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New Cross County History book

Cross County, ARGenWeb is now being managed by Paul V. Isbell

Jason Presley added several large databases during his term of management and we hope that information can help you in the search for your family's history.

My name is Paul V.Isbell and these days I don't live in Arkansas, so I can't do local lookups for you but I will do all that I can to aid you in your research. If you have information to submit to this library, questions or suggestions, please contact me. Thanks to Gina Heffernan and Jason Presley for their hard work in maintaining the site to date. Presently working on Census Exhibit from 1814 to 1880, January 2015. If you would be interested in hosting this site, let me know. Michelle Slabaugh states that the Cross County History Book is now available, and I have an index online showing the names listed. The book has been available since July 20,2012, see all about it:

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To see all the additions made since my stewardship, go to:
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