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Pictures From the Past and a Little History Behind Each Picture



The Club Band

This picture was submitted to me by Barbara Dudley Brown.  She thinks the era is in the late 1930's or early 1940's.  The picture is some of Lonoke County Ladies.   The Band consist from left to right:

Mildred Cates, Gladis Gun, Annie Golleher, Hallie Jean Cates

Macie Mays, Alphia Golleher-Kittler, Jessie Golleher

Lela Morgan, Floymay Miles, Pauline Morgan.


Submitted by Lesa Thompson 

This photo  is of some of my family from Lonoke  

Top row left to right:
Fletcher A. Lassiter, Albert Lassiter (father of Fletcher, Dink, Ernest Lassiter), Ernest Long Lassiter, tall man unknown, Benjamin Franklin Lassiter (brother of Albert Lassiter),
bottom row:
Fred Ling & son James Lingo, man unknown, Andrew Glover, Dink Lassiter.
This was taken outside Albert Lassiters home in Lonoke Arkansas.

Bye the way, Benjamin Franklin Lassiter was my Great Grandfather.
Hope you can use this and thanks again.  Lesa


The following eight pictures and information are from Janey Kaiser.  If you have any additional information please email me. 


John William Flynn

Father of Theodosia Flynn

John William was born in the late 1820's, in Illinois.  His mother and father were George Flynn Jr., and Caroline Hill.  they moved shortly after he was born to Arkansas.  There whole family came including John's Grandfather and Grandmother, George Flynn, Sr. and Sally Haynes Flynn and all his uncles and aunts.  They first settled in Jefferson County, but in the the 1870's after the Civil War they settled in Lonoke County.  He owned quite a bit of land and when his wife Sarah died in the year of 1882, he gave some of his land for a Cemetery.  To this day it is called the Flynn Cemetery.   John died sometime during the year of 1887.  They say he took Sarah's death very hard.



Theodosia Flynn Jones and Ben F. Jones

Theodosia Flynn, my Great Grandmother, was born in Jan. of 1775.  She was born to John William and Sarah Flynn, in Lonoke County.  Theodosia's mother died when she was 7 years old and her father when she was 12.   Her mother was the first one to be buried in the Flynn Cemetery.  John William gave some of his land to be used as a Cemetery.

  From what I have been told, Winfrey Flynn, her half brother, took her under his wing. She met Ben F. Jones, who was born March 28, 1875. in Missouri.  They were married sometime during the year of 1896.  They moved to Mississippi and my grandmother Bertha Lee Jones was born on July 27, 1900.  He worked some but not a lot and Theodosia was used to more then he could have every given her. He was killed in Crenshaw, Mississippi on Feb.12, 1904. She moved with her 2 small children up to Memphis, TN., where she opened a boarding house on Market Street. There was and still is a Catholic Church on the corner. She lived right beside it. This is how she made her living far her 2 children.

She went home to Humphrey, Arkansas for a visit in the latter part of June or July of 1908. She got very sick and Winfrey's (who was deceased at this time) wife Rosa went back with her to Memphis on the train. They left her children in Ark. When they got back to Memphis, Rosa put her in the hospital. She died July 8,1908, at 9:30 A. M. It say on her death certificate that she had acute Hepatitis, Gangrenous Gall Bladder and Gall Stones and  the contributing factor was Typhoid Fever.  Rosa told the hospital that she resided in Ark., because if she had not then her two children would have become wards of the court. They say on her dying bed she told Rosa to please take good care of her babies. Rosa took her back and buried her in the Flynn Cemetery right beside Winfrey, which was her favorite brother even though he was just a half brother. [When I went to Arkansas the first time and visited Flynn Cemetery there was not a headstone for Theodosia. I could not stand that, so went to Pine Bluff and bought her one. I knew where she was buried and had them put the stone there. She is buried right by her favorite half-brother Winfrey. If you have never been to the Cemetery you need to go, it is the most peaceful place. I had a hard time leaving.]













The little boy on the left is Leo Jones, and the  little girl in the middle is his sister, Bertha Lee Jones.  Their mother and father were Theodosia and Ben Jones.  The little boy on the right is Raymond Flynn.  His mother was Mrs. Ivern Flynn. Raymond was from her first marriage to Oliver Flynn. 


