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History of Rule Community

By Rue Griffith - Life Long Carroll County School Teacher
Nov. 1955

I recently came into possession of some old school records of the Rule school district dating back to 1883. Becoming interested in these records, I have attempted to record some of the early history of this community.

The Rule community was settled soon after the creation of Carroll County in 1833. The Ramsey family was among the first to settle near Rule. My Great-Grandfather Thompson Ramsey was one of the few settlers in the county who owned slaves. He sold his last slave, a small boy, for $500.00 just before the Civil War. Other early names of this community were Matthew Griffith, Leban Allred Sr., Alfred Webb who was the first post master at Rule, Polk Jackson, W. N. Snow, Robert Chaney, J. C. 'Uncle Jimmy' Wilson, S. J. Morris, John McCalib, B. F. Rudd and Robert Cros.

My grandfather, H. J. 'Uncle Jack' Griffith came here with his father and brothers and sisters form Linn's Creek in Missouri. They had originally moved from Tennessee. They came to Arkansas in 1874 by wagon pulled by oxen. The others returned to Missouri in a short time but my grandfather remained. Being in a strange country and alone he secured a job from Jimmy Wilson. He worked here for five years. He and Uncle Jimmy remained close friends until Mr. Wilson's death in 1923.

My grandfather married Mary Ramsey in 1879. Not having an opportunity to attend school when he was a boy, he was taught to read and write by his wife. He later operated a store and was postmaster at Rule from 1910 to 1932. He died in 1943 at the age of 86.

The first Rule schoolhouse was across Osage River about one half mile west of the present building. Here too is a small cemetery of unmarked graves. At least one man killed by the bushwakers is buried here.

Later a new two story building was constructed near the present building. The first teachers I have record of teaching here were Mr. And Mrs. T. C. Roberts. Their combined salaries amounted to $50.00 per month. The length of term was three months.

One of the well know early schoolmasters was professor Winning. He was educated in Ireland. He and his wife are buried in the Rule Cemetery and have a nice stone placed there by their daughter, Mrs. Kinner Fancher, who still lives at Osage.

Fire of unknown origin destroyed the second building in 1889. The present building was constructed in 1890. W. A. Butt was the overseer of the job. Mr. And Mrs. J. C. Lindsey taught the first school in the present school house in 1890. School was held here until 1950 when the district consolidated with Green Forest.

Note: Rue Griffith taught school at Green Forest for many years and also served as principal. and superintendent of the school.

Rule School Annual District School Meeting – 1885

At the regular annual school meeting of the electors of School District No. 39, Carroll County Arkansas, held pursuant to legal notice, on Saturday, the 16th day of May, A. D. 1885, a legal number of Electors of the District being present, the following business was transacted, to wit:

J. C. Wilson was chosen Chairman of the meeting; A. G. Allred and F. D. Webb was appointed to act as clerks of the election. The Financial Report of the District was read and approved.

B. F. Rudd was duly Elected Director of the District for the next three years.

On motion it was voted no school longer than three months would be taught in said District for this year (1885). It was Voted No Tax.

Directors: S. J. Morris; J. W. McCalib
Chairman: J. C. Wilson

Directors Estimate of the cost of Maintaining Public Schools in this District
Amount necessary for Teachers' salaries…………………………….....$ 150.00
Amount which we will probably receive form State Appointment……..$ 190.00
Amount I the County Treasury to credit of District……………………..$ 43.01
Cost of continuing the school 1 month longer than three months
at 40 dollars per month…(there seems to be an error in this number)…...$ 80.00
The above estimate is respectfully submitted for your consideration and action
S. J. Morris; J. W. Webb Directors
Date, May 16 1885

Carroll County Historical Quarterly
Nov 17 1955
Vol. 1 No. 1
Page 6-7

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