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DATE: 7 Jan 2005
Looking for information on John and Catherine(?) McCAFFREY. They were listed in the 1860 cenus as living in Desha County, Wilkinson Twp. They had two children Francis and Susan. John and his children ended up in Minnesota by 1865. Any information would be helpful.
Submitter: Cindy Fugate

DATE: 15 Dec 2004
African American/Native American Heritage- I am looking for information on Margaret (Maggie) FOSTER. She is listed on the 1900 and 1910 Census with a birthdate of March 1867, born in MS. I am in need of her death record if one should exist. She died between 1910 (after the census was taken) and 1920. A Luisa McGHEE also listed on the 1910 Census as a niece, age 17 years. I am looking for a possible marriage and/or death certificate on her too. Thanks in advance.
Submitter: Tamika L. McGowan

DATE: 9 Dec 2004
I am searching for an obituary notice for Floyd ODELL, born Feb 7 1940, died Sep1985 in Watson, Desha County AR. I will gladly pay copy and mailing fees. Thanks so much for any help you can give me.
Submitter: Wilton Baxley

DATE: 31 Oct 2004
My grandfather, Joseph PETERS was born in McGehee, Desha County, Arkansas to John and Anna (McMAHON) PETERS, on September 23rd, 1889 or 1890. I was wondering if anyone would have any information about the PETERS and/or the McMAHON families, please. Thank you!
Submitter: Mrs. C. L. Frank

DATE: 19 Sep 2004
I am looking for information on the family of Calvin and Minerva STEPHENS (or STEVENS) who are in the 1880 census of Desha County with their children Robert A., Anna L., Bertha M. and William C. William is living in Richland Township in 1930 on Coon Bayou Road with his family, wife Doya? and children Lillian, Cloyce, AnnieMay, Curtiss, Vera, Eugene and mother-in-law Sally Brown. Does anyone know this family or where Calvin and Minerva are buried?
Submitter: Gary Stevens

DATE: 10 Sep 2004
I am seeking obit notices for Arch M. BOWERS, born March 03, 1887 in Virginia and died March 28, 1979 in Dumas, Desha County, Arkansas and Lettie G. BOWERS, born March 13, 1898 in Arkansas and died April 29, 1967, in Lake Village, Chicot County, Arkansas. Both were buried in Bayou Mason Cemetery, Lake Village, Chicot County, Arkansas. Will gladly pay copying and mailing expenses.
Submitter: Winona Andrews

DATE: 10 Sep 2004
I am looking for information on Herbert Edward SWAIN, born in 1909. On his marriage license in 1939 he listed as being from Desha County. I need his parent's names and the names of any relatives.
Submitter: Lyle M. Smith

DATE: 3 Sep 2004
I am searching for Frank CONDRY and Jerry, Gerry or Gerald CONDRY. I found a Virginia CONDRY in Desha County who died in 1996. Please, if anyone has any information about this lady or has her obituary perhaps that would tell if Frank and Gerry were her children. Thank you so very much for reading this. Any help would be appreciated.
Submitter: Linda Mcalister

DATE: 11 Aug 2004
I am trying to find any information possible about my father's family. They lived in Desha Co and Drew Co AR for several years. My father's family names are PLATT and HARVEY. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Submitter: Loretta F. Wright

DATE: 22 Jul 2004
I am searching for information regarding the family of my grandmother, Marie A. (possibly for Avarice) OWEN or OWENS. She was from McGehee AR, although I am uncertain if she was born there. I once visited the house there where she grew up. She may have been the youngest child in her family, born on February 14, 1898. She married George Andy STOVER of Fordyce AR in 1916. He worked for the Union Pacific Railroad and they moved to Arkansas City KS. He eventually became a housepainter and she worked as a seamstress there. They had one son (my father), Jacque Owen STOVER, born in 1919. Marie moved to Wichita KS following her husband's death. She died in Augusta KS in 1985.
Submitter: J. S. Mallot

DATE: 15 Jul 2004
Can anyone tell me where LACONIA, Desha County, was located and what happened to it? Thank you!
Submitter: Ron Walker

DATE: 11 Jul 2004
My grandfather, Leonard Lee DICKINSON, was born in Arkansas City, Desha County AR around 1883. He married Josephine KAUFMAN. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Submitter: Jo Ann Bryant

DATE: 23 Jun 2004
Looking for information on Will Lot FEWOX, married to Mary Elizabeth FEWOX (in 1910 Desha census, Randolph Township). Will's parents were Susie and James Peter FEWOX (possibly spelled FUOX). Will possibly born Feb 28, 1868 or 1869, Randolph Township, Desha County. Also looking for info on Annie Lois FITZPATRICK (EVANS-PARCHMAN) also born in Randolph Township in 1885.
Submitter: Heather Williamson

DATE: 20 Jun 2004
My great uncle, Floyd Atlee BARGER, was born 24 Feb 1890 at Colby KS. He lived in McGehee AR until his death approximately 1985. I am looking for death record, burial information, census records, or any descendants. .
Submitter: Carol (Barger) Turchan

DATE: 15 Jun 2004
I am searching for information on the descendants or parents of the following: Henry C. LUCAS (est. birth 1852) who married Ellen STEPHENSON (LILLY) (may have been O'BANNON at the time} (est. birth 1848). I know that they were married around 1878. Their daughter, Annie (Anny) Lee LUCAS (est. birth 1883) married Lee F. BOATRIGHT (est. birth 1875). I would also like any information on the BOATRIGHT Family. To the best of my knowledge, These families were living in or around Kelso, Desha County, and the area now known as Arkansas City. They may have later moved to Jefferson County. I have a lot more information on these families to share. Please contact me, any information will be welcome. Thanks
Submitter: Tony Pitts

DATE: 13 May 2004
I am searching for any information about the family of Henry Harold SMITH. He was born about 1926 in Pulaski Co AR. His father was Robert/Richard (Tobe) SMITH, born in KY; his mother's maiden name was Lucy Mae EVANS, born in AR. Any information would be appreciated.
Submitter: Rachel Boyer

DATE: 28 Apr 2004
The 1870-1900 Arkansas censuses list my relatives (Charles ELDRIDGE) as living in Silver Lake TWP (Desha County). Could someone tell me where is Silver Lake now or what present day community is this?
Submitter: Martin Patton

DATE: 28 Apr 2004
Searching for information on Gipson Sloan GAILOR....married Annie Cassanna VERNOR....had a son James Willis GAILOR born in Dumas Ark on 2 Nov 1889. Gipson Sloan GAILOR may possibly be my grandfather. Trying to gain information about my fathers parents: Gipson Sloan GAILOR and Verlie SINKS (SAINTS?) (she was 1/2 Cherokee according to stories). My father died in 1981. He has one sister, Mary Lottie, and I believe James Willis is his half brother. Thank you so much.
Submitter: Bonita Gailor Roman

DATE: 20 Apr 2004
I am looking for information on my grandparents, Charlie and Minnie (KING) HOWARD. They lived in McGehee AR. My grandfather was born in 1857 and died in 1968. My grandmother was born in 1885 and died 2 Feb 1941. Both are buried in Duncan Cemetery in Drew County AR. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Submitter: Mary Jarrow-Doby

DATE: 12 Apr 2004
I am trying to find the exact death dates of John Cyrous Henry and his wife Clara Manley Henry. They were from Hillsdale County, MI, and went to Arkansas City to live sometime in the early 1900s. I would love to find their obituaries if that is possible. Clara died in 1944 and John died in 1956. Both are buried in McGehee Cemetery, Desha County AR. I would like to know where to write for information on both of them. Any help you could give me would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
Submitter: Nancy Manley

DATE: 28 Mar 2004
I am looking for information on my great grandmother Mary Jane BARBISCH (her maiden name). She was born on 22 Feb 1862. Not sure if she was born in Napoleon, Arkansas. However, since she married Henry Lewis McCUISTION in Napoleon, Arkansas on 28 Sep 1884 she may have been born there. Do not know who her parents were or if she had any siblings. Any information would be appreciated.
Submitter: Shirley Stewart

DATE: 9 Mar 2004
I am looking for any information that I can find relating to my grandmother and her ancestors. My grandmother's name was Ruby Lee FLETCHER, she was born Dec 26, 1923, at Arkansas City, Desha County. Her parents were Edward C. FLETCHER and Cora Lee JAMES. She was orphaned along with her older brother and sisters. She was reared by an aunt, Vida SOUTHARD,. per the 1930 census. They were still living in Desha County at that time. She later married Johnny L. STEWART. Any information that we can obtain would be welcome.
Submitter: Cheryl Stewart Murdock

DATE: 5 Mar 2004
Looking for John EICHLER, died Desha Co AR, 16 Jan 1906. His P.O. Box in 1888 was White River then Red Fork. He is supposedly buried on Big Island with his wife Harriet. She is also listed in documents as Susan Harriet BALLARD, probably her maiden name.
Submitter: Dale Eichler

DATE: 3 Mar 2004
I am seeking information on James and Ella JOHNSON SMALL. They were in Desha County, Walnut Lake township, according to the 1890 Soundex file. The 1900 census and 1900 Soundex shows them there, as does the 1910 census. Any information you may have will be greatly appreciated
Submitter: Carol Small

DATE: 22 Feb 2004
Looking for any information about Calvin and Elizebeth BAXTER. He was born 1852 in AR, son of Thomas and Patience BAXTER. He had a twin named Alvin. Calvin married Elizebeth _____ and had a son named Thomas Westley BAXTER, born 1877. Thomas Westley lived in Desha County and married Lela Franks MYERS there in 1903. They were my mother's parents. Thomas Westley had a half brother named George or Jody BARNETT, who lived at Spiro OK in 1920's. I'd like to hear from anyone who can tell me the names of the couple's children, Elizebeth's maiden name, and where they lived and died.
Submitter: Joyce Sainz

DATE: 6 Feb 2004
I am looking for information on my grandfather, Thomas Smith CLAUD, and his mother, Molly MORGAN/ FOX/ CLAUD/BROWN. Thomas was born 30 Sep 1885 and sisters, Emma and Ruth CLAUD, were born around that time but we don't know their DOB or married names. Thomas was born at Watson AR and we assume the sisters were born there also. Their mother was also born in Desha County; her mother and father unknown, but had a brother Charles. Molly FOX had a daughter Alice and another daughter Betty BROWN, DOB for both of these daughters unknown. In the 1920 AR census I noticed Thomas CLAUD worked on the railroad. I would like to get more information on what he did for the railroad and how long he worked there. Any Information is welcome. Thank you!
Submitter: Fran Wright

DATE: 2 Feb 2004
Looking for information about my grandparents, Sam and Josephine PARRIS. Also about Helen (STOBAUGH) PARRIS and Mary (BAXTER) PARRIS.
Submitter: Dick Baxter

DATE: 1 Feb 2004
Our research for ancestors led us to the 1900 U.S.Census for Redfork Twp., Desha County, AR. We are searching for any information regarding Suzi (or Lizzi) BLYDENBURGH listed in that census. She appears to have been born in 1828. The census image is partially illegible. Please help us. Thank you.
Submitter: James Blydenburgh

DATE: 30 Jan 2004
Looking for information on my grandfather, Horace (or Horce) Douglas THOMPSON and my grandmother Mary Lucy ALLEN. According to my mother's (June THOMPSON's) birth certificate; she was born 7 Jun 1926. They lived in Red Fork Township, Desha County, and were both born at Watson AR.
Submitter: Judy Williams

DATE: 23 Jan 2004
Looking for info on my family.
Grandmother: Elizabeth Mary or Mary Elizabeth CAMPBELL. Elizabeth married a man named HOPPER - several children - one son was Tyre or Tyree. Widowed. Elizabeth then married a man named George BRAY - daughter Edna, son Michael b. June 1908, Snow Lake AR - known from age 5 as George, my father. Widowed 1908. Elizabeth moved to Duncan, MS area of north delta. Elizabeth next married a man named BROWN - one daughter, Jessie, married name PHILLIPS. Elizabeth died approx. 1961 Memphis, TN - burial in MS.
Submitter: Mary Caro

DATE: 21 Jan 2004
Looking for information on Irby HEALY b.1904 TX. and his wife Corrine (?DORR) HEALY. son Charles HEALY attended Dumas High School 1948/49. Hope some one can help me break my "brick wall." Thank you.
Submitter: Wanda Hodge

DATE: 30 Dec 2003
Searching for information about the family of William and Susan DORMAN and their children: Wesley, Margaret, Louisa, Jeff and Robert.
Robert "Bob" DORMAN married Laura SMITH at Arkansas City, Desha County AR, in November 1898; Cal SPURLOCK was a witness. Robert DORMAN later married Ms _____ WHITEHEAD, and they had two sons, Willie and Freddie. He then married Alma ROBERTS in 1909 and they had Ruth, Robert, Ray, Shirley and Ruby (who died young).
Jeff DORMAN married Martha FLETCHER at Arkansas City.
I cannot find any information on the family after the 1880 Census when they lived at Portland AR.
Can anyone help me with my search? I don't really know where to begin.
Submitter: Patsy Hargis Chavis

DATE: 23 Dec 2003
Any information on Daniel Asbury WOOD married to Lucy TANNER in Arkansas City, Desha Co, will be appreciated. Thank you.
Submitter: Betty Dalgity

DATE: 16 Dec 2003
Looking for information on Daniel Asberry WOOD of Arkansas City, born in Pickens County SC. Married to Lucy Francis PATTERSON. Daughters: Lucile, Elizabeth, Minnie. Sons: Thomas and James. Any help would be appreciated.
Submitter: Betty Dalgity

DATE: 14 Dec 2003
I am looking for the date and place of death for William O. "Willie" WARD. He was born March 28, 1862 in Morehouse Parish LA, to William Ridley WARD and Camilla Nicholas SMITH. He and wife Ella are listed on the 1920 census for Desha County AR. They had a son named Jesse (1903-1974). Thank you in advance.
Submitter: Pam Craft

DATE: 16 Nov 2003
Looking for the following families. They all finally settled in /around Lincoln County AR after 1870s, but think they may have been in a parent county before then. If you recognize any, please let me know.
James M/N BAILEY, b 1830 GA, died in Lincoln county AR; married (1) Eliza Ann ? in GA 1850s; moved to AR 1870s; married (2) Mary TIDWELL 1877 in AR; she was a widow and he a widower; son from this marriage was Thomas BAILEY.
Bolin Green BAILEY; b 1856 AL, son of James and Eliza, married 1878/79 in Lincoln County Nancy E. TIDWELL (step-sister). Do not know where they went to live, believed to have been in Desha County AR.
J.B. MATTHEW(S) b ?, died ?; married 1870s or 1880s Alice MAJORS in Desha County(?).
Can someone please help?
Submitter: Tricia Bailey Brimer

DATE: 14 Nov 2003
James C. CRENSHAW (born in Tennessee in 1854) died in Desha County sometime after 1887. He was a medical doctor, served as coroner of Desha County from 1884-1886 and worked as an assistant physician in the Insane Asylum, Little Rock, Arkansas 1886-1887. His parents were David S. CRENSHAW and Clerissia (Clara) C. BROWN. I would like to know more about him (date of death, burial place, marital status, etc.). Who would I contact to find this informaion and to locate an obituary?
Submitter: Crawford Crenshaw

DATE: 22 Oct 2003
I am looking for any information on Mollie Ore ROBERTSON SINGLETON. She lived in Dumas, AR in the early 1900s. She was married to Elijah SINGLETON. Thank you.
Submitter: Patti Robertson

DATE: 16 Oct 2003
I would like to find out if Bryan SIMPSON (born 19 Dec 1895, Abbott, AR - died March 1973, McGehee, AR) is buried in one of the Desha County cemeteries. Do you know who I could contact about getting his obituary from the McGehee newspaper? Thank you.
Submitter: Karolyn Simpson

DATE: 2 Sep 2003
I am looking for some information on James WILSON and Samuel LANIER. James WILSON died 1 Oct 1844 in the home of Samuel LANIER in Desha Co. James married Verlinda COUCH. Their children: Elizabeth WILSON, Robert A. WILSON, Samuel WILSON, Sarah WILSON, James WILSON, and John WILSON. Verlinda WILSON, the mother, lived in Desha County until James WILSON, the father, died. I believe that James WILSON (Sr) is buried in Desha County. I would appreciate any information on the James WILSON and Samuel LANIER families. Thanks.
Submitter: Karen Carter Evans

DATE: 15 Aug 2003
I am searching for Emanuel LIPP from Desha County AR. Thanks.
Submitter: Evelyn V. Bookout

DATE: 14 Dec 2003
I am looking for the date and place of death for William O. "Willie" WARD. He was born March 28, 1862 in Morehouse Parish LA, to William Ridley WARD and Camilla Nicholas SMITH. He and wife Ella are listed on the 1920 census for Desha County AR. They had a son named Jesse (1903-1974). Thank you in advance.
Submitter: Pam Craft

DATE: 9 Aug 2003
I am looking for information on John Wesley DICKINSON Jr, born 1/2/1862 in Memphis TN. J.W. DICKINSON Jr was the mayor of Arkansas City, Desha County, from 1885-1890. I would especially appreciate a picture of him and any additional information would be greatly appreciated. I have his obituary and a brief bio from "Biographical and Historical Memoris of Southern Arkansas", Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1890. Thank you for any information you can provide. God Bless.
Submitter: Patty Fitzpatrick

DATE: 5 Aug 2003
I am looking for any information on the family of John LATHEM who resided in Desha County between 1860 - 1865. John married Margaret BAILEY in 1849 in Shelby Co. AL. The family resided in AL until about 1858 then moved to Attala Co., MS. The move to Desha County came after the 1860 Census. After the move, the family lost two children either to accident or disease (Jane, John R.). In Dec 1860 or 1861, the last child was born to the family, Robert Mitchel. Wife, Margaret, died of a gunshot wound in March 1864 (shot by John). John is said to have served in an Arkansas unit in the Civil War, possibly was a deserter and outlaw for some period, and was possibly executed for desertion in 1865. The remaining children: William Griff, Sallie, and Robert Mitchell ("Mitch") went back to MS to be raised by Margaret's parents, Rev. Edward BAILEY and wife Mary, of Leake Co., MS. Both John and Margaret are supposed to be buried in Desha Co AR. Any information would be of great help. Please contact me.
Submitter: Wayne Brown

