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John Henry Blackburn 

John H. Blackburn, brother Ephraim, sisters Anna Blackburn Darr and Eliza Blackburn, and a nephew, John S. Blackburn came to Arkansas on a wagon train from Lincoln County, North Carolina. They left North Carolina on October 5, 1858 and arrived in Pope County around January 2, 1859. A diary of the wagon train journey was kept by John C. Darr, a son of Anna Blackburn Darr. This diary is printed in The Atkins Chronicle dated July 30, 1909 through October 8, 1909 under the heading, "Fifty-One Years Ago." It is also reprinted in the March through September 1996 issues ofthe Pope County Historical Quarterly. According to the author of an article entitled "Three Darr Brothers: Business and Civic Pioneers" printed in the January-February-March 1974 issue of the Pope County Historical Quarterly their family came to Arkansas on a caravan of 100 families. Ephraim Blackburn and his family settled in Johnson County. John H, Eliza and John S. Blackburn and Anna Darr settled about four miles northeast of Galla Rock in what is now the Bell's Chapel Community ..

John H. was born 15 November 1818 in Lincoln County, North Carolina, the son of John and Mary (Polly) Hallman (Holman) Blackburn. On 4 August 1846 he married Lavinia Catherine Dellinger. She was born 10 January 1827, the daughter of David and Sarah (Sally) Butts Dellinger. Her parents died when she and her sister, Joanna Harriet, were both quite young. After Sarah's death both were bound to Daniel Shuford to learn the trade of weaving. Their Apprentice Bonds are on file in the North Carolina State Archives and are dated May 1836.

In the 1850 and 1860 census John H. lists his occupation as "farmer" and in the 1870 census his occupation is listed as "blacksmith" living in Galla Rock Township. Following the Civil War all Southerners were required to sign an "Oath of Allegiance" to the United States. John H. signed the Oath of Allegiance on the 11 April 1864 at Lewisburg, Arkansas. He was 46 years old, had gray eyes, dark hair, fair complexion, was 5' 9" tall, a blacksmith, a citizen and his address was Galley Creek, Arkansas. John died 26 April 1873 and is buried in the Galla Rock Cemetery. In the Arkansas Gazette dated 24 May 1873 The Galla Rock Lodge No. 172, ofF. and A.M. at their regular meeting on May 11, 1873 passed a resolution noting the death of John H. Blackburn. At the 7 May 1873 meeting in Galla Rock of the Hope Lodge No. 38 I.O.O.F. they also passed a resolution noting his death.

After John's death Lavinia lived with daughters Caroline Whitesides and Hannah Elizabeth Lazenby. She died 23 December 1909 and is buried in the Bell's Chapel Cemetery. Her obituary in the paper reads, "December 30, 1909 - Bells Chapel- With sad hearts we chronicle the death of 'Grandma Blackburn', who was called to rest Dec. 23. She was eighty-three years old and loved by all who knew her."




1. Hannah Elizabeth b. 5 Jul1847 in Lincoln County d. 20 May 1924 m. (1) Alfred R. Robinson 22 Nov 1866 in Pope County

2.LaviniaRobinson b. 31 May 1871 d. 16 July 1934 

m. William E. Lazenby 22 Jan 1889 

2. John A. Robinson b. 1 Nov 1873 d. 17 Sept 1905 

2. Lucinda Ann Robinson b. 10 Dec 1877 d. 13 May 1957 m. John Albert Torrence 18 Dec 1895 

2. David Pinkston b. 12 Jan 1880 d. 6 Jan 1950 m. Loanna Austin 18 Dec 1898 

m. Birdie Kyle 

2. James A. Robinson b. 15 Aug 1882 d. 9 Nov 1907 m. Virgie Johnson 24 Dec 1902 

m. (2).William Preston Lazenby 

2.Mattie Irene Lazenby b. 25 Mar 1887 d. 9 Feb 1957 m. Dan H. Kyle 

3.May Lazenby b. Mar 1889 

m. Tolbert Keener 7 Mar 1909 

2.Carl Lazenby b. 22 Oct 1890 d. 11 Jun 1950 m. Ruth Parish 18 Jul1912 

3.Reese P. Lazenby 

1. Caroline A. Blackburn b. 17 Dec 1949 in Lincoln Co. d. ca 1880 m. William Jackson Whitesides 3 Apr 1875

2.Molly Lavinia Whitesides b. 25 Jun 1876 d. 16 Feb 1953 

m. James Newton Kendrick m. 23 Dec 1903 

2.James William Whitesides b. 29 Mar 1878 d. 31 Aug 1947 m. Tennie Jones 22 Dec 1907 

3.Julia Ora Whitesides b. 12 Oct 1879 d. 18 Aug 1962 

m. Leonard Hugh Austin 24 Dec 1905 

1. Harriet E. Blackburn b. 27 Aug 1852 in Lincoln Co. d. 1938 

m. Julius G. Reed 31 Oct 1870 

2. Mary Ida Reed b. 27 Dec 1873 d. 20 Jan 1874 2. Allie L. Reed b. 12 Apr 1875 d. 1 Apr 1915 m. A.A. Williams 16 Nov 1911

