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My name is Janey Kaiser and I am the coordinator for the Jefferson County Arkansas page. The PURPOSE OF THIS PAGE is to aid you in your search for Jefferson County Arkansas residents. It is hoped that the information contained here will help you better understand how and when the county boundaries changed, who some of the residents were, where Jefferson county information may be found and how to contact others that may be working on families of your same interest.



Brief History of Arkansas

In 1803, the Louisiana Purchase was acquired by the United States, and, in 1819, Arkansas was organized as a territory. Its northern, eastern and southern borders were the same as they are now, but to the west, some of what is now Oklahoma was included. Two years later, in 1821, the territorial capital was moved from Arkansas Post to Little Rock.  By 1836, the Arkansas Territory had the 60,000 residents required to become a state, and after writing an acceptable constitution, was declared the 25th state in the United States


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The territory comprising this county was taken from the counties of Arkansas and Pulaski by the act of November 2, 1829. It was named for Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States, and is bounded as follows: On the north by Pulaski and Lonoke counties; on the east by Arkansas and Desha; on the south by Lincoln and Cleveland, and on the west by Grant County. It has an area of 903 square miles of fertile valley and upland, and is one of the leading cotton counties of the state. The Arkansas River flows through the county and affords ample drainage.

Thwaitcs' "Early Western Travels" (vol. xiii, p. 140) says: "It is said that the first white man in Jefferson County was Leon Le Roy, one of Tonti's men, who deserted from the (Arkansas) Post in 1690. He was held in captivity for fourteen years by the Osage, and when he escaped was captured and adopted by the Quapaw, to whom he taught the use of firearms. When the Quapaw treaty of 1818 was made, one of the chiefs gave the commissioners, as an emblem of friendship, a gun said to be the one which Le Roy had a century earlier taught the Quapaw to use. This weapon is preserved in the Smithsonian Institution at Washington."

A few squatters came upon the old hunting grounds of the Quapaw prior to 1819, but the first permanent white settler in the county was Joseph Bonne, a French hunter and trapper, who located on the site of Pine Bluff in 1819. He built a wigwam on the bank of the Arkansas River and lived there with no companion except his dog for several years. The site of this wigwam was washed away by the river. Other pioneers were: John Derresseaux, a man named Prewett, Ambrose Bartholomew, Antoine Duchesson, David Musick, Euclid Johnson, Israel Dodge, Francis Villier, the Dardennis and the Vaugine families, Antoine Barraque and a few others, all of whom settled near the river.

The act creating the county provided that "the temporary seat of justice shall be at the house of Joseph Bone (Bonne) until otherwise provided for by law." Two weeks later another act authorized the election of commissioners to locate a permanent county seat, but as the county records prior to 1837 have not been preserved, it is not known who the commissioners were. In the spring of 1832 the seat of justice was moved to the house of Antoine Barraque, three miles below Pine Bluff on the same side of the river, and by the act of November 1, 1833, Louis Bougy, Samuel Taylor and Etheldred Varsier were named as commissioners to contract for and superintend the erection of a jail. The jail was built at Pine Bluff, which had been selected by popular vote as the permanent county seat at an election held in August, 1832. The first county officers were: W. P. Haekett, judge; J. T. Pullen, clerk; Creed Taylor, sheriff; Peter German, coroner; N. Holland, surveyor.

Jefferson County is divided into the following townships: Barraque, Bogy, Bolivar, Dudley Lake, Dunnington, Jefferson, Melton, Niven, Old River, Pastoria, Plum Bayou, Richland, Roberts, Spring, Talladega, Vaugine, Victoria, Villeraont, Washington and Whiteville.

The legal fraternity of Jefferson County has always been one of prominence. In a list of the members of the bar may be found the names of Samuel C. and John S. Roane, James Yell, J. W. Bocage, R. W. Johnson, A. B. and William P. Grace, Ira McL. Barton, W. E. Hemingway, M. L. Jones and John M. Taylor, all of whom were prominent, both in law and political affairs.

Two lines of the Missouri Pacific railway system and the main line of the St. Louis Southwestern form connections at Pine Bluff and a branch of the latter system runs from Altheimer to Little Rock. These roads supply all parts of the county with transportation facilities. In the early days, when steamboats operated on the Arkansas River, Pine Bluff was an important shipping point.