Bertha Lee Jones Turner and Clive D. Turner

Bertha Lee Jones, my grandmother, was born July 22, 1900.  She had such a hard life.  Her mother died when she was seven, her little brother, Leo Jones, she hardly got to see, for they were split up.  Rosa did not keep her promise to Theodosia.  She worked her self to the bones.  She lived her life for her husband and her family.   But you know, I never heard her complain. She was a very special lady and I loved her dearly, and still do. She married my grandfather Clive D. Turner, on Jan. 4, 1921.  Clive D Turner, was born to Charlie W and Lena Turner on October 1, 1895, in Lonoke County.  He fought in World War 1.  Clive and Bertha lived in Lonoke County not far from John William Flynn's Land.  Their first child Myldred Alene Turner was born on July 29, 1922, in Lonoke County.  They moved to the Valley, close to Harlingen Texas, sometime during the year of 1924. They lived there far about 15 years. My grandfather moved from one job to the next. They very seldom had anything. But in the Valley people grew everything and Mama had all the veggies and fruits she could want.  My mother says that she does not remember them being poor, she thought they had all the money in the world. So as you can see my grandmother was a special lady in order to make her children think that everything was fine when in fact it was not.  Then my grandfather got a job in Houston and went there to find them a house and work awhile.  He then sent far them to come. Mama finally had her house that she had always wanted. It was just a four-room house but you would have thought it was a mansion. We all spent a lot of time over there and it was heaven. Papa died in Dec.14, 1969, and Mama died in April 18, 1984.














Bertha Lee Jones Turner, Myldred Alene Turner and Clive D. Turner sitting on a car in 

Lonoke County before they moved to Texas. 

Look at Papa's Boots and Mama's shoes.



The man on the left is unknown, if anyone knows who he is please let me know.  

The man in the middle is my Great Grandfather Charlie W. Turner, 

and the man on the right is my Grandfather, Clive D. Turner 


The little girl on the left is my Aunt.  Her name is Myldred Alene Turner, but everyone called her Mimi.  

The other little girl is my mother, Frances Louise Turner McDowell.  

They were living in the Valley (in Texas).  If you look real close you can 

see cucumbers on the ground by their feet.  It looks as is they had been picking them. 


The man on the far right is my Grandfather, Clive D. Turner, 

next to him is his mother Lena Turner, from Arkansas  and next to her is 

Clive's sister Gladys and her Husband from Ok.  

This picture was taken in Mama and Papa's backyard in Houston



Submitted by Blake Blankenship

Mimmie Jo and Lizzy Jackson the daughters of Jim and Mary Jackson of Carlisle, Arkansas. Jim and Mary are buried side by side at the Old Carlisle Cemetery. This picture was taken in 1899 down town Carlisle. Lizzy (1889-1976) was my great grandmother.  Lizzy moved to Oklahoma City  in 1918  and died in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Lizzy is buried at the Lightning Ridge Cemetery outside of Roff, Oklahoma.  Mimmie Jo Died in 1987 at the age of 101.

These folks were in Pulaski county.  Hopefully someone will know of them. I am sending the picture with the names on the photo.  This branch of the Isham's migrated from VA to SC to Georgia to TN to AR. Some of the other siblings moved on to Texas. Which is the case for my Great Grandfather, Henry Henly Isham. He was the oldest of these children; (He is not in the picture) Submitted by Benita


Submitted by Shirley Green Carr  

I thought it might be a birthday party but it could be some other occasion. 

Judging from my age at the time it would have been taken in the mid 1940s.

All the children grew up in South Bend. 

Front row: Elsie Jarry, Geraldine Jarry, Shirley Green and Carrol Tackett

Middle row: Tommy Tackett, Janette Nailling and Lois Jarry

Back row: Lera Mae Moody, Genevia Nailling and Harold Wayne Hill. 

Some Early Pictures of Carlisle

First Carlisle schoolhouse. Click for full size version.
This is the first schoolhouse built in Carlisle, in the late 1800's.
Note the traditional school bell on top of the structure.

