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Arkansas City, Arkansas
Friday, February 24, 1888


Judge Richardson is back from a visit in Camden.

C. H. Halley was in town Tuesday and Wednesday.

Ellie Manker made a business trip to Monticello Monday.

Joshua W. Parker was down from Laconia this week.

Mr. Henry Levy, of Monticello, spent last week in this city.

Conductor F. P. Coburn is again on duty on the Warren Branch.

W. D. Preston went out to Monticello last Saturday, and returned Monday.

Mr. A. E. Harris, of Monticello, passed through on his way to Texas on business Tuesday.

Miss Bettie Jones, of Little Rock, is spending a few days with Mrs. Charlie Machin of this city.

C. W. Garland, formerly a fellow citizen of this place is still helping to boom Leoti, Wichita county, Kansas.

Mr. Tom Leverett and wife went out to Monticello Wednesday to spend a few days with friends and relatives.

Judge B. F. Merritt went up to his place near the mouth of the Arkansas River on the Kate Adams Tuesday.

W. F. Newton and Jerry Honkins of Jefferson township came down from Memphis on the Kate Adams Tuesday on their way home.

Miss Annie Bessellieu, after spending several weeks with her sister, Mrs. C. H. Van Patten, returned to her home, Monticello, Saturday.

George Davis was brought down by Deputy Constable Hodge last Tuesday from Laconia, having been committed by 'Squire Harrison for grand larceny.

Col. B. F. Grace has been out of the country this week on legal business.

W. E. Stowe of the Desha Lumber & Planting Company is here in a tour of inspection.

General Reynolds, of Chicot county, has gone to Washington, D.C., to be absent ten days or so.

M. W. Lewis, of Louisville, Ky., was here this week. Mr. Lewis has an abiding faith in the future of Arkansas City.

The ladies of Arkansas City propose to give a Leap Year ball at the Knights of Pythias hall on Friday evening, March 2nd, 1888. The following are the committees in charge of the affair: On arrangements: Mistresses T. W. Hemingway, J. W. Dickinson, R. W. Smith, J. W. Davis, Henry Townsend. On invitation: Misses Edna Bolin, Mattie Dorsey, Bell Leverett, Addie Sharp. Reception: Mistresses T. F. Leverett, Allen Godwin and W. W. Bowles and Miss Mamie Leverett. Floor manager: Mistress W. R. Prosise and S. S. Bolin, Misses Bessie Robb and Katie Kapherr. Admission for Ladies is $1 each; gentlemen free. A good time is promised. Supper at 12 o'clock.

At the stockholders meeting of the Arkansas City Manufacturing Company last Saturday, the following were elected as the Board of Directors to serve the ensuing year: J. G. Reitzammer, Joe Zerga, John W. Davis, Edward Trippe, Lewis Manker and James Murphy; afterwards the Board elected Joe Zerga, president, and James Murphy, secretary and treasurer. The new board proposed to push the enterprise vigorously.


  Lawyer Murphy, as attorney, instituted two attachment suits this week, involving over ten thousand dollars.
  Lou Landreth redeems the north half of section 1 in township 10 south range 1 west.
  Marrying has gone out of style, at least so thinks the clerk, only one license issued since last week, being to James Jones and Lucy Douglass, both of Laconia.
  Contractor Trippe has carpenters at work on the jail, tearing the damaged top off, preparatory to the repairing damage done by the late fire.


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