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Schools suspected to have been around Alix Arkansas

Jackman School

Alix, Arkansas

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Top: Mamie Krallman, Agnes Quisnaw, Mildred Helmart, Johnie Quick, Robert Workman, Agnes Krallman, Maude Tims.

Second: Inez Holloway, unknown Tinkfullter, Pauline Edwards, Charlie Morgan, Ciara Flake, Irene Timms, teacher Iva Worthan.

Front: Hazel Alix, Retta Norton, Harry Logan, Eunice Morris, Holman Hampton, Loraine Manning, Charles Quisnaw, Arch Meers.

Three photos by CORNELIA ANDRUS <>

PHOTO ONE: About 1922

This first photo was taken about 1922, not sure where, but probably in Alix, but possibly Denning. In the 1920 census, my family was living in Alix and a 1923 baptismal record (from St. Mary's, Altus) also shows the family in Alix.
In row 2, going left to right, the eighth chile is my uncle, Edward Chrostowski (small arrow drawn on photo).
In row 1, left to right, the 5th child is my mother, Jadwiga (aka Harriet or Hedwig) Chrostowski.
Edward and Jadwiga were the oldest children of Martin and Wanda (Gawrys) Chrostowski.
Cornelia Andrus

PHOTO TWO: About 1923

I think this was taken about 1923, probably in Alix, possibly in Denning. I can only identify one child, my mother, Jadwiga (aka Harriet or Hedwig) Chrostowski, daughter of Martin & Wanda (Gawrys) Chrostowski. Jadwiga is in the second row, kneeling behind the ros of sitting boys, in the dark blouse with V-shaped trim.
Cornelia Andrus

PHOTO THREE: About 1924

I think this was taken about 1924, probably in Alix, possibly in Denning. (I would love someone to identify the school and/or town!)
I can identify three of my family, the oldest of 7 children of Martin & Wanda (Gawrys) Chrostowski:
Looking left to right:
Row 2, child #5: Edward Chrostowski, born 1914
Row 1, child #4: Carl Chrostowski, born 1917
Row 1, last child: Jadwiga (aka Harriet or Hedwig) Chrostowski, born 1915
By the way, if you use my name and email on the website (which is fine), please list my genealogy email address, I try to keep my mail a little orderly that way!
Let me know if these scans are OK or if you want me to rescan and resend.
Cornelia Andrus