("Centennial Celebration" 7)
The building pictured at left was the first schoolhouse built in Carlisle. It was built during the late 1800's when there were enough children in the town for a public school system to be created.
The picture at right is the Opie Read building. Opie Read was one of the first settlers of Carlisle. Mr. Read built this building around 1860 to accomodate several stores and a doctor's office. He also founded The Prarie Flower, Carlisle's first newspaper.
Opie Read building. Click for full size version.
This is the Opie Read building, built around 1860. This is
one of the first buildings built in Carlisle. ("Centennial Celebration" 5)
Train Station. Click for full size version.
This is the first train station in Carlisle. Trains were very important
during this time period for moving harvested crops to markets.
("Centennial Celebration" 3)
The picture at left is a photograph of the first train station built in Carlisle. Until this point, harvested grain and cotton were moved on horse-drawn wagons. The trains were a great help to the farmers. The large tower shown in the picture held water for the steam driven train engines. Note the bandstand to the right of the water tank. Bands would often perform for crowds of people there, a popular form of entertainment at the time.

Farmers working in fields. Click for full size version. The picture at left shows farmers at work in the field to harvest grain. On the left side of the picture, you can see an early tractor in use.
The image at right is another picture of farmers working to harvest rice. Note the combine-like machine being pulled by the horses to cut the grain.
Farmers working in field. Click for full size version.
Rice loading at Carlisle. Click for full size version. Until a train station as built and railroad tracks laid, rice and other grains harvested by the farmers had to be transported by horse-drawn wagons. A large amount of these wagons are shown being loaded.

Grover Cleveland Hodges

He was born in the community called Fairview, Lonoke County, on 28 Oct 1887.  

Between 1910 and 1935, he taught school in Carlisle, Keo, Lonoke, and Cabot.

Submitted by:

Crystal Burney


Does anyone recognize this schoolhouse?  The adult with the prominent ears on the extreme right is my grandfather, Grover Cleveland Hodges.  He was born in the community called Fairview, Lonoke County, on 28 Oct 1887.  Between 1910 and 1935, he taught school in Carlisle, Keo, Lonoke, and Cabot.  My strongest inclination is that this particular school was near Cabot.  From his appearance in this picture I believe the photo was taken about 1930.  He died in 1941.  I have more pictures of the teachers and students and would gladly share them with anyone.  This is also submitted by:  Crystal Burney  Please Contact Crystal if you have any information on this school.


Mary Ella Hodges

Submitted by:  Crystal Burney

Be Sure and read her story on Old Pioneers from the Past

The next four pictures were submitted by Philip Bolen

This picture is of John H. Garner and his son George W. Garner.  John was said to be a Methodist preacher but can not find any evidence of this.  I have found through an old ad in the local paper that he was a Justice of the peace.  He, along with my g-grandfather Elijah Garner, lived in Indian Bayou township which I am told was/is Tomberlin. Elijah's wife, Zennie Flara or Florence, is buried in Tomberlin Methodist Cemetery along with their two sons, Willie and Wade.  John Garner married Dora L. Gallaway in 1886, George married Annie Hallum in 1915. This picture was probably taken around 1900 since George was born about 1893.



This picture is of my maternal Grandmother, Hattie Bell Garner. This was said to be on a double date with her best friend, Sallie Cheek. People in the photo; Mark Tubbs, Hattie Garner, Lige Hudson, Sallie Cheek.



This photo is of Riley and Veston Garner, sons of Elijah Garner, along with their brother-in-law, Lester Nichols. Lester married Georgia Garner. Elijah Garner moved his family just across the Lonoke County line to Dudley Lake township, Jefferson County before the 1920 census but remained a part of the Tomberlin community.  Notice that Riley Garner, on the left, could very well be the unknown man in the picture of Clive D. and Charlie W. Turner that was posted to the Lonoke Co. site.



This is another picture of my Grandmother, Hattie Garner (on left) with some of her friends. Thought some of the other viewers may be related to some of the ladies. Others listed as being in the picture are; Sallie Cheeks, Zettie Sayler and Lennie Carr. Not sure which is which but Sallie Cheeks is probably second from left.



The next four pictures were submitted by Kay Tomlinson Goings


This is my dad, Henry Tomlinson when he was 17 in 1920.  If you look closely, you will see

the school medal he won in the 10th grade for excellence in math.




This is a picture of the house my parents, Henry and Thelma Tomlinson,

and I lived in when I was small.  It is now the U A P B Farmstead Museum.




This is my dad's half-brother, Miles E Warner.  He served in W W II as a Sgt. in the US Army.


This is a picture of my dad and his brothers. 

From left to right:  Elmer, Henry, and Gilford "Gilly" Tomlinson. 

This was taken approx. in 1910.