DATE: 25 Jul 2003
Dr James Davis TURNER, b Richmond VA in 1806; married Luisa MOODY, born In TN, in AR ca 1828-1829. (Info taken from Arkansas Census 1830-1880). They had the following children: Mary D., Volney, Wm. Frank, Carthagenia, and Sugar.
The townships the Turner's lived in were Wilkinson and Island Townships of Desha Co AR.
Mary married a John SMITH, b VA ca 1845-1846. Volney/Volna married Martha RUFFIN in 1855. Geneva married 1st Robert RUFFIN, 2nd ____ PEELER, Carthagenia married Samuel James GRIFFIN. The youngest son Sugar married a Martha M. _____ (maiden name unknown) ca 1872.
Dr TURNER served as the Desha Co Coroner from 1852-1854. He lost his 1st wife Luisa, thought to be buried at Jefferson Lake Island, Arkansas River. Then he married Elizabeth WILCOX in Desha Co AR in 1858. Nothing is known of the Elizabeth WILCOX marriage. Dr James Davis TURNER served in two Confederate Army hospitals in Richmond VA. He then lost his 2nd wife and came to Wood County, TX, after the Civil War and married his 3rd wife (my gg-grandmother) Louisa Amelia REICH.
Dr. TURNER came to Arkansas I believe with his parents as a young man when Arkansas was still a territory in the early 1820s.
I hope to connect with an Arkansas cousin and share my family heritage. God Bless.
Submitter: Teresa Coggins Skinner

DATE: 20 Jul 2003
Searching for information on John/Jonathan BRADBURN, b 1841/48. believed son of William and Mary BRADBURN of Mississippi Township, Desha Co. John married Sarah Elizabeth____. On 1870 Census there is a child with name G____? (possibly Gammons), first name Louisiana. My husband descends from Louisiana. A picture of her and several of her daughters reinforces family legend that she was Indian. Please contact me.
Submitter: Edith Smith

DATE: 16 Jul 2003
Many of you interested in the BURNETT and/or COOSE families of Desha County have heard of the Burnett (or Burnett-Coose) family cemetery. It's a long story, but I was able to locate the cemetery on Monday (July 14, 2003). The burials in the cemetery ranged from 1838 to 1919. There were only three burials during the 20th century (1906, 1911 and 1919). Four of us went on the "exploration". One was an 83 year-old who had heard of the existence of the cemetery, but did not know of anyone who had actually seen the cemetery. His father and grandfather had moved from Desha County to DeWitt around 1913 and, to the best of his knowledge, even his father had never actually visited the cemetery. Anyway, it was quite an exciting experience to find the "resting place" of my great-grandmother and one set of my great-great-grandparents and one set of my great-great-great grandparents. It was my ggg grandfather that was buried in 1838. Not unexpectedly, we found the cemetery in pretty bad shape. If anyone is interested in additional information about the cemetery, I will be happy to try to respond.
Submitter: Jim Rasco

DATE: 10 Jul 2003
Am looking for my grandfather, Sam SPIGHT (or SPITE, or SPIKE), b. 1850. His children seemed to be named after towns, and my dad's name was Dumas, so think Sam may have lived in Dumas about 1870.
Submitter: Audrey Tysen

DATE: 30 Jun 2003
I am searching for the burial location of William BRIGHTMAN, a Civil War veteran. The information I have places him in Laconia, Desha Co, AR. Thanks.
Submitter: Victor Pfau

DATE: 27 Jun 2003
I am looking for any information on Bennie (Benny) GASTON, who played football at Monticello A&M in 1941 and was killed in a Marine Air Corps training accident in Jacksonville, Fla., possibly as early as 1942 and perhaps as late as 1945. He grew up in McGehee, and, I understand, played high school ball there.
I am compiling a history of the football team of 1941 and will gladly send anyone who asks a copy of all the players and their personal details. Thank you.
Submitter: Bill Bell, Easton CT

DATE: 22 Jun 2003
Looking for cemetery information for John W. CARNAHAN who was buried in Walnut Lake Cemetery. Would also like info on other family members possibly buried near him, such as his wife Sarah Lula KIRKLAND CARNAHAN and sons James and Clyde. I would like the tombstone photos if possible. If not possible, then anything such as a cemetery listing that would provide the birth and death dates, especially for Sarah and Clyde. I want to get death certificates from the state vital statistics and I need the exact death date to do so. I would be willing to pay for whatever this research cost. Thanks.
Submitter: Carolyn Carnahan DuBard

DATE: 19 Jun 2003
Am seeking any information on the marriage of Andrew Jackson HUNTER Sr to Amanda (HACKATON) WILLIAMS, which supposedly took place in Laconia, Desha County, 1850-1854. Amanda HACKATON was born in Arkansas in 1835 and married Andrew HUNTER some time prior to the birth of their first child in 1854. She apparently was married and widowed, husband's last name was Williams. Also looking for any information on Amanda and ____ Williams marriage and his death which may have occurred in the same vicinity as Andrew and Amanda's marriage. Have much information on Andrew and Amanda Hunter family.
Submitter: Melissa Antos

DATE: 15 Jun 2003
I am looking for Claude GRAY's obituary. He died in McGehee, Desha County, AR on Apr 23, 1936. I will pay a resonable fee to someone who will look it up. His mother was Agnes GRAY. He is buried at McGehee Cemetery. I would like a death record on him also. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Submitter: Patricia Connell

DATE: 13 Jun 2003
I am seeking any information about my WHITING family. My father was Wade WHITING, son of Edward Lee WHITING, grandson of Elijah WHITING, great-grandson of James Thomas WHITING. James T. Whiting was born 1828 somewhere in OH, married 1st Mary ____, lived in TN, was a steamboat man; married Hariet S. SIMS, 3 Sep 1856 in Wilkinson Twp, Desha Co TN. He had brothers: Preston, steamboat man, b 1830 in TN; John, b 1838 in TN, and Shelby W., b 1843. My grandfather, Edward Lee WHITING, is buried with two of his children in Skull Cemetery. I will be very grateful for any further information about the above family.
Submitter: Emma Lou Whiting

DATE: 31 May 2003
I am a descendent of Eugene CAUSEY and Victoria Mallisia WILSON who lived in Desha County in 1880. I am also a descendent of Clyde CARNAHAN, a newspaper editor who lived in Dumas. He married Pauline CAUSEY (daughter of Eugene and Victoria) and they raised a son, Francis Neil, in Dumas. I was born in Dumas in 1947.
Eugene was 10 years old in 1880 living with his stepfather, Thomas WILLIAMS, his mother Laura (sp?), his 14 or 17 year old brother, James, his half-sister, Allice, who was under 6 months old.
Victoria Mallisia was 10 years old in 1880 living with her stepfather, Jasper McGEE, her mother Nancy Ann Kelley WILSON McGEE, five of Jasper's children from another marriage, her three younger siblings, her two half-siblings, and Jasper's niece and nephew.
I am looking for any information about my ancestors, especially Eugene and Victoria Mallisia.
Submitter: Carolyn Carnahan DuBard

DATE: 29 May 2003
I am the great-granddaughter of Moses Joseph REED (born Jan. 16, 1892), and Rosie Lee PITTS REED (born Dec 25, 1891), both born and reared in Tillar AR. I am looking for any information on them and their decendants. Their children: M. J. REED Jr, Doris J. REED WILLIAMS, my grandmother, and another daughter I only know as Sugar. Moses' father was Jimmil REED and Rosie's father was John PITTS. Please send me any information you have, including photos. Thanks.
Submitter: Terri Lynn Williams

DATE: 19 May 2003
I am trying to find descendants of gr-aunt James ANDERSON-WILLIAMS, born about 1884 in Mississippi, probably Bolivar county. I believe her mother was Rose Dempsey ANDERSON, father was Peter ANDERSON. Aunt James remained in the South when the rest of her family moved to Southern IL, Pulaski Co. An affidavit dated July, 1962 gives her name and last known residence as Dumas AR. Her known siblings: Isiah, Fred (my gr-grandfather), Rosetta, Preston, Sandy, Mariah and Silas. She was listed in the 1920 Desha County census with her husband James and daughter Mary A. WILLIAMS.
I would love to hear from anyone with information. I am especially interested in contact with her descendants. You can find more on my families as well as links to other ANDERSON researchers at
Please email me if you have information on this family.
Submitter: Deborah Davis

DATE: 18 May 2003
I am looking for any information about the SUTTERFIELD family of Dumas AR. I believe that the family is originally from either Aleo OK or Searcy AR but the children all settled and eventually died in Dumas. There were five or six SUTTERFIELD children.... Austin Sutterfield, Warren Sutterfield and Jackson Sutterfield were the boys.... the girls were Marjorie, Pearl and Ada or Ida.
Submitter: Holly Sutterfield

DATE: 7 May 2003
I write the newsletter for the Commissioner of State Lands, Mark Wilcox. We do a quarterly feature on Arkansas towns with unusual names. I'm trying to find out how BACK GATE got its name.
Submitter: Mary Sue Whitelaw

DATE: 1 Apr 2003
I would like any information on a Helen DICKERSON, born in Dumas AR. I do not know if DICKERSON is her married or maiden name. All I do know is that she was a registered nurse, and had lived and worked at Riverside Hospital in Newport News VA in 1936. She was 24 years old in 1936. She would be 90 now. I just want to know anything there is to know about her. I discovered in 2000 when I sent for a birth certificate to get a passport that I was adopted and she was my mother. Please help me with anything you can.
Submitter: Carole Bridges

DATE: 10 Mar 2003
Seeking death and burial information for Henry B. FRASER and wife, Hazel FRASER, probably in the McGehee area. Thank you.
Submitter: Bruce Mason

DATE: 3 Mar 2003
I am looking for information about my great-grandfather; Commodore Perry BAILEY, and his brother, James W. BAILEY. I believe Commodore Perry BAILEY and his wife Anne both died on or around March 10, 1889 in Franklin Twp. in Desha County. I would like to know where they may be buried and what church they belonged to. I have no time frame for when great-uncle James BAILEY died but I know it was much later than the dates of my great-grandparents' death. They were ex-slaves of Mr. C. W. Campbell. The Bowles Family were his overseers, and Col. J. W. Dickerson and Mr. Jake Whitehill also held my BAILEY ancestors in their employee. Somebody please talk to me.
Submitter: Ms. Chris Eatmon

DATE: 9 Feb 2003
Seeking burial information on Frank and Willie BOND, and R. H. and Missouri WROTEN. The last record we have on these two couples is the 1930 Desha County Census. Thank you.
Submitter: Marcia R. Cowan

DATE: 27 Jan 2003
I am looking for John ROSS and his spouse, Edna Dora MILLER. They had a child in Dumas, Desha County, in 1938, and possibly other children there before and after that date. Their children's names are Bill, Deloys (Delores), Jim, Bob, Jack, J. D., Shirley, Frank, and Ida Sue. I located the family in the 1930 census of Crawford Co AR, but am aware that a number of their children were born in Desha County. I would appreciate it if someone would check to see if birth records for 1926-1950 are there. I would like to contact anyone who knows anything at all about the MILLER or ROSS families.
Submitter: Beverly Ross Carraway

DATE: 20 Jan 2003
I am a distant relative of Mary Effie WATSON. My great, great, grandmother was her mother. Her name is Martha J. (?). We don't know her maiden name. She supposedly married my great, great, grandfather. We know his last name is HATCHER, but we don't know his first name. We believe that Mary Effie lived in Desha County at one time. She moved to Oklahoma after her mother and father both died. Martha J. HICKS (she remarried) brought Mary and her sister to Oklahoma to live with Martha's son, Willam Riley HATCHER.
Submitter: Virginia Hayes

DATE: 12 Jan 2003
Are the Trippe Cemetery records posted online? I am searching for the grave of Grant U. Wright, died March 4, 1925. Please respond.
Submitter: Shirley Castleberry

DATE: 30 Dec 2002
Would you have the death date and place of burial for Mary (McGEHEE) WHITEHILL and her husband, J.C. WHITEHILL? Mary was the oldest daughter of Benjamin McGEHEE and Sarah Ann (VANHOOSE) NOBLE. Mary is the only one of the five children that I haven't been able to locate. I found her and J.C. WHITEHILL on the 1880 census residing in Arkansas City but I don't even know if they stayed in Arkansas. Thanks for any assistance that you can provide.
Submitter: Bill Liddle

DATE: 29 Dec 2002
During the period 1889-1892, my great-grandparents lived in Arkansas City. My g-grandfather was a fruiterer who rented a building from a Mr. Lambe (according to the transcriptions from newspapers on the Desha website). Is it possible that the historic records for Arkansas City would have a listing for school children in 1890 so that I might gain a more complete listing of the family's children born between 1881-1887?
Submitter: Mary Kalas, Albany NY

DATE: 28 Dec 2002
I am looking for information on an area called Mozart near Mozart Hunting Club. I am trying to learn about its naming. There is a story that before there were roads in the area, the only access was by train. One day a train stopped in the area and the wife of a railroad official walked outside, heard the birds and said the it reminded her of the music of Mozart and the name came to be associated with the area. Would this have been in the 19th century or perhaps the early 20th? Can anyone provide any additional information about the naming of the area? Does a train still go down to that area? I would be grateful for any info anyone could provide.
Submitter: Marty Wacksman

DATE: 26 Dec 2002
Looking for info on GREGORY and NEWTON Families of Desha County AR. James W. GREGORY married the widow Lizzie May NEWTON (b. 1893, d. 1973) between 1920-1930. Lizzie had at least one son, Cecil NEWTON, born 21 Dec 1914, died 1986.
The GREGORYs came from Tennessee and had been in Desha county since around 1889. Any info on GREGORYs and NEWTONs would be appreciated. GREGORYs lived on Amos Bayou Rd and in Tillar--(may be the same location).
Submitter: Martha E. Graffy

DATE: 15 Dec 2002
In the early 1940s there was a young man who was very kind to my widowed mother and her three children. I have always wondered what happened to him. I have heard many stories but if anyone knows that he is still living, I would like to thank him for his many good deeds.
His name was/is Durwood Huston OWENS and he was from McGehee, Desha County. We lived at Arkansas City and our last name was DOWDY.
I have always wondered if he had a family, etc. He fished with an older fellow that he called Uncle Bill. Thank you.
Submitter: Bonnie Harper

DATE: 12 Dec 2002
Trying to find any information - burial place, descendants, etc. - about the family of Jacob WOOL and his wife, who was formerly Wilhelmina "Minnie" RENZ. They lived at Henrico in Desha County from around 1880 until 1910. Their children were John, Charles, Flora, Annie, possibly others. Annie married a Mack? MOLE. Any help greatly appreciated.
Submitter: Ron Walker

DATE: 11 Dec 2002
Searching for information on Frederick POLSTER (born 1803) and his wife, the former Friedericke SCHUSTER, who immigrated from Germany in 1839 and are believed to have lived for a time in Desha County with Frederick NORENDORFF, a German farmer in the part of Chester Township now in Arkansas County. Frederick POLSTER was an organ and piano maker. He is known to have a daughter, Emma POLSTER, born ca. 1846. Any information on the POLSTER family and their descendants will be much appreciated.
Submitter: Claudia Ziegenbein

DATE: 17 Nov 2002
Trying to find descendants of great-grandfather Oliver JORDAN who died in 1935, father of Walter JORDAN (my grandfather, who died in 1969), Bertha, Julia, Loveola and others who died in 1969. Walter's mother and Oliver's wife was named Harriet who died before Oliver. Also trying to find the location of Lullabye Church and Cemetery where family members are buried. Please email me if you are related or know of relatives. Thanks.
Submitter: Daphne McCoy

DATE: 5 Nov 2002
Does anyone know of a Robert "Bob" DORMAN who married a Ms. WHITEHEAD sometime before 1909? They may have been married in Winchester, Tillar or McGehee. They had two sons, Willie and Freddie, that I know of. He was my grandfather and later married Alma ROBERTS. Bob and Alma died in Crossett in the 1940s. If you have any info on any of the DORMANs, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.
Submitter: Patsy Hargis Chavis

DATE: 30 Oct 2002
I would like any information about or connections to David RIPLEY, who appears in the 1850 U. S. Census of Napoleon Township, Desha County, Arkansas (p. 56, house 22). His age is given as 29 (or 27?), born in Ohio. Also in this household is Martha, female, age 24, born in La.; and Dora, female, age 3, born in Ark. I believe I am related to this family.
Submitter: Randy Farmacka

DATE: 25 Oct 2002
Seeking information on the ancestors/descendants of Lida B. FRITH, born 18 Oct 1873, died 3 May 1950, daughter of Charles Henderson FRITH, Sr. and Martha Caroline (Mattie) TURNIPSEED of Amite Co., MS. Lida married Frank Edwin SPURLOCK (1868-1956); both are buried in the Watson (AR) Cemetery. Any information on this family will be appreciated.
Submitter: Duke W. Jones

DATE: 25 Oct 2002
Searching for information on the Felix VASSEAU (1847-1891) family of Arkansas Co and Desha Co. His son, Frank VASSEAU (1874-1961), married 1st Dora CLARK and had several children, one of them named John (1914-1991). John VASSEAU married Nella Mae MATHIS and had 13 children.
Also I would like to contact Pat Cooper who in 2000 posted a query on the net about the LeVASSEUR family. The email address is no longer valid.
Submitter: Linda Miller

DATE: 3 Oct 2002
James Earl MARTIN was born July 2, 1907 in Halley, Desha Co. His mother was Rosa MARTIN. I am seeking information on Rosa MARTIN. Rosa later married Abe HATTER and lived in Mcalester, Oklahoma during WW1 time
Submitter: Nelson Stout

DATE: 1 Sep 2002
Looking for Urban WILSON who wrote a message about CALDWELL/LOUGHRAN/PHILLIPS on 31 Aug 1997. There is a good chance these are my relatives also.
Submitter: Dave Traylor

DATE: 20 Aug 2002
Searching for information about David John FLOURNOY or David John FLOURNOY Jr. Both appear on the Desha Co AR census of 1860. The elder was b ca 1800 Scott CO KY, m Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM 1826, and d 1862 Laconia AR. The younger was b 1837 Scott CO KY and served with the Confederate Army in the Arkansas 13th Infantry. Please contact direct. Thanks.
Submitter: Nora Tocus

