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1900 Census Bear Creek, Lee County, Arkansas
Transcribed by Mary Anderson
This index is in the order in which they appear in the census record. It should include the name of every
person whose place of abode on 1 June 1900 was in this family. [Official census day 1 June 1900]
1 Steinritter Albert Head W M Sept 1867 IN OH OH
Laura E Wife W F April 1868 IN TN TN
Freddie C Son W M Dec 1894 NJ ** **
Brown Willie Boarder W M ? 1870 IL IL IN
  Gilcrest Thomas D Boarder W M Dec 1871 AR ? **
2 Murrah Charley Head June 1845 SC GA SC
Sela M Wife Nov 1860 KY KY KY
Willie B Son June 1881 AR KY KY
Charles A Son July 1889 AR KY KY
Thomas D Son Oct 1891 AR KY KY
    Ruth Daughter     Oct 1898 AR KY KY
3 Williams Rose Head B F Mch 1847 TN TN TN
Humphrey Emma Servant B F May 1863 AR ** SC
Jack Son B M Feb 1884 AR TN AR
Norena Daughter B F July 1886 AR TN AR
Lillia Daughter B F Aug 1888 AR TN AR
Henry A Son B M Jan 1890 AR TN AR
Bobby Son B M Sept 1895 AR TN AR
    Winnia Daughter B F Oct 1897 AR TN AR
4 Albert Berbard Head B M Aug 1872 AR AR AR
    Fannie Wife B F Sept 1874 AR AR AR
5 Richard Porter Head B M May 1870 TN TN TN
Clavon Wife B F Jan 1869 AR TN TN
  Josie Hilbert ? B F April 1895 AR ** **
6 Jackson John A Head W M Jan 1868 TN ** KY
    Methin J Wife W F April 1876 TN TN TN
7 Giles David J Head W M Sept 1851 KY VA KY
Elizabeth Wife W F Aug 1862 TN TN TN
Lillian M Daughter W F Mch 1878 TN TN TN
Emma Daughter W F Aug 1884 TN TN TN
    David J Son W M May 1898 AR TN TN
8 Wood Henry Head B M Mch 1874 TN TN TN
Fanny Wife B F May 1875 TN VA NH
John Emma B F Oct 1891 TN TN TN
John Steven Boarder B M Oct 1877 AR ** KY
? Gilbert Boarder B M July 1874 AR KY KY
Williams Brown Boarder B M Dec 1875 TN ** **
  Hutchins Robert Boarder B M July 1874 GA GA GA
9 Giles Joseph V Head W M Jan 1867 KY TN KY
Maggie A Wife W F April 1871 MS MS MS
Zora E. Daughter W F May 1896 AR KY MS
    Jas. M Son W M July 1898 AR KY MS
10 Stoner David Head W M June 1874 TN TN TN
Mattie Wife W F Feb 1875 AR TN TN
Robert R Son W M June 1897 AR TN AR
David Son W M April 1899 AR TN AR
  Harlenges Jeff Boarder W M July 1842 TN TN TN
11 Smith John Head W M Aug 1871 TN TN TN
    Berther Wife W F May 1886 TN TN TN
12 Jones Billy R Head W M Nov 1872 AL AL US
Minnie Wife W F May 1877 AR AR KY
Muryd Adam Boarder W M Nov 1862 Germany Germany Germany
  Giles David J Boarder W M Oct 1871 TN VA KY
13 Ragland John G Head W M Feb 1859 TX TN TN
Maggie Wife W F Dec 1867 IN IN TN
Chaffin John W Stepson W M 1886 AR IL IN
Clarence C Stepson W M Aug 1889 AR IL IN
Louis F Stepson W M Sept 1894 AR IL IN
Ragland Benjamin B Son W M Oct 1897 AR IL IN
    Houston Son W M Nov 1899 AR IL IN
14 Potts Thomas W Head W M 1844 TN TN TN
Elizabeth Wife W F Jan 1856 MS SC MS
William E Son W M Aug 1879 MS TN MS
James F Son W M July 1881 MS TN MS
Thomas E Son W M Nov 1884 MS TN MS
Lenna Son W M Dec 1890 AR TN MS
