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History of Pioneer's that Lived and Settled in Jefferson County



Ancestors of Jerry Edward Ferguson, Sr.  

Generation No. 1 

        1.  Jerry Edward Ferguson, Sr., born August 02, 1936 in Little Rock, Ark..  He was the son of 2. Carl Adus Fergusson and 3. Hazel Eugenia Roberts.  He married (1) Melba Jean Creech February 14, 1959 in Compton Heights Baptist Ch., St.Louis, Mo..  She was born December 14, 1936 in St. Louis, Mo., De Paul Hosp., and died September 12, 1986 in McLean, Va. of Breast Cancer.  She was the daughter of James McCully Creech and Nora Mae Leeper.  He married (2) Joan Frances Dvorak Potterton May 30, 1987 in Lewinsville Presby Church, McLean, Va.  She was born March 18, 1945 in Winner, S.D..  She was the daughter of Joseph Rudolph Dvorak and Josephine Eleanor Suchy.  

Generation No. 2 

        2.  Carl Adus Fergusson, born February 09, 1912 in Pine Bluff, Ar.; died October 22, 1983 in Fort Smith, Ar..  He was the son of 4. Roy Eakin Fergusson and 5. Minnie Florence Yarbrough.  He married 3. Hazel Eugenia Roberts August 11, 1935 in Pine Bluff, Ar..

        3.  Hazel Eugenia Roberts, born February 23, 1918 in Pine Bluff, Ar..  She was the daughter of 6. Thomas Knox Roberts and 7. Willie Edward Watts.       

Child of Carl Fergusson and Hazel Roberts is:

        1                 i.  Jerry Edward Ferguson, Sr., born August 02, 1936 in Little Rock, Ark; married (1) Melba Jean Creech February 14, 1959 in Compton Heights Baptist Ch., St.Louis, Mo; married (2) Joan Frances Dvorak Potterton May 30, 1987 in Lewinsville Presby Church, McLean, Va. 

Generation No. 3 

        4.  Roy Eakin Fergusson, born July 25, 1879 in Crystal Springs,  Ms.??; died May 12, 1933 in Rison, Ar..  He was the son of 8. Cosmo A. Fergusson and 9. Anna Unknown (Fergusson) Childress ??.  He married 5. Minnie Florence Yarbrough May 13, 1900 in Methodist Parsonage, Crystal Springs, Copiah County, Miss.

        5.  Minnie Florence Yarbrough, born January 13, 1885 in Jackson, MS ?? or Alabama??; died 1958 in Tarry, Ar..  She was the daughter of 10. Joseph Yarbrough and 11. Amanda Emaline Culpepper.  

Notes for Minnie Florence Yarbrough:

Marie Matthews believes that Minnie's parents lived in Alabama and Minnie was born there. Later they moved to Mississippi. Probably to the Jackson area since Crystal Springs is close to Jackson.

Elgy Yarbrough states they are Scots-Irish, descended from one Ambrose Yarbrough who came to the Virginia Colony from Yorkshire, England in 1732.

Minnie operated a boarding house in Pine Bluff, the Pines Hotel, on west 4th street, across from the Greyhound Bus Terminal. Around 1938-39.        

Children of Roy Fergusson and Minnie Yarbrough are:

                           i.  Infant Girl Fergusson, born February 03, 1902 in Pine Bluff, Ar.; died February 06, 1902 in Pine Bluff, Ar.

                          ii.  Audie Lynn Fergusson, born May 09, 1903 in Pine Bluff, Ar.; died November 18, 1904 in Sulphur Springs, Ar.

                         iii.  Roy Laclede Fergusson, born June 13, 1905 in Pine Bluff, Ar.; died March 02, 1995 in Sulphur Springs, Ar; married Mary Marie Raymick April 30, 1924; born December 24, 19021; died January 1986 in Pine Bluff, Ar.1.

                         iv.  Trebor Alverno Fergusson, born October 23, 1907 in Pine Bluff, Ar.; died February 1987 in Pine Bluff, Ar; married Mary Ruth Smith July 01, 1934 in Pine Bluff, Ar.

                          v.  Olan Vertice Fergusson, born December 25, 1909 in Pine Bluff, Ar.; died May 21, 1979 in Crystal Springs, Ark; married Opal Inez Sanders August 03, 1930 in Pine Bluff, Ar; born February 28, 1910 in Louisiana.

