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Village Genealogical Society

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

March 2016 Breakfast Meeting

Topic: Interesting or informative obituaries found researching your family.

VGS Breakfast Meeting 3-17-2016

     Past President Celinda Chapman opened the meeting at 9:10AM where approximately 20 members attended.

April 2015 Breakfast Meeting

Topic: Favorite relative
President Celinda Chapman wrote up this description of the meeting. April Breakfast Meeting PDF

October 2014 Breakfast Meeting

Topic - Civil War
President Celinda Chapman wrote up this description of the meeting. October Breakfast Meeting PDF

Doris with her historical book

September 2014 Breakfast Meeting

Topic - Gadgets
President Celinda Chapman wrote up this description of the meeting including photographs. September 18 Breakfast Meeting PDF

August 2014 Breakfast Meeting

Topic - American Indians
President Celinda Chapman wrote up this description of the meeting including photographs. August 21 Breakfast Meeting PDF

July 2014 Breakfast Meeting

Topic - Germany
President Celinda Chapman wrote up this description of the meeting including photographs. July 17 Breakfast Meeting PDF
Two additional photos from Doris Lancaster are below.

Doris Lancaster Family Photo

Johannes Gutenburg

June 2014 Breakfast Meeting

Topic England Attendance 14
President Celinda Chapman opened the meeting with fun facts about England. Members were invited to check out Dale Chihuly glass art at the Clinton Presidential Center, Little Rock till Jan 5 2015. With a $5.00 senior admission to see the 15 foot "Sea Blue and Green Tower" consisting of some 700 parts. She shared her book ABOVE LONDON by Robert Cameron and Alistair Cooke she picked up on her visit to England and some of her photographs. Most had visited England at least once. Joe Gillespie, visiting the most at 5 or 6 times and saw Phantom of the Opera to the envy of most of us. Sue Barber from Kent England brought her antique tea pot and cup and saucer. Jeanette Frahm (not pictured but took pictures) shared an English birth certificate suggested using to search for English records. Offers "family tree" has extensive records available for searching our English ancestry. Two new members visited Jill Anderson and Dorris Langcaster. Nancy Holden recently toured England to research her 1880 Gr. Grandfather. She advises the book London by Edward Rutherfurd and she won the door prize. Nancy Mayer also visited her daughter in England in the late 80's.
Phil Russell and Berry Gauthier shared their English heritage. Marlene Wilson's English family came to the states in 1634. She had to search several last names from Bayne, Bane, Bain, even Ban and again the English named their children after themselves and their ancestors making research more interesting and challenging. T.C. Pepper shared his English family went to Scotland in 1660 to 1774 before they came to America. Dorris Langcaster is researching back to William The Conqueror's granddaughter in her family tree. Mary Franks husband studied and wrote about architecture and she felt like she visited by helping him with his work. She shares "Duke" family tree with Dorris Langcaster. Pictures by Celinda and Jeanette (not pictured) Our next topic for July is Germany.

Joe Gillespie VP Membership won most trips to England

New Member Jill Anderson and Nancy Holder VP Programs

Barrie Gauthier, Phil Russell, Marlene Wilson and T.C. Pepper

Barrie Gauthier, Phil Russell and Marlene Wilson

left to right Joe Gillespie,Phil Russell, TC epper, New Member Dorris Langcaster, Mary Franks, and Celinda VGS President

Left to right Barrie Gauthier, Mary Franks , Celinda Chapman, Sue Barber, Shirley Mathey

Left to right Jill Anderson,Nancy Holder, Nancy Mayer, Joe Gillespie, Barrie Gauthier and Phil Russell

April 2014 Breakfast Meeting

Pictured: Jill Botkin, Barrie Gonthier, Chuck Flynn, Bob Blocker a first time visitor, Mary Fisher, Nancy Mayer, Peggy Johnson, Nancy Holder, Mary Reid Warner, Sue Barber, Joanie Ibinger "cookie lady" and President Celinda Chapman.

     Our topics today were stories about how, why and when we came to Arkansas.

     Peggy Johnson won the $5.00 gift Debra's certificate. Jill Botkin suggested we look into taking a VGS trip and Nancy Holder discussed the many trips the camera club does with great success. Some knew they had AR family and others discovered it after they moved here. Nancy and Chuck discovered a family history connection not unusual in our VGS Club. The breakfast meetings are an informal way of getting to know one another and share experiences searching for family. Joanie and Chuck shared a wonderful book of pictures and life style in Minnesota. We talked a little about migration from north to south and from South Carolina to AR. Celinda shared her recent vacation to Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama where they drove some of the Natchez Trace Parkway, saw many historic homes including Rosalie Mansion owned by the MSSDAR (Mississippi Daughters of the American Revolution) built in 1823 and commented on the Spring beauty of the south.


     Our next topic: To bring a picture or pictures of particular interest for show and tell. Did you know on our VGS web site, we have a location to help identify pictures?

Monthly Breakfast Meeting at Debra's