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"Gone But Not Forgotten"

Original Listing February 28, 2007, by Rosa Cline

Updated July 4, 2007


This is a listing I have made from obits that I have saved that I have gotten from various Arkansas newspapers. (Each person here has some kind of Arkansas tie.) The first listing below is one I have made that is an alphabetical listing by cemeteries, this listing is the only place where I have noted where the person is buried at. Also in this listing beside each name I have noted if I have an obit, a headstone photo, or an actual photo for that person. Under the cemetery listing is the actual transcriptions of the obits, and they are listed in alphabetical order by last name.  


If you see anyone that I have an obit for and would like a copy, I will be happy to share that with you or you share extra data please feel free to contact me. However, please have the respect to not contact me to complain when I don’t have what you request.  I will be trying to update this listing as I have time for, and when I do I will put an “*” beside the newest data entered. I also try and not list anyone that their death is more recent than 6 mths or so, unless I personally knew them. Out of respect for them and their family I try and wait half a year for their mourning process. So most “new” deaths will not be listed. However if you have a family member you want added I will add them in.


These listings are made from either obits or data given to me by other family or researchers.  I will be more than happy to share with you what information I have on the people listed below, but I cannot do physical look ups. If you would like to send me data on your family or friends buried at these cemeteries, I would be more than happy to accept and add the data into my listings. Or if you have driving directions, the town or anything else about the cemetery listed. (As my data comes from obits) Please feel free to contact me.


I hope this listing helps these people to always be remembered. To try and help folks to always be remembered when they have gone on before us is the main reason I do what I do. And helping folks find family or friends in the process is a good plus as well.


Alden Cemetery, Alden, Hardin County

* June McElvania  obit




Brooks Cemetery, Corning, Adams County

* Glade Havens  obit



Clearfield Cemetery, Clearfield,

* Margarete Clayton




* Allyn Erickson  obit



Graceland Cemetery, Pella, Marion County

Alice Frederick

Jasper Frederick



Graceland Cemetery, Webster City, Hamilton County

* Mae Bealmer  obit

* Mary O’Connor  obit



Memorial National Park Cemetery, Sioux City, Woodbury County

* Kathryn Buettner  obit




Mount Olivet Cemetery, Waterloo, Black Hawk County

* Norma Cunningham  (look in the W listings below for her data)

* Norma Wentworth  obit



Oakland Cemetery, Fort Madison,  Lee County

* Ina Carrell  obit



Oakwood Cemetery, Lewis,  Hardin County

 Mildred Dory  obit



Prairie Hill Cemetery, near Monticello,  Jones County

 * Earl Caspers  obit




Sacred Heart Cemetery, Burlington, Des Moines County

* Joseph Vorwerk Sr  obit



Sacred Heart Cemetery, Rockwell, Cerro Gordo County

Joshua Knowles  pic  hd pic  art



Slater Cemetery, Slater, Story County

* Lloyd Dickerson  obit



Story City Cemetery, Story City, Story County

Harold Holm  obit



Sunnyside Memory Gardens Cemetery, Charles City, Floyd County

* Edmund Voyna  obit



Switzer Cemetery, Jefferson County

* Mary Switzer  “Elaine Switzer”  obit




Union Cemetery, Iowa Falls,  Hardin County

 Lauren Dean  obit




* Lillian Ducker  obit

* Charles Farrell  obit

* Donald Gerber   obit

* Esther Lyddon  obit

* Robert Lyddon

* Shirley McConnell

* Earl Wright  obit



Villisca Cemetery, Villisca,  Montgomery County

 Helen Hall  obit



Waukee Cemetery, Waukee,  Dallas County

* Grace Garland  obit





Mae Louise Hanken Bealmer

b. May 23, 1905 d. Mar 19, 2006

She was born in Webster City, Iowa and

died in Rogers, AR

Daughter of Gill Hanken and Mary Lachmiller Hanken

Wife of Wayne Bealmer

(printed out copy)



