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Carroll County Arkansas
First Entry Land Records Surname Index

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First Entry Land Surname Index
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First Entry Land Records - Surnames Beginning with R

Twp/Range                         Surname              Given Name
21N22W    RAFFERTY                            MARY    L
19N22W    RAGSDALE             EYLEY          A
18N22W    RAGSDALE             JAMES          M
19N25W    RAILSBACK            DANIEL
19N22W    RAINES               JAMES          L
18N23W    RAINES               MAHALA
18N22W    RAINES               ROBERT
18N22W    RAINES               ROBERT
18N22W    RAINES               ROBERT
19N22W    RAINES               SAMUEL
18N22W    RAINES               WILLIAM        M
19N22W    RAINS                JAMES          L
18N23W    RAINS                LEWIS
18N23W    RAINS                THOMAS
18N23W    RAINS                THOMAS
19N27W    RAMEY                JAMES
19N22W    RAMEY                JOHN
19N23W    RAMSEY               ALFORD         Y
19N24W    RAMSEY               ALFORD         Y
19N24W    RAMSEY               ALLEN
19N23W    RAMSEY               CHARLES
19N22W    RAMSEY               GEORGE         B
19N23W    RAMSEY               HENDERSON      L
21N26W    RAMSEY               JAMES          M
19N23W    RAMSEY               JOHN           H
19N23W    RAMSEY               THOMPSON
19N23W    RAMSEY               THOMPSON
19N23W    RAMSEY               THOMPSON
19N24W    RAMSEY               THOMPSON
19N24W    RAMSEY               THOMPSON
19N24W    RAMSEY               THOMPSON
20N25W    RAMSEY               THOMPSON
19N22W    RATCLIFF             WILLIAM
19N26W    RATLIFF              RICHARD
19N24W    RATLIFF              SHADRICK
20N25W    RAY                  CHARLES        M
20N26W    RAY                  EDWIN          R
20N26W    RAY                  RACHAEL        B
20N26W    RAY                  RACHEL         B
20N25W    RAY                  SAMUEL
20N25W    RAY                  SAMUEL
19N23W    REA                  DAVID
19N22W    REA                  FRANCIS        M
19N23W    REAGAN               HARRY
20N27W    RECTOR               WILLIAM        A
19N22W    REDDEN               CHARLES
20N27W    REDWINE              EVAN
21N23W    REDWINE              GEORGE         W
18N22W    REED                 JOHN
19N27W    REED                 LITTLETON
19N27W    REED                 LITTLETON
19N22W    REED                 WILLIAM        B
20N25W    REED                 WILLIAM        K
21N25W    REED                 WILLIAM
20N25W    REEDER               JANE
20N25W    REEDER               JOSEPH
19N25W    REES                 THOMAS
20N25W    REESE                SOLOMON
21N24W    REEVES               EDMUND         H
17N24W       REEVES               HENRY          M
17N24W       REEVES               JOHN           C
21N25W    REVELS               JOHN           W
19N22W    REYNOLDS             GEORGE         M
20N27W    REYNOLDS             JOHN
21N24W    REYNOLDS             MEREDITH       T
18N23W    REYNOLDS             ROBERT         H
21N23W    RHOADES              JAMES          T
20N26W    RHODES               BARTLETT
20N26W    RHODES               EUGENE         J
21N24W    RHODES               JAMES          J
19N24W    RHODES               JOHN
20N22W    RHODES               JOHN           T
21N23W    RHODES               WILEY
21N23W    RHODES               WILEY
20N26W    RICE                 AZRO           A
20N23W    RICE                 HIRAM          J
20N26W    RICE                 THOMAS         J
20N22W    RICH                 ADDISON        H
19N26W    RICH                 LEONARD        H
21N24W    RICHARDSON           FRANK          M
20N26W    RICHARDSON           IRA
21N25W    RICHARDSON           LEWIS          C
