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Family Records for Franklin County, Arkansas


History of Elias T. TURNER is a large file and may take 10 minutes to download.

Open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader.......if you don't have this program it is downloaded from Adobe. Adobe Systems Incorporated at no cost. Thanks........Everett Turner

SMITH, Samuel line

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Patterson Family

Elias T. Turner Open pdf file with Adobe

Another Turner family note necessarily related, but possible.

Henry Turner

Brown Family rtf

James Adcock and Family by

Clifford Adcock and Family by

John English Family, related to Elias T. Turner family


I have now connected English family with the Elias T. Turner family on your site. Benjamin F. Turner, first husband of Permelia English Adcock, was the grandson of John B. Turner, father of Elias T. Turner. Joseph Thrasher Turner, Elias'brother,  was Benjamin's father.
It gets complicated, doesn't it? But it is fun!
I just noticed a mistake (imagine that)
Castleton B. Phillips married Matilda E. Morrison, not Matilda E. Baker.  Thanks!


Lasater Family   by Cathy Sato


Whitson Family  with Whitherspoon information  by Cathy Sato