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Echols Cemetery, Mulberry, Crawford County, Arkansas

LOCATION: I40 to Dyer exit 20, S. to Texaco truckstop for coffee, S. to US 64, West abt 1/4 mi. on left is Kirksey farms equipment yard, once the ECHOLS home; followed on right by palatial estate which is the Kirksey's home now; about 100 yards further on is a gate on the left leading to a pasture. the clump of trees about 50 yards inside the fence contains the graveyard.

Feature Name: Echols Cemetery
State: Arkansas
County: Crawford
USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map: Mountainburg SE
353029N   0940716W






Launie MANLY 6 Apr 1885-9 May 1885 Son of John A. and Lular MANLY
Willie C. CROSSON 17 Jun 1885-12 Jul 1886 Son of G.P.& M.J. CROSSON
M. CROWSON 15 Jun 1876-15 Jun 1876  
Annie M. CROWSON 20 Jul 1839 - 29 Jul 1882 wife of G. P. CROWSON
Victorie MORRELL 1 May 1885-1 May1885 Daughter of J.G. & C.L. MORRELL
Richard ECHOLS 9 Jul 1880-7 Jun 1885

Son of J.W. & Elizabeth ECHOLS

Census 1880 Alma, Crawford County, Arkansas
FHL 1254042 NA Film Number T9-0042
Page Number 555B
J. W. ECHOLS Self M Male W43 GA Farmer GA GA
Elizabeth ECHOLS Wife M Female W41 GA HouseKeep GA GA
M. V. ECHOLS Dau S Female W19 GA Aid In House GA GA
J. O. ECHOLS Son S Male W16 GA Farm Laborer GA GA
S. Luly ECHOLS Dau S Female W12 GA GA GA
Molie ECHOLS Dau S Female W 10 GA GA GA
G. A. ECHOLS Dau S Female W8 AR GA GA
Sarrah ECHOLS Dau S Female W6 AR GA GA
Alenn L. ECHOLS Son S Male W3 AR GA GA
C. ROGGORS Nephew Male W19 AR Farm Labor TN TN
John ROGGORS Nephew Male W16 AR Farm Laborer TN TN
M. M. MANLEY 30 Jul 1886-28 Aug 1886 daughter of John A. & Lular MANLEY
John PETERS 29 Apr 1877-17 Jul 1954

Husband of Mary "Lizzie"

1920 Maxey Township, Crawford Co. AR Census
Roll: T625_59 Page: 18B ED: 11
365/403 Peters, John Head WM41 AR Switzerland MO Farmer
Mary E.L. Wife WF44 AR AL AL
Jesse D. Son WM16 OK AR AR
Claud Son WM 12 OK AR AR
Pearl Daughter WF11 OK AR AR
Fred Son MW7 AR AR AR
James D. Son MW4 AR AR AR
Sam Half Brother MW18 AR Switzerland MO
Mary "Lizzie" PETERS 26 Aug 1875-22 Feb 1950 Wife of John PETERS
Jim Dick PETERS 14 Oct 1915-11 Sep 1950 brother of John
S. P. ECHOLS 7 Mar 1812-18 Sep 1899

[Shapleigh P., son of Joshua1786]

Census 1880 Vine Prairie, Crawford, Arkansas
FHL 1254042 NA Film Number T9-0042
Page Number 542D
S. P. ECHOLS Self M Male W 65 SC Farmer --- ---
Sarah ECHOLS Wife M Female W 62 SC Keeping House SC VA
Sallie WOOD GDau S Female W 9 AL AL GA
B. R. WOOD GSon S Male W 6 AR AL GA
Collin JOHNSON Other Male W 20 AR Farm Laborer --- ---
Sarah S. ECHOLS [SUMMERVILLE] 14 Dec 1815-5 Jan 1890 wife of S.P. ECHOLS [SUMMERVILLE]
Wm A. CROSSON 9 Mar 1977-18 Apr 1877 Son of F.C. & M.M. CROSSON
Robert Lee CROSSON 10 Nov 1873-15 Feb 1879 or 1876  Son of F.C. & M.M. CROSSON
Robert born aug.??, ???? died may ??, ????  
Elizabeth WOOD 9 Jan 1857-8 Aug 1874 wife of W.W. WOOD
Minnie Lee MORLEY 18 Jul 1877-30 Jul 1881 daughter of J.W. & M.M. MORLEY
Robert Lee WILSON 19 Nov 1881-17 Oct 1885 Son of W.B. & Nancy WILSON
Martha GEARN 6 Jan 1853-13 Oct 1882

wife of W. B. GEARN(missing letter?)

The following family lived about 4 households away from the S.P. Echols Family in 1880 - Mispelled in the census maybe?
Census 1880 Vine Prairie, Crawford County, AR
FHL 1254042
NA Film Number T9-0042
Page Number 542D
W. B. GERROW Self M Male W 30 AL Farmer AL AL
Martha GERROW Wife M Female W 27 AL Keeping House TN KY
Lucy Jane GERROW Dau S Female W 5 AL AL AL
George GERROW Son S Male W 4 AL AL AL
Granville GERROW Son S Male W 2 TX AL AL
Alfored GERROW Father Male W 53 AL TN TN
Elizabeth BRAZELTON 6 Aug 1859 - 13 Oct 1882 wife of R. A. BRAZELTON
Unknown Stone #1     
Unknown Vault     

About 14 broken stones and vaults

No marker... last Echols buried here.
Millard ECHOLS buried abt 1930 per Joe Kirksey
[maybe Millard, descendant of Louis Barton, Shapleigh's youngest brother. Last found in Arizona.]
footers with initials: My best guess...
L. M. == Launie MANLEY
S. P. E. == Shapleigh ECHOLS, Sr.
S. S. E. == Sarah Summerville ECHOLS
W. C. C. == Willie C. CROSSON
R. E. == Richard ECHOLS

Surveyed and Contributed by Curt

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