1900 Census Bear Creek, Lee County, Arkansas
Transcribed by Mary Anderson dmjw@centurytel.net
This index is in the order in which they appear in the census record. It should include the name of every
person whose place of abode on 1 June 1900 was in this family. [Official census day 1 June 1900]
1 Steinritter Albert Head W M Sept 1867 IN OH OH
Laura E Wife W F April 1868 IN TN TN
Freddie C Son W M Dec 1894 NJ ** **
Brown Willie Boarder W M ? 1870 IL IL IN
  Gilcrest Thomas D Boarder W M Dec 1871 AR ? **
2 Murrah Charley Head June 1845 SC GA SC
Sela M Wife Nov 1860 KY KY KY
Willie B Son June 1881 AR KY KY
Charles A Son July 1889 AR KY KY
Thomas D Son Oct 1891 AR KY KY
    Ruth Daughter     Oct 1898 AR KY KY
3 Williams Rose Head B F Mch 1847 TN TN TN
Humphrey Emma Servant B F May 1863 AR ** SC
Jack Son B M Feb 1884 AR TN AR
Norena Daughter B F July 1886 AR TN AR
Lillia Daughter B F Aug 1888 AR TN AR
Henry A Son B M Jan 1890 AR TN AR
Bobby Son B M Sept 1895 AR TN AR
    Winnia Daughter B F Oct 1897 AR TN AR
4 Albert Berbard Head B M Aug 1872 AR AR AR
    Fannie Wife B F Sept 1874 AR AR AR
5 Richard Porter Head B M May 1870 TN TN TN
Clavon Wife B F Jan 1869 AR TN TN
  Josie Hilbert ? B F April 1895 AR ** **
6 Jackson John A Head W M Jan 1868 TN ** KY
    Methin J Wife W F April 1876 TN TN TN
7 Giles David J Head W M Sept 1851 KY VA KY
Elizabeth Wife W F Aug 1862 TN TN TN
Lillian M Daughter W F Mch 1878 TN TN TN
Emma Daughter W F Aug 1884 TN TN TN
    David J Son W M May 1898 AR TN TN
8 Wood Henry Head B M Mch 1874 TN TN TN
Fanny Wife B F May 1875 TN VA NH
John Emma B F Oct 1891 TN TN TN
John Steven Boarder B M Oct 1877 AR ** KY
? Gilbert Boarder B M July 1874 AR KY KY
Williams Brown Boarder B M Dec 1875 TN ** **
  Hutchins Robert Boarder B M July 1874 GA GA GA
9 Giles Joseph V Head W M Jan 1867 KY TN KY
Maggie A Wife W F April 1871 MS MS MS
Zora E. Daughter W F May 1896 AR KY MS
    Jas. M Son W M July 1898 AR KY MS
10 Stoner David Head W M June 1874 TN TN TN
Mattie Wife W F Feb 1875 AR TN TN
Robert R Son W M June 1897 AR TN AR
David Son W M April 1899 AR TN AR
  Harlenges Jeff Boarder W M July 1842 TN TN TN
11 Smith John Head W M Aug 1871 TN TN TN
    Berther Wife W F May 1886 TN TN TN
12 Jones Billy R Head W M Nov 1872 AL AL US
Minnie Wife W F May 1877 AR AR KY
Muryd Adam Boarder W M Nov 1862 Germany Germany Germany
  Giles David J Boarder W M Oct 1871 TN VA KY
13 Ragland John G Head W M Feb 1859 TX TN TN
Maggie Wife W F Dec 1867 IN IN TN
Chaffin John W Stepson W M 1886 AR IL IN
Clarence C Stepson W M Aug 1889 AR IL IN
Louis F Stepson W M Sept 1894 AR IL IN
Ragland Benjamin B Son W M Oct 1897 AR IL IN
    Houston Son W M Nov 1899 AR IL IN
14 Potts Thomas W Head W M 1844 TN TN TN
Elizabeth Wife W F Jan 1856 MS SC MS
William E Son W M Aug 1879 MS TN MS
James F Son W M July 1881 MS TN MS
Thomas E Son W M Nov 1884 MS TN MS
Lenna Son W M Dec 1890 AR TN MS
