The Goodner family: a genealogical history, with a brief history of the family of Jacob Daniel Scherrer and notes on other allied families by Hubert Wesley Lacey, published 1960

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Henry Goodner

Henry Goodner, son of Mary and I believe Peter Goodner, was born about the year 1777 or 1778.  He appears to have been the youngest of the sons. The place of his birth is in doubt. Evidence points to the place of birth in either Orange or Guilford County, North Carolina, but tradition among some of his descendents is to the effect that he was foreign born, which in his case would have been Germany. I lean toward the belief that be was born in North Carolina. The pros and cons of this bas been discussed in detail in the article on his mother, :Mary, and I refer the reader to that article.

Henry grew to manhood on the farm of his parents and later that of his mother, the latter being located on the waters of Reedy Fork, a tributary of the Haw River, located in Guilford County, close to the Orange County line, Orange County at that time embracing the present county of Alamance.  The location of this farm must have been near the village of Gibsonville and near the location of the old Friedens Church, where the Scherers and undoubtedly the Goodners attended In the early days the church was used jointly by the Lutherans and the German Reformed Church.  What schooling Henry had must have been meager, for his son stated that "he could hardly speak English at all."  This would also indicate that the community in which he lived was also German, or "Pennsylvania Dutch", and that his contact with English speaking people must have been slight.  The way some of these German families have clung to their old German ways even today has been a source of wonderment to me.  Two years ago I made a visit to St. Clair County, Illinois, and called on a German family whose grandparents had purchased my great–grandfather's farm about the time of the Civil War.  One old fellow to whom I talked, or tried to, age about 70, born on the place where he lived, spoke such poor English that I was unable to understand him.

About the year 1798 or 1799, Henry married, presumably in Guilford County, North Carolina, Eleanor Lokey, most likely a daughter of William Lokey whose name appears in the 1800 census of Orange County as head of a household containing the following souls:



2 under 10 years of age

1 under 10 years of age

1 10–16 years of age

2 10–16 years of age

1 16 – 26 years of age

1 16 – 26 years of age

1 26 – 45 years of age

1 26 – 40 years of age

1 over 45 years of age

1 over 40 years of age

At the time of the marriage Eleanor already had a daughter, who later married Isaac Fryar.  Henry and Eleanor made their home briefly in Guilford County, the 1800 census showing him as head of a household there with himself and wife and three females under the ages of 10.  These would be Eleanor's daughter and the twin daughters born to her by Henry, December 25th, 1800, whom he named Mary and Elizabeth after his twin sisters.  Sometime during the year 1802, he moved to Bedford County, Tennessee, since his third child and son, John Cunningham, is supposed to have been born there December 31st, 1802.  In a letter to his cousin, Godfrey Goodner, reproduced later, Henry stated that: his son was born on New Year's Day, and that be would be 15 years of age the coming year of 1818, which would make his date of birth June 1st, 1803.  No more children were born to them, which apparently was Henry's wish.

Some of John Cunningham Goodner's descendants have pondered over his father giving the name of Cunningham to his son.  The name John can be easily accounted for, but the name of Cunningham is a "puzzler.”  The question of Mary, the mother of Henry, having been a Cunningham was considered, but that possibility was discarded because of Henry being brought up in such a strictly German atmosphere that he could hardly speak English, a condition not likely to exist with a Scotch–Irish mother.  More likely it was due to some feeling of obligation, or friendship to a John Cunningham, a son probably to the original settler by that name who received a grant of land of 620 acres in Guilford County and whose name is shown in the 1800 census as owner of nine slaves of all ages.  Some of this Cunningham family may have accompanied, or followed, Jacob Goodner, brother of Henry, in his removal to Switzerland County, Indiana, for a John Cunningham purchased two grants of land there from the Government m March 25th, 1817.  Jacob had purchased two grants in the same County in March of 1815.

Henry was still residing in Bedford County, Tennessee, in July of 1817, where he resided on the Barron Folk of Duck River, near the town of Shelbyville. the county seat.  In July of that year be sent a letter to his cousin, Godfrey Goodner, son of Conrad, who at the time was living in St. Clair County, Illinois Territory.  This letter is very beautifully written according to Carl Curtis Goodner who had the opportunity of seeing the original.  He stated that the penmanship was exquisite and the English very good, and that there was no question at all but that it was written by a professional letter writer, possibly by the Mr. Nelson who conveyed it to Illinois.  These professional letter writers would write the letter for those not so gifted as to write their own, and then take it by horseback to their destination, collecting on delivery, usually charging $1.50 as their fee.  A copy of this letter follows:

Barron Fork of Duck, July 12, 1817

I received your very friendly letter of the 12th of July by the hand of Mr. Nelson, which gave me great satisfaction to hear from you all and of your content with your country.  You seem to speak of your country in the highest terms.