Kathryn Ann Buettner

d. Mar 11, 2005 at the age of 95

She lived in Rogers, AR at the time of her death

(printed out copy)



Ina Oletha Matthews Carrell

d. April 16, 2005 at the age of 73

She was born in Alicia, Iowa and

she lived in Fort Madison, Iowa at the time of her death

Daughter of Arthur Matthews and Esther Huskey Matthews

Wife of James Edward Carrell

(printed out copy)



Dr. Earl Marcus Caspers

b. May 21, 1923 d. May 13, 2006

He was born in Castle Grove Township, Jones County, Iowa and

died in Fayetteville, AR

Son of Peter Caspers and Johanna Poppe Caspers

He had a Doctorate in Education

(printed out copy)



Margarete Beth Claiser Clayton

b. Mar 11, 1930 d. Mar 12, 2001

She was born in Cromwell, Iowa and

died in Bentonville, Arkansas

Daughter of Edward Dell Claiser and Pharrie Mabel Stewart Claiser

(her obit from Morning News says "Funeral Mass". One of her relatives contacted me and told me she was buried at Clearfield Cemetery- Clearfield, IA)



Lauren Dean

b. June 21, 1915 d. May 2, 2001

He was born in Iowa Falls, Iowa and

died in Rogers, AR

Son of Ernest Dean and Ethelyn White Dean

Husband of Margaret West Dean

He served in the Army during World War II

(newspaper copy)



Lloyd Earl Dickerson

b. Oct 30, 1917 d. Dec 7, 2005

He was born in Union Township, Iowa and

died in Fayetteville, AR

Son of Harvey Dickerson and Mattie Carpenter Dickerson

Husband of Mona Dickerson

(printed out copy)



Mildred Edith Kaiser Dory

b. Jan 20,1910 d. June 29, 2001

She was born near Lewis, Iowa and

died in Corvallis, Mont

Daughter of Andrew Charles Kaiser and Carrie Wenich Kaiser

Wife of Fred Dory

(newspaper copy)



Lillian Jilg Ducker

b. June 18, 1901 d. Feb 17, 2006

She was born in St. Louis County, MO and

died at the age of 104 in Bella Vista, AR

Daughter of Adolph Jilg and Anna Jilg

Wife of Rev. Harold Ducker

(She is buried at Fort Dodge, Iowa)

(printed out copy)



Allyn R. Erickson

b. July 13, 1923 d. Apr 20, 2002

He was born in Canton, Conn and

died at his home in Rogers, AR

Son of Henry Erickson and Bessie Belden Erickson

Husband of Freda Hess Erickson

He served in the Army during World War II; receiving 2 medals and 4 Bronze Stars

(printed out copy)



Charles D. Farrell

b. Apr 16, 1944 d. Mar 11, 2005

He was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa and

died in Bentonville, AR

Son of J. Morris Farrell and Arvilla Catherine Wilkens Farrell

Husband of Marlene Farrell

(printed out copy)



Jasper Monroe Frederick

b. June 29, 1895 d. Aug 29, 1978

He was born in Osage, AR and

died in Pella, IA

Son of James Riley Frederick and Rachel Ann Baughman Frederick

Husband of Alice Melrose Mitchell Frederick

*related to me through my Frederick families*


Alice Melrose Mitchell Frederick

b. Sept 6, 1905 d. Sept 12, 1986

She was born in Kingston, AR and

died in Pella, IA

Wife of Jasper Monroe Frederick

*related to me through my Frederick families*



Grace E. Lawler Garland

b. Feb 26, 1920 d. July 5, 2006

She was born in Ogdon, Iowa and

died in Rogers, AR

Daughter of Phillip Lawler and Ursula Lentz Lawler

Wife of Francis Garland  “Pat Garland”

(printed out copy)



Donald E. Gerber “Don Gerber”

d. Dec 23, 2006 at the age of 78

He died at his home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa from pancreatic cancer