    Clementine Daughter W F Nov 1893 AR TN MS
15 Bledsoe Richard Head W M June 1833 KY NC SC
Nancy Wife W F Jan 1860 AR AR AL
Jones Ruthry I Adopted Daughter W F Oct 1882 AR AR AL
    George H Adopted Son W M June 1884 AR AR AL
16 McKnight James H Head B M Mch 1842 SC SC VA
Darkes Daughter B F April 1872 AR SC SC
Willie S Son B M July 1886 AR SC SC
Linsey Henry Hand B M April 1874 MS ** **
  Linsey Riley Hand B M Mch 1884 AR ** **
17 Williams Henry Head B M Dec 1865 AR TN TN
    Susy Wife B F   1875 AR KY TN
18 Anderson DeWitt Head W M May 1845 TN TN VA
  Todd John J Head B M Dec 1868 SC SC SC
19 Carnes William R Head W M Sept 1833 MS PA ?
Viola Wife W F July 1876 IL IL IL
    Elmer H Son W M Oct 1893 AR MS IL
20 Harris Thomas H Head W M Feb 1848 LA LA LA
Nancy A Wife W F Jan 1865 TN ** **
Charley T Son W M Nov 1880 AR LA TN
Robert H Son W M July 1882 AR LA TN
Zachariah Son W M Mch 1889 AR LA TN
    Jeremiah Son W M Mch 1889 AR LA TN
21 Jones Dosh Head W M July 1874 MS GA GA
    Clarence Son W M Dec 1898 AR MS TN
22 Fendergrass(?) Isrul Head B M May 1871 TN ** **
Callie Wife B F Dec 1880 AL AL AL
Viola Daughter B F Aug 1899 AR AL AL
  Goggin Sallie Aunt B F   1834 AL VA US
23 Jones Floyd Head W M Mch 1869 AL VA GA
Lara J Wife W F Dec 1883 SC NE NC
Lee A Son W M May 1889 MS AL AL
John W Son W M Oct 1894 MS AL AL
Wilson Emma Mother-in-law W F July 1864 NC NC NC
Hattie C Niece W F July 1884 NC NC NC
    Doshiy N Niece W F May 1889 NC NC NC
24 Hale James Head W M May 1854 IL AL Canada-England
Margaret V Wife W F April 1858 IL VA TN
John Son W M Nov 1892 IL IL IL
Eward Son W M June 1893 IL IL IL
Joseph O Boarder W M Jan 1868 AR AL GA
Deweese Jona Boarder W M Mch 1879 TN AL AL
Williams Wm. D Boarder W M Nov 1874 TN TN TN
    Annie M Boarder W F April 1883 MS AR MS
25 Blackman Oscar Head W M Mar 1879 MS MS MS
Lula C Wife W F July 1884 MS AL AL
    Jessy W Son W M May 1900 AR MS MS
26 Childers Andrew B Head W M Oct 1877 IL IL IL
27 Williams James Head W M Oct 1876 TN TN TN
Laura Wife W F 1879 AL AL AL
Mary Daughter W F Jan 1897 AR TN AL
    Jimmy Son W M Aug 1899 AR TN AL
28 Shimp Henry Head W M Nov 1840 MS OH IN
Celen Wife W F Nov 1846 IN France Germany
James M Son W M Jan 1881 AR MS France
    Paul Son W M Dec 1884 AR MS France
29 Cole George D Head W M Nov 1860 GA NC KY
30 Harris Robert R Head W M 1856 LA LA LA
    Malinda Sister W F   1855 LA LA LA
31 Boner James Head B M Dec 1875 MS VA MS
    Frances Wife B F June 1871 MS MS MS
32 Hall James Head B M Sept 1878 AR VA TN
Sarina Wife B F Aug 1881 AR ** TN
Burt Son B M June 1897 AR AR AR
    Willie Son B M Aug 1899 AR AR AR
33 Johnson Robert Head B M April 1843 KY ** VA
Josephine Wife B F Dec 1851 TN ** FL
Manermy Daughter B F April 1882 AR KY VA
Thomas Son B M Nov 1884 AR KY VA
Dora Daughter B F Jan 1886 AR KY VA
Douglas Son B M 1889 AR KY VA
    Sam Son B M   1868 AR KY VA
34 Owen Thomas Head B M April 1860 MS ** **