    Clementine Daughter W F Nov 1893 AR TN MS
15 Bledsoe Richard Head W M June 1833 KY NC SC
Nancy Wife W F Jan 1860 AR AR AL
Jones Ruthry I Adopted Daughter W F Oct 1882 AR AR AL
    George H Adopted Son W M June 1884 AR AR AL
16 McKnight James H Head B M Mch 1842 SC SC VA
Darkes Daughter B F April 1872 AR SC SC
Willie S Son B M July 1886 AR SC SC
Linsey Henry Hand B M April 1874 MS ** **
  Linsey Riley Hand B M Mch 1884 AR ** **
17 Williams Henry Head B M Dec 1865 AR TN TN
    Susy Wife B F   1875 AR KY TN
18 Anderson DeWitt Head W M May 1845 TN TN VA
  Todd John J Head B M Dec 1868 SC SC SC
19 Carnes William R Head W M Sept 1833 MS PA ?
Viola Wife W F July 1876 IL IL IL
    Elmer H Son W M Oct 1893 AR MS IL
20 Harris Thomas H Head W M Feb 1848 LA LA LA
Nancy A Wife W F Jan 1865 TN ** **
Charley T Son W M Nov 1880 AR LA TN
Robert H Son W M July 1882 AR LA TN
Zachariah Son W M Mch 1889 AR LA TN
    Jeremiah Son W M Mch 1889 AR LA TN
21 Jones Dosh Head W M July 1874 MS GA GA
    Clarence Son W M Dec 1898 AR MS TN
22 Fendergrass(?) Isrul Head B M May 1871 TN ** **
Callie Wife B F Dec 1880 AL AL AL
Viola Daughter B F Aug 1899 AR AL AL
  Goggin Sallie Aunt B F   1834 AL VA US
23 Jones Floyd Head W M Mch 1869 AL VA GA
Lara J Wife W F Dec 1883 SC NE NC
Lee A Son W M May 1889 MS AL AL
John W Son W M Oct 1894 MS AL AL
Wilson Emma Mother-in-law W F July 1864 NC NC NC
Hattie C Niece W F July 1884 NC NC NC
    Doshiy N Niece W F May 1889 NC NC NC
24 Hale James Head W M May 1854 IL AL Canada-England
Margaret V Wife W F April 1858 IL VA TN
John Son W M Nov 1892 IL IL IL
Eward Son W M June 1893 IL IL IL
Joseph O Boarder W M Jan 1868 AR AL GA
Deweese Jona Boarder W M Mch 1879 TN AL AL
Williams Wm. D Boarder W M Nov 1874 TN TN TN
    Annie M Boarder W F April 1883 MS AR MS
25 Blackman Oscar Head W M Mar 1879 MS MS MS
Lula C Wife W F July 1884 MS AL AL
    Jessy W Son W M May 1900 AR MS MS
26 Childers Andrew B Head W M Oct 1877 IL IL IL
27 Williams James Head W M Oct 1876 TN TN TN
Laura Wife W F 1879 AL AL AL
Mary Daughter W F Jan 1897 AR TN AL
    Jimmy Son W M Aug 1899 AR TN AL
28 Shimp Henry Head W M Nov 1840 MS OH IN
Celen Wife W F Nov 1846 IN France Germany
James M Son W M Jan 1881 AR MS France
    Paul Son W M Dec 1884 AR MS France
29 Cole George D Head W M Nov 1860 GA NC KY
30 Harris Robert R Head W M 1856 LA LA LA
    Malinda Sister W F   1855 LA LA LA
31 Boner James Head B M Dec 1875 MS VA MS
    Frances Wife B F June 1871 MS MS MS
32 Hall James Head B M Sept 1878 AR VA TN
Sarina Wife B F Aug 1881 AR ** TN
Burt Son B M June 1897 AR AR AR
    Willie Son B M Aug 1899 AR AR AR
33 Johnson Robert Head B M April 1843 KY ** VA
Josephine Wife B F Dec 1851 TN ** FL
Manermy Daughter B F April 1882 AR KY VA
Thomas Son B M Nov 1884 AR KY VA
Dora Daughter B F Jan 1886 AR KY VA
Douglas Son B M 1889 AR KY VA
    Sam Son B M   1868 AR KY VA
34 Owen Thomas Head B M April 1860 MS ** **