Thank you Linda Lane for submitted these pictures

The woman is Sarah J. Young Marberry.  She was born in 1859 in Arkansas, possibly Pulaski County.  Her parents were Dr. Samuel J. Ross Young and Martha E. Robinson they both died young and she was sent to live with her Robinson aunts and uncles.   She married Dr. Andrew Jackson Marberry, Jr. and they moved to Texas around 1900.  The back of the photo is stamped and says “From James B. Waddell, Photo and Portrait Artist, Lonoke, Arkansas, 1884.”  Sarah would have been about 25 years old in this photo.



The picture of the school is where Sarah taught before she married in 1888.  On the front of the picture, my grandmother (Sarah’s daughter) wrote “Lonoke, Arkansas school” and on the back she wrote “where mama taught”.  The back of the photo is stamped with the words “With compliments of M. C. Davies”  

I have been told that this is the First School in Lonoke and it burned in 1902. 

It was located at the corner of College and Academy street.



This is a mystery photo I hope we can find some answers on.  It is a group of women – Sarah Young in the center of the photo.  The photo was made by James B. Waddell, the same photographer who made the other picture of Sarah Young.  I don’t know who the other women are, and that I was hoping I can find out.  My guess it is either, Sarah's,  Robinson cousins or aunts.  OR, perhaps it could be other women that she taught with.  I hope somebody out there will know.



This is a drawing made by my great-grandmother ( Sarah J. Young) – the back of the drawing says “darwn by Miss Sallie Young, Her home in Lonoke Co, Ark”



The following nine Pictures were submitted by Lori Hanna Bennett


This photo is John Raymond Hanna, Born July 10 1891,in New Berlin WI. Waukesha Co., to Francis Joseph Hanna and Mary Elizabeth Boh Hanna.  Francis Joseph Hanna is buried in the Lonoke Cemetery.



Sallie Folsom Lassiter Hanna born September 10, 1895, in Arkansas to Melville Addison Lassiter and Lenora Clements.  She died January 10, 1980, in Lonoke, Arkansas.  They were married February 20, 1916, in Lonoke.  They are both buried in Lonoke Cemetery   




These are painting's of Sallie Folsom Lassiter Hanna & John Raymond Hanna. 

They were done by there daughter Elizabeth Lenora Hanna who lived in Lonoke.




This is Elizabeth Lenora Hanna, born December 3rd 1916, in Stuttgart Arkansas to Sallie Folsom Lassiter and John Raymond Hanna. Elizabeth died on June 21, 2008, and is buried in the Lonoke Cemetery. The picture was taken while in Art School around 1934 the painting is a self portrait.



This picture is Elizabeth Lenora Hanna taken in the 1930's.




This is an article of the Lonoke Methodist Church it was in the Arkansas Gazette on Sunday March 29, 1959

They remember when the Church was built

Among the five people who were members when the Methodist Church building at Lonoke was erected in 1889 are these four women:  From left, they are Mrs. Ida Hicks Percefull, granddaughter of Isaac C Hicks, founder of Lonoke and patron of the church;  Mrs. Mattie Benton Burnet, Daughter of Captain  and Mrs. P H Benton, whose father was a notable Mason and faithful member of the church;  Mrs. Edna England Benton, the oldest and only living child of Mr. and Mrs. Albert G England, who under-wrote the church debt when the present building was built;  and Miss Betty Lassiter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M A Lassiter, whose father was a contractor and who with the help of John Glenn, donated the carpentry work for the building forty years ago.



This painting is a self portrait of Elizabeth Lenora Hanna.



This is an article about Teacher and Principal Elizabeth "Betty" Lassiter.  She was a teacher in Lonoke also.  She taught school from about 1908 until 1942.


These photos were submitted by Jan Partain

Thank you so much


John Wesley (Wes) Partain, born Nov 1893 in Cullman, AL.  He moved to Arkansas some time after 1900. Married Willie Essie Lindsay (daughter of Louis Ervin Lindsay and Lillie Etta Hutson Lindsay) Dec 1916, in Lonoke Co.



John Wesley Partain and Willie Essie Lindsay courting prior to their marriage in 1916. Willie Essie Lindsay was born in Tomberlin, AR, Jan 14, 1899. Both Wes and Willie are buried in the Tomberlin Cemetery.



Eligis "Lige" and Bammer Hutson late 50's or early 60's in California I believe.  Lige, born 1890, Monroe, Ar. He was Lillie Etta Hutson's younger brother. I am looking for help on the Hutson side of the family, specifically Lillie, Lige and Jack's parents.



