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Part of the State of Arkansas Tombstone Transcription Project.

If you know the name of the cemetery of interest,  locate it by longitude & latitude map coordinates. 

Cemetery Name Table.

Thomas Routledge/Rutledge, St. Cuthbert's Chapel Cemetery, Bewcastle, Scotland, with family crest inscribed on stone. See It here

This cemetery project was started in 1996 as a bare cemetery index list compiled from GNIS maps. 1998 we started to transcribe the actual writing on the stones. If you have a transcription or photographs of a cemetery in Franklin County, Arkansas, please submit either or both to WEBMASTER by email attachment. Thanks a bunch all......we can use 10,000 photo transcriptions here, so bring them in.

Original Land Owners site location table

Transcribed cemeteries are located in the following table.

o Old map of cemeteries

o Old map locater

o Old list of cemeteries by number and name of owner of the land.

o Barns GO

o Beech Grove GO

o Belt Cemetery GO

o Berkley Cemetery GO

o Blanscet at Altus GO

o Boydston GO

o Brown's Chapel GO

Brown's Chapel page two. GO

o Carpenter Cemetery, ....about ten miles south of Ozark  GO       DOC

o Cass Cemetery GO

o Cemetery Ridge GO

o Cecil Cemetery GO

o Childers Cemetery GO

o Cole's Chapel Cemetery GO

o Council's Cemetery, located on Council's farm GO

o Deer Camp, a forgotten cemetery near Ozark. GO

o Dick Hill Cemetery GO          transcription needed. will you volunteer to do this?

o Duncan at Watalula GO

o Etna Church, name unknown, but near Etna Church GO

o Henderson Cemetery GO

o Highland Cemetery (two photos) GO

o Fain-Higdon GO

o Gage GO

o Gar Creek Cemetery GO Photograph (need transcription)

NOTE: More photos on the way for Gar Creek. We still need a transcription of this cemetery.

o Greenwood at Denning, GO

o Hampton Cemetery GO

o Hickory at Mountain Top GO

o Highland Cemetery Photos 

Walter Marcussen

o Hight Cemetery, Mulberry GO Hight was flooded by a dam and burials were moved to Brown's Chapel Cemetery.

o Houston Cemetery GO Photographs and transcription

o Hunter Cemetery GO

o Jackson Family Cemetery GO

o James Cemetery GO

o Keller Cemetery, AKA Snow Cemetery  GO

o King Cemetery GO

o Liberty GO Photographs and transcription

o Lowe's Creek Cemetery GO with photographs of Brehe family.

Photo of Robert Mcussen second son of Marcus Peter

o McAnally Cemetery GO

o McKinney at Cass GO

o Mill Creek Cemetery GO

o Mountain View GO

o Morgan Fly Gap GO

o Mountain Crest Cemetery GO

o McIlroy, Cass, GO

o Nichols Chapel GO Photographs and partial transcription

o Phillips Cemetery GO

o Piney Cemetery GO pending permission to post

o Pond Creek GO

o Potts Cemetery GO

o Sadler Springs Cemetery GO

o Saint Mary's Catholic Church and Cemetery, Altus, AR GO

o Shinpaugh-Marvin-Maxey GO

o Shores Cemetery GO

o Snow Cemetery, AKA Keller GO

o Spencer Cemetery GO

o Stutsman-English  GO

o Turner Bend at Cass GO

o Turner Cemetery, GO 1/4th mile from Turner Bend

o Vest Cemetery GO

o White Rock GO Photographs ( transcripts pending )



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A list of all known cemeteries