        2               vi.  Carl Adus Fergusson, born February 09, 1912 in Pine Bluff, Ar.; died October 22, 1983 in Fort Smith, Ar; married (1) Hazel Eugenia Roberts August 11, 1935 in Pine Bluff, Ar; married (2) Irene Melder Abt. 1941 in Glenmora, La; married (3) Marlene Bonds Melder February 08, 1964 in Houston, Tx.

                        vii.  Minnie Lucylle Fergusson, born September 11, 1915 in Pine Bluff, Ar; married William Alfonzo Rodgers September 06, 1941 in Pine Bluff, Ar; born May 13, 1918 in Tarry, Ar.; died August 03, 1971 in Tarry, Ar..  

        6.  Thomas Knox Roberts, born March 27, 1875 in Blue Springs, Jackson County,  Mo.; died July 15, 1947 in Edgemont, Ill..  He was the son of 12. Adam Wesley Roberts and 13. Sadie Knox.  He married 7. Willie Edward Watts February 12, 1898 in Texarkana, Miller County, Ark..

        7.  Willie Edward Watts, born November 13, 1881 in Richmond, Ark.; died March 03, 1966 in St. Mary's Hosp. , East St. Louis, Illinois.  She was the daughter of 14. William Ballard Watts, Sr. and 15. Frances Amanda Paul.  

Notes for Thomas Knox Roberts:

Mom's birth certificate states Granddad was born in Kansas, not Mo. 

Tom Roberts left home at age 13 to work in  the Kansas wheat fields.(per aunt crys). 

He redeemed 128 acres of land in Jefferson County, Arkansas, from the State of Arkansas,  for $6.72 , in delinquent taxes for the year 1932, at a tax sale on January 25, 1934 

Grandad worked for the St. Louis Southwestern Railway Lines (Cotton Belt Route) as a Carman until he retired effective March 17, 1943. 

Notes for Willie Edward Watts:

She recieved a widows pension from the Railroad retirement Board from July 1947 until her death. 

Resident of a nursing home in Freeburg, Illinois for 3 years before her death.        

Children of Thomas Roberts and Willie Watts are:

                           i.  Alice Gertrude Roberts, born November 04, 1898 in Texarkana, Tex.; died November 17, 1898 in Texarkana, Tex.

                          ii.  Mabel Frances Roberts, born October 02, 1899 in Texarkana, Tex; died February 28, 1992 in Rockwall, Tex. of Alzheimers Disease; married Alfred Grady Foster November 17, 1921; born September 18, 1895; died December 25, 1973.

                         iii.  Hubert Edward Roberts, born December 24, 1901 in Pine Bluff, Ark.; died October 13, 1959 in Santa Monica, California; married Nora Gertrude Costello Abt. 1925 in Perhaps Desoto,mo; born Abt. 1897; died 1963 in Santa Monica, California.

                         iv.  Ethel Roberts, born January 13, 1904 in Pine Bluff, Ark.; died March 22, 1943 in East St. Louis, Ill. of a Brain Tumor; married (1) Gabe Thomas; married (2) Andrew William Slaven

                          v.  Louis Alfred Roberts, born February 08, 1906 in Pine Bluff, Ark.; died March 19, 1974 in Fairview Heights, Ill. of Lung Cancer; married (1) Marie (Roberts); married (2) Ann Hiel

                         vi.  Pearl Grace (Dolly) Roberts, born February 27, 1910 in Pine Bluff, Ark.; died January 24, 1976 in Oakland, Ca. of Breast Cancer; married (1) Edward Nicar in Monroe, La; married (2) John Warren Platt

                        vii.  Crystal Roberts, born February 12, 1913 in Pine Bluff, Ark; married (1) William H. Pendleton in Casper, Wyo; born August 14, 1914 in El Dorado, Ar; married (2) Thomas K. Hewlett

                       viii.  Thomas Elbert Roberts, born June 20, 1916 in Pine Bluff, Ark.; died September 03, 1974 in Fairview Heights, Ill. of Accidental Decapitation; married Pauline Williams  

Notes for Thomas Elbert Roberts:

Tom was killed at Routes 159 and 50 in Fairview Heights.  