2. William Aylette Reed b. 6 Sept 1877 d. 9 Mar 1901 m. Lula M. Claunch 8 Nov 1899 

2. Lavinia E. Reed b. 29 Feb 1880 d. 19 Jul1881 

2.John Arthur Reed b. 29 Oct 1882 d. 19 Feb 1948 

m. Esther Dixon 

2.Ada C. Reed b. 23 Aug 1885 d. 21 Jan 1965 

m. Roy Faucett 23 Oct 1904 


2.Guy Emmett Reed b. 5 Aug 1888 d. 13 Dec 1931 

m. (1) Victoria Spruill (Spinell) 7 Nov 1910 m. (2) Eula Ann Keener 7 Feb 1923 

2.Temperance Reed b. 10 Feb 1891 d. 9 Nov 1958 m. Amos Otto Keener 22 Sept 1907 

3.Julius Grady Reed b. 24 Jan 1895 d. 10 Feb 1984 m. (1) Myrtle Keener 25 Jan 1922 

m. (2) Opal Irene LaPan 2 Dec 1933 

2. Ava Irene Reed b. 18 Apr 1897 d. 9 Dec 1978 

m. Eathel Herman Keener 18 Nov 1917 

1. Julius G. Blackburn b. 20 Feb 1855 in Lincoln Co. d. 29 Oct 1870 

1. David M. (Mack) Blackburn b. 17 Aug 1857 in Lincoln Co. d. 3 Apr 1927 m. Annie Reese 8 Dec 1886

1. Mary Ellen Blackburn b. 10 Sept 1860 d. 

m. Columbus Washington (Lum) Coffee 4 Oct 1882 

1. Samuel V. Blackburn b. 27 Apr 1866 d. 5 Oct 1867 

Eliza Blackburn, Julius G. Blackburn, and Samuel V. Blackburn are also buried in the Galla Rock Cemetery.

Blackburn Ancestors 

1. Robert Blackburn b. ca 1740 d. 18 Oct 1793 

m.Martha d. after 1803 

2. William Blackburn b. before 1774 d. before 1808 

m. Frances 

2.Elias Blackburn b. before 1774 d. ca 1820 

m. Barbara Finger 4 Jun 1793 

2.James Blackburn b. before 1778 d. ca 1808 

m. Susannah Hildabrand 21 Mar 1803 

2.John Blackburn b. 1 May 1785 d. 12 Sept 1843 

m. Mary (Polly) Hallman (Holman) 23 Feb 1805 

3. Eliza Blackburn b. 17 Dec 1805 d. 5 Feb 1876 

3.AnnaBlackburn b. 1808 d. 19 Feb 1879 

m. Henry Rufus Darr 12 Jan 1831 

3.Ephraim Alexander Blackburn b. 19 Apr 1809 d. 28 Feb 1875 

m. Levenia Carpenter 1 Oct 1834 

3.Samuel Blackburn b. ca 1811 

m. Elizabeth Shuford 16 Nov 1841 

3.Polly Blackburn b. ca 1815 

m. Charles Tucker 


3.John Henry Blackburn b. 15 Nov 1818 d. 26 Apr 1873 

m. Lavinia Catherine Dellinger 4 Aug 1846 

2. Nathaniel Blackburn b. after 1778 d. after 1818 

2.Hannah Blackburn 

m. Thomas Saunders 24 Aug 1790 

2.Mary Blackburn 

m. William McClure (McCloud) 10 Apr 1802 

2.Susannah Blackburn m. William Cline 

According to Neal Wilfong in his book, Hayfields & Ploughshares. the first person in the Catawba Valley with the surname of Blackburn was likely Robert Blackburn, Esquire. He was a farmer, surveyor, Justice ofthe Peace, and a North Carolina Assemblyman. The earliest known record of Robert in North Carolina is a 29 Oct 1767 land grant in which he received 66 acres on the east side of Clark's Creek in Mecklenburg County. It seems that Robert was a very educated man for his day. His name appears as a witness to numerous wills, deeds, and marriage bonds in the records of Tryon and Lincoln Counties .. His wife, Martha, also signed many of the papers as a witness.

Dellinger Ancestors 

1.George Dellinger b. ca 1760 d.1804 

m. Barbara Stroup 25 Oct 1782 b. ca 1765 d. 1825 

2.Elizabeth Dellinger b. ca 1783 m. Henry Courtney 

2. John Dellinger b. ca 1785 d. before 1860 m. Hannah Sides (Seitz) 

2. Phillip Dellinger b. ca 1786 d. before 1860 m. Margaretta Rebecca Black 

2.David Dellinger b. ca 1887 d. 18 Oct 1833 

m. Sarah (Sally) Butts 

2.Catherine Dellinger b. ca 1791 d. ca 1832 m. Henry Dellinger 

3.Nancy Dellinger b. ca 1793 d. before 1870 

m. Hubbard Blaylock 

2.Andrew Dellinger b. ca 1795 d. ca 1863 

m. Polly Shelton 

2.Andrew Dellinger b. ca 1797 d. 1877 

m. Emelia Bradshaw m. Elizabeth Barkley 

2. Mary Dellinger b. ca 1799 d. before 1870 

m. Henry Randleman 

2.Samuel Dellinger b. ca 1801 d. 1865 


2. Solomon Dellinger b. 1803 

m. Catherine Randleman 



d. after 1880 




George was probably born in Lincoln County and was of German descent. He lived in Lower Lincoln County and held land on Killian's Creek and on Leeper's Creek. His occupation was wagon maker. George figured in many land transactions from about 1780 until his death ca 1804.

George's Revolutionary War services were as follows: 92 days service (Sept. 1788-Dec 1788) in Capt. Wm. Moore's company under the command of Brigadier Gen. Rutherford. He was also a Signer of the Tryon Association 14 Aug 1775 [Annals of Lincoln County North Carolina}. The Tryon Resolves is a "famous" document (at least locally) because it is one of the earliest public records of the revolt against Britain. There is a monument commemorating this event in old Tryon County.

If anyone has information of other families on the wagon train, please contact me. I welcome corrections and additions.

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