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Village Genealogical Society

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

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The Village Genealogical Society was first established in 1987. We are an organization of persons engaged in one of the most interesting and creative pastimes in the United States. Because of our community mainly being a retirement community, our members have settled here from a wide range of places. As a result, their research extends worldwide. Their experience ranges from the most advanced genealogical researchers to those that are just beginning the search for their roots. VGS seeks personal involvement in making membership a meaningful and satisfying experience and also offers a variety of ways to provide support. The Newsletter, published monthly, contains many articles of interest. Beginner and intermediate genealogy classes are conducted frequently to provide a sound base for those beginning their research. These classes focus on enhancing research skills and give students a chance to ask questions and resolve problems that they might be encountering.

The highlight of each monthly meeting is a special presentation on some aspect of research designed to build knowledge in tracing family history. Genealogical books, research materials and CD-ROMs are available in the Coronado Center Library for everyone to use. Monthly breakfast meetings are held for a more personal approach and to provide a chance to meet other members. Here we exchange ideas, develop solutions to research problems, and just have a good time interacting and talking about our common love of genealogy.

Anyone interested in family research is welcome to visit our meetings. We hope you come and get involved.

For further information, contact our president.

September 2016 Meeting

President, Jeanne Meek and visitor

Introducing the speaker, Kay Cantrell

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Our new board members

     The Hot Springs Village Genealogical Society kicked off its new year on September 1, 2016 with an introduction of new Board members, visitors and new members. Information was provided on upcoming monthly programs and the special Fall Genealogy Workshop to be held on Saturday, September 17.
     Kay Cantrell, Assistant Vice President of Programs, presented a well-received program "Genealogy Scrapbooking Without the Mess". She provided instructions for use of computer websites to build memory books for family histories, special events or travel. She provided detail and examples of how to use the website which has specialty templates and processes for embedding genealogical information such as pedigree charts, family group sheets, Ancestry documents, photos and customized explanations. Kay and other members provided a variety of examples of books they have created from MyCanvas, Shutterfly, Bookemon, or classic scrapbooking. A link to the slide show is below. For those wishing to learn more or have some one-on-one help in starting a book, a follow-up Members Helping Members workshop will be held on Thursday, October 13, 2016 from 1-3pm at Village Church of Christ on Balboa Road.
     The program planned for our next monthly meeting on Thursday, October 6 is "Immigrant Trains and Railroads" by Nancy Holder.

     The new officers are:

  • President - Jeanne Meek
  • VP Programs - Barbara Pinkney
  • Asst. VP Programs - Kaye Cantrell
  • VP Membership - Barrie Gauthier
  • Secretary - Sue Barber
  • Asst. Secretary - Susan Read
  • Treasurer - Marlene Wilson
  • Newsletter Editor - Mitzi Hunter
  • Asst. Newsletter Editor - Nancy Holder
  • Webmaster - Dan Barnett (not in photo)
  • Immediate Past President - Celinda Chapman

      Genealogy Scrapbooking Slide Show (pdf)

     Upcoming genealogical events in the local area

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