DATE: 9 Aug 2002
I am looking for info on a Talmage JOHNSON, born 2-15-1894. He lived in Dumas, Desha County AR per Social Security records. He was last known to be in Obion Co TN in 1946. On the death of my grandfather, Rev. Elvin Johnson, in Poinsett Co AR, Talmage Johnson is listed as a brother to my grandfather. I do know that Talmage/Talmadge was born in 1890s in Dickson Co TN, went to Obion Co before 1910. Any information is appreciated and shared. My postal address is 13 Tripp St., Medford OR 97504. Thank You.
Submitter: Tony L. Johnson

DATE: 31 Jul 2002
The descendants of Lee Andrew LAMBERT and Artie Missie NOLEN LAMBERT are trying to locate family members for a reunion. Anyone with info on Lee and Artie Missie LAMBERT who were sharecroppers in a community known as Hollywood in Desha County AR, please contact me. The union had sons: Frank, Albert, R. D. , and daughters : Essalena Williams, Marjorie Burns, Iberia Warren, Oceal Carter,and three daughters before the union, Jeff Lambert , Cleo Lee and Maggie Williams. Lee LAMBERT (my grandfather) was a coffin-maker by trade and was the son of mixed parentage. I also understand that he was quite a bit older than my grandmother, Artie Missie.
Submitter: Alice Burns

DATE: 28 Jul 2002
I would appreciate any info regarding the HALLEY Family of Desha County. My great-grandfather was Walter Colquitt HALLEY, married Ruth Dew GREER. I do know he died in Littleton, Colorado. I am very interested in our Arkansas heritage. Thank you in advance for your help.
Submitter: Candace Moore

DATE: 2 Jul 2002
Trying to locate my grandfather, John Bundon WELLS, and his relatives in Desha County. Don't know the year, but before 1880. He was married to Matilda Ann WILLIAMS from Shelby County MO. They married in Danville AR in 1881. John's uncle was Charlie (Nellie) NEELEY. I would appreciate anything you might know of this family.
Submitter: Patricia Annoot

DATE: 20 Jun 2002
Looking for information for Mary (Mare) BISCH; wife of Charles BISCH of Ste. Genevieve, MO. She died at her father's plantation near Napoleon, AR on 27 March 1853. She is buried at Memorial Cemetery, Ste. Genevieve, MO. Her maiden name may have been ALEXANDRE or ALEXANDER. Any help would be appreciated.
Submitter: Alice Kelly

DATE: 11 Jun 2002
Seeking the cemetery/death record of Frances Marion (aka Marion, F. M.) THOMPSON. She was struck and killed while walking down a road in or near McGehee, Desha Co AR, ca. 1952. Any assistance very much appreciated. Thank you.
Submitter: Sue Thompson

DATE: 30 May 2002
Seeking information on a George Henry Talton WALL, married to Mabel Ruth HUGHES in Arkansas City, Desha Co AR, in 1921. Had two children; Mary Ruth WALL and Henry Everett WALL. Are there any cousins there? Thank you.
Submitter: Charles Sheppard

DATE: 29 May 2002
Samuel HOCKENBURY born 5 Feb 1809 in PA, died 18 Jul 1882. Resided 1848 In Desha CO, AR. He is buried in Hockenberry Cemetery, Tichnor AR. His son Shelby HOCKENBURY was born ?; his second wife was Mary (we think her last name was BELL). His daughter of this marriage was Hattie Lee HOCKENBERRY (HOCKENBURY); she was born Oct 1892 In AR. I am looking for a marriage certificate on Shelby HOCKENBURY and Mary BELL(?) and a birth certificate on Hattie Lee HOCKENBERRY. Hattie Lee HOCKENBERRY (HOCKENBURY) is my grandmother. This is a brick wall that I have not been able to even chip. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Submitter: Ava Fischer

DATE: 28 May 2002
I'm looking for a death record for Mary Edella McAFEE who died in the 1970's in Dumas, Arkansas. I don't have the exact date of death for her. I know this isn't much to go on, but it's all I have. Thank you very much for any help anyone can give me.
Submitter: Caren Detgen

DATE: 22 May 2002
I have some information on Raymond A. Proffitt who lived in Desha Co., and died there. I have the names of his parents and his siblings. I tried to respond to the query posted by Sandra Jones on March 20, 2001, seeking information on her father; but the message came back to me. Please contact me.
Submitter: Fred Davis

DATE: 21 May 2002
Searching for familys realted to Mary Belle BARLOW who married George Thurston SAWYER (my grandfather) circa: 1890-95 possibly in the Hamburg area. Children included Maggie (SAWYER) JELKS, born ??, Alma (SAWYER) WATKINS, born 8-9-1901, Burdett SAWYER born 8-20-1904, Vernon SAWYER born 10-11-1907, Wesley Eurell SAWYER (my father) born 9-25-1909, and Beatrice SAWYER born 9-28-1914. I am attempting to put together our family tree. It is my understand all are buried in McGehee except Wesley and Beatrice.
Submitter: Dan T. Sawyer

DATE: 20 May 2002
Is Audry SELF still alive in Watson? Thanks.
Submitter: Roi Ryelee

DATE: 17 May 2002
I am researching the SAVIN family name. A Thomas L. SAVIN, medical doctor, came from Baltimore, MD to Pine Bluff and is found in the 1920 AR census in Pine Bluff. In that census he has sons Thomas L. SAVIN Jr, and Frank Richard SAVIN and a daughter Ada Helen. His wife is Jessie.
The Social Security Death Index has a Thomas SAVIN with the same birthdate as the Thomas mentioned above of 1905 and he died in 1974 in McGehee. Can anyone in Desha tell me about this family or connect me with a descendant? Thank you.
Submitter: Dennis Brooks

DATE: 5 May 2002
My gr-grandfather's name is William PARRIS, born 1845 in England, married 1874 in AR to Alice SKEELS, born 1858. Last time I find them is 1880 AR. census. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
Submitter: Dickie Weston

DATE: 3 May 2002
I am looking for information on Calvin Alonzo JOHNSON, born in Greene Co AR in the late 1860s. Said to have died in Desha County. Looking for dates, etc.
Submitter: James H Johnson

DATE: 20 Apr 2002
Seek info re Conway OLDHAM who is on 1840 census for Desha Co AR. He married Polly APPLEGATE on 9 Feb 1843 in Desha Co. Polly is a common nickname for Mary. My line has Mary OLDHAM in household with her children, Emanuel & Mary Ann APPLEGATE in Coahoma Co MS in 1850. Next door in her son Jesse Applegate's household are Elizabeth & William OLDHAM, both in their 20s, believed to be children of Conway OLDHAM (per IGI records). Also nearby is James OLDHAM, age 39, by himself (relationship unknown).
Submitter: Elizabeth Embrey

DATE: 15 Apr 2002: Date
I am searching for my great grandfather, Elisha YOUNG. He was born in the 1800s; his wife's name was Ophelia (SWIFT) YOUNG. They had eight children, one of them was my grandfather, also named Elisha YOUNG. Elisha YOUNG, my grandfather, was born 27 February 1911 at Gould, Desha County, AR. He married Christeen WATSON and I believe they lived at Grady, but later moved to St. Louis MO in 1952, where he died 10 May 1999.
Submitter: Elizabeth Hart

DATE: 15 Apr 2002
I'm looking for information on Tom V. EVANS; Lallie HAYLES, Tom's wife; Audrey Lenita EVANS, their daughter. I have already been to the library at McGehee and collected a few things, but I had a house fire in Aug. 2000 and lost it all, including the phone #'s for Audrey's friend and a thumbnail trimming on Tom at Missouri-Pacific RR. Could someone get in touch with me about these? Thanks very much.
Submitter: John L. Evans

DATE: 6 Apr 2002
In 1840 Joel R. OLDHAM lived in Desha County. Next door lived Conway OLDHAM. In 1850 Joel R. OLDHAM's wife and children are there, but he is gone. Dead? In 1860 she has remarried and is living in Southeast Missouri. Anything about the OLDHAMs in Desha County would certainly be appreciated. I am sure that they owned land. I called the land office and was told that all of the records of that period were lost in the War Between the States. Please help!
Submitter: Martha Fowlkes

DATE: 18 Mar 2002
I'm looking for information on Shorty O'DELL who owned a grocery store in Watson. He had three children, Jay, Don and a daughter whose name I cannot recall. Not sure when Shorty died, but his wife died in 1998. If anyone can help to locate Don or Jay I would appreciate it.
Submitter: David Bates

DATE: 23 Feb 2002
Thomas Emmett BAXTER born 26 Feb 1846 in Tuscumbia, AL, son of John BAXTER and Ann Carroll MARTIN; brother of Matthew Carroll BAXTER and John Brady BAXTER. Married 29 Nov. 1870 in Desha County to Cynthia M. MONROE, daughter of Benjamin Monroe and Martha HALAWAY of Kentucky. He was a furnishing merchant in business under the name Baxter & Smith in 1870-1. He died in Laconia 12 June 1871, thrown from his horse. Their daughter was Emmett Monroe BAXTER (1871-1876). Cynthia Monroe BAXTER married in 1875 to Charles B. BLACKBURN, son of George C. BLACKBURN and Isabella P. BUCK of Kentucky. Their children were Georgia E.; Clifton S.; Edward M.; and Mary Monroe, who at age 23 married in Desha County 18 Jun 1907 to Hamilton Lee THOMPSON, age 27. Interested in exchanging information about these families.
Submitter: Jordan Baxter

DATE: 3 Feb 2002
My father, James Edgar BENTON, said he went to school in Desha County in 1914. The school was located behind Leon Chatman's house about a mile south on a gravel road. The school was located in an "Y" in the road. This land was called the Dan Lee place. I think the school's name was Landfair. To find the location, turn east on 138 about three miles and turn south behind where Mr. Leon Chatman's house is located now. When to go down this road. The Days are farming the land now. I want school records. Thank you.
Submitter: James H. Benton

DATE: 25 Jan 2002
I am requesting information on a William Henry BLYDENBURGH of the 16th Texas Confederate Infantry Regiment, Company I. William BLYDENBURGH/BLYTENBERG was captured on the 24th of May 1863 by the commanding officer of the U.S.S. Curlew, at Napoleon. He was reporting gunboat and transport movements in that vicinity to rebel pickets. William was imprisoned in Alton Military Prison in July 1863 and than transferred to Fort Delaware, DE April 1864. He was released in June 1865 and named Desha County, AR as his place of residence. Any information as to his descendants, location of burial, or his location or movements after his release from Military Prison would be appreciated.
Submitter: Jim Blydenburgh

DATE: 9 Jan 2002
On 9 Oct 1917 Myrtle WILKS married E.O. LIEBERESS in Dumas, Desha County. Her family is listed in the 1900 census of Lincoln County; Lone Pine Township
Benjamin WILKS head
Virginia wife
Myrtle daughter
Jewel daughter
Hope that someone connects with this family. I am looking for all information on them.
Submitter: Linda Ragan Giles

DATE: 26 Nov 2001
I am looking for the parents of Martin C. DONLEY of the Rohwer and Kelso area. Also his wife was Mattie TIMMONS. Any information on her would be appreciated. They are buried at a cemetery at Kelso. Thanks.
Submitter: Becky Donley

DATE: 16 Nov 2001
Need Levina E. SEARCY marriages in Desha Co. AR to a COOSE, YOUNG, PLEMONS, and/or HOUSE. Thanks.
Submitter: Willie Searcy Hambly

DATE: 25 Jan 2002
I am requesting information on a William Henry BLYDENBURGH of the 16th Texas Confederate Infantry Regiment, Company I. William BLYDENBURGH/BLYTENBERG was captured on the 24th of May 1863 by the commanding officer of the U.S.S. Curlew, at Napoleon. He was reporting gunboat and transport movements in that vicinity to rebel pickets. William was imprisoned in Alton Military Prison in July 1863 and than transferred to Fort Delaware, DE April 1864. He was released in June 1865 and named Desha County, AR as his place of residence. Any information as to his descendants, location of burial, or his location or movements after his release from Military Prison would be appreciated.
Submitter: Jim Blydenburgh

DATE: 7 Nov 2001
I am searching for Thomas J. DONNOLLEY who died in Arkansas City, Desha County, Arkansas in 1891. He was only about 38 years old. He had one son, William DONNELLEY.
Submitter: Donna Smith

DATE: 30 Oct 2001
Would like to find death records for following:
William LUDLOW, born 1794 in NY, died bef. 1870, resided in Desha Co., Mississippi Twp.
His wife, Mary BROWN LUDLOW, born 1806 in NY, died bef. 1860
A son, Marvin W. LUDLOW, b. 1822 in Sandusky Co. OH, resided in Desha Co., Mississippi Twp.
Another son, Myron J. (Miron) LUDLOW (my gggf), b. 1831 in Sandusky Co OH, resided in Desha Co., Mississipi Twp.
Milem (Milam) LUDLOW (my ggf), son of Marvin LUDLOW, b. 1855, resided in Desha Co., Mississippi Twp.; married, 9/11/1845, Drusilla HOUSE of Dearborn Co., IN
Submitter: Marjorie Croninger

DATE: 1 Oct 2001
My father, Ira Alvin WILLIAMS was born in Desha County on Feb. 8, 1900. He told us he was born in Arkansas City, but it might have been outside of town, possibly very near the Mississippi River. His father's name was John Albert WILLIAMS (middle name may have been Alvin). His mother's name was Edna Ruth (or Ruth Edna) MANUS WILLIAMS. John worked for a railroad that would have crossed the river on ferries. His job was to light the lanterns on the river to guide the ferries. I have not been able to confirm my father's birth, but it is his parents I am trying to get information on. John was from New York State and Edna was from Kentucky, possibly Paducah. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to find any information concerning the railroad company name, as that may be a way of tracing John.
Submitter: Patsy Williams Mullins

DATE: 25 Sep 2001
Does anyone have information on a Rev. Clarence CROWE, pastor of the Dumas Baptist Church in 1935? He presided over the funeral of my grandfather, William Harvey CONRAD, who died near Jefferson and is buried in Scott Cemetery. Thank you.
Submitter: Jo-Ann Stephens

DATE: 17 Sep 2001
On September 15, 2001 several family members accompanied me on a search to find an old family cemetery located in Desha County. We had grown up in McGehee and as children had visited the cemetery. We were able to locate the cemetery off of Hway 4 (Monticello/McGehee Rd.) about one mile northwest of the Bayou Bartholomew Bridge. The cemetery is on the bank of the bayou and is terribly overgrown. We found the grave of J.M. DAVIS, our great grandfather. He had a Woodsmen of the World headstone. It is our understanding that there may well be as many as thirty graves in that cemetery. We located only nine headstones. Our family always referred to this cemetery as the old Davis/Warrick Cemetery. Perhaps the cemetery has another name since there are some older headstones. My father, James Roy "Buck" DAVIS, was born in a small community that existed there. The other family names we found were POUNDERS, LeGRONE, WARRICK, WILLIAMS, ADKINS, and SMITH. I would be glad to share the names and dates found on these stones. I would appreciate any information about this cemetery, community, or J.M. DAVIS.
Submitter: Pat Davis Treadwell

DATE: 9 Sep 2001
John GOODIN owned a large chunk of land in Desha County, most bought in 1837; some bought in 1842. Yet John GOODIN does not appear in the 1840 census; but a "**sley Goodin" with one male 0/5, one male 10/15, one male 20/30, one female 0/5, one female 20/30.
My grandfather, James Franklin GOODIN, fits the 10/15 year old male. He claimed that his father was dead by 1846 and he was living with an uncle whom he did not like, so he ran away and went to Dallas TX. Can anyone help me with this GOODIN line?
Submitter: Kenneth Bradshaw

DATE: 6 Sep 2001
Looking for Edwin Ethan MARSHALL, who married Myrtle Gaynelle MADISON in October 1934 in Lonoke County. Both Edwin and Myrtle grew up in Arkansas City and lived there after their marriage. Edwin Ethan MARSHALL was Chief of Police at Arkansas City sometime between 1934 and 1944. Myrtle's parents were Charles Elliott MADISON and Martha Jane RAMSEY. Myrtle was an only child and attended Arkansas City Baptist Church with her mother; her father did not attend. Edwin was a Jr. and had three brothers and a sister. Looking for the siblings names and any other information on this family.
Submitter: Lynne Marshall

DATE: 5 Sep 2001
I have a beautiful photograph of Bess PARRIS that was in the Donnie Watts Weiss home in Dumas AR, on West Choctaw. The date on the photo is 1897. Does anyone know who this little girl was? She looks about 12 years old in her ballet costume. She would love to find some family.
Submitter: Jamie Peacock

DATE: 5 Sep 2001
I am researching several lines in Desha County. Please contact me if you have interest in these lines:
Dr. Charles Callaway PRICE
Thomas Nolan COTHAM and family links
John B. BOYD
Submitter: Jamie Peacock

DATE: 29 Aug 2001
Seeking information regarding Richard LOVE, who died 28 Oct 1918 in Desha County. I am looking for a Richard LOVE, born 1856 in Pike County, AR, to Henry H. and Elizabeth SNELLGROVE LOVE. He was the brother of my great-grandfather, Isaiah. Richard's middle name may have been Barrick. If this is the same Richard LOVE, I would appreciate hearing from whomever may have that information.
Submitter: Ann Sims

DATE: 29 Aug 2001
I believe my great grandfather is buried in Desha county--north of Dumas. Marion Allen MASH, born 10/26/1871, died 7/17/1932. We have been told that he was buried in a cotton field where other people were buried also. But because of the flood, all except three bodies were removed and relocated in a nearby cemetery. One of the three bodies left at this location was my great-grandfather, Marion Allen MASH. I am having difficulty finding the location of the grave site and the record of his marriage to my great-grandmother, Minnie Bell RINEHART. If you can help me at all I would greatly appreciate it.
Submitter: Ruby Camp

DATE: 28 Aug 2001
I am looking for a death record or obituary for Stavvitt SHELL who died in Watson, Desha County, sometime after 1910. His wife and children are: Susie, Bacil C., Margie L., Lindon B., Clarence C. and Anna R. --Thanks.
Submitter: Bobby Blair