And it may be altogether deserving of the applause you give. You desire me to pay you a visit and see the country.  I intend, if life lasts, and no unforeseen accident should happen, to visit you sometime shortly, but perhaps not before fall, come a year.  You wrote me that uncle wanted particularly to know how many sons and daughters we have.  I will give them, their names and ages; Our first were twins, two daughters, names Mary and Elizabeth, aged 17 next Christmas Day.  The next was a son and the last, which is 15 on next New Year's Day.  Him we call John. These three are all the children we have or expect to have.  I will next give you a short detail of ourselves and our situation.  As for my wife, she is very healthy, but as to my part, I am but poorly and have been so for about four years.  My complaint is the gravel, and of late has become very troublesome.  I have a very nice piece of land, not large, but sufficient for me to live my days on, and I am tolerably well pleased with the country I live in, but would not be displeased with a better.  As to religion, there are a part of us professors and part are not.  My wife and myself are striving to enter in at the straight gate, and hope to be able by the grace of God.  Your brother James was at my house last fall, but neither of us was at home.  We were on a visit to Georgia to see my wife's mother and sisters.  The last account I had of my two sisters, Polly and Betsy, they were still living in North Carolina.  I have just written a few lines to your brother Jacob, living in Maury County, to give him some little information of ourselves and also of receiving a letter from you.  I should be more than happy to see you all and become acquainted with my strange friends. Give my best respects to uncle and aunt and all my cousins, and be pleased to accept my warmest love and friendship yourself, and believe me to be your ever affectionate cousin and friend

Henry Goodner.

P. S. My wife desires to be remembered to uncle and aunt and all the rest of the cousins, and I want you to write me every convenient opportunity and direct them to Bedford County, Shelbyville, which is our county town."

Addressed to: Godfrey Goodner, Esq, Illinois Territory, St. Clair County.  Forwarded by Mr. Nelson.

In January of 1819, he wrote another letter to the family in Illinois, this one to his Uncle Conrad Goodner.  It was also forwarded by Mr. Nelson.  Henry was still residing in Bedford County, Tennessee.  Copy of letter follows:

Barron Fork of Duck, January 16, 1819.

Dear Friends: It is with much satisfaction I embrace the present opportunity of dropping you a few lines to let you know how we all are at present.  I am living at the same place I was when I wrote you before.  My family are all in good health, myself excepted, but I am much better than I have been formerly.  I have but one child living with me, my youngest, which is my son.  All my daughters are married and left us.  Polly married a Mr. Roads and Betsy married a Mr. Frier.  Cousins David and Godfrey have been to see me and I have been to see them.

My daughter Betsy lived with them for nearly four months, and I should be glad to see you, and it is my determination to pay you a visit as soon as I can make it convenient.  Your sons talk of going to see you about the first of June, and if they do I may possibly go with them. I should take it as a familiar and singular mark of friendship of you to write me every opportunity, as I am always glad to hear from you.  Nellie and all the family send their love and compliments to you and all your family.  Be pleased to receive my best respects and sincere friendship yourself, etc.

Henry Goodner"

Addressed to:

Conrade Goodner, Illinois Territory.  Forwarded by Mr. Nelson.

Marked "Received February 24th, 1817"

These letters were very valuable in establishing the relationship between Henry and his family to the Conrad Goodner line, and many thanks should be given to all who helped to preserve them.  From this time on we lose sight of Henry.  His name does not appear in the 1820 census of Bedford County, Tennessee, and it is thought that he died between the early part of 1820 and 1830.  Eleanor, his wife, is shown in the 1830 census of McNairy County, Tennessee, as living with her son, John Cunningham, where he was residing at the time.  She is not shown as living with John C. in 1840 in Wayne County, Tennessee, but in the 1850 census of Tippah County, Mississippi, she is shown as again living with him.  Her age is given as 78 and place of birth as Maryland.  If 78 were her true age, it would make her year of birth as 1772; she would have been then five or six years older than Henry.  At his death, Henry must have been between 43 and 53 years of age.  Place of burial would be Bedford County as first guess, and McNairy County as second guess.  Eleanor died between 1850 and 1860 in Tippah County, Mississippi.

