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Thanks to Ed Roberts

White Oak School ( 1904 ) Added below class of 1928

BACKGROUND: This picture was in possession of my Aunt and her husband, Clyde Howard. Clyde, brother Ramey and sisters Sula and Effie are in the picture. I know where the brothers are in this picture and hopefully could identify others with this information. Let me know if it comes through ok.

Forty-seven names on the back of this picture are posted below the picture. Some names were difficult to read. We hope you find your parents or grandparents here.

Photograph and record provided by Ed Roberts

Please see a school picture taken in 1928 below this one.

Here are the names. I'll list them as they were written on the back of the picture, they were not numbered. I was able to identify my uncle and his brother by using them but as for the rest I easily lost track. The numbers are mine.

1) ?

2) Gr...?

3) W...? McKINNEY

4) Jim ...?

5) Lester GREER

6) Clyde HOWARD (my uncle)

7) Harley CANNON

8) Ha...lee SELF

9) Homer JEFFERS

10) Ramey HOWARD (Uncle's brother)

11) Lester RAY or ROY

12) Sam DURKIN

13) Opert ANDERSON

14) Bayard McIlroy child of Great Uncle Robert Lee McIlroy. He is buried in Charleston, AR

15) Clarance OLIVER

16) GREER boy

17) Norman WISDOM

18) Harry OLLIVER

19) Carol DUNKIN

20) Fred CANNON

21) Herschel McKINNEY


23) ?

24) ?

25) ?

26) Mona JEFFERS

27) Frankie ROE

28) Ethel ROY (RAY)

29) Eliza McKINNEY

30) S...? WHITSON


32) Carrie McKINNEY

33) Sula HOWARD

34) Jessie DURKEN

35) Hettie ROE

36) Effie HOWARD

37) OLIVER girl

38) Gladys McIlroy, child of Great Uncle Robert Lee McIlroy, buried in Charleston, AR

39) Otus DUNKIN

40) Ollie WISDOM


42) Minnie ROE

43) Beatrice CANNON

44) Lucy HOWARD

45) Lee ROE

46) Ester WHITSON

47) John ROY (RAY)

48) Harley RUSSELL

Hope that is what you need, if not let me know. Ed

Questions? contact: Ed Roberts


1928 photograph below provided by

Clyde and Norma Clay's parents are Oscar J. Clay, and Edith Young Shaver Clay