Pine Bluff is the third city of the state in population. The incorporated Town of Altheimer is situated in Plum Bayou Township, about ten miles northeast from Pine Bluff. It has a bank, a handle factory, general stores, etc., and a population of 450. Redfield, on the Missouri Pacific near the northwest corner, was incorporated on October 29, 1898. It has a sawmill, a canning factory, a population of 296, and is a trading and shipping point for a rich farming district. The principal villages are English, Ladd, Sherrill, Tucker and Wabbaseka. In 1920 the county reported a population of 60,330, an increase of 7,596 in ten years.  (Source - Centennial History of Arkansas 1922; transcribed by Tina Easley.)

Jefferson County was created on 2 November 1829 and was formed from Arkansas and Pulaski Counties. The county was named for Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States, and contains very fertile agricultural lands. The French are believed to be the first white settlers of the area and they resided along side the American Indians in the area. The county seat is at Pine Bluff.

Jefferson County is bordered by Pulaski County (northwest), Lonoke County (north), Arkansas County (east), Lincoln County (southeast), Cleveland County (southwest), Grant County (west). Cities, Towns & Communities include Altheimer, Humphrey, Pine Bluff, Redfield, Sherrill, Wabbaseka, White Hall

Parts of Jefferson County was used to form the following counties: Cleveland 1873, Grant 1869, Lincoln 1871. Other county boundary changes occurred when Boundaries defined 3 November 1831 and 29 October 1836, lines changed with Lincoln and Desha 20 March 1879 and with Arkansas 25 February 1889.



Early Township Maps




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History of Arkansas

Arkansas Territory: 1819

Arkansas Statehood: 1819- 1836

1814 Arkansas Territory Tax List

1816 Arkansas Territory Tax List

Pre-1830 Arkansas Territory Tax List

1835 Arkansas Federal Pension Roll

1860 Federal Census Index Indian Lands (now Located in Ok.)

1860 Federal Census of Indian Lands, (now Located in Ok.)


Adamsburgh (1870-1877)
Altheimer (1885-Date)
Anrep (1918/1927)
Astor (1881-1883)
Bankhead (1877-1908)
Bellville (1875-1879)
Brook's (1859-1866)
Brookside (1901-1905)
Byrd's Springs (1857/1872)
Camp Creek (1850-1859)
Carson (1868-1879)
Cooper's Landing (1872-1879)
Cornerstone (1886-1830)
Cotton Center (1878-1887)
Cottonwood (1849-1849)
Dexter (1882-1912)
Diantha (1915-1929)
Double Wells (1871/1930)
Doylestown (1914-1936)
Dugan's Landing (1849-1850)
Eastwood (1903-1907)
Edwards (1878-1879)
Egypt (1856-1859)
Elerson (1892-1929)
English (1886/1930)
Fair Bluff (1860-1860)
Fair Dale (1858-1869)
Fairfield (1878-1915)
Faith (1888-1931)
Ferda (1908-1943)
Fiveforks (1901-1902)
Flat Bayou (1) (1857/1878)
Flat Bayou (2) (1881-1886)
Garretson (1894/1921)
Garretson's Landing (1866/1894)
Gethsamane (1898-1929)
Greely (1881/1897)
Greenback (1869/1892)
Greer (1884-1910)
Hannaberry (1896-1921)
Haywood (1910-1912)
Hockers (1877-1886)
Hoodsville (1850-1850)
Jefferson (1881-Date)
Kearney (1888-1912)
Ladd (1897-1907)
Lake Dick (1900/1945)
Lake Farm (1889-1895)
Lakefarm (1895-1918)
Langford (1902/1920)
Leander (1880-1881)
Linwood (1874-1905)
Locust Cottage (1855/1924)
Loomis (1891-1892)
Luzon (1899-1900)
Macon (1884-1892)
Madding (1888-1929)
McGrew (1908-1911)
McKenzies (1876-1877)
Melton (1868/1877)
Mentor (1881-1882)
Monday (1855-1859)
Moscow (1905-Date)
Moten (1918-1935)
Mulberry Grove (1866-1868)
Natick (1887-1888)
New Gascony (1) (1832/1866)
New Gascony (2) (1868/1869)
New Gascony (3) (1869/1929)
Noble's Lake (1873-1895)
Nobles (1895-1900)
Nobles Lake (1900-1919)
Nubia (1885-1896)
Oak Park Sta. (?-Date)
Oakville (1869/1881)
Pastoria (1854/1917)
Peach Grove (1855-1859)
Pearl (1899-1906)
Pine Bluff (1828-Date)
Piney Grove (1873-1877)
Plum Bayou (1843-1949)
Racine (1877-1886)
Rainey (1881/1892)
Red Bluff (1869-1892)
Redfield (1880-Date)
Reed (1877-1878)
Reeves Landing (1870-1873)
Reform (1870/1877)
Reydel (1899/1930)
Reydell (1842-Date)
Richland (1) (1839-1866)
Richland (2) (1866-1869)
Rob Roy (1850/1895)
Robroy (1895-1926)
Ruth (1882-1885)
Rutledge (1873-1874)
Saint Marys (1839-1843)
Sherrill (1890-Date)
Skinner (1901-1914)
Sleeth (1889-1899)
Smart (1881-1884)
Straw Hat (1852-1853)
Swan Lake (1) (1851-1886)
Swan Lake (2) (1887/1923)
Sweden (1900-1925)
Tamo (1900-1967)
Tamo Rur. Sta. (1968-Date)
Toronto (1871/1899)
Tucker (1888-Date)
Tyrone (1892-1900)
Vaugine (1825-1828)
Victoria (1868-1873)
Wabbaseka (1883-Date)
Waldstein (1912-1927)
Waterseky (1858-1860)
Watts (1886-1888)
White Bluff (1854/1884)
White Sulphur Springs (1855/1878)
Wightman's Mills (1867-1867)
Williamette (1872/1907)
Windom (1893-1895)
Wright (1938-Date)