Left to Right: Kizzie Lindsay (md. to Ervin Brady Lindsay), Bammer ??(md to Lige Hutson), E. Brady Lindsay, Willie Essie Lindsay (md to John Wesley Partain), John Wesley Partain.  Ervin Brady Lindsay is a Half-brother to Willie Essie Lindsay. Do not know his mother's name. Three married couples. Assume Lige is taking the photo.



Mattie, Mitte, Alva and Willie Lindsay. Names are listed Right to Left I believe. 

Notation on photo says Loki Place on Bayou Meto. I have no idea what that means.



Willie and Mittie Lindsay at school in Tomberlin, 1905. Willie was 6, Mittie was 4 or 5. I do not know what school. My grandmother ( Willie Essie Lindsay Partain) was a teacher for most of her life and I have other photos of her teaching at a place she called "Gill School"

  I found this picture in my husbands grandmothers old album  I'm sure we are related to someone in it, 

just don't know which one. Our family name is Capps And the picture came from Cora (Young) Dodd  Capps, 

whose husband was Johnnie Jackson Capps. They were all from Lonoke County.  Thank you Janet Capps.


The Pictures below were submitted by Hugh Robert McVeigh

This is a photo of a woman named Daisy McGuire that I found in some of the photos she lived on the north side of a street running west from the court house toward the cemetery. The house had a big front porch, it was there a few years ago when I was in Lonoke. I think it may have been on the northeast corner. I can remember visiting her with my mother and grandmother when I was very young. I do not think we related but apparently did go to visit often. 


Johnson home view to East, 1977


Johnson home view to S. East, 1977



Johnson home view to N West, 1977


Johnson home view to S West 1977


Johnson Barn 1977


Johnson barn 1977


Johnson House, July, 1980



Johnson House July, 1980



Johnson House July, 1980



The photos of the bird houses were taken near the Lonoke High School, July 1980



The photos of the bird houses were taken near the Lonoke High School, July 1980



Lonoke Baptist Church, Lonoke, Arkansas, July, 1980 


Insane Asylum Little Rock, Ark


Insane Asylum post card address


Photo is of the Robert Johnson May 1983 (now a vacant lot)  



                        Arthur Robinson House                                                                                                                 


Grace & Arthur Robinson in front of Tin Shop

















        Grace And Authur Robinson


                         Grace and Little Johnny Robinson



















High School Class at Lonoke, Arkansas                              The back of the photo list the names but

                                                                                                          do not know if they are in order.




          Boon Drug Store 1908

The picture had the names listed on the back. My grandfather Robert (Bob) Samuel Johnson was the person sending the
photo/postcard. My Grandfather worked at Boon Drug Store before he was a mail carrier in Lonoke, AR.


Robert Johnson and Nettie Clements Johnson  wedding photo  May 4, 1914.















Lonoke High School photo my mom was Nettie Grace Johnson.




Lonoke High School Class Photo





Lonoke High School Photo

















Railroad Section Crew, Walter Clements on right wearing black hat, Jacksonville, AR.

Railroad Section Crew near Lonoke, Arkansas


Unknown, if anyone reconizes the people in the following photos please let me know and I will add there names.






























    Robert Samuel Johnson on left Post Office Lonoke AR                  Robert Samuel Johnson and Linda Johnson


Nettie Grace Bob Nettie and Robert Samuel Johnson                                         Nettie Grace Johnson
















  Nettie Grace Johnson 



Nettie Grace Johnson and T N Clements


Nettie Grace Johnson Bob Johnson Nettie Gladys Johnson                                                            Nettie Grace Johnson Kindergarden Class


                                                                     Nettie Grace Johnson                                                               


  Nettie Grace, Robert Samuel and Nettie Johnson


These two photos were submitted by Kay Tomlinson Goings

These pictures were taken in 2010. 

The plaque tells the history of Fairview school.  My Dad, Henry Tomlinson, had the plaque made and put on his property at the corner of AR Hwy 236 and Rochelle Road several years ago.  Since the house my Dad had constructed on the property in 1962 burned to the ground last August, and the property is for sale at the present time ( as far as I know), I wanted to make sure these pictures made it onto the website for posterity.  It is my fervent hope the plaque will remain intact for years to come, and, whoever gets the property will not destroy this part of the County's written history.