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Village Genealogical Society

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

May 2014 Meeting

Marlene Wilson, Jeanette Frahm, Nancy Holder preparing for meeting

Members enjoying some of Joanie Iginger's famous cookies before the meeting

Celinda Chapman opens the VGS Meeting

Barbara Pinkney delivering her presentation on Deciphering Old Handwriting

Attendees at April 3, 2014 Meeting

     The Hot Springs Village Genealogical Society met at 2:00 PM in room 6 of the Coronado Center. Celinda Chapman opened the meeting by greeting visitors to the meeting. Jeanette Frahm reviewed the change in by laws that were then approved by the members. Nancy Holder announced the nominees for the 2014-15 officers, which were also approved by the members. Nancy Holder introduced the speaker, Barbara Pinkney, a VGS member, who gave a presentation on "Deciphering Old Handwriting". The presentation was very good, covering the time period from when Europeans were first started arriving in North America to modern day handwriting. The outline and exhibits for her talk are included in links below. After the presentation, three door prizes were given out and the meeting was adjourned.

Barbara Pinckney's Handwriting Presentation and Samples.

April 2014 Meeting

Joe Gillespie, Suzanne Sweeten - Reporter for the HS Village Voice, Jeanette Frahm - Getting ready for the meeting

Nancy Holder introduces speaker Mary Reid Warner

Mary Reid presents Research Techniques to the April 3, 2014 meeting

Attendees at April 3, 2014 Meeting

     The Hot Springs Village Genealogy met on April 3, 2014 at the Coronado Center for their regular monthly membership meeting. We had a special guest, Suzanne Sweeten, a reporter for the Village Voice, our local newspaper. Suzanne interviewed some of the officers and took pictures and stayed for the entire meeting. She indicated she is doing features on various clubs in the Village and will do an article on the VGS for the paper.
President Celinda Chapman opened the meeting, introducing several visitors, and turned to Nancy Holder to introduce our speaker, VGS member Mary Reid Warner. Mary Reid's topic was "Research Techniques". Mary Reid pointed out that she has taught an "Intermediate Genealogy Course" that a number of the members had taken in past years. Rather than do this again she felt it might be better to give a series of presentations at our meeting that covered the material in those classes, and this is the first in that series. Others will be presented in the future.
The outline of Mary Reid Warner's presentation is available as a pdf here. The presentation was well received by those in attendance and raised several questions from those in attendance.
After the presentation a drawing for a door prize was held and afterwards the meeting was adjourned.

Mary Reid presents Research Techniques to the April 3, 2014 meeting

Mary Reid presents Research Techniques to the April 3, 2014 meeting

Nancy Holder thanks Mary Reid Warner for her presentation

Suzanne Sweeten, Mary Reid Warner, Jeanette Frahm

Suzanne Sweeten, Reporter for the HS Village Voice shares a laugh with VGS Officers Barbara Pinkney, Jill Botkin, Celinda Chapman

Barbara Pinkney, Jill Botkin, Suzanne Sweeten, Celinda Chapman

President Celinda Chapman opens the April 3, 2014 Meeting

March 2014 Meeting

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Chamber Of Commerce

President Celinda Chapman making opening remarks for March meeting

Program Chairman Nancy Holder introduces speaker Jeanette Frahm

Jeanette Frahm reviews the various sources of genealogy books on the internet

     The March membership meeting of the Hot Springs Village Genealogy Society was held on March 6 in the Coronado Center in the Village. Approximately 60 people were in attendance. Representatives of the Hot Springs Village Chamber of Commerce were introduced by VGS President Celinda Chapman and all members moved to the foyer of the Coronado Center for a ribbon cutting ceremony welcoming the VGS as a new member of the Chamber. After the ceremony, members moved back to the meeting room and Celinda opened the meeting by introducing the officers and welcomed visitors and new members. Bill Patterson reported on the Cemetery Project to add CedarVale Cemetery internments to the Find A Grave website. Approximately 900 names and pictures of gravesites have been added and the project is nearing completion. A new project will be started to add the church cemeteries in Hot Springs Village to Find A Grave.
Nancy Holder introduced the speaker for the meeting, Jeanette Frahm. Jeanette pointed out the various websites that are useful to the genealogist when searching for books written about an area of interest. Some of the free sites covered were Google Books,, Family Search,, Internet Archive, Other sites that are subscription based or can be viewed for free through the Saline County Library (if you have a Saline Co. Library Card) are Heritage Quest Online, Genealogy Bank, World Vital Records,, and several other websites. Most, if not all of the websites have search features that allow you to define the geographic area, surnames, etc. that you are researching to get a list of books that might cover your quest. Jeanette pointed out that she likes to start with very general searches and then better define the search to get down to level where she can review the hits she gets within a reasonable period of time. Also, most websites have three levels of your ability to assess the books; one, name of the book and places you might be able to obtain it, two, snippets, which allows you to view some search of the books content, and read, which allows you the read and download or print the book. After her presentation, Jeanette answered questions from the audience.
Nancy Holder thanked Jeanette for her presentation and announced the featured speaker for the April meeting, Mary Read Warner, whose presentation will be Research Techniques. After the door prize drawing, won by Phil Russell, the meeting was adjourned.

Members gather for March 2014 meeting

Joe Gillespie signing in new members

Jeanette Frahm getting ready for her presentation

Chamber Of Commerce representatives introduce themselves

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Chamber Of Commerce

Visitor Bonnie Calhoun - possible new member

A returning member

Nancy Holder announces next month's program

     The January and February 2014 meetings were canceled due to inclement weather.

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