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Village Genealogical Society

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

April 2016 Meeting

Attendees at the April Meeting

Picture This Presentation

Picture This Presentation

Members Reviewing Old Pictures

     Approximately 50 members and guests attended the Thursday, April 7, 2016 Village Genealogical meeting in Room 6 of the Coronado Center. Barbara Pinkney encouraged members to bring old pictures, particularly any vintage metal daguerreotypes, glass ambrotypes, tintypes, and other old pictures to help demonstrate the types of pictures discussed in her presentation "Picture This". Pictures of the meeting and a copy of her presentation outline are attached.

      Picture This Presentation by Barbara Pinkney (pdf)

March 2016 Meeting

Attendees at the 3-3-2016 meeting

Program Director/President Barbara Pinkney presented the webinar "Researching Your War of 1812 Ancestors"

Guest at meeting tells why she is attending the VGS Meeting

President Barbara Pinkney introduces guests

     Members and guests of the HSVGS met on Thursday, March 3, 2016 in Room 6 of the Coronado Center.

     Barbara Pinkney opened the meeting by announcing that President Joe Gillespie had resigned due to some health issues and Barbara was now President by virtue of the by-laws of the VGS (VP Programs assumes the President's position in case of the President's resignation).

     After introduction of guests, Bill Patterson reviewed the upcoming September 17, 2016 Workshop, with Cari Taplin, from the Austin, TX area as the presenter (See flyer below or in the Education pages). After that, Barbara introduced the webinar, "Researching Your War of 1812 Ancestors", which covered the history of the war and methods to find your ancestors from various sources. Some of those sources are listed on the attached list that was handed out at the meeting.

     After a question and answer period the meeting was adjourned.

      War of 1812 websites (pdf)

      VGS Workshop 2016 Flyer (pdf)

February 2016 Meeting

Meeting Attendees

Meeting Attendees

     The HSVGS February Member meeting was held on Thursday, the 4th in the Coronado Center, Room 6. Approximately 35 members and guests heard Mary Reid Warner make a presentation titled "Let's look At Land". The handout for the presentation is included on the webpage. Mary's main point was that genealogists need to look at land records to follow their ancestors, since other records, particularly in the South, where so many courthouse records were burned, were reentered into the courthouse records later to prove ownership of the land.

      Let's Look At Land (pdf)

January 2016 Meeting

Joe Gillespie opening the meeting

Bill Patterson presenting an appreciation plaque to Jeanette Frahm

Barbara Pinkney introducing the webinar on Chasing Women - Finding Your Female Ancestors

Chasing Women - Finding Your Female Ancestors Webinar

     The Village Genealogical Society met on Thursday, January 7 for our regular monthly meeting. Approximately 50 members and guests attended to watch a webinar about "Chasing Women - Finding Your Female Ancestors" by Leland K. Meitzler (copy of outline attached).

     Prior to the webinar, hosted by our Program V.P. Barbara Pinkney, Bill Patterson, representing the officers of the VGS, presented Jeanette Frahm with a plaque thanking her for her 20 years of leadership and service for the HSVGS.

      Chasing Women - Finding Your Female Ancestors (pdf)

December 2015 Meeting

     The Hot Springs Village Genealogical Society met at 2:00PM on Thursday, December 3, 2015 in Room 6 of the Coronado Center for the annual Christmas party. Celinda Chapman took the above pictures.

November 2015 Meeting

President Joe Gillespie

Speaker Jeff Meeks

     The Hot Springs Village Genealogical Society met at 2:00PM on Thursday, November 5 2015 in Room 6 of the Coronado Center. The speaker for this meeting was Jeff Meeks, a reporter for the Hot Springs Village Voice newspaper. Jeff writes a column each week about a veteran and his experience during his time of service for our country. Jeff talked about how some veterans don't want to talked about their experiences, and most say they really didn't do anything special. Jeff has interviewed over 300 veterans in the Village and has published a book of 75 World War II vets stories titled "They Answered the Call: World War II Veterans Share Their Stories".