18N22W    RICHARDSON           SAMUEL         C
19N22W    RICHARDSON           SEAMON         B
17N22W       RICKARD              ALBERT
19N27W    RICKETTS             AARON          L
21N24W    RICKMAN              JOHN           W
21N24W    RICKMAN              JOHN           W
21N24W    RICKMAN              YOUNG          B
19N24W    RIDDELS              HARRISON       A
21N24W    RIDDLE               JEREMIAH
19N23W    RIDDLES              RICHARD
20N26W    RILEY                SAMUEL         L
21N23W    RILEY                SETH           H
21N22W    RILEY                               JESSE
21N22W    RILEY                               WINCEY
19N26W    RIMA                 GIDEON
19N26W    RIMA                 GIDEON         M
20N26W    RIMA                 GIDEON         M
19N23W    RIPLEY               JAMES          P
19N23W    RIPLEY               JAMES          P
20N26W    ROACH                JAMES
20N26W    ROACH                JAMES
20N26W    ROACH                JAMES
20N26W    ROACH                JAMES
20N26W    ROACH                JOHN
20N26W    ROACH                JOHN
19N23W    ROARK                JOSEPH         W
20N25W    ROARK                ONEY           S
21N25W    ROARK                WILLIAM        W
20N26W    ROBERDS              LEWIS          N
21N27W    ROBERTS              BAXTER         B
18N23W    ROBERTS              JOHN           P
18N24W    ROBERTS              JOHN           R
21N23W    ROBERTS              SAMUEL         J
21N26W    ROBERTS              SOLOMON
21N22W    ROBERTS                             ASA     L
20N25W    ROBERTSON            ALBERT         R
21N25W    ROBERTSON            JEFFERSON
20N26W    ROBERTSON            JESSE          H
19N26W    ROBERTSON            JOHN           D
19N26W    ROBERTSON            MATTHEW        R
19N22W    ROBERTSON            THOMAS         J
21N26W    ROBERTSON            THOMAS         J
21N27W    ROBERTSON            WILLIAM        M
21N25W    ROBINS               WILLIAM        W
19N24W    ROGERS               BENJAMIN
21N26W    ROGERS               CHARLES
20N24W    ROGERS               NOAH           B
19N27W    ROLLINS              THOMAS
20N25W    ROSS                 ANGUS
20N24W    ROSS                 JAMES          F
19N24W    ROSS                 JOB            M
19N24W    ROSS                 JOHN           G
18N22W    ROSS                 SAMUEL         D
18N23W    ROSS                 SAMUEL         D
20N24W    ROSS                 WILLIAM        H
20N24W    ROSS                 WILLIAM        H
21N24W    ROSS                 WILLIAM        H
17N22W       ROSSEN               JOHN
17N24W       ROUSE                JAMES
18N24W    ROWLAND              HENRY          W
20N26W    RUBLE                JESSE          L
18N23W    RUDD                 A              M
18N23W    RUDD                 HARRIETT
18N24W    RUDD                 JAMES          J
19N23W    RUDD                 TENNESSEE
18N23W    RUDD                 WILLIAM        M
17N24W       RUDDICK              FRANKLIN
18N24W    RUDDICK              FRANKLIN
19N22W    RUMELHART            MARY           E
20N22W    RUSH                 EMILY
20N22W    RUSH                 JAMES          P
20N25W    RUSH                 JOEL           S
19N23W    RUSH                 WILLIAM        S
20N23W    RUSSELL              JESSEE         C
20N23W    RUSSELL              LEWIS
21N27W    RUSSELL              PLEASANT       J
20N23W    RUSSELL              SARAH
18N22W    RUSSELL              SIMPSON        M
18N22W    RUSSELL              SIMPSON        M
20N23W    RUSSELL              WILLIS         C
17N24W       RUTLEDGE             JAMES          H
17N24W       RUTLEGE              WILLIAM
21N24W    RUTTER               ANNIE          M
21N24W    RUTTER               JOHN           M

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