Emeline Wife B F Sept 1860 MS ** MS
Andrew Son B M Dec 1877 AR MS MS
    Bob L Grandson B M July 1894 AR AR **
35 Stevens Lee Head W M April 1860 MS SC GA
    Bee Son W M Sept 1889 MS MS MS
36 Brown Robert R Head W M July 1847 IL TN KY
Harriet C Wife W F Feb 1856 AR MS MS
Effie M Daughter W F Nov 1885 AR MS IL
?E Daughter W F Jan 1886 AR MS IL
    Ruth C Daughter W F July 1892 MO MS MS
37 Chism Mary Head B F April 1840 KY KY VA
38 Hutchman George Head B M May 1839 GA GA GA
    Martha Wife B F Aug 1856 TN TN TN
39 Foster Cononel Head B M 1881 AR TN TN
Marry Mother B F 1840 TN TN TN
  Garner Hector Boarder B M June 1870 AR MS AL
40 Henry Sherman Head B M May 1865 AR AR AR
Vilet Wife B F April 1871 AR AL AL
John Son B M 1887 AR AR AR
Henry Son B M 1889 AR AR AR
William Son B M July 1890 AR AR AR
Wiley Son B M July 1895 AR AR AR
    Alicia Daughter B F July 1899 AR AR AR
41 Brown Phillip Head B M April 1846 SC SC SC
Laurie Daughter B F April 1881 MS SC SC
Phillip Son B M Mch 1885 AR SC SC
    Nick Son B M Nov 1887 AR SC SC
42 Pascal Charley Head B M Dec 1841 GA GA GA
Lucy Wife B F 1853 AR ** **
Alcrm Loss Mother-in-law 1836 KY KY KY
Lelany Wriffs Stepson B M Oct 1881 AR OH AR
Pascal Eddie Son B M June 1889 AR GA MS
    Hattie Daughter B F April 1891 AR GA MS
43 Roberson Dunn Head B M Dec 1869 MS AL AL
Sallie Wife B F Mch 1875 AR MS MS
Lovillia Daughter B F Jan 1892 AR MS AL
    Patsy Mother B F July 1825 VA VA VA
44 Higgins Geroge E Head W M Aug 1856 GA GA GA
Viney Wife W F 1869 MS ** AL
Anna Daughter W F Nov 1882 MS GA MS
Lizbeth Daughter W F Dec 1885 MS GA MS
Willey Son W M Mch 1889 AR GA MS
Lillie Daughter W F June 1891 AR GA MS
George H Son W M Aug 1893 AR GA MS
Arthur Son W M Mch 1895 AR GA MS
Joseph Son W M April 1897 AR GA MS
    Dixie Son W M July 1899 AR GA MS
45 Johnson Ida Head W F July 1864 NY AL **
    Charles N Son W M July 1892 AR AR NY
46 Humprey ? Head W M July 1842 IN IN IN
    Mary C Wife W F Oct 1843 AR IN IN
47 Barbor Joseph Head B M Mch 1854 MS SC SC
Mary Wife B F 1857 MS ** **
Sam Son B M April 1878 MS MS AR
Leland Son B M Jan 1889 MS MS AR
Emory Son B M July 1883 AR MS AR
Alonzo Son B M Sept 1892 AR MS AR
Americus Grandson B M 1890 AR MS MS
Barb Granddaughter B F July 1888 AR MS MS
    Louvella Granddaughter B F April 1892 AR MS MS
48 Blankenship Wm Head B M July 1871 AL AL AL
Anna Wife B F Dec 1871 TN SC SC
  McGowin Clarence Stepson B M June 1892 AR TN MS
49 Wilson Jas Head B M Sept 1845 MS MS MS
Maggie Wife B F Dec 1853 AL AL TN
Ross Son B M Oct 1890 AR AL AL
Fletcher Son B M May 1888 AR AL AL
Hector Son B M Aug 1879 AR AL AL
Jackson G.R Stepson B M Mch 1877 AR AL AL
Brown Mattie Stepdaughter B F Nov 1874 AR AL AL
Eugene Stepson B M Jan 1895 AR AL AL
    James W Stepson B M Oct 1899 AR AL AL
50 Files James Head B M Oct 1862 GA GA GA
Malessie Wife B F 1865 AR AR AR
Bryant Berther Stepdaughter B F Jan 1873 AR AR AR
    Robert Stepson B M Mch 1886 AR AR AR