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Barnes School

Photo taken about 1895 - 97

Thanks To Gene McIlroy

We call this Barnes School because it is near Barnes, Franklin County Arkansas. 

If anyone can provide the official name for this school, or add names to faces in the photograph, we will greatly appreciate it. These are the faces of your ancestors when they were young and carefree. 

Attached is a photo of a Franklin County School Class. I am not sure of the name of the school. The little girl to lower right of the photo with "Me" written across her chest is my maternal grandmother Mary Malinda Childers.  She was born at Barnes, lived at Barnes and was married at Barnes.  I am  not sure if the "school at Barnes" was called by another name or not. 

My grandmother was born in July of 1889 so I am guessing that the picture was taken around 1895 - 1897 trying to judge her age. 

Some of the other children I suspect are brothers and sisters of Mary, alas, I have no way to identify any of them. I hope someone else can.