Eleanor's mother and sisters were residing in Georgia in 1817, as stated in one of the above letters.  The father must have been deceased.  According to his son, Henry was a "full blooded Black Dutch", a "hal'd fisted tight old German," and a "hard shelled Baptist."  What was meant by "Black Dutch" is not known.  No reference to such a term for that early date could be found, although during the Civil War period and the period leading up to it, the term was used to describe those of German birth whose sympathies lay with the North.

A partial list of Henry's descendants follow immediately after the family charts of Henry and John Cunningham Goodner.

3c    Henry Goodner (born about 1776 – 78).  Married Eleanor Lokey.

1d    Mary Goodner (1800 – [date unknown]).  Married Mr. Rhoads (Rhodes).

1e    Elizabeth Rhoads (There may have been, and probably were other children, but names are unavailable.)

2d    Elizabeth Goodner (1800 – [date unknown]).  Married Garrett Fryar.

1e    Mary Fryar (1822 – [date unknown]).

2e    Nancy Fryar (1824 – [date unknown]).

3e    Eleanor Fryar (1825 – [date unknown]).

4e    James S. Fryar (1830 – [date unknown]).

5e    Susanna Fryar (1832 – [date unknown]).

6e    Narcissus Fryar (1834 – [date unknown]).

7e    Sarah Fryar (1836 – [date unknown]).

8e    Catherine Fryar (1837 – [date unknown]).

9e    William Fryar (1840 – [date unknown]).

10e   David Fryar (1842 – )

3d      John Cunningham Goodner (1802 – 1871).  Married 1st Susannah Smith.  Married 2nd Mrs. Sarah Ann Christianberry.

1e    Josiah Walton Goodner (Died infancy).

2e    David Milton Goodner (1826 – 1873).

3e    Henry Smith Goodner (1827 – 1899).

4e    James Monroe Goodner (1833 – 1893).

5e    John Green Hill Goodner (183 5 – 1902).

6e    Naomi Ann Malvina Goodner (1837 – [date unknown]).

7e    Guilford Dudley Goodner (1839 – 1917).

8e    George Marion Goodner (1864 – 1940).

9e    Thomas Jefferson Goodner (1866 – [date unknown]).

10e   Nancy Ann Goodner (1868 about – [date unknown]).

3d    John Cunningham Goodner (1802 – 1871). Married Susannah Smith, 1st.  Married 2nd Mrs. Sarah Ann Christianberry.

1e    Josiah Walter Goodner (Died in Infancy).

2e    David Milton Goodner (1826 – 1873).  Married Elizabeth Jane Willhite (1824 – [date unknown]).

1f      Mary Frances Goodner (1852 – [date unknown]).

2f      John Henry Goodner (Died in Infancy; born about 1854).

3f      George Monroe Goodner (1857 – [date unknown]).

4f      David Dudley Goodner (Died in Infancy, 1859).

5f      William Flemming Goodner (1863 about – [date unknown]).

3e    Henry Smith Goodner (1827 – 1899).  Married Mirian Louriana Willhite (1828 – 1910).

1f      William David Goodner (1848 – [date unknown]).

2f      Amanda Malvina Goodner (1850 – [date unknown]).

3f      Susanna Catherine Goodner (1852 – [date unknown]).

4f      John Clayton Goodner (1853 – 1925).

5f      James Monroe Goodner (1856 – [date unknown]).

6f      Nancy Louisa Goodner (1857 – [date unknown]).

7f      Lucy Ann Goodner (1859 – 1954).

8f      Frances Elizabeth Goodner (1861 – [date unknown]).

9f      Miriam Louraina Goodner (1862 – [date unknown]).

10f      Guilford Darlington Goodner (1863 – [date unknown]).

11f      Samuel Smith Goodner (1865 – [date unknown]).

12f      Sarah Goodner (1866 – [date unknown]).

4e    James Monroe Goodner (1833 – 1893).  Married Elizabeth Jane Logan (1836 – 1877).  Married 2nd Susan Ellison.

1f      John Green Goodner (1854 – [date unknown]).

2f      William Benjamin Goodner (1857 – 1950).

3f      Frances Isabelle Goodner (Died in Infancy).

4f      Guilford Price Goodner (1862 – [date unknown]).

5f      Mary German Goodner (died age 9).

6f      David S. Goodner (died age 4).

7f      James Morris Goodner ([date unknown] – [date unknown]).