Some City's and Towns in Jefferson County


Altheimer     Humphrey      Pine Bluff     Redfield     Sherrill     Wabbaseka   White Hall




A List of Jefferson County Public Libraries


Jefferson County Old Picture's

(Source: American Memory from the Library of Congress)


Arkansas--Altheimer.  America from the Great Depression to World War II     
Arkansas--Jefferson County--Lake Dick Project.  America from the Great Depression to World War II     
Arkansas--Jefferson County--Lake Dick.  America from the Great Depression to World War II     
Arkansas--Jefferson County--Plum Bayou Project.  America from the Great Depression to World War II     
Arkansas--Jefferson County--Plum Bayou.  America from the Great Depression to World War II     
Arkansas--Lake Dick.  America from the Great Depression to World War II     
Arkansas--Pine Bluff.  America from the Great Depression to World War II     
Library, Pine Bluff      (Source: Post Card Library)
Public Library, Pine Bluff      (Source: Post Card Library)

Old Postcards of Pine Bluff 

This link submitted by Paul Perdue 

Paul has about 560 old postcards on it and He is adding more all the time.  




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History of Pioneer's that Lived and Settled in Jefferson County

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View Jefferson County Pioneers

A List of Pioneers From Jefferson County

View Township Information

Township Formation, Dates and Boundaries

View Jefferson County References

Source of information and where it is located

Arkansas Land Records by surname

Joy Fisher's Pre-1908 homestead and bounty land patents for the state of Arkansas that lets you search the records by Surname.


View 1830 Census of Jefferson County

The 1830 Jefferson County, Arkansas Census

Transcribed by Harry O. Alvis; 29 Oct 1997.

View 1840 Census of Jefferson County

The 1840 Jefferson County, Arkansas Census

Transcribed by Harry O. Alvis; 29 Oct 1997.

View 1850 Census of Jefferson County

1900 Arkansas Census Bogy TWP.

Please Visit the surrounding Counties.