DATE: 23 Aug 2001
George B. WATSON married Sarah "Sally Marie" STILLEY (b. 9 May 1784, Natchez, Adams Co, MS). The couple lived in Claiborne Co, MS, in 1809, but shortly moved to Desha Co, AR, and lost touch with Sarah's family. Her twin brother, Reuben Paul STILLEY, remained in Claiborne Co. and married Betsy STILLEY. My family descends from Reuben and Betsy, but I would love to find out what happened to George and Sarah. Did they have children? When did they die? Where are they buried? Thanks for any help!
Submitter: Margie R. Pearce

DATE: 7 Aug 2001
I am trying to find death notice or record for 1900-1910 time span for a Marguerite McGRATH COMPTON, and her husband, John Bruff COMPTON. They both died during this time, and their small daughter, Hazel Lenore COMPTON, was sent to the Childrens' Home at Monticello AR. Hazel Lenore later became my grandmother.
Submitter: Arthur Allen

DATE: 7 Aug 2001
I am looking for any information on Nathaniel BEA, born in Desha County AR sometime around Mar 1, 1896, or thereabout. I'm not quite sure whom he married but they lived in Desha County for a long time and then may have moved to California, where it's possible that he stayed until his death in Feb 1972 (not sure about the year). If anyone has any information about the BEA family, please email me as soon as possible. I'm very interested in completing the BEA Family History before the reunion in 2003. Thanks for all the help.
Submitter: Linda Rose Smith

DATE: 26 Jul 2001
Looking for info on George W. STOKES from Desha County, AR. I found a land office record where George W. STOKES of Desha County, AR, received land due to the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek (Su-quak-natch-ah & other clans of Choctaw Indians)(Certificate #7916 & 779 & 722). Need to know his wife's name and where he was born. We had family living in Desha (abt. 1840/60) at the time George applied and received this land due to the treaty . I can't find George W. STOKES on the Choctaw Rolls!!!! Need to find out why.
Submitter: Larry Wilson

DATE: 26 Jul 2001
James H. MATTHEWS and his wife moved to Desha County AR around 1868/70, where I believe he died. I know their youngest son, Charles E. MATTHEWS, is buried there. I am trying to find any property, death, probate, burial, or other records concerning them that might give me clues to his parents' names. He was born in 1819 somewhere in Ohio and moved first to Kentucky, then Indiana, then Arkansas. He was a farmer, and his wife's name was Eliza YOUNG. Children: John J., William C., David J., James H., Thomas R., and Charles E.
Submitter: Charlotte Parsons

DATE: 25 Jul 2001
My great-grandparents, Cynthia and John Logan GUINN, lived in Dumas. I have no other information than their names, except that Cynthia was half Cherokee. I would like to find out all that I can.
Submitter: Kimber Turpin

DATE: 17 Jul 2001
Can someone do a lookup for a marriage, in or about 1942, at Dumas, AR between Alexander Griffin (Elick) ROSS and Maggie Leona Underwood THACHT? Thanks in advance.
Submitter: B. J. Garris

DATE: 9 Jul 2001
I am working on a CURRY Family History and would like to make contact with descendents of William Daniel CURRY, who may have resided in Desha Co. during the late 1870s.
Submitter: Robert Tate

DATE: 8 Jul 2001
I would like to determine if any Desha County newspapers still exist for 1878-9. Specifically, I am looking for an obituary for Carrie M. (SOFGE) (HEMINGWAY) BOWLES, who died on 7 October 1879. (I believe her father J. H. SOFFTJE/SOFGE may have died in Desha County, as well, in 1878). If anyone has any information about newspapers of this time period and where there may be any existing copies or microfilm, I would be extremely grateful to learn of them. Thank you.
Submitter: Christine Sofge

DATE: 3 Jul 2001
Looking for information on Bryant McDURMON, who lived on a houseboat in Big Island, Desha County. We think he passed away about 1921.
Submitter: Don McDurmon

DATE: 19 Jun 2001
Is there any information on a John Albert WILLIAMS (wife, Ruth Edna) who might have lived in Desha County around 1900. Thanks.
Submitter: Marvin E. Miller

DATE: 19 Jun 2001
Is there any information on a William MILLER (wife, Alice) who lived in Arkansas City, Desha County, in the early 1900s?
Submitter: Marvin E. Miller

DATE: 19 Jun 2001
Researching James W. CHIDESTER + Hattie A. FILLYAW
Submitter: Dolores (Chidester) Miller

DATE: 11 Jun 2001
My gr-gr-grandfather, Nathan R. Cole, died Jan. 31, 1863 from disease during the Civil War, while serving in the 30th IA Vol. Infantry. From the Civil War timeline, his company fought at Arkansas Post the beginning of Jan. 1863. They didn't get to Vicksburg till March. So that leads me to believe he died in your county. I am trying to find out where he is buried. Living in Memphis puts me pretty close where I can come see it. Any help would be appreciated.
Submitter: Henry Brainard

DATE: 10 Jun 2001
Seek information on John FINLEY and family. He was born in Paducah, KY in 1853. Had the following children who moved to McGehee in early 1900's???:
Robert, John, Lida, Mary, Richard Bland (born 1890, moved to TN).
John and children died in McGehee, according to his grandson. Any information greatly appeciated.
Submitter: Richard Wright

DATE: 8 Jul 2001
I would like to determine if any Desha County newspapers still exist for 1878-9. Specifically, I am looking for an obituary for Carrie M. (SOFGE) (HEMINGWAY) BOWLES, who died on 7 October 1879. (I believe her father J. H. SOFFTJE/SOFGE may have died in Desha County, as well, in 1878). If anyone has any information about newspapers of this time period and where there may be any existing copies or microfilm, I would be extremely grateful to learn of them. Thank you.
Submitter: Christine Sofge

DATE: 7 Jun 2001
DeRome BOBO, Sr., was raised in Elaine AR, as one of 12 children. Grandfather on mother's side was active in/around Snow Lake AR. Would welcome any information.
Submitter: J. D. Walker

DATE: 3 Jun 2001
I am seeking to locate and collaborate with any descendants of the following individuals who resided in Bowie and Clayton Townships, Desha County, AR, during the above listed time frame:
1. The children of Wyatt CHAPMAN (born 1859) and first wife, Mary D. CURRELL: Tillar CHAPMAN (born 1884); Alfred CHAPMAN (born 1890); Leona CHAPMAN (born 1894).
2. The children and step-children of Wyatt CHAPMAN and second wife, Martha "Bess" GURGANUS: Addie CHAPMAN (born 1899); Walter GURGANUS (born 1884); Floyd GURGANUS (born 1886); Burnia GURGANUS (born 1894); Carroll GURGANUS (born 1893).
I am the great granddaughter of Clem and Mary CHAPMAN of Desha County. Clem and Wyatt CHAPMAN were brothers. In order to further my research it is necessary to connect with a descendant or descendants of any of the above listed individuals. If anyone has any information, please contact me. Thank you for your consideration.
Submitter: Sandra J. Lewis

DATE: 29 May 2001
My father, Ulmer Duane DEE, was born 9 Mar 1910 in McGehee, Desha Co., AR. Birth certificates were not required by state until 1914. My Grandfather, Duane J. DEE, and his wife, Melusene, lived in McGehee unknown years. Mr. DEE was with the St Louis R.R. and later retired in Joplin, MO. I don't know if my father was born with a doctor's assistance or by mid-wife. Any information about my family history will be greatly appreciated!!
Submitter: Michael Dee

DATE: 25 May 2001
Can someone give any information on Jim SPEEKS who lived in the Watson and Back Gate area from 1920 to 1940?
Submitter: L. Speeks, Jr.

DATE: 20 May 2001
Looking to exchange information with anyone who knows who Benjamin BURNETT was. He is listed in the 1870 census as living in Mississippi Township, Desha County AR. He was also listed in the 1860 census, same township, living with his father, Godfrey BURNETT. He either ran or owned a woodyard. He may have married a Samantha (COLE) DEAN from Lincoln County. She may have married a LUDLOW later after Ben's death. Supposedly he was kicked in the head by a horse and lost his mind. He may have had 2 sons, Benjamin and Godfrey BURNETT. These were not Samantha's children, but believe she raised them. There may also have been a daughter Sue. This family may have had some connections to the RICHMOND and RICE families. Thanks to all who read this.
Submitter: Mary Nell Burnett

DATE: 6 May 2001
Need information on Gardner COOPER who was Desha County sheriff in 1840s-50s. Who was his wife? Where did he go after Napoleon was taken over by the Mississippi River? Son William was sent to live with an aunt in Mason County, KY? What happened to the other children?
Submitter: Honey Ryan

DATE: 3 May 2001
I'm searching for vital records for Bert Harold VERNOR, born in Dumas between approximately 1925 and 1935. Thanks.
Submitter: Nick Bejarano

DATE: 2 May 2001
Searching for James Madison HAIRE and Fannie Mae NEWTON who apparently lived in Mississippi, but ended up in Drew and Desha Counties, Arkansas, the last years of their lives. She died ca. 1895, he in ca. 1906.
Submitter: Leslie Mills

DATE: 2 May 2001
Searching for information on William MONROE who married in 1896 at Brown County, Illinois, Edna FANSHIER. Edna is said to have died in 1898 at Arkansas City. I would appreciate any information on their descendants and on the ancestors of William MONROE. Thank you.
Submitter: Donna Perkins Edwards

DATE: 29 Apr 2001
Seeking to exchange information on Dr. Henry B. BLACKBURN (b. 1825 KY) who lived in Laconia, Desha Co. in the 1870-1880's. He previously lived in LA where he was married to Elizabeth Beiller BOSWORTH who died in 1852. I believe he then married Mary C. BRYAN in KY in 1854. Henry was the guardian of two minor children of Elizabeth's and I would like to know if they lived in his household in Arkansas.
Submitter: Jeanne Johnson

DATE: 29 Apr 2001
Searching for descendants of Elisha McTIGRIT who have moved from Garland County into the Desha County area. Trying to fill out family tree. Will be glad to exchange family info for more info. Also I have a picture of some of the McTigrit family members. Would be glad to exchange pictures. PLEASE!
Submitter: Barbara Denney

DATE: 20 Apr 2001
If anyone knows anything, especially parents and siblings, about
    Moses DART, d. 25 Sep 1859 in Desha Co, AR,
please let me know. Thank you.
Submitter: Jane Ikemura

DATE: 19 Apr 2001
Would like to exchange information on the following families: COOK, FLETCHER, LONG, LEE. All are from around McGehee, Gillette, Rohwer, Winchester and the old Red River Township area.
Submitter: Jack Cook

DATE: 16 Apr 2001
Seeking information on geneology of HAGAN family, Robert Elroy, Chester Earl, Raymond, Paul, Nellie, Nedra, Dorothy, and Gray. Grandparents were George C. HAGAN, Grace HAGAN; other grandparents were EVANS. Seeking information on spouses, children, cousins, etc.
Submitter: Linda Hemphill

DATE: 8 Apr 2001
Does anyone know what happened to the three sons of Maj. William M. WATKINS of Desha County, circa 1850's. Sons were: Frank M., Charlie R., and William T. I believe W.T. to be my gggpa. I need to know whom he married, his date of birth/death, and if he lived later in Oklahoma, or in Little Rock. Please email. Thanks.
Submitter: Annalyn Kelly

DATE: 5 Apr 2001
Searching for information on Horace PECK and his wife, Emelia BARNES PECK. They lived in Desha County in the 1840s. I need their death dates and burial place. Also any census records and a list of their children. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Submitter: Julie Peck Berg

DATE: 1 Apr 2001
My grandfather, Willie Eugene BARRETT, was born in Desha Co. AR. He was born on November 11, 1896. His parents were James Howell Barrett and Margaret Ann WALDREN. That is the only information I have. If anyone knows of a connection to others of the county I would love to hear it. Thank you.
Submitter: Sherrie Flynn

DATE: 21 Mar 2001
Looking for any information on my grandmother, Katie DOWDY, who lived in Desha County in the early 1940s until the early 1950s.
Submitter: Janice Oberding

DATE: 20 Mar 2001
Searching for any information about my father, Raymond "R. A." PROFFITT. He lived in Desha County on McArthur Road near McGehee and worked for the Missouri Pacific Railroad. He was born in 1910. He married Ruby FULLER (MINCHEW). I believe he died in October of 1986 or 1987, and may have been buried at McArthur Cemetery.
Submitter: Sandy Jones

DATE: 6 Mar 2001
I have been told that White River Arkansas was in Desha County. My great-grandfather William Washington CAMPBELL (b.1838) and his wife Sarah (or possibly Mary) LEWIS (b. 1842) may have been born in White River. It may also be possible that they were married there (probably 1864 or 65 since their first child was born in 1866). If anyone has any information about this family or has a suggestion where I could get information, I would appreciate it. A marriage certificate might be especially helpful because of the possibility of their parent's name being listed. Thank you.
Submitter: Nancy Booth

DATE: 5 Mar 2001
I am looking for Roland HALLER. He came to Arkansas in 1812. He died in 1854 in Arkansas City. He married Missouri STILLWELL. Two of their daughters, Eliza (born 1841) and Frances (born 1866) married Lewis THETFORD. Missouri's father, Harold STILLWELL, came from New Jersey and died in Arkansas in 1850. He married Loicey BASSETT; she died in Arkansas City in 1815. I do have some information on the STILLWELLs. But any information you can provide on any of these names would be greatly appreciated.
Submitter: Liz Egger

DATE: 2 Mar 2001
My great-grandfather appears in both the 1860 and 1870 Desha County censuses. Our family history says that he, David M. GIBBS, married Emma Elizabeth WHITING sometime between 1860 and 1870 in Helena, Phillips County, AR. However, both the Phillips County and Desha County vital records do not find this marriage. He served in the "Napoleon Rifles" from southeast Arkansas in the Civil War. I believe he married after the Civil War and is shown as a druggist in the 1870 census for Wilkinson Township, Desha County. My grandmother, Helen Emily GIBBS, was born 5 Feb 1878 at Watson, Desha County. Emma "Lizzie" WHITING was born 1844 in Desha County. We think that there were stillborn twins born before my grandmother's birth. Any further information would be very much appreciated.
Submitter: Patricia Verner

DATE: 28 Feb 2001
I would gladly appreciate any information pertaining to the BOHLAR family or relatives. My grandfather, Frank BOHLAR, was born in 1901 at Pickens,AR, to Adolphus and Rosie BOHLAR. Frank BOHLAR married Lucy SKINNER and to this union, 9 children were born. Frank BOHLAR's parents died while he was early in age. He has been deceased since 1985. His known sisters were Carrie MADDEN (deceased), Bessie (deceased), Lovie (living). There were two brothers I can name: Pete and Fred. There were about 10-12 children in his family; they were split due to parents' early deaths. Any information would be very helpful. Thank You.
Submitter: Mary Bohlar

DATE: 22 Feb 2001
I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has information concerning the whereabouts of any members of the Gilford ROBERSON family. Mr. ROBERSON was warden of the state prison at Cummins. His wife, Ethel LAWLER ROBERSON was a native of Dumas.
Submitter: Nola Willeford

DATE: 15 Jan 2001
Some time between 1911 and 1920, my great-grandfather, Joseph Lafayette THOMAS, moved from Liberal KS to McGehee AR with his second wife and two daughters (both younger than ten). They lived there for a year or so. While there, Joseph ran unsuccessfully for Desha county sheriff. After he lost the election, the family packed up and moved to Texas. JLT died in Legion TX sometime between 1928 and 1932. His family shipped his body back to McGehee for burial. It's possible that his mother lived there, along with his brothers Wesley THOMAS and Herman THOMAS, and that he has some other connection with the town besides his one-year residency. I'm descended from his first wife. I seek information about his daughters and second wife and possibly his mother; also the name of the cemetery where he was buried, and maybe the year he ran for sheriff. Thanks!
Submitter: Jeff Foster

DATE: 30 Dec 2000
Searching for Mrs. Mary ULAND, who may have lived in Desha County -- may be connected to SIMMONS-CLARK-CARLIN families located in Arkansas County, 1876-1976+.
Submitter: Loretta Brewer

DATE: 19 Dec 2000
I am trying to locate Dorothy CRAWFORD, whom my dad, Joe CRAWFORD, was married to. I am also looking for my younger siblings, Sharon and Darryl CRAWFORD. Please e-mail me if you know anything about their whereabouts. Thank you.
Submitter: Stanley Randle-Crawford

DATE: 16 Nov 2000
I am searching for any information about Adeline PARRISH, who was born in Arkansas around 1840, and may have lived in Desha County as a very young child. She later moved into Indian Territory where she married Joseph RAVIA in 1864. Any information about her would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Submitter: Lura Hyatt

DATE: 16 Nov 2000
If anyone has information on following families, please reply.
Sallie Charollette BATES married 1st Enoch Hatten KNOTTS. Sallie born 26 Dec 1859, died 14 Jul 1946 at Gould, Arkansas. She married 2nd Felix LAWLER.
Children of Sallie & Enoch are Sallie KNOTTS, who married Frank LEIGHTY; Annie Josephine KNOTTS, who married Walter Lee LUTON.
Children of Sallie & Felix are Addie LAWLER; Pete LAWLER; Ethel LAWLER, who married E. Gilford ROBERSON; Aleta Lawler, who married Edwin WILLEFORD.
Sallie BATES was a sister to Elizabeth BATES TOTTY, my great-grandmother.
Submitter: Ann Ragsdale

DATE: 15 Nov 2000
Looking for information relating to my father's family. The family surname is OWENS. Albert and Alfred OWENS were twin brothers. I'm also looking for information about the MITCHELL family and the HEWINGS family. All of these lived at Dumas, Desha County, Arkansas. Any and all information on them will be appreciated.
Submitter: Albert L. Owens, Jr.

