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Franklin County, Arkansas

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A new message, "Will of John W. Alstatt," was posted by Mary Dougherty
on Mon, 09 Apr 2001

Surname: Alstatt, Wray, Massey, Burns

NAME: Mary Dougherty

QRYTEXT: In doing research in Franklin Co. and making copies of the information, I wanted to share the will that I found for John W. Alstatt. There is a connection to the family I am researching for.

Wills of Franklin Co., AR Ozark & Charleston 1838-1920
Page 41

John W. Alstatt

1. To my wife, T. E. Alstatt, all personal property, money and credits due me.

2. to my wife the lands and farms where I reside in White Oak Twp.

3. At her death above goes to my son, Thomas F. Alstatt, my daughter, Mrs. Mary E. Wray and the son of my wife, William T. Massey, and Joseph W. Burns whos has lived with me from a very tender age, to be divided equally.
10 Feb 1896 (signed) John W. Alstatt

F. W. Greer of Ozark stated he was called to prepare the body for burial on 1 Oct 1909 and that he was buried the same day..


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Surname: Tucker

On my trip to Ozark, Franklin County, AR, I found this will in the Wills
of Franklin Co., AR Ozark and Charleston 1838-1920. I thought this was
the William that we were looking for but it is not. However, maybe it can
help one of you. I also have photos of this Williams gravesite and other
family members. Email for the photos.

Page 13
#61. William Tucker 6 Mar 1872 South of Arkansas River.

1. I give to my daugher, Mary Ann wife of A. B. Thompson, one bed and bed
clothing, one sadle, one yellow mare known as Martha.

2. To my daughter, Sarah Jane wife of J. M. Phillips, the residue of all
of my property with the condition that she is to take charge of and care
for my son, William Lewis Tucker, who is not of sound mind and unable to
care for himself.

3. To my daughter, Sarah Jane all rights to lands in Tennessee or money
ffrom the sale of same now being in charge of my authorized agent, William

4. To my daughter Mary Ann $100.00 out of money due me from the estate
of Robert Caldwell, dec'd late of Giles County, Tennessee.

5. To my daughter Sarah Jane the remainder of money from above in Giles,

6 Mar 1872 his mark
Appoints James M. Phillips executor
Filed 28 Aug 1877

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From: Alan Risener
To: Donna ; Donkelly
Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2001 1:16 PM
Subject: Will of William Brown

know all men By these presents that I William Brown of mill creek Township in the counyy of Franklin and State of Arkansas beeing in ill health but in Sound and disposing mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and Testament I here by desire to devise to my wife Lutihia Brown all the residue of my real estate as long as she shall live and at her death to my to my Son Henry Thomas Brown
in Testimony whereof I here to set my hand and publish and declare this to be my last will and testamin in the presents of these witnesses named be low this the 12th day of may 1883
William Brown
Signed published and declared by the same William Brown as and for his last will and Testamint in presents of us who in presents of and in the presents of each other and at his request hier Subscribed our names as witnesses her.
C.M. Price
J.T. Cooper