        3                ix.  Hazel Eugenia Roberts, born February 23, 1918 in Pine Bluff, Ar; married (1) Carl Adus Fergusson August 11, 1935 in Pine Bluff, Ar; married (2) Harold Louis Meng April 14, 1941 in St. Charles, Mo; married (3) Melvin Louis Maillot June 30, 1982 in Fairview Heights, Ill., OLA Parrish.

                           x.  Marjorie Mae Roberts, born November 14, 1920 in Pine Bluff, Ark.; died July 1940 in East St. Louis, Ill in an Automobile Accident.  

Notes for Marjorie Mae Roberts:

Killed in automobile accident in East St. Louis, Il. Nell Walsh Barnes Funeral Home, at 1416 St. Louis Avenue, E. St. Louis, Il, 

                          xi.  William Knox Roberts, born January 21, 1925 in Desoto, Mo; married Kathleen Dunn in Oakland, Ca.   

Generation No. 4 

        8.  Cosmo A. Ferguson2, born 1849 in Mississippi.  He was the son of Jasper R. Ferguson, Sr and Henrietta Unknown.  He married 9. Anna Unknown (Fergusson) Childress ?? April 14, 1873 in Copiah County, Mississippi ??2.

        9.  Anna Unknown (Fergusson) Childress ??2, born Abt. 1855 in Mississippi.       

Children of Cosmo Ferguson and Anna ?? are:

                           i.  Horace Fergusson, born Abt. 1874 in Mississippi.

                          ii.  William J Fergusson, born Abt. 1876 in Mississippi.

        4               iii.  Roy Eakin Fergusson, born July 25, 1879 in Crystal Springs,  Ms.??; died May 12, 1933 in Rison, Ar; married (1) Minnie Florence Yarbrough May 13, 1900 in Methodist Parsonage, Crystal Springs, Copiah County, Miss; met (2) Bertha Hall?? Abt. 1915 in Pine Bluff, Ar.  

        10.  Joseph Yarbrough  He married 11. Amanda Emaline Culpepper.

        11.  Amanda Emaline Culpepper        

Children of Joseph Yarbrough and Amanda Culpepper are:

                           i.  Leorenza Marshall Yarbrough, married Willie Lee Payne

                          ii.  Madison Hardy Yarbrough

                         iii.  H. Pettus Yarbrough

                         iv.  Rachel Leona Yarbrough

                          v.  Ola Yarbrough

        5               vi.  Minnie Florence Yarbrough, born January 13, 1885 in Jackson, MS ?? or Alabama??; died 1958 in Tarry, Ar; married Roy Eakin Fergusson May 13, 1900 in Methodist Parsonage, Crystal Springs, Copiah County, Miss.

                        vii.  Tennessee Yarbrough  

        12.  Adam Wesley Roberts, born in PA.  He married 13. Sadie Knox.

        13.  Sadie Knox, born in MO.        

Children of Adam Roberts and Sadie Knox are:

                           i.  Alice Roberts, married Unknown Broaddus

                          ii.  Charles Roberts

                         iii.  Edward S. Roberts, married Iowa Unknown (Roberts)

                         iv.  George Roberts

                          v.  Jim Roberts

        6               vi.  Thomas Knox Roberts, born March 27, 1875 in Blue Springs, Jackson County,  Mo.; died July 15, 1947 in Edgemont, Ill; married Willie Edward Watts February 12, 1898 in Texarkana, Miller County, Ark.

                        vii.  Susie Roberts, born January 17, 1881; married Frank W. Brownell  

        14. William Ballard Watts, Sr., born in VA (orTX); died Abt. October 30, 1881 in Richmond, AR..  He married 15. Frances Amanda Paul 1868.

        15.  Frances Amanda Paul, born May 12, 1851 in Nacogdoches, Texas..  She was the daughter of Unknown Paul and Frances Amanda Vartaman.    

Children of William Watts and Frances Paul are:

                           i.  Gertrude Watts, married Walter Holden

                          ii.  Madge Watts, born September 03, 1878 in Texarkana,TX3; died in Shreveport, La; met Lawence DeLoach November 07, 1895 in PINE Bluff, AR3; born December 01, 1872 in Longview, TX3; died January 28, 1920 in Shreveport, LA3.