Arkansas  Lonoke  Cleveland  Grant  Lincoln  Pulaski




A list of some of the Cemetery's in Jefferson County

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Atkins Family Cemetery

Bellwood Annex Cemetery

Blackwell Hill Cemetery

Blalock & King Cemetery

Branch Cemetery

Brown Cemetery

Creek Chapel Cemetery

Curl Cemetery

Davis Cemetery

Flat Bayou Cemetery

GraceLand Cemetery

Pictures of this cemetery

Hardin Cemetery

Harmony Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery (Updated as of May 2008)

Jefferson Memorial Cemetery

Kings Bayou Cemetery

(Abandoned) Information on this Site Only

Lee Cemetery

Memorial Park Cemetery A thru M

Memorial Park Cemetery N thru z

Noble - Gravier Cemetery (aka St. Paul's Cemetery)

Phillips Cemetery

Providence Cemetery

Red Bluff Cemetery

Redfield Cemetery

Sandy Bayou Cemetery

Spring Hill Cemetery

St Peters Cemetery

Thomas Dunnington Family Cemetery

Union Cemetery

White Bluff Cemetery

White Hall Methodist Cemetery


Jefferson County, Arkansas Marriage Records

Compiled by Sara J. Greer


Arkansas Marriage Records

This is a site that has a Directory of links to other Marriage Records as well as a searchable database

Submitted by Janet Schaible.  Thank you Janet for your wonderful site.

Arkansas Penitentiary Records

Submitted by Deb Robinson

Jefferson County Penitentiary Record Index 1918-1920

Jefferson County Penitentiary Records 1936-1938

Arkansas State Convict Farm #3, 1930 Index of Prisoners


This is where we start information on the War's.

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Civil War Information

Civil War Battles in Arkansas


Please visit this Site for other State Message Boards 


Some Arkansas Civil War Links I found

Arkansas Civil War Time Line

Civil War in Jefferson County

Pine Bluff, Civil War Roster

Secession of States

Confederate Cemetery Listings

Civil War Rosters

A lot of Information under this link for the State of Arkansas

The Original Arkansas Civil War Page




Who died in Rock Island Il. Prison Camp

"Arkansas Confederate and Union Soldier's Burial Place"



Sons of Confederate Veterans

(Patrick R Cleburne Camp #1433)




Jefferson County, Arkansas, World War II Casualties Army and Air force


Arkansas State World War II Casualties Listings per County

You can go to this site and look up any County in Arkansas to see there Casualties




Jefferson County Korean War Casualties




The Names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall from Arkansas

Sorted by Town

Arkansas Missing in Action Vietnam War






Slaveholder's of 1860 & African American Surname of 1870



Transcribed by Tom Blake, May, 2001

Christine's Genealogy Website

African-American genealogical research and resources site.

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites

African-American genealogical resources site.

The Unknown Aviator

John MacGavock Grider was an American pilot, 

who served in Britain in World War I


The Sultana was a Mississippi River steamboat that was allowed by law to carry only 376 persons, including the crew.  On April 27, 1865, straining against the floodwaters of the Mississippi and grossly overloaded with repatriated Union prisoners returning home after the end of the Civil War (steamboat captains were apparently paid a contract of $5 per person to carry the prisoners home and some estimates place the number of people actually on board at over 2000), Sultana's leaky boilers exploded in a huge ball of flame that was seen and heard for many miles, setting the vessel on fire and throwing many of the weakened and ill former POWs on the decks several hundred feet into the river.  Others that had survived the initial explosion were trapped in the wreckage and burned to death.  Since there was no list of personnel aboard, estimates of the death toll range as high as 1900 people (more than RMS Titanic 47 years later), making this the worst maritime disaster in United States history.  The number of survivors is estimated at approximately 500 people.  There was relatively little publicity about the incident at the time as it was overshadowed by the end of the war and the assassination of President Lincoln only eleven days earlier



An account of the sinking of the Sultana

By a descendant of one of the very few female survivors who lost her husband and seven year old daughter in the wreck.  This page includes a deposition given by Mrs. Annis during the official investigation into the cause of the wreck. 


A List of the Calvary that did not survive



These are a few interesting sites about our Native American Indians,

some in Arkansas and others around the Southeast.

Distribution of Native Americans in the Southeast

(numbers refer to tribes on next web site)

List of Indian Tribes in the Southeast around 1820

Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri

Family Stories from Trail of Tears

Accounts of the "Cherokee Trail of Tears" With reference to "Princess Otahki"

"This is an interview, conducted at a dedication ceremony, 

of a monument to one of those lost on the 'Trail Of Tears'."

