTOR              ARMSTRONG      H
18N23W    PRYOR                ANDREW         J
18N23W    PRYOR                ANDREW         J
18N22W    PRYOR                HENRY          L
18N23W    PRYOR                JAMES
18N22W    PRYOR                JESSE
18N23W    PRYOR                JESSE
18N23W    PRYOR                JOHN
18N23W    PRYOR                JOHN           A
18N23W    PRYOR                PAUL           S
19N26W    PRYOR                ROBERT         F
19N27W    PRYOR                ROBERT         F
18N25W    PRYOR                WILLIAM        W
19N25W    PRYOR                WILLIAM
19N22W    PURSELLEY            CASWELL
19N23W    PURSELLY             WILLIAM        S
19N22W    PURSLLEY             JAMES
18N22W    PUTMAN               JOHN           W
18N22W    PUTMAN               WILSON
21N26W    PYLES                ENOCH          H
21N26W    PYLES                JAMES          A
21N26W    PYLES                JAMES          A
20N24W    PYRON                WILLIAM        R
18N22W    QUALLS               BARBARA        A
17N22W       QUALLS               JAMES          B
17N24W       QUALLS               JASPER         N
17N22W       QUALLS               JOHN
19N24W    QUALLS               JOSEPH         C
17N22W       QUALLS               NATHAN
18N22W    QUALLS               TAYLOR         F
18N24W    QUALLS               TAYLOR         F
18N24W    QUALLS               TAYLOR         F
17N24W       QUALLS               WILLIAM        A
19N23W    QUEEN                HUGH           C
19N26W    QUIGLEY              JAMES          F
19N27W    QUIGLEY              JAMES
19N27W    QUIGLEY              JAMES

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