8f      Louisa. C. Goodner.

9f      Carroll Cunningham Goodner.

10f      Lewis J. Goodner*.

11f      Thomas C. Goodner*.

5e    John Green Hill Goodner (1835 – 1902).

1f      Martha Malvina Goodner.

2f      Frances Isabelle Goodner.

3f      J. Franklin Goodner (1866 – 1929).

4f      David Goodner.

5f      Dorcas Goodner.

6f      Pinkney C. Goodner.

7f      Manella Goodner.

8f      Joseph Goodner.

6e    Naomi Ann Malvina Goodner {1837 – [date unknown]).  Married Samuel Mitchell Smith.

1f      John Guilford Smith.

2f      Josiah Milton Smith.

3f      John Henry Smith (Died in Infancy).

4f      Williamson Lawton Smith.

7e    Guilford Dudley Goodner (1839 – 1917).  Married Mary Eliza Derr (born 1840).

1f      John Cooper Goodner (1860 – [date unknown]).

2f      William Henry Goodner (Died in Infancy).

3f      Alfred Burke Goodner (1866 – 1916).

4f      James David Goodner (1869 – [date unknown]).

5f      Samuel Fulton Goodner (1872 – [date unknown]).

6f      Joseph Kirby Goodner (1874 – [date unknown]).

7f      Guilford Ross Goodner (1876 – [date unknown]).

8f      Drury Lavender Goodner (1878 – [date unknown]).

9f      Robert E. Lee Goodner ( 188 3 – [date unknown]).

8e    George Marion Goodner {1864 – 1940).*  Married Frances Alley (Mary Frances).

1f      Minnie Matilda Goodner (1887 – [date unknown]).

2f      Rufus Earl Goodner (1888 – 1954).

3f      Thomas Jefferson Goodner {1891

4f      Stephan Lester Goodner (1893 – 1957).

5f      Elisha Dayton Goodner (1896 – [date unknown]).

6f      Henrietta Violet Goodner (1898

7f      Elsie Myrtle Goodner {1902 – 1949).

8f      Henry Grady Goodner {1904 – [date unknown]).

9f      Martha Jewell Goodner (1906 – [date unknown]).

10f      William Grey Goodner (1908 – [date unknown]).

9e    Thomas Jefferson Goodner (1866 – [date unknown]).*  Married Ada Elizabeth Smulcer.

1f      Guilford Otto Goodner (1896 – 1897).

2f      Loy Ray Goodner (Died in Infancy).

3f      Sarah Ona Goodner (1898 – [date unknown]).

4f      Thyra Gladys Goodner {1903 – (

5f      Delia Ollie Goodner (1901 – [date unknown]).

6f      Sanford F. Goodner (1904 – [date unknown]).

7f      Lillie Mae Goodner {1906 – [date unknown]).

8f      Ross Goodner (1908 – [date unknown]).

9f      Roy D. Goodner (1909 – [date unknown]).

10f      Horace Goodner (1912 – [date unknown]).

11f      Thomas Jefferson Goodner, Jr. (1917 – [date unknown]).

10e    Nancy Ann Goodner*  Married Thomas R. Bates.

1f      William Samuel Bates.

2f      Robert E. Lee Bates.

3f      Sarah Elizabeth Bates.

4f      Lorena Bates.

5f      Olive Inez Bates.

6f      AIbert Dero Bates.

3c    Henry Goodner, born about 1777, North Carolina, in either Orange or Guilford County.  Died prior to [date unknown].  (See Biographical sketch).  Married Eleanor Lokey, about 1798/9, in North Carolina, probably daughter of John or William Lokey of Guilford County, North Carolina.  Dates of death and places of interment not known. Henry died about 1820 to 1830, and Eleanor died after 1850.

1d    Mary Goodner, born 12–25–1800, North Carolina.  Date of death unknown.  Married Mr. Rhoads or Rhodes.

1e    Elizabeth Rhoads, born about 1882, Bedford County, Tennessee, possibly.  Married Samuel lamb. Resided in 1851 in McNairy or Hardin County, Tennessee.  (There may have been other children, and probably were, but we have the name only of Elizabeth, with no further data.)

2d    Elizabeth Goodner, born 12–25–1800, (Twin of Mary), in North Carolina, likely in Guilford County.  Married Garrett Fryar, born about 1790, probable son of Isaac, Sr. Resided first in Bedford County, Tennessee, later in Tippah County, Mississippi, as early as 1836.  Isaac, Sr, born about 1740–1745, shown in 1800 Census of Guilford County, and also shown in 1790 census.