Emeline Wife B F Sept 1860 MS ** MS
Andrew Son B M Dec 1877 AR MS MS
    Bob L Grandson B M July 1894 AR AR **
35 Stevens Lee Head W M April 1860 MS SC GA
    Bee Son W M Sept 1889 MS MS MS
36 Brown Robert R Head W M July 1847 IL TN KY
Harriet C Wife W F Feb 1856 AR MS MS
Effie M Daughter W F Nov 1885 AR MS IL
?E Daughter W F Jan 1886 AR MS IL
    Ruth C Daughter W F July 1892 MO MS MS
37 Chism Mary Head B F April 1840 KY KY VA
38 Hutchman George Head B M May 1839 GA GA GA
    Martha Wife B F Aug 1856 TN TN TN
39 Foster Cononel Head B M 1881 AR TN TN
Marry Mother B F 1840 TN TN TN
  Garner Hector Boarder B M June 1870 AR MS AL
40 Henry Sherman Head B M May 1865 AR AR AR
Vilet Wife B F April 1871 AR AL AL
John Son B M 1887 AR AR AR
Henry Son B M 1889 AR AR AR
William Son B M July 1890 AR AR AR
Wiley Son B M July 1895 AR AR AR
    Alicia Daughter B F July 1899 AR AR AR
41 Brown Phillip Head B M April 1846 SC SC SC
Laurie Daughter B F April 1881 MS SC SC
Phillip Son B M Mch 1885 AR SC SC
    Nick Son B M Nov 1887 AR SC SC
42 Pascal Charley Head B M Dec 1841 GA GA GA
Lucy Wife B F 1853 AR ** **
Alcrm Loss Mother-in-law 1836 KY KY KY
Lelany Wriffs Stepson B M Oct 1881 AR OH AR
Pascal Eddie Son B M June 1889 AR GA MS
    Hattie Daughter B F April 1891 AR GA MS
43 Roberson Dunn Head B M Dec 1869 MS AL AL
Sallie Wife B F Mch 1875 AR MS MS
Lovillia Daughter B F Jan 1892 AR MS AL
    Patsy Mother B F July 1825 VA VA VA
44 Higgins Geroge E Head W M Aug 1856 GA GA GA
Viney Wife W F 1869 MS ** AL
Anna Daughter W F Nov 1882 MS GA MS
Lizbeth Daughter W F Dec 1885 MS GA MS
Willey Son W M Mch 1889 AR GA MS
Lillie Daughter W F June 1891 AR GA MS
George H Son W M Aug 1893 AR GA MS
Arthur Son W M Mch 1895 AR GA MS
Joseph Son W M April 1897 AR GA MS
    Dixie Son W M July 1899 AR GA MS
45 Johnson Ida Head W F July 1864 NY AL **
    Charles N Son W M July 1892 AR AR NY
46 Humprey ? Head W M July 1842 IN IN IN
    Mary C Wife W F Oct 1843 AR IN IN
47 Barbor Joseph Head B M Mch 1854 MS SC SC
Mary Wife B F 1857 MS ** **
Sam Son B M April 1878 MS MS AR
Leland Son B M Jan 1889 MS MS AR
Emory Son B M July 1883 AR MS AR
Alonzo Son B M Sept 1892 AR MS AR
Americus Grandson B M 1890 AR MS MS
Barb Granddaughter B F July 1888 AR MS MS
    Louvella Granddaughter B F April 1892 AR MS MS
48 Blankenship Wm Head B M July 1871 AL AL AL
Anna Wife B F Dec 1871 TN SC SC
  McGowin Clarence Stepson B M June 1892 AR TN MS
49 Wilson Jas Head B M Sept 1845 MS MS MS
Maggie Wife B F Dec 1853 AL AL TN
Ross Son B M Oct 1890 AR AL AL
Fletcher Son B M May 1888 AR AL AL
Hector Son B M Aug 1879 AR AL AL
Jackson G.R Stepson B M Mch 1877 AR AL AL
Brown Mattie Stepdaughter B F Nov 1874 AR AL AL
Eugene Stepson B M Jan 1895 AR AL AL
    James W Stepson B M Oct 1899 AR AL AL
50 Files James Head B M Oct 1862 GA GA GA
Malessie Wife B F 1865 AR AR AR
Bryant Berther Stepdaughter B F Jan 1873 AR AR AR
    Robert Stepson B M Mch 1886 AR AR AR