DATE: 1 Nov 2000
I am looking for information about Joseph Anderson WHITE. He was a doctor in Dumas in the late 1800's and early 1900's. He died in 1921 (I'm assuming in Dumas). I would like to know about his parents and his first wife's parents. Her name is Emma Lewis THEDFORD. My grandmother (their child) is Emma Thedford WHITE HUDSON. Any information on Dr. WHITE or his wife (who was from Gillett) would be greatly appreciated.
Submitter: Liz Hudson Egger

DATE: 29 Oct 2000
I am searching for info on James and Maggie CARPENTER HOLIMON. I found Maggie listed in the 1900 census in Desha county, but cannot find any more info. They are my great-grandparents.
Submitter: Janet Holimon Stone

DATE: 12 Oct 2000
I am searching for any information on a J. W. Winship HARTLESS, born 19 Oct 1917 at Halley, Desha County, AR. He died on 22 Dec 1957. He was married to Annie Lois FARVESS HARTLESS. I am married to his son, Jerry Glen HARTLESS, who was only 18 months old when his father died. His mother does not speak of the HARTLESS family. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Submitter: Mary Hartless

DATE: 11 Oct 2000
I am looking for any info on Barton Allen JAMES, born in Tillar, AR, 2 Oct 1940 and Mary Bonita JAMES, born also in Tillar, 15 Jan 1942, or any family members. Their parents were Quinn B. JAMES, born in Stuttgart, AR, 29 Mar 1917, and Thelma Lucille JACKSON, born in Swan Lake, AR, 3 Nov 1917. Married 10 Mar 1939 at Bayou Meto. The family moved from Tillar, going west to Richmond, CA, in 1945. If anyone has any info, sure would like to hear from you. Thank you.
Submitter: Della James

DATE: 26 Sep 2000
Seeking information on my Uncle Pete GRIMSLEY. He was born at Henry County, AL, on 5 Dec 1894; died in November 1971 at Reed, AR, or McGehee, AR.
Submitter: marvin hart

DATE: 24 Sep 2000
I am seeking the burial place of Andrew J. WEST who died in the Confederate Home in Sweet Home, AR, on September 6, 1926. He was was survived by two sons, J.F. WEST and J.A. WEST of Winchester. He had used an address of Desha County for his admittance to the Confederate Home. I assume he may have lived in the corner of the county near Winchester. Would appreciate any help possible.
Submitter: Mike Morgan

DATE: 17 Sep 2000
Looking for William BRADFORD who married Nicy MOSBY circa 1900-01, probably in Desha County, Arkansas. They had four children, William, Jr., Martha Elizabeth, Nicy, and Joseph Daniel. Nicy's parents were William A. MOSBY and Sarah A. JORDAN of Desha County. Sarah JORDAN's parent's were Edwin & Nicy JORDAN of Mississippi. William A. MOSBY's parents were Joseph and Susannah MOSBY of Kentucky. I believe William BRADFORD's parents were King and Josie(?) BRADFORD. Does anyone have any information about these people? Thanks!
Submitter: W. Rivers

DATE: 8 Sep 2000
I am seeking information on the family of Harvey ROBERTS living in McGehee, AR in the 1970's. Harvey ROBERTS had a brother, William Harrison ROBERTS, who was my grandfather. Any information on parents and other siblings would be appreciated.
Submitter: Libby Varner

DATE: 7 Sep 2000
I am looking for anyone who may have known my grandfather, Robert BENSON. I believe he was born in McGehee around the turn of the century. He married my grandmother in 1940 or '41 (not exactly sure) He was a sheriff or some kind of law officer. Is there anyone out there who knew him?
Submitter: Patricia Benson Hale

DATE: 3 Sep 2000
I am the older son of Joe CRAWFORD, who passed away sometime in the 1980s, perhaps in the Tillar area. I am currently looking for my siblings, a brother and two sisters, that I can remember. If there's anyone out there who knows of their whereabouts, I would appreciate their help. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.
Submitter: Stanley Randle-Crawford.

DATE: 30 Aug 2000
I am currently researching my ancestors in Desha County. My grandparents were Jeff CHAPMAN and Mary Anna BINNS. They were married about 1924 and lived north of McGehee, south of Tillar. Jeff's parents were Clem CHAPMAN and Mary STEPHENS/STEVENS. Mary's mother was Hulda STEPHENS/STEVENS. They lived in the same area. Mary Anna BINNS' parents were Starling G. BINNS and Anna E. COTHAM. They resided south of McGehee. Please contact me if you have information on any of these. Thank you.
Submitter: Sandra Lewis

DATE: 30 Aug 2000
Looking for Blount B. RUFFIN who purchased from the Land Office 40 acres of land. He was living in Arkansas County at the time of this transaction, March 3, 1840. Land located in DESHA County. Lot #7, SW fractional quarter; west of Mud Lake of Fractional Section thirty in Township 8 South of range 3 west in the District of Sand subject. Can anyone help me with the location of this land? Would like to know what happened to it? I believe his daughter, Mary, married David WALTERS and they can be found in Desha County on the 1850 census with a son, Blount, age 3 years. I think her sister, Martha, was also living with them.
Submitter: Virginia Crilley

DATE: 18 Aug 2000
I am looking for any information on D {no period} CREECH. He married Lyn L. FAIRCHILD around 1910. They had one child, Doris CREECH, born Nov. 22, 1912. D and LYN died around 1924, and Doris was raised by relatives in Desha County. It was in Desha County that she met and married John Marion HERREN on April 3, 1930. I am told that John's father, William Henry HERREN, was sheriff in Dumas for a time. William was married to Margaret ROSEMAN FILLYAW. If anyone has any info on the CREECHs, FAIRCHILDs, HERRENs or FILLYAWs, I would love to be able to compare notes. I have a lot of missing pieces and have not been able to find out the parents of D CREECH or Margaret ROSEMAN FILLYAW or William Henry HERREN. Any info would be most appreciated. Thanks!
Submitter: Colleen Bosarge

DATE: 14 Aug 2000
I am looking for any information on my gggrandmother, Winnie SNOW, who lived in Arkansas City, Desha County, until her death 1/7/1924. She lived with her daughter, Edna SNOW SANDERS. Any information would be appreciated.
Submitter: Freda Carpenter

DATE: 6 Aug 2000
Searching for information on Walton Jessup RICE (1875-1928), who m. Stella REED of Lyon County, KY. They moved to Dumas, Desha County, Arkansas during or before 1914. I have been told that either he or his wife was a postmaster in Dumas, Arkansas, unknown what dates. He had a son by the name of Glen RICE who graduated in 1929 from College of the Ozarks. Other children, Fay, Zana Elizabeth, Mae Belle, Katherine, Owen. Any information appreciated.
Submitter: Henry Rice

DATE: 29 Jul 2000
I am looking for any info on my gggfather, Lt. John E. HARDING, Desha Rangers. I know nothing of family. Would appreciate any info or aids to finding something.
Submitter: Toby Reed

DATE: 29 Jul 2000
Would like to find any information available {census, cemetery, etc.} on the family of John M. GUEST, who died in Desha Co., AR, before Apr 1855. His wife's name was Mary LNU and their {known} children were Andrew Jackson; James M.; William D.; Adeline {md. Wade HAMPTON}; Martha Jane {married William SUMMERS}; Mary and George W. GUEST. Thank you.
Submitter: Reva Bradford

DATE: 28 Jul 2000
I am searching for any family information on Mr. Paul TYRONE. He was the second husband of Alamo WHITE. His information in the Social Security Death Benefit file states that he received his SS card in Louisiana which is where Mrs. WHITE was born. He was born 02/22/1901; he died in December 1977. His final address was Desha (County?) Arkansas. If no one has information concerning him would someone point me to a place that I might look up his death in the newspaper or who the undertaker might be? Thank you.
Submitter: Bob Shumway

DATE: 24 Jul 2000
I am looking for the gravesite of Allie ETUE. Don't know much about her except that she is buried in either Kelso or Rohwer cemetery. If anyone has heard of her and knows where she is buried, please e-mail me. Thank you for your help.
Submitter: K. Williams

DATE: 22 Jul 2000
I'm looking for a KETCHENS family that possibly lived in Arkansas City, Desha Co. about 1895. They had a son named Jim that was supposedly born there that year. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't mind sharing information.
Submitter: Chris Verret

DATE: 30 Jun 2000
I am looking for any information on William J. GRISHAM, born 1850, from Desha County. Any help is appreciated. Thank You.
Submitter: Jim Grossbaier

DATE: 29 Jun 2000
I am looking for the KIRTLEY Family in Desha and Boone Cos. I need any and all information on any KIRTLEY Family. I know that James G. KIRTLEY and Boydeccia WILKONEY were married in 1864, and that he was born in Nov. 20, 1828 and died in 1894. I don't have very much to go on so any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
Submitter: Gail Baugus Kiniry

DATE: 23 Jun 2000
Looking for any information on Perry BARNETT, married Dollie (or Sallie) BREWER. They appear on the census for Desha County in 1850.
Submitter: Joy Barnett

DATE: 20 Jun 2000
Searching for information on Moses OGLE and Henry OGLE. I found them on the 1870 Desha County Census living in Mississippi Twp. My GGrandmother, Mattie (Martha) 0GLE CAMPBELL was born near Laconia Circle in 1875. Moses OGLE was Married to Julia Elizabeth POWERS OGLE. Anyone with information regarding my family, please contact me. Thank you so much.
Submitter: Jennifer Grimes

DATE: 19 Jun 2000
Does anyone know if there is or was a Randolph Township near Winchester, AR? I have my great-grandmother's death certificate and it shows these places, but when I search for cities in AR, it shows Winchester in Drew Co., so I'm confused. Is there anyone who might remember the names Andrew Berry ROSS, his brother, Tom ROSS, or wife, Laura Leota? Andrew died in 1930's and Laura Leota died in December 1945. They are supposed to be buried near their farm. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Submitter: B J Garris

DATE: 15 Jun 2000
I'm researching the BINNS and COTHAM surnames in Drew and Desha Counties. My maternal grandmother's ancestors were from Drew County. Her parents, Starling BINNS and Anna (COTHAM) BINNS later moved to Desha County. I'm currently researching census records to try to determine just when they moved there. My mother grew up in the Tillar area, right on the county line. Starling's parents, Milton A. BINNS and Susan (DUPREE) BINNS, and grandparents, Burwell BINNS and Lucinda (PHELPS) BINNS, moved to Drew County, from Talbot County, Georgia, in the mid 1850's. Anna's parents were Richard COTHAM and Fannie E. (?). Richard's parents were Thomas Nolan COTHAM and Elizabeth (GRIFFITH) COTHAM. Thomas moved to Drew County with his parents and siblings about 1847. I have a lot more information, and probably some misinformation, about these two lines. If any of these names ring a bell, or if anyone is a possible relative, please e-mail me.
Submitter: Sandy Lewis

DATE: 13 Jun 2000
Searching for any information about Ethel BROOKS or John T. BROOKS. They lived in Dumas AR. Would like to get additional information on their parents. Ethel's maiden name was LEE and her mother came from Oklahoma.
Submitter: Adrian Heinz

DATE: 3 Jun 2000
Searching for any information about William CROWSON, who bought land in Desha County on 18 Oct 1843. Did he have a son named Richard?
Submitter: Carlyn-Gina

DATE: 4 Jun 2000
Samuel H. DEDMAN who resided in Desha Co. until his death abt. 1860-1870 and was buried at the Walnut Lake Cemetery near Dumas, AR. Samuel was my great-grandfather. Richard DEDMAN was my grandfather. My mother was Manila DEDMAN who married Jesse J. PATRIDGE. All have died. I would appreciate any information concerning Samuel and his son Richard. Thank you in advance.
Submitter: Jim Patridge

DATE: 3 Jun 2000
Searching for any information about William R. CROWSON and family. Did he have a son named Richard? William purchased land in Desha County on October 18, 1843 but is not in the 1850 census. Any information most appreciated!
Submitter: Carlyn Horton

DATE: 31 May 2000
I am interested is talking to the person that was checking on the McILVOYs that lived at Rohwer in Desha County.
Submitter: June McIlvoy Robnolt

DATE: 30 May 2000
I am looking for any information regarding Margaret SICKLE m. Joe ANDERSON prior to Civil War. Margaret ANDERSON is listed in 1860 census in Redfork Township. Margaret moved to Red River County before the war was over and Joe found her there after the war. Any information would be appreciated.
Submitter: Toni Rambo

DATE: 2 May 2000
Quoting from Journal of Alpha Tackett Hibbard dated 23 Oct 1864 (courtesy of C Stanley):

Mr Honeywell and Em have gone on to Redfork to live at Mr Branch's.

Looking for info about William C. HONEYWELL, wife Emma/Emily TACKETT dau of Posey TACKETT & Sintha TALLEY (?). Emma had one known sister, Nancy (md Elias SMITH). After Posey's death, Emma & Nancy lived with their uncle, Mountetna TACKETT, Alpha's father. Believe this family bounced back & forth between Desha County and Arkansas County, in the Tichnor area, which also was bounced between the two counties with the boundary changes. Does anyone have any idea who "Mr BRANCH" might be?? and does anyone recognize these families??? Thanx in Advance for any help...
Submitter: Jan Ruffin

DATE: 28 Apr 2000
Looking for information or descendants of Gibbs BISCOE, born abt 1874 (maybe in MS). Gibbs was a doctor in Dumas and had a daughter name Goree. Thank you for any information.
Submitter: Linda Biscoe

DATE: 28 Apr 2000
Would like information on or to contact FERGUSON descendants. Imogene BISCOE m Fred FERGUSON and farmed in Watson near Dumas, AR. Imogene later married MEADOR and died in the 1960s. Thank you for any information.
Submitter: Linda Biscoe

DATE: 28 Apr 2000
I am doing family genealogy and there is one lost family within our family tree. In the 1920 Census, William S. and Dora PARKER lived in Desha County. I have found the name, dob and dod of their youngest son, still located in Desha County, AR as late as 1990. His name was Jeff PARKER, born March 6, 1906, and died in May of 1990. Is there anybody that can tell me if this line of PARKERs may still be living in the area and if so how I can contact them. This is the only missing link to my grandfather's siblings and I have expended thousands of hours attempting to locate a descendant of William and Dora. Please, please, if anyone has a clue, contact me. Thank you.
Submitter: Jean Reese

DATE: 26 Apr 2000
My uncle, James William LEE, and his father-in-law, Ben MINCHEW, were killed while repairing a flat tire on their vehicle at Ocean Springs, MS, Dec 1945. Their bodies were brought back to McGehee, AR, and buried, as to my information, at McArthur Cemetery. I was at this cemetery in 1998, but was unable to find their graves. Evidently the graves have no headstone. I would like to have a headstone put on my uncle's grave. If anyone knows of the location or who may have that information, please contact me. I lived in McGehee 1930s until May of 1942. His 2nd wife's was Alma; 1st wife, Verona WALLACE. Verona died in 1933, I'm not sure where. Help is appreciated. Thanks.
Submitter: Edward W. Ponder

DATE: 24 Apr 2000
I have been told that a John H. FUGITT (or FUGATE) was in the 1850 census of Desha Co., AR as a single man, age 40. My great, great, grandfather John Hammon FUGATE (or FUGITT) appears to have disappeared from Hickory Co., MO. He was or had been married to Elizabeth HERRON, and would have been 40 in 1850. Does anyone have anything on this?
Submitter: Norma Rodgers

DATE: 24 Apr 2000
I am looking for information on James Moses SMITH and family. He married Jennie Lee MAIER. Their children were: Robert M., James Neil, Freddy J., and Margaret J. SMITH. He was Superintendent of McGehee school in 1919 and served as Desha County Judge from 1927 to 1934. James and my grandfather, Jefferson Henry COOK, Izard County, AR, were first cousins. Would love to share information with family members.
Submitter: Linda Jeffery

DATE: 5 Apr 2000
I am seeking information on Alonzo WHYTE, Jr., born in Camden, AR around 1916 and last known to have lived in McGehee, AR according to his father's 1944 obituary in the Camden News. I have no information as to how long he may have resided in McGehee.
Submitter: Dr. Charles F. Smith, Jr.