1e    Mary Fryar, born 1822, Bedford County, Tennessee.  Married Julius Willhite, in Tippah County, Mississippi (born 1818, Marion County, Tennessee).  No further data.

2e    Nancy Fryar, born 1824, possibly in Bedford County, Tennessee.  Married John Calvin Willhite, son of George and Nancy (Guinn) Willhite. (George Willhite was born 1790 in Green County, Tennessee; died 1854/ 1856, Tippah County, Mississippi.  Married Nancy Guinn, 7–2–1822, Knox County, Tennessee, who was born 1799/1800 in North Carolina, died after 1869, Tippah County, Mississippi.)  Moved to Aden, Arkansas.  No record of issue.

3e    Eleanor Fryar, born 1825, Tennessee.  Married George P. McKinney, Montgomery County, Arkansas, where they made their home. Mr. McKinney, born 1832, died 1897, was one of the County's richest men. No record of issue.

4e    James S. Fryar, born 1830, Tennessee.  Married Margaret Pippin. Resided in Montgomery County, Arkansas.  No record of issue.

5e    Susanna Fryar, born 1832, Tennessee.  Married E. W. Baker in Montgomery County, Arkansas.  Probably continued to reside there.  No further record.

6e    Narcissus Fryar, born 1834; died unmarried.

7e    Sarah Fryar, born 1836, Tippah County, Mississippi.  Married Elijah Wood (or Woods) in Montgomery County, Arkansas.  Probably continued to reside there.  No further record.

8e    Catherine Fryar, born 1837, Tippah County, Mississippi.  Married Nicholas Gentry in Montgomery County, Arkansas.  Probably resided there.  No further record.

9e    William Fryar, born 1840, Tippah County, Mississippi.  Resided in Montgomery County, Arkansas, and had the reputation of being a great story teller.  Single.

10e    David Fryar, born 1842, Tippah County, Mississippi.  Single.

Henry Goodner01.gif (29942 bytes)

John Cunningham Goodner

Courtesy of Mrs. David K. Tudor

3d    John Cunningham Goodner, born 12–31–1802, Guilford County, North Carolina; died 9–26–1871, at Aden, Arkansas, Montgomery County.  Married 1st, Susanna Smith, 1–22–1822, in Tennessee.  Susanna was born 8–26–1804; died 2–10–1863, Aden, Arkansas, daughter of John C. Smith, who about 1820 moved to Bedford County, Tennessee, in 1835 to Wayne County, Tennessee, and in February of 1842 to Tippah County, Mississippi.  On October of 1851, he moved to Montgomery County, Arkansas, where he died September 26th, 1871. (From an article in the possession of Mrs. Wenzola Kiger of Chattanooga, Tennessee.)  Married 2nd Mrs. Sarah Ann Christianberry née Vandever, born 1830, in South Carolina, who survived him.  There has been some conjecture as to where his father got the name of "John Cunningham".  It would be easy to explain the name John, since that was the apparent name of Henry's grandfather, but the name "Cunningham" has been a matter of interest.  One of his descendants, Norman Goodner, of Waldon, Arkansas, has brought up the suggestion that he may have been named for the John Cunningham who was a prominent early settler in Guilford County and who received a grant of land in Guilford County from Lord Granville in the year 1753, the grant consisting of 640 acres.  There is a very strong possibility that this was so, and the question arises then the reason of so doing.  It might have been due to the fact that Henry was working for John Cunningham, and maybe had been befriended by him in some way as to receive his gratitude.  Another possibility that must be considered is that of relationship.  Henry's mother, Mary, could have been a Cunningham.  An interesting point is that there was a John Cunningham who settled in Switzerland County, Indiana, in 1817, two years after Jacob Goodner settled there, along with Whites and Smiths.  They all could have come from Guilford County.  Jacob married a Hester White, the Smiths were married into the Scherer family, and the Cunningham tied with Hester, at least so far as the name is concerned.  In the nearby county of Union, Indiana, another of a familiar Guilford County name settled, one also allied with the Scherers, a John Jordan, antedating the arrival of Jacob Goodner by a couple of years.  A short distance from Switzerland, Dearborn, and Ohio Counties in Indiana, lies Preble County, Ohio, where Christian Scherer and John Jacob Scherer, brothers of Elizabeth Goodner, and where Walter Goodner, Jacob's brother, settled.  It appears that they may have all migrated to this section of the country together.  John C. accompanied his parents to Bedford County, Tennessee, where on June 22nd, 1822, he married Susannah (Susanna) Smith, a daughter of John C. Smith, who moved to Bedford County, in 1820.  He probably lived in Bedford County for a while, but in 1830 we find him residing in McNairy County, Tennessee, where the census returns for that year show him with three children, one girl between the ages of ten and fifteen and two sons under five.

