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Little Flock Cemetery

Piggott, Clay County, Arkansas

Submitted September 2, 2002, by Larry Nelson & Wanda (Austin) Nelson

The following a transcription of all of the readable grave markers located in the “Little Flock” Cemetery, located outside of  Piggott Ar.

Great care was taken in trying to make accurate transcriptions It is possible that mistakes were made. There are several graves that are unmarked or marked by  eroded or unengraved stones.

We also noted that in several instances, stones with two names only seem to have one plot, leading us to believe there may be double burials in one plot. 

To reach the Cemetery, you go West on 62 through downtown Piggott to Clay Street. Continue out of town on Clay Street /CR 491 past Wrights Chapel United Methodist. 1.7 miles past the church, turn right onto the gravel road, then right again after a short length. This is  CR469. It is 1.2 miles to the cemetery entrance from this point. The entrance will be to the left up the hill into the woods and is about 2/10 of a mile past the entrance to the Leaning Tree Ranch.


NAME                                                            DOB               DOD               NOTES

Arnold              Joel                  C                     5/17/1916        11/3/1917       

Austin               George             E                      *1899*            *1953*            Double w/ Pearl E

Austin               Pearl               E                      *1912*            *1941*            Double W/ George E

Austin   Margie                                     None                None                known to be daughter of Pearl and George

Braden             Arthur              L                      8/28/1890        1/15/1936        Double w/ Orville N

Braden             J                       Alfred               6/28/1883        7/16/1920        Double W/ Maudie G

Braden             J                       W                    8/30/1865        10/13/1940     

Braden             James               I                       1/19/1860        6/5/1941          Double w/ Nancy C

Braden             Lonnie                                      1/31/1888        4/10/1904        Double w/ Willie

Braden             Maudie G                     9/21/1885        7/8/1965          Double w/ J Alfred

Braden             Nancy              C                     6/13/1888        2/12/1903        Double w/ Flora J  McLeod(Daug. of James & Nancy)

Braden             Nancy              C                     1/6/1857          12/29/1944      Double w/ James I

Braden             Orville              N                     12/14/1913      8/10/1937        Double w/ Arthur L

Braden             Rev. Amos                               2/2/1897          1/10/1919        son of J.W.

Braden             Sidney                                      Unreadable       Unreadable      

Braden             Willie                                        11/5/1892        11/13/1909      Double w/ Lonnie

Branson            Celia    A                                 1/1/1875          3/28/1939        Double w/ Thomas

Branson            Thomas            J                       10/15/1866      2/27/1939        Double w/ Celia

Brown              Martha M                     3/5/1862          2/18/1913        Wife of W.J.

Brown              W                    J                       4/21/1859        1/3/1948         

Bruce               Rosetta                         9/28/1862        10/23/1911      Married to B.F. Bruce written on stone

Carsey             Jeff       C                                 *1873*            *1946*            Double w/ Viola E

Carsey             Viola    E                                  *1874*            *1943*            Double w/ Jeff C

D (p)allen         S                                                                                              hand inscribe in concrete

Dean                James               D                     9/6/1825          11/17/1905      (father)

Dees                Daniel               A                     10/5/1881        9/16/1958        Double w/ Pearlie

Dees                Elbert                                       12/3/1909        3/29/1990        double with Mary A

Dees                Ernestine                                  11/2/1919        none                 Double w/ Herbert

Dees                Etta                  B                      *1886*            10/25/1918      Double w/ Virginia

Dees                Floyd                                       *1906*            1/10/1907        W/ infant son

Dees                Herbert                                    2/13/1913        9/24/1982        Double w/ Ernestine

Dees                Infant son                                 *1915*            *1915*            W/ Floyd

Dees                Mary                A                     2/1/1915          None                Double w/ Elbert

Dees                Pearlie              B                      9/25/1892        3/8/1984          Double w/ Daniel A

Dees                Virginia                         *10/1928         *10/1928         Double W/ Etta

Hancock          Johnnie Paul                  none                 none                 Double w/ Ora Anna

Hancock          Ora                  Anna                *1890*            *1937*            Double w/ Johnnie Paul

Hollis                E                      Garnett 5/15/1926        2/15/1995       

Hollis                Everett             C         1/2/1894          5/19/1981        Eld (Mason) double w/ Floy

Hollis                Floy                 A                     5/11/1896        12/15/1980      Double w/ Everette C

Hollis                McGuire                                   10/2/1918        4/18/1988        HA1 U.S. Navy     WWII   (military provided stone)

Hopkins           Nellie               M                     8/6/1938          8/10/1938       

Joiner               Mary                Whitehorn        4/11/1915        2/23/1987       

Latta                Janetta              Ann                  11/14/1880      6/24/1969        Double w/ W.J.

Latta                Kenneth           Ray                  3/10/1934        8/30/1934       

Latta                W                    J                       9/13/1852        8/22/1913        Double w/ Janetta

Marcom           Sarah                                       *1865*            *1926*            Double w/ Spencer

Marcom           Spencer                                    *1854*            *1904*            Double w/ Sarah

McLeod           Flora                J                       6/8/1885          2/6/1903          Double W/ Nancy Braden (Daug. of James & Nancy)

Neighbors        Norma                                     08/16/1884      5/16/1962       

Russell  James   A                                 9/6/1825          11/17/1905      Double W/ Julia A     

Russell  Julia      A                                 *1847*            *1918*            Double w/ James A

Verble              Bell                                                                                          hand inscribe in concrete

Verble              Canada                                                                                    hand inscribe in concrete

Verble              Ella                   G                                             10/13/1940      Infant

Verble              Henry                                                                                       hand inscribe in concrete

Verble              Lonnie                                                                                      hand inscribe in concrete

Verble              Mary                Atkins                                                              hand inscribe in concrete

Whitehorn        A                     P                      2/5/1845          8/25/1927        Double w/ E.B. (mother)

Whitehorn        Ada                                          *1880*            *1968*            Double w/George T

Whitehorn        Bessie              M                     7/2/1909                                  None    Double w/ Lewie C

Whitehorn        E                      B                      9/30/1844        10/5/1924        Double w/ Ap     (Father)

Whitehorn        Elvis                 H                     *1910*            *1925*           

Whitehorn        Gabriel             E                      4/3/1904          5/29/1909       

Whitehorn        George             T                      *1879*            *1958*            double w/ Ada

Whitehorn        Joe                   Bell                  2/4/1889          8/1/1941         

Whitehorn        Lewie               C                     2/5/1909          1/18/1976        Double w/ Bessie

Whitehorn        Nora                Tom                 *1915*            *1938*           

Williams           Mary                M                     10/8/1837        12/5/1909       

Wright              Tressie                         *1909*            *1911*           


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