DATE: 5 Apr 2000
I am looking for information on Rachel WILLIAMS. She passed away in Desha County, AR, on 4/19/1931. I would like to know if her maiden name is HARRIS and if she was married to a George W. WILLIAMS. I hope you can help me. Thank you.
Submitter: Barbara Giddens

DATE: 31 Mar 2000
Looking for information on the parents of Horace M. SIMS who was in Arkansas City in 1910 when his daughter Ellen Maggie SIMS was born. Horace SIMS was married to Minnie Viola SUTTON; both are buried in Perry OK. Thank you for any information.
Submitter: Bobby Sharp

DATE: 29 Mar 2000
Henry and Kansas A. (MOBLEY) HARRIS lived Desha Co. for several years. Kansas A. HARRIS died Desha Co., Aug. 12, 1887. If anyone has a cemetery record book would you do a look up to find where she is buried. Richard Chester HARRIS is said to have lived here and may have been killed in a gunfight in the late 1800's. He may also be buried in Desha Co. Richard may have been a federal marshal. Thank You.
Submitter: Elaine Haggard

DATE: 6 Mar 2000
I am looking for information regarding Andrew Joseph CAMP, married to Ella Rosalie HOWELL. Andrew Joseph CAMP was killed (involving a freight train) in Desha County, AR (unknown location), in Aug 1951. He lived in McGehee, Desha County, AR, at the time and was buried in McGehee, AR. Please email me if there is any information that you might have. Thank you.
Submitter: Tina Russell

DATE: 5 Mar 2000
Looking for information on the DEMARKE and BOYD familles. Have found their graves in the McGehee (AR) Cemetery. Harvey L. BOYD, b. 20 Jan 1878, d. 23 Jun 1943, wife Cora L. (DEDMAN) BOYD, b. 19 Feb 1877, d. 8 Jun 1943. Also Hattie (DEDMAN) DEMARKE, b. 19 Apr 1879, d. 10 May 1946. Any help will be appreciated.
Submitter: Sherry Hall

DATE: 5 Mar 2000
Seeking information on the following: John Wesley STRAUGHAN born in Shelby County, KY, 26 Sept 1861, to Richard B. STRAUGHAN and Mary E. THOMAS. John Wesley STRAUGHAN married Maud BOBO in Hickman, Fulton County, KY. Daughters born in Hickman, KY: Mary Margaret STRAUGHAN (born 2 May 1894), Rose STRAUGHAN, Ethel STRAUGHAN, and Thelma STRAUGHAN. Two sons born in Desha County, AR: John Bobo STRAUGHAN (born 9 Jul 1902) and Louie Pinkney STRAUGHAN (born 24 Nov 1907).
Submitter: Curtis MacIain

DATE: 27 Feb 2000
I am looking for information regarding Sexton and Dora AUSTIN. Sexton died young and Dora remarried a Jess PERSONS. They lived and died in Desha County. They are buried at the Dark Corner Cemetery.
Submitter: Jim & Anisa Guy

DATE: 27 Feb 2000
Looking for information about George HOWARD, born between June 1894 and June 1895 at Arkansas City. He was secretary of the Joplin School of Law and Commerce in 1931. In 1932 he lived in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and in 1935 was a professor at Draughons Business College in Paducah, Kentucky.
Submitter: Louise Howard Richardson

DATE: 26 Feb 2000
I have in my possession the will of Edward M. LeGRANDE from the county of Desha in Arkansas, dated June 1857. He was a single person having no children of his own. However, the names of his heirs might help someone researching their family. Here are some of the names on the will: Francis J. KEEN, his brother-in-law; Mary J. KEEN, his niece; Miss Kate GILLIS, Mrs. GULSEDE, Mrs. M. ELIOTT, Mrs. Jane M. HIGGUNE, Sarah A. DUNLAP, Elizabeth KEEN--his sisters; George J. GRADD--co-owner of the land; Clareborn W. NICKLES--friend and neighbor; L. KEEN and Richard KEEN--nephews; J.C. PALMER, of Helena and co-owner of land in Phillips County; Sophia "Sophy"--colored child and her mother, Flora, who were the property of his brother-in-law, F.J. KEEN
Submitter: Lois Hunziker

DATE: 23 Feb 2000
Searching for descendants of Jacob and Wilhelmina (Minnie) WOOL who lived at Henrico, Desha County, from around 1885 to at least 1910. Had children: Charles, Jake, John who married Mary BEARD in 1909, Annie who married a Mack(?) MOLE around 1908. Any information greatly appreciated.
Submitter: Michael Tulowieck1

DATE: 22 Feb 2000
Looking for information about the marriage of Nancy Sophronia KERSEY (daughter of Elizabeth and Hiram KERSEY) and Adam George MAYERS, married February 21, 1861 in Napoleon, Desha County, Arkansas.
Submitter: Rhonda Ford

DATE: 30 Jan 2000
Doing research on James, Jasper, and Thomas McGEHEE and on Mary Missouri BUTLER - in Desha County AR 1843-1900.
Submitter: Carl McGehee

DATE: 28 Jan 2000
Searching for information on Ben "BUD" SHELTON. Ben was born in 1905 at Picken Lake AR. The 1910 Census shows him living in Desha County, Walnut Lake Township, with father Jack "Bud" SHELTON, head of household, mother Comfort Shetlon BURDEN of Woodruff County, Cotton Plant Township, and his four siblings: Joe, Mattie, Nevie and Ernest. Any information would be appreciated.
Submitter: Shellandra Walls

DATE: 24 Jan 2000
Searching for any information on these two folks. Henry P. JOHNS married Eliza Jane SAWYERS, Desha Co, AR, Aug 16, 1857. Henry JOHNS died 1860 in Drew Co, AR according to the 1860 AR Mortality Index. Any help on either one of these folks or their descendants would be appreciated.
Submitter: Hank JOHNS

DATE: 1 Jan 2000
I am looking for information on Espy BOST, who died in Dumas, Desha County, AR. I have no idea when, but believe it was in the 1920s or 1930s. Do you think you can help me? Thank you.
Submitter: Kford

DATE: 26 Dec 1999
I was born at McGehee, AR, Desha County, in the 1940s. My father's name was Richard NORRIS. He resided at McGehee until his death in the 1960s. I am trying hard to find the burial place of my father. He worked for 40 years for the railroad line that ran through McGehee. He owned property on First Street in McGehee for years. I have tried to get death records from Social Security but with no success. If you know the name of the railroad that ran through McGehee, please let me know. To my knowledge, I was an only child, therefore I do not know any other connection to my father. I understand he had a sister located in Arkansas, but I do not know where. E-mail me with any information about the railroad name or any information you may have on Richard NORRIS. Also he had a second wife name Marie or Maria. I want to know where his body was sent to be buried. I know he died at McGehee. Please give me any infomation that might help me.
Submitter: Patsy Norris

DATE: 24 Dec 1999
Looking for any families kin to the HEFLINs. James HEFLIN was thought to be in Desha County, AR, before his death in October, 1846. Thanks.
Submitter: Mike Marcum

DATE: 21 Dec 1999
Looking for information on John Lafayette WELCH who married Mary GILMORE around 1850 at White River, AR, Desha County.
Submitter: Orbie Welch

DATE: 18 Dec 1999
I am looking for information on my grandparents, William Jeptha MASSEY and Cora Lee EADS MASSEY, who lived in Desha Co in the early 1900's. Before my father (James Robert MASSEY) died, he told me his family owned 3 large tracts of land with houses on them in Desha county. He referred to these properties/houses as Medford, Red Fork and Yancopin. They also owned a house in Arkansas City. I have old photographs of 3 of the houses and a lumber mill his father owned. I would like to visit Desha County to see if the houses are still standing. How can I find out where these pieces of land are? Are there records of land purchases from the late 1890's and early 1900's? If so, how can I access them from this distance? For reference points: my father was born in Arkansas City on May 22, 1914. His father (Wm Jeptha MASSEY) died in 1919 or 1920. His uncle also lived there --Floyd MASSEY--and might have purchased the land. Thank you for your help.
Submitter: Adrianne Massey

DATE: 25 Oct 1999
Looking for any information about Moses GREENWOOD, a resident of Montgomery's Point, Desha County, AR, in the mid 1800s. He was manager of the large Montgomery, Miller & Co. mercantile store, warehouses and riverboat landing at that place for a number of years before moving to New Orleans, where he opened his own commission business. He may have had a son named Philip who was associated with the commission firm at New Orleans, LA, and Dardanelle, AR. Any information on Moses GREENWOOD would be greatly appreciated.
Submitter: Faye in Texas

DATE: 22 Oct 1999
I am looking for ANY info on I. L. SHANNON, born 10/12/1918 at McGehee, AR.
Submitter: Stephen J. Shannon

DATE: 5 Oct 1999
Looking for information on Elphren DEDMAN b. December 1878, Dumas, AR, married Elizabeth Walter BOYD b. March 4, 1887, Mountainburg, AR. Son of Winston Dedman, who married Virasa ALLAN. Elphren had 9 children, son died at birth, Fred, Hazel, Ruth, Onas Marie, Clifton, Flora, Elsie and Johnny. Would like to hear from anyone that has any information on this family. Thanks.
Submitter: Sherry Hall

DATE: 4 Oct 1999
Searching for parents of Daniel CHANCE who first paid personal property tax in Desha Co in 1843. Lived in area that became Drew Co in 1846. 1850 Drew Co census said he was born in LA, age 28, with female Nancy R, age 20, James A, age 1, and Vincent Chance, age 18. We don't know what relation Vincent was to Daniel, if any. Vincent married Mary Jane "Pop" GAMMILL on 18 Sep 1853. First real property purchase we found for Daniel CHANCE was in 1857, then Drew Co. Where did he come from? Grave marker says he was born 17 Mar 1821, died 11 Jul 1900. Buried at Holly Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, now Lincoln Co. He helped found that church in 1873. Wife in 1850 was Nancy, searching for her last name. Their children were James A, Emily Ozelar who married Taply Thomas BURR on 27 Aug 1867, and William A Chance, born 4 June 1853, who married Julia Ann BURTON on 27 Aug 1875 in Lincoln Co. Nancy ??? Chance died after 1853 and before 1862 when Daniel and his second wife, Mary Ann Chance (thought to be her maiden name) had their first child.. No marriage record found in Desha or Drew Co for his marriage to Nancy about 1848, or his marriage to Mary Ann about 1861. Nancy is said to be buried in an abondoned cemetery on land where the Chance family lived at Little Garnett, now Lincoln Co. We have not been able to find them in the 1860 census. Children of Daniel CHANCE and Mary Ann, whose descendants may have information related to Daniel, were Frances A, b. 1862, who never married; Martha E, b. 1863, who married Leonard A RATTERREE; Willie, b. 1865, who m. Joseph Henry RATTERREE; Daniel Webster "Web," b. 1867, who m. Beatrice Jane "Bertie" SHOOK; Louella, Margaret, and Odella - none of the 3 married; Catherine "Cattie," b. c. 1878, who m. William TINER; and Armittie "Mittie," b. 1880, who m. Samuel J BECK. Levi CHANCE appeared on Desha County tax records in 1845, and may have been related. Can anyone help us find the family(s) of Daniel, Vincent or Levi CHANCE? Submitter: Wanda Stephens

DATE: 2 Oct 1999
I am still searching for any information on Isaac BROWNING, listed on 1840 Desha Co. Census index. Would anyone have copy of actual census info on him. Believe he was married to a Barbara MELTON.
Submitter: Jenny Oldham

DATE: 1 Oct 1999
I am looking for any information on my grandfather, Wilbur Adelbert MILLER, born at Arkansas City in 1910, and his family. His father was William Adelbert MILLER, possibly from Missouri, and his mother was born Alice CANARY, but I have no idea where. Wilbur had two older sisters, Ola and "Jack" (real name Alyce or Alyse). I would really appreciate anything I could learn about any of these people. Thanks.
Submitter: LEIGH A. MILLER

DATE: 29 Sep 1999
I am looking for information on John H. PETTY, born 1842 and living in Desha Co. AR in 1880. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Submitter: Ethel Nix

DATE: 29 Sep 1999
I am researching my wife's grandmother, born Lela Lee McELRATH in McGehee, AR on 6 October 1890. Her mother was Fanny SAMMONS and her father Charlie "C.D." McELRATH. She died on 19 October 1976 in West Carroll Parish, Louisiana. Were there any local birth records kept for this period? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
Submitter: Chris Hansen

DATE: 28 Sep 1999
Looking for any info on Parker WILLIAMS who lived in Desha County, 1840-1860
Submitter: Don Williams

DATE: 28 Sep 1999
Looking for any information on my gr-grandmother, Viola JOHNSON, born 4/18/1885, died 1966 at Pickens, Desha County AR. Her husband would have been a HAMPTON. Their daughter's name was Emily Estell HAMPTON. Don't know of any other children.
Submitter: Karen Schmidt

DATE: 28 Sep 1999
Looking for anyone connected with John F. LITTLE and Rachel OWENS LITTLE. They settled around the Red Fork, Desha Co. area before 1865. That is when John F LITTLE died at Red Fork. They had 13 children. The youngest one, Rilla Walker LITTLE, was born around 1861 in Arkansas. Her older siblings were born in or around the Mobile, AL area. Rilla Walker LITTLE married Robert H. BEITH, Jr. in 1882. She died 6/19/1944. Their children were Willie A., Eva and Jennie Ann. The list goes on and on. Please, anyone with information on persons with these surnames who lived in the above areas, please e-mail back. I have a lot of information to share. Thanks so much.
Submitter: Jennifer Grimes

DATE: 26 Sep 1999
I would like to know if families were relocated because of the many floods near Henrico, Desha County. I know Henrico is no longer. I am looking for the family of Jacob WOOL, who lived in Henrico during the 1910 census, but after that I cannot find anything about them. I am supposing they may have been re-located because of the floods. My other question is where do I find the records for the Henrico cemetery? I thought possibly they may have died, however, it doesn't seem so as there was a wife, Minnie, and two sons still lliving in Henrico at the l910 census. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Submitter: Mary Ann Wiseman

DATE: 22 Sep 1999
I am looking for relatives or information on William R. ROGERS who was born in Tennessee and moved to McGehee, AR in 1906 to work on the railroad. He had a half brother named John Thomas JETTON. I am searching for the mother of Will and John Thomas. She died in 1901 in Tennessee. Thanks for any info.
Submitter: Myrna Ray

DATE: 19 Sep 1999
My name is Johnie CLINTON. I was born in Dumas AR in 1936. My father and mother were also born in Arkansas. If anyone has any info on surnames CLINTON, RICHARDS, WILLIS, COLLINS, MAGIE, please let me know by e-mail. Thank you.
Submitter: John Clinton

DATE: 12 Sep 1999
Thomas J. (Jasper?) CARRICK, b. about 1832 TN, m. Sarah Ann NEWMAN. Father may have been John, and had brother named Tad. Thomas CARRICK was with Quantrill and his raiders during the early part of the Civil War. Family story has it that Union soldiers rode into the family farm after Thomas left Quantrill and his band and returned back home to farm. After the soldiers took Thomas, the family never heard from him again. It is not know whether he was killed, locked in prision or joined the Union Army at that time. Would like to find more on this family before and after the Civil War. Thanks.
Submitter: Kay

DATE: 12 Sep 1999
Thomas NEWMAN, b. about 1810 in MS, md. ____, lived in Desha Co. AR. Known issue: Sarah Ann, b. about 1838 MS, md. Thomas J. (Jasper?) CARRICK; Carolyn, b. 1840 not sure where; Eliza, b. 1837 MS. Looking for any additional information on this family. Thank you for any help you can give.
Submitter: Kay

DATE: 8 Sep 1999
Searching for info on Robert Cecil BREEDLOVE, born in Pickens, AR, on June 21, 1932; Cecil Owen BREEDLOVE, born in Florence, AR, in 1907; Milton BREEDLOVE, Cecil's father. Thank you.
Submitter: Robert Breedlove

DATE: 3 Sep 1999
I am looking for information on my gggrandfather Jno FOLEY and family. They lived in Arkansas City, Franklin Twp., in 1880. Wife Jane and children, James and John. The boys were born in AR somewhere. Seeking any information on them. Thank you.
Submitter: Laura Summers

DATE: 1 Sep 1999
Charles TARNOW died 1936 in Desha County. I think he was related (and possibly the brother) to my great grandmother, Nannie TARNO born 1869. If you have information on Charles, or his descendants, I would love to hear from you. Thanks!
Submitter: Connie Rushing

DATE: 8 Aug 1999
Searching for information on Finetta HERNDON BOWERS WHITWORTH who was born 1808 in TN and married Henry BOWERS. They had 3 children: John, Eliza and Nellie BOWERS. Henry died and Finetta moved to Pine Bluff, AR. Finetta married David WHITWORTH, date and place unknown. Her son, John BOWERS, published a newspaper in Pine Bluff sometime in the 1860s. Finetta also had a sister, Eliza HERNDON DIXON, who was married May 20, 1841, in Desha County, AR, according to a family Bible record. Thanks for any help.
Submitter: Lori Beecroft

DATE: 28 Jul 1999
I have information starting about 1860 on the above-mentioned families in Desha County, AR. They all seemed to live around the Kelso and Rohwer areas close to the Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers. I am looking for additional information, and am willing to share what I have with others who are interested.
Submitter: Darlene Lilly Stevens

DATE: 6 Jul 1999
I am looking for information regarding Malinda Josephine (SMITH) STEWART born in 1836. She was from Alabama, had a son named William R. (probably William Rufus) SMITH, age 12, who was from Alabama, and had been married to my great-grandfather, Henry Clay STEWART for at least four years in 1870.
Submitter: Wyona Stewart Osgatharp

DATE: 6 Jul 1999
My name is John CLINTON. I was born in Dumas AR in 1936. My father's name is Johnie CLINTON. William CLINTON was his father. John Wesley CLINTON was William's father. Lock (or Lot) Wesley CLINTON was John Wesley's father. I would like any information on these people. Thank you.
Submitter: John Clinton

DATE: 28 Jun 1999
I need to have someone please lookup WILKERSON/WILKINSON on the 1870 census of Desha County Redfork Township and give me the names, dates etc of any/all of the above mentioned surnames.
Submitter: Ruth Donham

DATE: 9 Jun 1999
Looking for burial date/site for William F. LEWIS, born 1874, Alabama, died abt 1910 in Dumas AR. Can trade family info..
Submitter: dorothy lewis

DATE: 2 Jun 1999
I'm searching for the parents of Lydia MITCHELL, b. 11/6/1888, d. 2/13/1912 in Nady, AR. Nady was included Desha County in some censuses and in Arkansas County in others. All I know about her parents is her father's name, Madison MITCHELL, born in TN. I would appreciate any information on this family. Thanks.
Submitter: Janna Ash

DATE: 31 May 1999
I would like to determine if any cemetery information is available about Viola JOHNSON, b. 4/18/1885, d. 3/1966 at Pickens, Desha Co. AR. I am particularly interested in knowing who her husband was. Thanks.
Submitter: Billy Scott

DATE: 30 May 1999
Seek info on the following: [1] John FINLEY, b. 1853 KY, d. AR; [2] Robert FINLEY, b. 1881 KY, d. 1967 McGehee AR; [3] also John FINLEY, Lida FINLEY, Mary FINLEY, all b. KY, d. AR. Any info greatly appreciated. Am attempting to reach present-day descendants.
Submitter: Richard Wright

DATE: 25 May 1999
Looking for information on Rhoda BURNETT who married John COLE and lived at Red Fork, Desha Co. AR in 1865. They had a daughter born at Arkansas Post AR named Virginia COLE. She married Asbury Crawford RYALL. They lived at Star City AR and had a farm at Yorktown AR. Any info on this family will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Submitter: Joan McClendon

DATE: 14 May 1999
I'm looking for information on J. P. or J. B. STONE who lived at Selma AR or McGehee AR, sometime between 1870 and 1900.
Submitter: Bertie Stone McClurg

DATE: 10 May 1999
Seek information on the following: [1] Arthur L. HOBSON, b. Apr 1867 in Alto, Howard Co. IN; m. Mitiald KURILEY on 25 Dec 1892 in Wabash Co. IN; d. Arkansas City, Desha Co. May have been buried in McGehee Cemetery. [2] Elsworth HOBSON, b. 26 Dec 1868, Alto, Howard Co. IN; d. Oct 1950 in Arkansas City, may be buried in McGehee Cemetery. [3] David Schuyler HOBSON, b. 7 Oct 1870 in Logansport, Cass Co. IN; d. 30 Dec. 1953 in Arkansas City, may be buried in McGehee Cemetery. Need the death dates on Arthur and his wife, to verify the death dates of Elsworth and David plus names and dates on their wives, if any. Thanks.
Submitter: Brenna Budd