                         iii.  Ozzie Watts, married Unknown Raymer

                         iv.  William Ballard Watts, Jr., born Bef. 1881.

        7                v.  Willie Edward Watts, born November 13, 1881 in Richmond, Ark.; died March 03, 1966 in St. Mary's Hosp. , East St. Louis, Illinois; married Thomas Knox Roberts February 12, 1898 in Texarkana, Miller County, Ark.  


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2.  Kathy Baker Letter of 1/9/2000.

3.  Terri's email 3/4/2005.                                                                      

This information was submitted by Jerry and JoAn.  Thank you so much.


The Volunteer State



The S. J. Clarke Pub. Co 1923

Vol.  111 1


Family of Mike Mooney son of Erwin J. Mooney Jr. English Pro. Amarillo Jr. Collage. Amarillo, TX, and family of Henry Augustin Mooney of Pine Bluff, ARK. 


Charles Patrick Joseph Mooney

          Managing Editor of Commercial Appeal of Memphis Born in Bullitt County, Kentucky, Sept. 15, 1865 Parents John Francis and Hannah {Spraggins} Mooney of County Down, Ireland.  Hannah's ancestors from N.C. to Kentucky about the time of Civil War. Youngest of 7 children.

          Charles P. C. Mooney went to Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co. AR. in 1888 to be  a telegraph operator on Cotton Belt Railroad. But went to work for Arthur Murray on the  Press Eagle "first paper job'.

           June 1890 to Memphis as reporter on the old Avalanche.  Married Corinne G'Sell O'Connor from Carondelet, Missouri. Children:  Hugh J., Miriam, and Charles Jr.


1870 -  Ky.,  Mooney, John   62,  Ireland  Bullitt county,  page 228  Pine Tavern

Mooney, Colman,  50, black,  228  Pine Tavern Ky. 1850 Bullitt Co. page 189 B line 30 Dwelling 587 

30 587-587,      Mooney, John,                      45-m            Hotel Keeper $ 3255     Ireland, 

31                              Hanah                                      27-f               Ky.  

32                              Mary                                           3-f               Ky. 

33                              Margaret                                   1-f              Ky.

 34            McChagham, Henry            50-m            Farmer         Ireland

 35 588 - 588      Spraggens,  Margaret,        64-f              wd                  Ireland 

36                               Isabella                                   19-f               s, Ky. 


1860 Page 739 Belmont Furnace P. O. Bullitt Co. KY  Sheet # 63 dist # 4   11 Aug. 1860


21      469 - 441              Mooney,  John          58-m         Farmer          6000/4000           Ireland

22                                     H.                                  39-f                                                  KY

23                                    McCloughen, H.         63-m                                           Ireland

24                                   Mooney,  M.                 13-f           att. school                     KY

25                                    Mary                             1-f                "       "                           KY

26                                    H.                                  9-m              "       "                           KY

27                                    B.                                  7-m              "       "                           KY

28                                    J.                                  4-m                                                    KY


1870  Sheet # 32  Pine Tavern dist, 9 July 1870  Bullitt County, KY


14 - 226 - 226                         Mooney, John                     69 m/w                                 Ireland

15                                             Hannah                                 46 f/w                                   KY

16                                             Henry                                    12 m/w                                  KY

17                                             Barney                                  17 m/w                                 KY

18                                             John                                      13 m/w                                 KY

19                                             Nancie                                    8 f/w                                   KY

20                                            Charley                                   5 m/w                                  KY


21-22-23- 3 others not related unable to read                          

24- 227-227                    Mooney, Colman                       50 m/b             + 8 other family members.


1880  Pine Tavern , Bullitt Co. KY  Page 249 C


                          Mooney, Hannah      self   F  Wd     W   56   KY  NC  IRE

                                         , Nannie        dau   f    s          w   18  KY  IRE  KY

                                         , Charles        son  m   s         w    14  KY  IRE  KY

1880                  Mooney, John F.       Self   M  M  w         24   KY IRE  KY

                                         , Alice V.      wife    f    m     w       21  OH  OH  IN

                                         , Lillie  B.       dau    f     s      w        1  KY KY   OH

1900 Pine Bluff, Vaugine township, Jefferson Co. AR  SD # 6, ED # 101 sheet 2 B Page 193 B  9 June 1900


80 - 623-36-41       Mooney, H. A.       head  Feb. 1852 - 48        KY  IRE  KY   Cotton Buyer  rent home

