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Arkansas Territory: 1819

Arkansas Statehood: 1836

Submitted by:  Joyce McCool


 Folders 140, 141 Missouri State Archives,
 Auditor, Collectors Accounts - Arkansas County.
 State Historical Society Manuscripts
 University of Missouri, Columbia.
 Armistead, George 
 Anthony, Christopher
 Alexander, James
 Bonne, Michell
 Billette, Louis
 Bogy, Charles
 Bogy, Joseph
 Bogy, Louis
 Bennett, Peter H.
 Bennett, Widow Colin
 Barkman, Jacob
 Barkman, John
 Bartholomew, Joseph
 Bassett, William
 Brinsbach, Maria Louisa
 Bunch, Elijah
 Buntie, John (?)
 Burney, William
 Currin, James
 Currin, L.R.
 Cassidy, Henry
 Cassidy, Patrick
 Clary, Robert
 Chisholm, John D.
 Chisholm, Ignatius
 Cousott, Francis
 Cousott, Pierre
 Cummins, James
 Dunn, Azariah C.
 Dardenne, Baptiste
 DeVillemont, Charles
 Dudley, John
 Dumond, Louis
 Daniel, Wright
 Dean, Seth
 Deruisseau, Francis
 Deruisseau, John Bte.
 Deruisseau, Joseph
 Dianne, Widow
 Dickson, Widow Mary
 Edwards, Peter
 Embeau (Imbeau), Joseph
 Embeau (Imbeau), Francis
 Ellison, John
 Fagot, Andre, Esq.
 Farr, Jonathan	
 Findley, William
 Fitzgibbon, David
 Flanegan, William
 Futral, Daniel
 Graber, Baptiste
 Graber, Francis
 Gravier, Joseph
 Goza, Aaron
 Grayson, William
 Haden, Anthony
 Haden & Henderson
 Haden & Scott
 Hatley, John
 Hampton, John
 Hemphill, John
 Henry, Ezekial
 Hogan, Edmund
 Hopkins, James
 Hunt, John W.
 Jendron, Alexander
 Jardelas, John
 Jardelas, Alexander
 Jones, Robert
 Johnson, James
 Kirkendall, Benjamin
 Kirkendall, Joseph
 Kirkendall, Dempsy
 Kirkendall, Robert
 Kauffman, Christopher
 LaChance, Jacob
 LaChance, John Bte.
 LaRose, Francis
 Larquier, John
 LaVergne, John
 Limieuz, Pierre
 Loveley, William L.
 Mooney, Daniel
 Morrison, William
 Moseley, Samuel
 Michel, Francis
 McClenan, John (?)
 McElmurry, John
 Miller, Simon, Sr.
 Miller, Simon, Jr.
 Moore, Benjamin
 Notrebe, Frederic
 Newell, James C.
 O'Carroll, James Y.
 Pringle, Christian
 Pertuis, Pierre
 Placide, Louis
 Pierre, Madam (Pertuis?)
 Petersell, Michael
 Paulette, Widow
 Phillips, Zacheus
 Phillips, Sylvanus
 Piatt, Jacob
 Refeld, Charles
 Racine, Jacob
 Racine, Phillip
 Racine, Athanas
 Ralls, Silas
 Ralls, Silas Jr.
 Ralls, Daniel
 Stewart & Mooney
 Stillwell, Joseph
 Stillwell, Harold,
 Stillwell, John
 Scull & Vaugine
 Scull, James & Co.
 Scull, Hewes
 Strong, John
 Strong, William
 Trudeau, Widow
 Thomson, John
 Thomson, Joseph
 Vasseur, Etienne
 Vaugine, Francis
 Wallis, Perly
 Wolf, Anthony
 Williams, John
 Webb, Townsend
 White, Elisha
 (Signed, Daniel Mooney, Sheriff)
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