By Elizabeth Mulligan

The Story of Trail of Tears

This is just one story from the trail. Who was the savage?
Who the civilized? How can we question where hate comes from?

Indian Voices from the Trail of Tears

Indian Voices from the Trails of Tears is a collection of writing by American Indians who were involved with the removal of Indigenous Nations from their traditional homelands in the nineteenth century.  While the term Trails of Tears has been applied to the removal of tribal groups from the American Southeast to Indian Territory, we use it to apply to the forced resettlement of Indian nations from other parts of the country as well.

The writings include narratives by survivors, family stories, memoirs, poetry, and essays concerning removal policy.

Family Stories from the Trail of Tears
edited by Lorrie Montiero

Cherokee Removal - The Trail Where They Cried
nu na hi du na tlo hi lu i

Roots Web's Gen Connect for Jefferson County

This site has a lot of information.  

Please try it out, you might just find your missing person

Arkansas Census Records Online

Submitted by Brenda Hay

Southwest Arkansas Archives

We are located in Washington, Arkansas, next to Old Washington Historic State Park.  We are a central clearing house for archival material from 12 counties in southwest, Arkansas.  These counties were once the edge of the frontier for the United States.  

We are open Monday-Friday, 9-4. 

Faith Riley, Director

Southeastern Genealogy Online

Information for Jefferson County as well as all of Arkansas 

and the Southeastern States.

1842 Map, 1850 Map, 1852 Map, 1871 Map

Betsy Mills Arkansas Counties Boundary Maps; 1842, 1850, 1852 and 1871!

New Links that are very interesting and helpful

Rotating Census Maps

Maps for Arkansas

Railroad Maps 1828 - 1900



Arkansas History Commission and State Archives

Go to Original Arkansas Genealogy Page

Bill Couch's Original Arkansas Genealogy Home Page


John Robertson Historical County Lines

County Maps of all the U.S. (incomplete)


The SurnameWeb

The Surname Web

Census Online

Links to Online Census Records for any State and a few Countries


Sports Schedule and News Updates

Vital Records Information - Arkansas

State Health Department has birth and death records from 1914 and marriage records from 1917, divorce records from 1921.

Clerks of counties where license was obtained have marriage records. The Clerks of Circuit Courts also have records of wills, deeds, divorces, and war service.

Arkansas County Courthouses

Addresses in alphabetical order by county

Jefferson County Vital Records

Jefferson County Clerk
P.O. Box 6317
Pine Bluff, AR 71611-6317
(870) 541-5360       

Arkansas Birth Certificates, Death Records, Marriage Licenses and more




(No URL or E-mail address) c/o Dave Wallace Pine Bluff, Arkansas


(No URL or E-mail address)
Organized in the mid 1980's and has been continuously active to the present. We meet the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Jefferson County Museum located in the old Depot at 4th and State Streets in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Usually we have a speaker but often we share information on our own research progress. The public is welcome. Annual Membership dues are $10 for individual, $15 for couples and $10 for organizations. The Society's publication is called FOOTPRINTS and is usually published twice a year. The Jefferson County Genealogical Society works closely with the Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Library, and volunteers have generously donated both time and materials for research. The address is JEFFERSON COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY, POST OFFICE BOX # 2215, PINE BLUFF, ARKANSAS 71613

Jefferson County Public Library

Please email the Library if you have any questions.
200 E. 8th
Pine Bluff, Ark. 71601
Phone: 1-501-534-4802

If you would like to visit the new Web Site for the Library, then click below:

Jefferson County Public Library

A very special thinks to Dave Burdick for calling this new Web Site and E-Mail address for the Jefferson County Library to my attention.




Joy Fisher for providing access to the Arkansas land records!

Betsy Mills for providing access to the Arkansas Counties Boundary Maps; 1842, 1850, 1852 and 1871!

Debbie Campbell for generating the Maps at the top of this page showing the position of Jefferson county with relation to the other counties in Arkansas !

John Robertson for providing access to the Historical County Lines Maps of all the U.S. !


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