Husband of Doris McGowan Gerber

(printed out copy)



Helen A. Northup Hall

b. June 19, 1917 d. June 22, 2000

She was born in Nodaway, Iowa and

died in Rogers, AR

Daughter of Timothy Frederick Northup and Freda Hedinger Northup

Wife of Herman Hall

(newspaper copy)



Glade Elbert Havens

b. Dec 13, 1898 d. Jan 9, 2000

He was born in Mortons Mill, Iowa

Son of Alfred Havens and Hattie Dyer Havens

He was 101 when he passed away, he lived in Bella Vista, AR at the time of his death

Husband of Lois Edna Odell Havens

(newspaper copy)



Harold Erwin Holm

b. Feb 13, 1923 d. Oct 9, 2002

He was born in Story City, Iowa and

died in Bentonville, AR

Son of Wilhelm Holm and Christine Egenes Holm

Husband of Gladys Owenson Holm and Jean Kraemer Holm

He served in the Navy during World War II

(newspaper copy)



Joshua Lincoln Knowles

b. Sept 28, 1980 d. Feb 5, 2004

He served in the Army National Guard serving in the Iraq War

He died in Baghdad, Iraq when he was hit by a mortar round

Son of Leslie Knowles and Sandra Knowles

(newspaper copy)



Esther Irene Husmann Lyddon

b. Sept 18, 1920 d. May 11, 2005

She was born in Creightor, Neb and

died in Fayetteville, AR

Daughter of Ahrend Husmann and Hattie Scheer Husmann

Wife of Robert Dale Lyddon

(printed out copy)


Robert Dale Lyddon

d. in 2004

NOTE: Esther was cremated and in her obit it states “Burial for her and her husband will be in Clearfield, Iowa, in the summer of 2005”



Shirley Anne Grundmeier McConnell

b. July 17, 1930 d. Feb 29, 2004

She was born in Manning, Iowa and

died at her home in Springdale, AR

Daughter of Clarence Grundmeier and Hulda Jensen Grundmeier

("burial will be in Manning, Iowa")



June Darlene Rommel McElvania

b. Mar 9, 1930 d. Aug 14, 2006

She was born near Alden, Iowa and

died in Liberal, KS

Daughter of John Rommel and Lena Rommel

Wife of Lyle McElvania

(printed out copy)



Mary Margaret O’Connor

d. Aug 10, 2006 at the age of 93

She lived in Woolstock, Iowa at the time of her death

Wife of Melvin O’Connor

(printed out copy)



Mary Elaine Switzer  “Elaine Switzer”

b. Nov 17, 1949 d. July 13, 2006

She was born in Fairfield, Iowa and

died in Garfield, AR

Daughter of Mary Jones and Warren Switzer

(printed out copy)



Joseph Nicholas Vorwerk Sr

b. June 28, 1915 d. Dec 24, 2006

He was born and died in Burlington, Iowa

Son of Nicholas Vorwerk and Lucy Brugge Vorwerk

Husband of Mary Louise Weidmann Vorwerk

He served in the Army during World War II

(printed out copy)



Edmund J. Voyna

d. Apr 16, 2006 at the age of 86

He was a native of Howard County, Iowa and

died in Clarksville, AR

Son of Frank Joseph Voyna and Victoria Lundak Voyna

Husband of Sylvia Kessler Voyna

(printed out copy)



Norma Jean Pechota Cunningham Wentworth

b. July 12, 1930 d. Dec 19, 2006

She was born near Little Turkey, Iowa and

died at her home in Bella Vista, AR

Daughter of Edward Joseph Pechota and Regina Busta Pechota

Wife of Patrick Cunningham and Charles Wentworth

(printed out copy)



Earl O. Wright

b. July 2, 1917 d. Dec 10, 2005

He was born in Bloomington, Wis and

died in Hubbard, Iowa

Son of Orville Wright and Leta Hale Wright

Husband of Florence Wright

He served in the Army during World War II

(printed out copy)




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