81                             Stella M.                 wife      Aug 1859 - 40              OH VA   PA

82                             Stella                      dar       July 1881 - 18               KY KY  OH

83                             Augustas              son       Feb  1884 - 16              AR KY  OH

84                             Joseph                  son       Aug 1887 - 12              KY KY  OH

85                             Thomas L.            son        Nov 1889 - 10             AR KY  OH

86                             Wm. Chas.            son        Mar 1892 -   8              AR KY  OH

87                             James Irwin          son        Aug 1895 -  4              AR  KY  OH

88                             John Pelton         son         Aug 1897 -  2              AR  KY  OH


1910 Pine Bluff, Vaugine twp, Jefferson Co. AR. ED# 114 Sheet 1 B page 124 B   1910  Wabash ST.


72 - 800-23-23              Mooney, Henry A.          57              KY Iowa  KY         Machincist   Railroad

73                                    Stella  M.                          50              OH  VA   PA         9 kids 9 liveing

74                                    Agustin                            25              AR  KY   OH

75                                    Joseph                             22              AR  KY   OH

76                                    Thomas                           20              AR   "       "

77                                    Willie                                 18              AR  "       "

78                                    Erwine                              14              AR   "        "

79                                    Pelton                               12              AR   "       "

80                                    Helen                                  4               AR   "        "


1920  Pine Bluff, Vaugine twp, Jefferson Co. AR. SD # 6, ED# 135 Sheet 13 B, Page 151 B 28 January 1920

? (Ualma St.}

58-800-225-282              Mooney, Henry A.       head        67       rent         KY  IRE  IRE   Cotton Buyer

59                                      Stella                              wife          60                       KY VA   PA

60                                      John P.                          son          22                        AR KY  KY

61                                      Helen E.                         dar          14                         AR KY KY


1920 pg 224 B  SD# 6, ED# 140,  ward 3 sheet 2 B, 

Pine Bluff, Vaugine twp, Jefferson Co. AR  3 Jan. 1920

12th Ave.

17-914-37-44-                   McGaugh, Marshall                   53                     AR AL AR         retail merchant

18                                        Stella  M.                                      38                     KY KY KY

19                                        Mary  V.                                        17                     AR AR KY

20                                        Francis                                         15                    AR  AR KY

21                                        Marshall Jr.                                   6                     AR  AR KY

22                       Mooney , Stella             58  mother in law  KY VA VA  line though name


  Mary Mooney married James B. Cummings  Nov. 24, 1863  Bullitt Co. KY

  John Mooney  married Hannah Sprague        Oct. 16, 1845   Bullitt Co. Ky

  Joseph T. Spragan to  Sarah Tilford               Feb 28, 1839     Bullitt Co. Ky

John F. Money 22 married Alice V. Brady 19  Oct. 28 1920     Bullitt Co. Ky 

Surety by Levi Brady  Cemetery  Bullitt Co. KY

Bernaed Levi Brady Mooney  8 Nov 1899 - 2 Oct. 1929

Lily I Mooney  1879, 8 Jan - 21 Feb 1952


Bernard Levi Brady                                  Grace Smith McAllister

Nov 8, 1899 - Oct 2 1929                           March 5, 1903  Nov 7 1990

                                              28 Oct 1920


Francis L. Spraggins to Margaret Hollingsworth  Jan. 15, 1830 Robeson Co. NC 

Mooney, Erwin J. Jr.  English Pro. Amarillo Collage  1223 Jackson DR4-6078 office 03 ext 32 

Shane Steel  descendant of Mooney family searching this family  10 March 2000. Family of Henry Augustine Mooney b. 1851 died 1931 Pine Bluff, AR  buried in Mooney family cemetery.  John (Jack) Francis Mooney b. 1802 County Down Ireland.    

