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Alabama Mary Howell Montana ADOPT ME!
Alaska ADOPT ME! Nebraska ADOPT ME!
Arizona ADOPT ME! Nevada ADOPT ME!
Arkansas ADOPT ME! New Hampshire ADOPT ME!
California Colleen Robledo New Jersey Trisha Fitz Randolph
Colorado ADOPT ME! New Mexico ADOPT ME!
Connecticut ADOPT ME! New York ADOPT ME!
Delaware ADOPT ME! North Carolina Katy Hestand
District of Columbia ADOPT ME! North Dakota ADOPT ME!
Florida ADOPT ME! Ohio ADOPT ME!
Georgia ADOPT ME! Oklahoma Katy Hestand
Hawaii ADOPT ME! Oregon ADOPT ME!
Idaho ADOPT ME! Pennsylvania ADOPT ME!
Illinois ADOPT ME! Rhode Island ADOPT ME!
Indiana ADOPT ME! South Carolina ADOPT ME!
Iowa ADOPT ME! South Dakota ADOPT ME!
Kansas ADOPT ME! Tennessee ADOPT ME!
Kentucky ADOPT ME! Texas ADOPT ME!
Louisiana ADOPT ME! Utah ADOPT ME!
Maine ADOPT ME! Vermont ADOPT ME!
Maryland ADOPT ME! Virginia Michael L. McNeely
Massachusetts ADOPT ME! Washington ADOPT ME!
Michigan ADOPT ME! West Virginia ADOPT ME!
Minnesota ADOPT ME! Wisconsin ADOPT ME!
Mississippi ADOPT ME! Wyoming ADOPT ME!
Missouri ADOPT ME!    

About the Immigration & Naturalization Project

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Project Coordinator: Colleen Robledo

Assistant Project Coordinator:

The USGenWeb Immigration & Naturalization Project was developed in January 2005. Our primary purpose is to provide transcriptions of public domain indexes and records. Copyrighted materials for which written permission has been obtained may be included as well. We also link to outside sites that provide similar free records, and additional resources for learning more about these types of documents.

Would you like to help with the project? There are two ways you can help! We need volunteers to serve as state file managers, who maintain the state pages and upload files. We also need volunteers to submit and transcribe indexes and records held by federal, state, county, and local archives. Please see the Volunteer Guidelines to learn more about these opportunities.

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