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Village Genealogical Society

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

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The Village Genealogical Society was first established in 1987. We are an organization of persons engaged in one of the most interesting and creative pastimes in the United States. Because of our community mainly being a retirement community, our members have settled here from a wide range of places. As a result, their research extends worldwide. Their experience ranges from the most advanced genealogical researchers to those that are just beginning the search for their roots. VGS seeks personal involvement in making membership a meaningful and satisfying experience and also offers a variety of ways to provide support. The Newsletter, published monthly, contains many articles of interest. Beginner and intermediate genealogy classes are conducted frequently to provide a sound base for those beginning their research. These classes focus on enhancing research skills and give students a chance to ask questions and resolve problems that they might be encountering.

The highlight of each monthly meeting is a special presentation on some aspect of research designed to build knowledge in tracing family history. Genealogical books, research materials and CD-ROMs are available in the Coronado Center Library for everyone to use. Monthly breakfast meetings are held for a more personal approach and to provide a chance to meet other members. Here we exchange ideas, develop solutions to research problems, and just have a good time interacting and talking about our common love of genealogy.

Anyone interested in family research is welcome to visit our meetings. We hope you come, get invol Meeting

September 2015 Meeting

Joe Gillespie - 2015-2016 VGS President

Program VP Barbara Pinkney Introduces Speaker Ann Workman

Ann Workman - Presenting the short film "The German Who Came To Tea"

Barbara Pinkney talks about using bits of information, that you might not think important, that leads to clearing up brick walls

     The first meeting of the 2015-2016 year for the HSVGS was held on Thursday, September 3rd in Room 6 of the Coronado Center. The featured speaker was Ann Woodman who presented a short film titled "The German Who Came To Tea" about the memories of a 100 year old English woman that centered around World War II and the Germans living in a concentration camp nearby that were allowed to visit the nearby town. She got to know one of the prisoners and there was an attraction between them. He returned to Germany after the war, married and had a family and she did the same in England. Many years later he came back to visit her in England and she recalled, in the film, the wonderful memories about the "German Who Came To Tea". Barbara Pinkney led a discussion about snippets of information that genealogists find (such as short squibs in a newspaper), that might not seem important at the time, that sometimes lead to discoveries about their ancestors much later on. Several other members shared their examples.

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