DATE: 4 May 1999
I am looking for information about the COOKs descended from William Joshua COOK and the FLETCHERs descended from James L. FLETCHER. Thanks.
Submitter: Jack Cook

DATE: 3 May 1999
May 3, 1999 Bianca Noble I'm looking for anyone with information regarding the BROOKS, LEEs, and BULLARDs in Dumas AR and McGehee AR, or any information regarding Choctaw Indians in the Desha County area. Thank you.
Submitter: Bianca Noble

DATE: 1 May 1999
May 1, 1999 J. L. THOMAS and Laura THOMAS Lived in Mcgehee on First St., at the old boarding house across from the lumber yard. They were my great-grandparents and are buried in a cemetery in or very near town. Also Ethel (NEAL?) THOMAS and Herman THOMAS. All should be in the same cemetery. I am trying to get the dates of birth and death for my family history. The only other useful information I can give is back in the 1950s my grandmother and I would walk to the cemetery from the boarding house. Boarding house was sold by my grandmother in the '60s. Any information given will be greatly appreciated as health prohibits return to look myself.
Submitter: Brenda Lumbert

DATE: 18 Apr 1999
John WILKINSON, age 57, Male, Hotel Keeper, born in England. What Hotel? I think this is my family lineage I have been searching for but would be helpful to know more history. Please advise where I can get this.
Submitter: Ruth Donham

DATE: 20 Apr 1999
I am looking for information about my grandparents Clara Lottie TEDDER WHITE HARRIS (b. 18 SEP 1899 Kelso(?), d. Jan 1987 McGehee) and John J.(?) WHITE (b. 14 NOV 1892 Kelso(?), d. NOV 1977 McGehee). I think they would have been married around 1914-1919 and divorced about 1929. If I have the right John WHITE, he had father Benjamin WHITE (1838-1905) and mother Nancy (maiden name?) WHITE (1856-1914) and brothers Benjamin F. (1874-1960), William P. (1889-?), and sister Leanor (1888-?) per the 1900 census. Benjamin may have operated a store in or around Arkansas City. Did John J. WHITE remarry, etc.? I believe Clara TEDDER's father was J. W. TEDDER (1943-1911) per page 116 of Mrs. Stroud's book on cemetery records but I do not know her mother's name. Also don't know other wives of J. W. TEDDER. Clara had brothers Christopher Columbus (Bud), Simon Peter (Pete), Jesse (d. 1953?), and sister Kathryn (d. 1996 Little Rock). I'm new to genealogy research and am interested in how to obtain birth, marriage, death certificates, etc. Thanks and best regards.
Submitter: John B. White

DATE: 14 Apr 1999
I am searching for information on Ed HALL (my grandfather) born sometime between 1875--1890 someplace around Dumas Arkansas. His wife's name was Elmira JOHNSON. They had nine children: Gus, Jonas, Lucious, Ed Jr., Charlie (my father), Savannah, Magnolia, Lucille, and Hattie. Charlie HALL (my father) married to Martha MUNSON, left (Gould AR) in December 1948 and moved to Los Angeles CA. Remaining in the Gould AR area was a cousin by the name of James HALL, who had several children, names of which I do not know. Any information on this HALL family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks In Advance.
Submitter: Charles Hall, Jr.

DATE: 7 Apr 1999
Could someone possibly do Desha County cemetery lookups for me? I'm looking for any and all with the surname of BLAGG and would like to communicate with anyone who can connect. Most of my Arkansas family is in Yell County. However, some members moved to Desha, some permanently and some temporarily. The Desha connection is in the following line: Benjamin Franklin "Dick" BLAGG b. 1829 md Sarah Ann SMITH (1859). Their burial site is unknown but thought to be in Desha. Their children are: 1) Franklin Jerome BLAGG (1859-?) md Delina MORGAN, then Hettie ROY (burials unknown) 2) Parthenia Jane BLAGG (1861-1865)(buried in Yell Co.) 3) Infant boy BLAGG (1861-1861)(buried in Yell Co.) 4) Benjamin Franklin "Dick" BLAGG, Jr. (1864 - ?) md Mrs. Ellen MORGAN, then Beulah BAILEY (burials unknown) 5) Mary Elizabeth BLAGG (1865-?) md C. M. BEARD (burials unknown) 6) William Michael "Will" BLAGG (1868-1940) (I'm told this one is for sure in Desha) md Fannie Bell MAY (burials unknown) 7) Margaret L. BLAGG (1869-1877)(buried in Yell Co.) 8) Charles W. BLAGG (1871-?) md Annie BILLINGSLEY (burials unknown) 9) James BLAGG (1873-?) (burial unknown) 10) Elijah S. BLAGG (1875-1875) (buried in Yell Co.) 11) Jesse G. BLAGG (1876-1907) (burial unknown) 12) Thomas B. BLAGG (1878-1926) md Lular WHALE (Thomas buried in Yell Co.) 13) Minnie L. BLAGG (1880-1880/1) (buried in Yell Co.) Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Submitter: Earlene Blagg Chandler

DATE: 3 Apr 1999
In tracing possible leads to ancestry I came across an 1821 Bureau of Land Management entry for a Daniel McINTOSH, "an assignee of William" in the Desha County records. It seems Daniel McINTOSH was a Choctaw Indian. Can anyone tell me what "an assignee" means and could the entry also mean William McINTOSH, or William who? No other name was mentioned. is anyone from Desha County researching McINTOSH? I have found Arkansas references to James Monroe, James W., Thomas, Odom P., and William C. McINTOSH in the counties of Desha, Cleburne, Stone, and Sevier. My great-great-grandmother is purported to be Lyddia (Lydia, Liddia) McINTOSH.
Submitter: Elisabeth M. Marty DATE: 22 Mar 1999
I am a HICKINGBOTHAM and my family resided for many years in McGehee. I am interested in learning more about McGehee and its history and talking to anyone who may have known my father Ray Curtis HICKINGBOTHAM, Jr. or my grandparents. I am, in general, just trying to fill in blanks about my family history. I am not in touch with relatives in Little Rock by mutual choice. I am the daughter of Ray Jr. and his wife Dorothy WAHLSTROM HICKINGBOTHAM. If anyone would be so kind as to communicate with me either in general about the town or more specifically about my father's life there before World War II. Thanks - God Bless!
Submitter: Carol Hickingbotham Solstad

DATE: 15 Mar 1999
Looking for information on Annie Mae FRAZIER WILLIAMS and Lucille NEWTON (FRAZIER). They are second cousins to my mother. They lived in Desha County - MacArthur, Watson, Rohwer and surrounding areas. I was born in 1934 and they were there then. I have two uncles, Floyd and Elmer PICHELOUP, who are buried in the McGehee Cemetery. Please share if you know anything about them or the whereabouts of their offspring.
Submitter: Ruth Donham

DATE: 2 Mar 1999
Looking for the parents of Sarah BURNETT, born abt 1834. She married Nelson TUCKER in Desha Co. AR in 1854. Nelson was born in Phillips Co. AR. His step-father was Miles KNOWLTON. Will exchange any info I have with anyone on these people. My hope is to find Sarah's family. Thanks to all who read this.
Submitter: Mary Burnett

DATE: 21 Feb 1999
Looking for info on Will STAPP from the Arkansas City area in the early 1900's. He was married to Mary ISOM. They were married only a few weeks before he died. Mary remarried Jesse HERRING in 1916. Any info on the STAPP, ISOM or HERRING families will be appreciated.
Submitter: Debi Beatty

DATE: 16 Feb 1999
I am 16 years old and am very much into researching my family. I have a problem, though. My maternal grandfather came from Arkansas, and I live in South Carolina. He was a YATES. He was born to William E. and Lyda Mae ROWE YATES in 1926 at Red Fork. Later they lived on the Bayou outside of Watson and were sharecroppers. I would very much like to find out about the YATES, ROWE, and CHANDLER families that lived in Desha County. Is there anyway you can help me?
Submitter: David Dangerfield

DATE: 11 Feb 1999
Looking for Duval VASSAR, resident of Desha county, 1850 census; born 1810 in Louisiana. Possible he is the son of Rosemond VASSAR of Arkansas Co AR. Duval married Luisa/Louisa about 1848. Four known children: Charles, Joseph, James, Rosamund.
Submitter: Barbara Hodges

DATE: 11 Feb 1999
I would like to hear from anyone who remembers going to movies at the MOSS theatres at Rohwer, Backgate and Halley in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The theatres were owned by my parents, Calvin and Essie MOSS. I plan to write a history of their lives to place on my webpage, and would like to hear from you.
Submitter: Virginia Flesher

DATE: 7 Feb 1999
I am looking for information on the LANDRETH family that is shown in the 1960 Arkansas census. My Gr-GrandUncle, Thomas Franklin LANDRETH came to Arkansas, probably in l848, from McNairy county in Tennessee. They eventually settled in the Lonoke county area, Cabot and Keo. I know that the LANDRETH family was in Arkansas in l860. They may very well have settled for a while in Desha county. Any information about the LANDRETHs would be greatfullyl appreciated.
Submitter: Bill Haase

DATE: 7 fEB 1999
Looking for information on Shampes HARGIS, Sr. and family who lived and farmed in the Dumas AR area. He died in 1948 and his wife moved back into the Ada Valley AR area. Names of children were: Shampes, Jr. (Joe), Marie, Edith and Frederick. Edith was married to a Jip Yen GO, who was a grocer in the Dumas area in the mid 1940s. She then married to a Gene GEE, who was a grocer at Bonita LA. They are my parents. It is thought that she was married a third time but the name and date is unknown. It may have been before her marriage to Jip Yen GO while the HARGIS family still lived in the Ada Valley area, while she was still in her teens. Marie was married to a Mr. FULLER who moved to California. Any information is very much appreciated. Thanks.
Submitter: Gene Gee

DATE: 6 Feb 1999
I just found the Desha County website on the Internet and would like to know if there is any more information on the "Mr. Rohwer" that the town of Rohwer was named after. I do the Genealogy for my family, the ROHWERs, here in Utah and the western U.S. and Germany. Thank you.
Submitter: Gene L. Rohwer

DATE: 5 Feb 1999
Looking for record of William WOOD, my 3xgr-grandfather, who was a Presbyterian circuit rider (preacher) in Arkansas from abt. 1825 till the Civil War. His son, my 2xgr-grandfather, Walter WOOD, was born at White River, Desha Co., on Nov. 30, 1838. We don't know if this was a place of permanent residence for the family. Other children of William & his wife Margaret: Margaret Anna, Nancy, George, twins Harmon & Harrison, Katharine, Emily, Mary Jane, Harriet, David, Henrietta, Warren, Jasper, and Morgan. William had 15 more children by his 2nd wife, beginning in 1849. Family tradition is that they moved to Illinois at the beginning of the Civil War.
Submitter: Derek Doran-Wood

DATE: 29 Jan 1999
I am trying to trace the family tree of the WILLIAMS family of Pickens, AR. My grandfather's name is Frank Abe WILLIAMS, and my granmother's name is Essilena WILLIAMS. The town of Pickens may have formerly been known as Walnut Lake.
Submitter: Christopher Smith

DATE: 29 Jan 1999
I am a descendant of William Russell WILKERSON/WILKINSON, who married Melissa Lea LUCAS had 3 sons: Robert Lee (my father), William Fitzhugh and O.J. Any information on William Russell WILKERSON's parents or any pertinent info will be greatly appreciated. I was told that the family members used the graveyard at Napoleon before it went under the river due to the Mississippi changing it course. My other inquiry is the PICHELOUP family. Rosa PICHELOUP was my mother.
Submitter: Ruth Wilkerson Donham

DATE: 12 Jan 1999
I would like to contact someone who has any information about the KINLOW family. They moved to Dumas AR from Pickens/Gould AR in 1948. Samuel KINLOW and 4 sons, African-Americams, farmers. I remember census being taken while I was growing up. Please respond if you know anything about this family. Thanks in advance.
Submitter: Alma Kinlow Robinson

DATE: 4 Jan 1999
In the 1840 census of Desha Co. appears one James HASH, age 20-30, apparently with a wife. Does anyone know anything at all about this man? Does he appear in any other early Desha records--tax, marriage, land, etc.?
Submitter: Richard O. Johnson

DATE: 30 Dec 1998
I am the daughter of Louis Demar EICHER, born in Desha County around the turn of the century. I am uncertain of the exact date. He lived on Pea Ridge. He was killed in an automobile accident at age 32 in El Dorado, and we now realize we have very little information on his parents and family. Please help if you can. I will be most grateful.
Submitter: Evelyn Aeschliman

DATE: 18 Nov 1998
I am searching for William Harvey CONRAD, b 1887 in Morrilton, d 1935? somewhere in AR. He married Chloe LEE in 1913 in Desha Co., AR and they had eleven children: Lock, Willie, William, Luther, and Arthur. William CONRAD's parents were Henry Clay and Luvenia CONRAD who were born abt 1860 but unsure where. Does anyone have a connection to this family? If so, I would appreciate an opportunity to compare notes.
Submitter: Jo-Ann Stephens

DATE: 2 Nov 1998
Looking for any any information available on Woodrow Wilson ROBERSON, born in Snow Lake, AR, 8/13/1914. His father Aaron James ROBERSON abt. 1868-1950 and is buried in La Grange, AR. Possible brother or half-brother of Earl THOMPSON. Possibly from Indiana. My grandfather, Woodrow Wilson ROBERSON, was born in Desha County, AR, in 1914, and married Pauline MULL, who was born in St. Francis County, AR. There is a lot of mystery around Aaron and it is possible this is not his real name.
Submitter: Gary Cagle

DATE: 21 Oct 1998
Am interested in any/all info regarding the BOYD and PRISOCK families which resided in McGehee, Desha Co., AR, during the early 1900's. Am especially interested in locating death and burial info on John P. BOYD (b ca 1837 - d aft 1905) who is reported to have been the patriarch of the family and responsible for their migration from Leake and Winston Counties (MS) to Desha County (AR)... and eventually (for some) to the northern LA Parishes of Union, Ouachita, Lincoln and Jackson. Thank you for your assistance.
Submitter: John C. Sears

DATE: 18 Oct 1998
Searching for Charles M. DAVIS, who was living in Arkansas City, Desha Co., AR, 1923, and was named as an heir in his uncle's probate record, James W. EISIMINGER of St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO. Any information on Charles, his descendants or family would be greatly appreciated.
Submitter: Monica Eshelman

DATE: 16 Oct 1998
Seeking information on Jacob or Wilhelmina WALL/WOHL/WOOL. Names on 1900 census are WALL. Family record indicates WOHL. Marriage license says WOOL. Wilhelmina's maiden name was RENZ. Moved to Desha Co. in 1880s from Indiana. Had children Flora, Annie, and Charles. Possible one other. Living on Mississippi Road in 1900. Wilhelmina was my great-great aunt.
Submitter: Ronald Walker

DATE: 16 Oct 1998
I am looking for anyone who has knowledge of J. P. STANLEY, who is listed on the 1860 Census of Desha County. Please email me if you have any connection to or knowledge of.
Submitter: Missy Jeffrey

DATE: 12 Oct 1998
I'm looking for any information on my gg-grandmother's brother, Edward Green HUDDLESTON who lived at McGehee. Ed was a city marshal in the 1920's and was in a shoot-out with Fletcher HAILEY, who later died. Ed had another brother, Charles HUDDLESTON, who was marshal at Watson. He was killed by Morris WOLSHANSKY. I appreciate any help.
Submitter: Jann Woodard

DATE: 7 Oct 1998
I am looking for information about these people who lived and worked in Arkansas City in 1900: John W. DAVIS, Editor. William C. REITZAMMER, Asst Postmaster. John A. (Jack) PROCTOR, Typesetter. My questions: What was the name of Mr. DAVIS' publication? Is it still in existence? Where can copies be found? Where was the post office located? Was it in the same building with the newspaper? Mr. PROCTOR is my grandfather. I think he was married to a REITZAMMER, but I can't find a connection between the families. Was Mr. DAVIS related to either the PROCTORs or REITZAMMERs? Any information you have would be appreciated.
Submitter: John M. Proctor

DATE: 5 Oct 1998
I have an Elizabeth Leeman MEDLOCK and husband John that I am trying to locate in White River, Arkansas. According to an estate settlement (1840) that I have of her father that is where they left AL to go. No one (according to the statements taken) knew if they made it or had children. If you can locate John MEDLOCK for 1840 I would appreciate it. If there are other areas also known as White River in another county, please let me know. Thanks for your time.
Submitter: Debbie Henderson

DATE: l Oct 1998
I am researching my wife's grandmother, born Lela Lee McELRATH in McGehee, AR on 6 October 1890. Her mother was Fanny SAMMONS and her father Charlie "CD" McELRATH. She died on 19 October 1976 in West Carroll Parish, Louisiana. Were there any local birth records kept for this period? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
Submitter: Chris Hansen

DATE: 11 Apr 1998
How did the community of Zellner there in Desha County get its name. There is also a Zellner Brake which must be a marshy area or a small creek located in Desha County. Since my great great mother was a ZELLNER and had two sons with the surname of HUGHES who lived in Drew County, I would appreciate any information about these two places.
Submitter: Carlton Measels

DATE: 30 Mar 1998
I am looking for information the E(phraim) D. OVERTON family enumerated in 1850 and 1860 in Desha Co. (Laconia area of Mississippi Township). E. D.'s spouse was Angeline PARKER, and his sister in law was Mary E. PARKER. Ephraim and Angeline had the following children: George, Charles C., Lewis M., Mary Jane, R. W. (Robert?) and William. Ephraim would have been born around 1822 in IL, and Angeline around 1829 in New York. Specifically, can anyone tell me why this family wouldn't appear on the 1870 census? I can't find the Lanconia area on the census at all. I'd also like to hear from anyone else who may have information on the family, I can share some of the "down-line". Anyone know E.D. or Angeline's birth towns or parent names? Is there any connection between the OVERTONs in other counties of AR and this one? Why would E.D. be listed as an owner of land at the age of 2 years old???
Submitter: Holly L. Schrank

DATE: 8 Mar 1998
My Great Grandparents were married in Desha Co., AR. 24 Oct 1872, Mary Elizabeth EDWARDS (b. 3 April 1852) and William Newcum BLACKWELL (b. 13 June 1853). I believe she was the daughter of Isaac EDWARDS and Isavella MOSBY EDWARDS. I would like any information concerning this family. Thanks!
Submitter: Bette Leatherwood

DATE: 3 Mar 1998
Could the MENARD families of Desha County be a connection or ancestor of John MAYNARD who is later found in Yell and Perry Counties, AR with a wife A. RUSSELL MAYNARD and sons William Alex b.1858 Yell County, and Joseph b. 1862 Perryville, AR? We have been told MENARD is another spelling for MAYNARD.
Submitter: Valeria B. Lawrence

DATE: 3 Mar 1998
Need help please with Isaac BROWNING listed on Census Index of Desha Co. 1840. Appreciate any info. on BROWNING.
Submitter: Jenny Oldham

DATE: ?? Mar 1998
QUERY: ROAN or RONE, in Redford, Desha, AR 1870--Can anyone tell me about Commodore ROAN enmumerated in the 1870 census with Emma? He is 46 and born in KY. She is 30 and born in RI. Mary is oldest child age 18 and also listed as KY. 5 other children all listed as AR with Prudence a baby.
Submitter: Linda Lane Hedges

DATE: 3 Mar 1998
Would like to connect with anyone having info on John and Elizabeth BURNETT found in 1860 Desha Co. census. Their son, Alfred John BURNETT b. 1844 KY enlisted in the CSA and his wife Lizzie received a pension which was witnessed by Desha Co. residents who knew of his service.
Submitter: Valeria B. Lawrence

DATE: ?? Feb 1998
E.D. OVERTON owned land in Mississippi Twp., Desha County from approx. 1824 (when he was 2 years old apparently) to at least 1860 (the last time he appears on the Desha Co. census). The family lived in Laconia in 1850 and 1860. Laconia doesn't appear on the 1870 census, so I assume it was flooded out. The specific questions I have are:

  1) On the 1850 census, Mary E. Parker (sister of E.D.'s wife Angeline) was living with them. She evidentally moved, died or was married between 1850 and 1860. She was born in NY approximately 1831. Looking for any records which might help determine her fate.