Captain Walter Greenfield

Captain Walter Greenfield was a brave soldier and is an honest citizen. What better eulogy could be passed upon a man who has earned those titles in military and civil life? He was born in Todd County, Ky., on July 4, 1833, and is a son of Thomas G. and Lucy (Hannah) Greenfield, both natives of the same county and State, who moved to Pine Bluff, Ark., in 1837, which place they made their home for the balance of their lives. The father dying in 1840, when thirty six years old, and the mother in 1853, at the age of forty-seven years. The elder Greenfield was a merchant and one of the first men to start in business at Pine Bluff. Under the firm name of Greenfield & Kay he and his partner conducted the largest mercantile house in that section. Both parents were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In politics the father was a Whig, and was also a Royal Arch Mason in high standing. His father was Thomas G. Greenfield, an old Virginian, and one of the heroes who fought in 1812. Thomas Greenfield was one of the earliest settlers of Kentucky, coming there but a short time after Daniel Boone, and was an intimate associate of that noted pioneer. The Hannah's were also a well-known family of Kentucky and very prominent people in Christian County. The Greenfield's were of English origin. To the marriage of Walter Green- field's parents were born five children, of whom he is the only one now living. He was educated in Pine Bluff, Ark., and later at private schools in Nashville, Tenn. After his school days were over he remained with his mother until her death and then turned his attention to farming. In 1858 he was appointed deputy sheriff of his county, and served creditably in that capacity until the out- break of the Rebellion. In the spring of 1862 he organized a company of cavalry, being chosen third lieutenant. This was Company G of the Second Battalion, which was afterwards reorganized with the First Battalion and made into one, in which he was promoted to first lieutenant. In October,1863, he was promoted to the captaincy of Company G for brilliant action on the field, and this position he retained until the close of the war. Capt. Greenfield was detailed for scouting duty a considerable part of the time, and took part in a great many battles, operating in Northern Mississippi to a great extent. In April, 1863, he was sent out on recruiting duty, but at that time was taken sick and unable to continue with the work for some time. He also took part in Price's raids through Missouri, and was foremost in every battle during that occasion, and at Pilot Knob he had charge of the skirmishers. Capt. Greenfield was next at Newtonia, Kas.  From there he went to Pine Bluff, Ark., where he surrendered on June 8, 1865. He has had many thrilling escapes from death, and many times narrowly got through the clutches of the enemy, but his good fortuue atended him all through and he yet lives to tell the tale. In 1875-76 he was appointed collector and filled that office, together with the position of sheriff, to the satisfaction of all parties concerned. Farming has been his business ever since the war, and he now owns 700 acres of good land with the principal part of it under cultivation, all of which he has made since that event.  The war having left him practically bankrupt. In December Capt. Greenfield was married to Miss Mary C. Embree, a daughter of Israel Embree, an old settler of Jefferson County. Mrs. Greenfield was born June 29, 1844, and by her marriage became the mother of six children: Lucy M. , Gordon E., John T. , Maggie F., Mary W. and Carrie. The Captain is a Knight Templar and Knight of Pythias, besides belonging to several other faternities. In politics he is a Democrat and a leader in political affairs as well as social and business matters. His son Gordon is also prominent in Knight of Pythias circles. W. B. Greenfield a farmer in Pine Bluff, Ark. It is doubtless owing entirely to the industrious and persevering manner with which Mr. Greenfield has adhered to the pursuit of agriculture that he has risen to such a substantial position in farm affairs in this county. His birth occurred in Jefferson County, Ark., on February 11, 1849, and he is the son of J. W. and Matilda (Bogy) Greenfield. The elder Greenfield was born in Tennessee, in 1821, was educated in that State, and then went to Kentucky, but later to Arkansas, where in 1845 he married Miss Bogy, the daughter of Mr. E. Bogy, an old French settler. To Mr. and Mrs. Greenfield were born eighteen children, six sons and twelve daughters; three sons and four daughters now living, two in this State and five in Texas. The father is still living, and in connection with farming is also engaged in merchandising in Texas. He is the owner of a large tract of land and is quite well to do. He was justice of the peace for two years, and is now notary public. W. B. Greenfield was educated at the Christian Brothers' College, at St. Louis, and after returning home married Miss Bettie T. Phillips, October 27, 1886. She was born in Arkansas, and is the daughter of John and Mary A. Taylor. To the union of Mr. and Mrs. Greenfield was born one child, Willie, who died February 14, 1887.  "Only a little child; pause not here to weep; Scarcely on earth it smiled, ere it fell asleep." Mr. Greenfield has about 1,200 acres of good land, with 375 acres under cultivation. He and wife are members of the Methodist Church.