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James Wilson's Will:   FRANKLIN CO, AR

Franklin Co, AR Will Book, p. 246
Last Will and Testament of J. M. Wilson, Deceased

Know all men by these presents that I, J. M. Wilson, of Altus, Arkansas, being of sound mind do hereby make and proclaim this to be my last Will and Testament.

I hereby give and bequeath unto my wife, S. E. Wilson, absolutely all moneys and bank accounts which I may have at my death.

I also give and bequeath unto my wife to be used by her during her life or while she remains my widow all personal property except Notes and Accounts, also all real estate to be used by her during her life or widowhood and in case of death on marrying gain said property both personsl and real to be sold and the proceeds divided equally among my children or other surviving heirs.

I hereby give and bequeath all notes and personal accounts or other proceeds when collected to my children in equal amounts or to their in case of the death of any of them.

I hereby name E. C. Wilson and Z. D. Wilson as the Executors of this will without bond, provided they shall accept the same without recompense other than actual expenses incurred in tending to said business.

In the event that at my death I do not have on hand cashg and money in back to the amount of Twelve Hundred Dollars my Executors above named shall collect as soon a can legally be done the necessary amount to be added to the cash on hand and in bank to make Twelve Hundred Dollars and turn same over to her.

J. M. Wilson

Signed and witnessed by and in the presence of each other this 29 October 1906
W. F. Austin
W. D. Rodman
State of Arkansas   )
County of Franklin  )  SS
Ozark District