  2) The entire family does not appear on the 1870 census for Desha Co. and I have not found them in an index of surnames for the ARK 1870 census. However, daughter Mary Jane was married in Phillips Co. in 1977. Did E.D. and wife Angeline die after 1860, or move elsewhere?

  3) Family lore says that Angeline PARKER OVERTON also had the last name PAINE or PAYNE. Does anyone have this surname and have an Angeline in the family?

  4) Why did Laconia disappear from the 1870 Desha Co. census?
Submitter: Holly L. Schrank

DATE: 18 Feb 1998
Would like information on the surname ENSMINGER. Thank you.
Submitter: Viki

DATE: 16 Feb 1998
Seeking to identify parents of Elijah CHEATHAM, born c.1800-10, listed in the 1840 Desha Co. census. Is he the Elijah CHEATHAM found in the 1830 Jefferson Co. Ky. census? May have had children John W., Josephine, David & Louise/Levisa., all listed in the 1850 Desha Co. census.
Submitter: Bill Cheatham

DATE: 31 Jan 1998
I was interested in finding this page - my in-laws have a Margaret Frances DESHA, b. August 1822 in Washington DC - died July 1 1900 in Batesville, Ark - in their background -she married a William DENTON, b. Sept. 1812; they had Elvira Fowler DENTON, b. 1844 in Batesville AR. She married John Park BOYD, b. 1837 in Fairview KY - died 1911 in Batesville, ARK - they had May Baxter, b. May 31 1878 in Tureene MS - she married Omer Chadwick BREWER b. 1880 in Malvern ARK - they had Etta Elvira b. 1904 in Little Rock ARK, she married Lloyd Martin CHILDERS, b. 1895 Springfield, MO - they had David Omer CHILDERS - my father-in-law. Is your Desha County and my Desha connected? If so I would love any history valid to this family. Thanks - also if there is mention of any other surnames listed in your county - please let me know. thanks for your kindness.
Submitter: Carol

DATE: 31 Dec 1997
Surname: TERRELL or TERRAL in Mcgehee during 1880-1895 Trying to find any information about my grandfather's parents. He was possibly born in McGehee, AR to Samuel F. and Emma (BLALOCK) TERRELL. His parents died a short time after he was born and he went to live with an aunt, Rebecca J. TERRELL WHITEAKER/WHITAKER in Drew County. His name was Jefferson Milton (Millaton) TERRELL and was born October 22, 1884 or 1885. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Submitter: Catherine Seabolt

DATE: 14 Dec 1997
Looking for information/descendants of Daniel SEXTON b. 1771 in Frederick Co., MD., d. Nov 1843 in Desha Co., AR. He married Ann LEWIS 14 Sep 1800 in Bullitt Co., KY. Daniel was son of George SEXTON and Sarah HARLAN.
Submitter: Steven D. Loose

DATE: 9 Dec 1997
Ramsey L. MAYSON was born about 1795 in South Carolina. He married Elizabeth Beckham GRUNDY in Davidson Co., Tennessee (1816). Their children were born in Tennesee prior to their moving to Desha County, Arkansas, sometime before 1850 census. Any information on these two or any of their descendants is appreciated. I am a descendant of their son, Archibald L. MAYSON (b: 1836), and his wife, Victoria REYNOLDS (b:1838, AL). They were married in Drew Co., Arkansas (1859).
Submitter: Sandra Long Anders

DATE: 9 Dec 1997
We are seeking information about Charles SEAL listed in the 1860 Federal Census, Wilkinson Twp., Desha Co., AR, page # 007. Any further information about him or family members would be greatly appreciated. Did this man have a brother named James? Is he the same C.J. SEAL/SEALE who served in 3rd ARK, Co. B, CSA, from June 9, 1861?
Submitter: Dan & Jean Snyder

DATE: 20 Oct 1997
Thought my grandpa, William Hayes HAIRE, was born in Oakdale, Allen, LA, but got his Rock Island RR retirement records today, and one paper says he was born in Winchester, Desha, AR (27 Jan 1892). His parents were James Mildred HAIR(e?) and Fanny May NEWTON, both born in MS. They died before William was 12. They appeared to have moved around a lot, as my grandpa ended up in 1917 in KS where he died in 1973. Thanks for any help.
Submitter: Leslie Mills

DATE: ?? Oct 1997
George Amos KIRTLEY, born 18 Nov. 1896 in Center Ridge, AR and died in Dumas, AR in June 1984. I am trying to find out who his parents are and where in Dumas he was buried at. Johnson Funeral Home took care of the arrangements, but I can't find an address for them to get the records. His wife, Verdie K. (Carter) KIRTLEY-MILAM is also buried in Dumas, possibly in the same cemetery, she died in Feb. 1972. Can anyone help me out??
Submitter: Toni Lasseter

DATE: 31 Aug 1997
I am looking for information on my GG-Grandparents- James T. CALDWELL b. Aug 08, 1825; d. Nov 07, 1875 in AR. He married Eliza Jane LOUGHRAN? b. Nov 11, 1832, d. ?; They were married on Nov 05, 1850. James was supposedly a LT. in Co B of the 26th AR inf. CSA. They had the following children:

  1. Mary Eudorah Bell CALDWELL b. Sept 01, 1851; d.?

  2. William James Fagan CALDWELL b. Aug 17, 1853

  3. Phillip Ashley CALDWELL b. June 25, 1856; d. Apr 03, 1884

  4. Stiles Ragland CALDWELL b. Sept 07, 1862; d. Apr 04, 1883

  5. Gustavus Henry CALDWELL b. Dec 03, 1864; d. ?

  6. Loughran Corlew CALDWELL b. Sept 14, 1867; d. June 18, 1874

  7. Louise Ida CALDWELL b. Nov 03, 1869; d. Oct 04, 1947; Ida married Elisha PHILLIPS in 1886. She and Elisha are my G-Grandparents. I do know that the James T. CALDWELL was a farmer and was suppose to own quite a bit of land somewhere around Tillar or Winchester. I am not positive which County they actually lived in but I am told some of their descendants now live in or around Dumas. The information above is all I have as it comes from the CALDWELL Family Bible that my G-Grandmother had. I have not been able to find them on any census records so far, but still trying. Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. This line is giving me more trouble than any of my other lines. PLEASE, HELP ME! Thanks.
Submitter: Urban Wilson

DATE: 10 Aug 1997
I am looking for an elusive great grandfather who "disappeared" between 1860 and 1884. I am systematically looking at all the Calvin BAXTERs in the 1870 and 1880 censuses to see if I can find his location. I notice there is a Calvin BAXTER in Desha Co., AR in the 1870 census in Island Twp. Does anyone have any information on this Calvin? My Calvin was born in 1845 in Indiana and, in 1870, would have been married, probably with no children. Any help appreciated.
Submitter: Alan W. Tate

DATE: 18 Jul 1997
Seeking information on James Cannon COOSE, Francis MENARD, Levina SEARCY, William Edward PARRISH. All were residents of Desha Co. Arkansas sometime between 1800 - 1900. Any information welcome.
Submitter: Kristin Huddleston

DATE: 17 Jul 1997
Seeking information about the COOSE and MENARD families living in Desha County. James Cannon COOSE married Elizabeth MENARD in Desha - about 1840. James Cannon COOSE was born in Tenn. and is the son of Alivina and N.C. COOSE. Elizabeth MENARD is the daughter of Francis MENARD & ? . Any info. appreciated.
Submitter: Kristin Huddleston

DATE: 11 Jun 1997
My students are doing research on Arkansas Post. Between 1810 and the end of the Civil war there was a planter and store owner there by the Name of NOTREBE, Fredic. There are other spellings of the last name, one being NORTREBE. He was French and owned approximately 6,000 acres of land in Arkansas, Chicot, and Desha counties. We need to know anything possible about him, his family and descendants. We know that he married a Creole but do not know her name or where she lived before the marriage. Since he was French, we are assuming that he was a Catholic. Any help would be appreciated. Carolyn Porter Social Studies
Submitter: Carolyn Porter

DATE: 8 Jun 1997
Seeking any information on any MCTIGRIT in Desha Co., Ark. Will exchange info.
Submitter: Doyle McTigrit

DATE: 20 May 1997
I am researching the NADY, MENARD, SWEENY and JONES families of Arkansas and Desha Counties. I am looking for specific information related to the families of Francis Menard, Frank Nady, Eugene Nady, Josette (Jasette) Nady, Lucille Nady, Jasper Sweeny, Ebenezer Jones and William S. Malcomb.
Submitter: Jan Berryman

DATE: 17 Apr 1997
I am looking for information on William J. HEATHCOCK/HATHCOCK. William J. and his family lived in Desha County AR in the early 1880s. William was born in 1829 in South Carolina. He married Catherine W (maiden name unknown but would like to know). They had severakl children: Isaac W. born 1860 in AL, William T. born 1864 in AL, James A. born 1866 in AL, George Gant born 1871, Doxey Ann born 1872, Rhoda born 1876, Ella born 1879. James A. HEATHCOCK moved to Indian Territory in the 1890's in 1900 his mother Catherine W. lived with him but made frequent trips "back home" according to newspaper report I am looking for descendants of this family to exchange information with. I lost track of Judge James A. HEATHCOCK in 1918. James A. HEATHCOCK was married to a woman named Nellie, they had several children Callie, Mary, Jessie and William. Can someone tell me if they are on later census of that County. James A. was a Judge in Pittsburg County OK., and he owned a general store and a newspaper called the 'Krebs Miner'. He was also a real estate agent and sold lumber.
Submitter: Avie Heathcock

DATE: 10 Apr 1997
Looking for the gravesite of my grandfather Marcus Lafayette JANEWAY. He moved to Bates, AR. in 1908. He would have been 41 years old at that time. Can anyone tell me how to get cemetary records for Desha, Izard and Montgomery Counties.
Submitter: Marvin Janeway

DATE: 7 Apr 1997
Searching for MCQUISTON and STINSON in Desha, Drew, and Ashley Counties during late 1800--early 1900's. Please email. Thanks.
Submitter: Dina Stevenson

DATE: 31 Mar 1997
Seeking any and all information about the COOSE family. My great grandmother was Cora Viloa COOSE m. William Edward PARRISH. Her parents were John Francis COOSE and Levina E. SEARCY. John Francis COOSE was the son of James Cannon COOSE and Elizabeth MENARD. James Cannon COOSE was the son of N.C. COOSE and Alvina (maiden name unknown). They came to Desha from somewhere in Tenn. Need Alvina's maiden name, location they came from in Tenn, parents of N.C. COOSE and Alvina, any and all other information welcome.
Submitter: Kristin Huddleston

DATE: 31 Mar 1997
Query: PARRISH located in Desha County 1800's. Seeking any information or connections to the following. William Edward PARRISH m. Cora Viola COOSE 8 Feb. 1903 in Desha, Arkansas. William Edward PARRISH's parents were William PARRISH (father George PARRISH mother Sarah) and Narcissus (maiden name unknown) first married a THOMPKINS. Need Narcissus' maiden name. Any other information welcome.
Submitter: Kristin Huddleston

DATE: 28 Mar 1997
Watson, Calhoun County, AR (Outside Tinsman), or Watson, Desha County, AR - ??? I am looking for any information on my Great-Grandfather, Thomas HUNTER. Died in Watson, AR in 1906. Listed occupation as Locomotive Engineer. Trying to verify his death within one of these Counties and names of Railroad lines that that ran through the areas in 1906. Thomas HUNTER was married to Mary (GOINGS) HUNTER and they had three children: Ernest, Edith, and Beatrice. Note: We have no other information on Beatrice after 1900, so I am also looking for any death records on her. Any information concerning the HUNTERs would be greatly appreciated. (Deaths, Railroads, Probate, Etc.) 1900 Census Of Arkansas, Greene Co. - Whole family listed. 1910 Census Of Arkansas, Chicot Co. - Only Ernest and Edith, living with a Mollie GRAYSON -?.( No mention of Mary or Beatrice.)
Submitter: L. J. Hewitt

DATE: 27 Feb 1997
Looking for imformation on father & grandfather who lived in or around McGehee AR, surname OWENS. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
Submitter: Bill Owens

DATE: 4 Feb 1997
I am searching for information on the NADY(NADEY),MENARD and SWEENY (SWEENEY) families. These families were in both Desha and Arkansas counties from the early 1800s to present. Frank NADY was a major land owner in the late 1800s. His sister, my great great grandmother, Lucile NADY was first married to Francis MENARD then to a Mr. SWEENY(SWEENEY). I am looking for the first name of the Mr. SWEENEY she married. I am also looking for decendents of Francis MENARD, as well as decendents of Charles and Eugene NADY, who were Frank NADY's brothers.
Submitter: Jan Berryman

DATE: 30 Jan 1997
Please help if you can. I am looking for Bill or Cal DEAN, in Desha or Drew Co. And also, Looking for Mary Mattie BIRCHFIELD (BURCHFIELD) and Elizabeth Estelle GRIFFIN, born in 1913. Can anyone help? Thanks.

DATE: 27 Jan 1997
Searching for parents of Daniel CHANCE who first paid personal property tax in Desha Co in 1843. 1850 Drew Co census said he was born in LA, age 28. First real property purchase we found was in 1857, then Drew Co. Where did he come from? Grave marker says he was born 17 Mar 1821, died 11 Jul 1900. Buried at Holly Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, now Lincoln Co. He helped found that church in 1873. Wife in 1850 was Nancy, searching for her last name. No marriage record found in Desha or Drew Co, about 1848.
Submitter: Wanda Stephens

DATE: 20 Jan 1997
Would like to contact anyone having knowledge of the following people who were in Desha County the mid-1800s: Agnes Jane CAMMACK, b. ca 1828 in LA, living 1860 in Desha Co., d/o Yelverton and Elizabeth (WATSON) CAMMACK, m. 1846, Dr. Peyton GRAVES, living 1860, By 1860 they had children: R. F. GRAVES, male, b. ca 1854; Ollie A. GRAVES, female, b. ca 1856, and D. C. GRAVES, male, b. ca 1859. A. GRAVES (female, b. ca 1856) and D. C. GRAVES (male, b. ca 1859). Sophia Woolfolk CAMMACK, aunt of above-mentioned Agnes Jane, b. 1812, Caroline Co., VA or Adams Co., MS, d. 1843, Desha Co., m. 1828, Geo. B. WATSON, Jr., brother of Elizabeth WATSON mentioned above, and had children: Lewis B. WATSON, b. ca 1831 in LA, living 1860, Desha Co.; John WATSON, (b. ca 1833 in LA; living 1850, Desha Co.; Mary E. WATSON; Narcissa WATSON, (b. ca 1838 in AR, living 1856 in Desha Co., m. in Desha Co. 1859, Dr. Chas. L. FRENCH; Delila WATSON. I have been unable to find these people after 1860. I would very much like to find living descendants since they are descended from my ancestor, George CAMMACK of Caroline Co.., VA and Adams Co. MS.
Submitter: Mary Gregg

DATE: 7 Jan 1997
QUERY: Searching for any information related to surname SWEENY in Desha County. Sometime after 1868 Lucile NADY MENARD married a SWEENY. I am attempting to find his first name. Lucile NADY had been married to Francis MENARD, who died about 1867 or 1868.
Submitter: Jan Berryman

DATE: 7 Jan 1997
Searching for any information related to the surname NADY. My great- grandmother was Lucile NADY who married Francis MENARD and lived in Desha County in the mid 1800s.
Submitter: Jan Berryman

DATE: 12 Dec 1996
Searching for birth record of Lela Lee McELRATH, b. 6 Oct 1890 in McGehee, AR. Her father was Charles D. McELRATH and her mother was Francis "Fanny" SAMMONS McELRATH. Thanks.
Submitter: Chris Hansen

DATE: 9 Dec 1996
Searching for information about Joseph COURSEY (COVEY/COUEY) from Desha County, AR who married Elizabeth TAYLOR, born 1828, in Yazoo County, MS. Joseph and Elizabeth were married in 1843 and had two children, William and Mary Ann. What happened to Joseph? Who were his parents and did he have siblings? Thanks.
Submitter: Mary Shelton

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