October 2015 Meeting

Joe Gillespie - 2015-2016 VGS President

Visitor To Meeting

Barbara Pinkney descrbes the suggested way to find and perserve info on your ancestors

Dr. Wendy Richter

     Dr. Wendy Richter from Ouachita Baptist College in Arkadelphia presented "Researching Baptists Records", a talk about the archives in the Riley-Higginbotham Library at the college. She covered what was in the archives and that they date to the first meeting of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention in 1848. The archives contain manuscripts, photos, maps, church records, and many other items given to the College to preserve, organize, and make available to the public. The two attachments, below, provided by Program Director, Barbara Pinkney, cover some of the history of Baptists in the US and lists additional information sites in other states that cover Baptist history.
Prior to Dr. Richter's presentation, Barbara Pinkney made a short presentation on "How To Build An Ancestor", detailing how you should follow leads in getting to information on your ancestors.
     The Baptists
     The earliest Baptist churches revised.pdf

September 2015 Meeting

Joe Gillespie - 2015-2016 VGS President

Program VP Barbara Pinkney Introduces Speaker Ann Workman

Ann Workman - Presenting the short film "The German Who Came To Tea"

Barbara Pinkney talks about using bits of information, that you might not think important, that leads to clearing up brick walls

     The first meeting of the 2015-2016 year for the HSVGS was held on Thursday, September 3rd in Room 6 of the Coronado Center. The featured speaker was Ann Woodman who presented a short film titled "The German Who Came To Tea" about the memories of a 100 year old English woman that centered around World War II and the Germans living in a concentration camp nearby that were allowed to visit the nearby town. She got to know one of the prisoners and there was an attraction between them. He returned to Germany after the war, married and had a family and she did the same in England. Many years later he came back to visit her in England and she recalled, in the film, the wonderful memories about the "German Who Came To Tea". Barbara Pinkney led a discussion about snippets of information that genealogists find (such as short squibs in a newspaper), that might not seem important at the time, that sometimes lead to discoveries about their ancestors much later on. Several other members shared their examples.

No meetings were held in June, July, or August.

May 2015 Meeting

May 7, 2015 Meeting Attendees

Joe Gillespie & Celinda Chapman sign up new member

Celinda Chapman opens the meeting

Barbara Pinkney starts her presentation - Digging Up Ancestors

     The May 7, 2015 VGS membership meeting was well attended with four guests and approximately 30 members attending. The attendees were treated to a very good presentation by Barbara Pinkney titled "Digging Up Ancestors In Online & Virtual Cemeteries". The majority of the presentation dealt with the Find A Grave website and covered both Online & Virtual Cemeteries. Barbara's Power Point presentation covered most aspects needed to work in Find A Grave, including setting up real and virtual cemeteries and the uses for both types. For more information see a copy of the handout in pdf format below.

     Digging Up Ancestors In Online And Virtual Cemeteries

April 2015 Meeting

VGS Meeting Attendees

     The Hot Springs Village Genealogical Society met in Room 6 at the Coronado Center on Thursday, April 2nd for their regular monthly membership meeting. Jeanette Frahm presented "USING ONLINE NEWSPAPERS FOR GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH" to a full room. Lots of new members, old members and potential members came to hear her talk. New potential Board members were announced to be voted on at the May General meeting.

March 2015 Meeting

     The March 2015 meeting was overcome by bad weather.

February 2015 Meeting

VGS Meeting Attendees

     The Hot Springs Village Genealogical Society met in Room 6 at the Coronado Center on Thursday, February 6 for their regular monthly membership meeting. Approximately 50 members and guest attended and were shown a webinar authored by Mary E. V. Hill titled "Tracing Family Migration through the Big Four U.S. Record Sources". The webinar presented a case history tracing a family across the U.S. in the 19th & 20th Century using census, vital records, probate records, and land records. A copy of the outline for the webinar in included below.

     Tracing Family Migration

January 2015 Meeting

President Celinda Chapman preparing for meeting

Four Members of the Civil War Roundtable waiting for Mary Reid Warner presentation on Military Records

One other member of the Civil War Roundtable waits for Mary Reid Warner presetation

Members prior to meeting

     The Hot Springs Village Genealogical Society met on Thursday, January 8, 2015 for it's regular monthly membership meeting. An almost full house of members and guests came to hear Mary Reid Warner talk about the importance of Military Records when doing genealogical research. Mary Reid quickly reviewed the history of the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the War Between The States indicating that you need understand the history of these wars to get an understanding of when significant events occurred within these wars and where your ancestors might have been during these conflicts. She then reviewed the important documents included in the Military records and the websites and location where these records could be found.(A copy of her speech outline is included below).

     At least 5 of our guests and members attending the meeting are also members of the Civil War Roundtable group that meets in the Village and discusses various aspects of that conflict. They indicated they were drawn to the meeting because of the subject matter of Mary Reid Warner's talk.

     Mary Reid Warner Military Records talk

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