Besides his is shown a female in the 60 to 70 age bracket, was his mother. The two sons shown would have been David Milton and Henry Smith, born in 1826 and 1827 respectively, but who was the young girl aged ten to fifteen?  He had no children that age; she may have been a younger sister to his wife, living with them temporarily.  In 1840 he was in the County of Wayne, Tennessee, the Census Returns for that year showing him with his five sons and one daughter.  The aged female was not shown, and if she was his mother, where was she staying at the time; or could this woman have been his mother – in – law staying with him while the 1840 census was being taken?  In the 1850 Census Returns, his name is shown as residing in Tippah County, Mississippi.  In this report it shows his mother, Eleanor, age 78, giving her place of birth as Maryland, and his wife's place of birth as Georgia.  Later in the 1860 Census Returns when they were residing in Montgomery County, Arkansas, her birth place is given as North Carolina.  Susannah, his wife, died February 10th, 1863, in Oden, Montgomery County, Arkansas.  Within a few months he married a Mrs. Sarah Ann Christianberry, née Vandever, by whom he had three children, making ten in all.  John C. was a tanner and farmer, having had his apprenticeship in tanning with David Goodner of Huntsville, Alabama, a first cousin of his father.  This must have been prior to his marriage to Susanna.  He followed farming principally, and lived out his days in Montgomery County, Arkansas, passing away September 26th, 1871, at the age of 68 years and some months, interment being in or near Oden, Arkansas.  His wife, Sarah, survived him, and she continued to reside in Montgomery County.  From stories handed down by his children and grandchildren, John C. was a quaint character.  He spoke with the typical "Dutch brogue,” or Pennsylvania Dutch.” which is the language the Germans used back in North Carolina.  He had the reputation of being a "tight fisted old Dutchman", but he apparently came by this rightly, however, since his father, Henry. was notorious for his acquisitiveness and "stinginess.”  One story goes to the effect that when John C. was courting his future wife he was made to walk the five miles that separated their homes barefoot, winter and summer, and only put on his shoes, which he had to carry, as he approached her house.  He was required to make a pair of shoes do a year.  I have that story from Mrs. David K. Tudor, as well as others to go along with it.  He was what was known as a "hard shelled" Baptist.  To go to his church he had to cross over a mountain on horseback, and at one place on the road he always met the same man going to Oden to the Methodist Church to worship.  After they had greeted each other briefly, John C. talked little, and they started to resume their separate ways.   John C. would always say, "Ever duck to his own puddle."  He was rather hard on his family, and drove them to work in the wee hours of the morning, telling them that the day was half spent.  I quote below a letter written by J. G. Goodner in 1935 to his son, Carl Curtis Goodner, both deceased:

“Dear Carl:  Yes, I knew my grandfather well, worked with him most of the time from the close of the Civil War until his death and lived with him the last two years, he was 68 and 69, he was 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighed 160 and always walked fast whether in a hurry or not; had a thick under lip and it stuck out just a little so that he looked a little grouchy; fact is his boys called him old mullygrub behind his back, but it seems I was his pet grandson and he told me many things he had never told his own sons.  He told me his father was a full blood Black Dutch and could not speak English good at all; he also told me his father thought more of his live stock than he did of his family.  He made grandfather go barefoot winter and summer until nearly grown, and even then only allowed him one pair of shoes a year.  And even while sparking Grandmother (they lived 5 miles apart) he carried his shoes in his hands until he got near her home in order to make them last all year for Sunday.  Yes, we sprang from hard working, honest, stingy old Dutch forebears, not much to be proud of but nothing to be ashamed of, even Grandfather was called stingy by some of his neighbors.  I think it was because he made more money than they did and would not give it away. Yes, I think you had better stop spending money on it, digging up these old records will not do us any good except the pleasure of knowing it and money is too hard to get to spend it for pleasure.  Your mama's toes are blistering again like they did last winter. She used her hot water bottle two nights, possibly that started it.   All well otherwise.  .J. G. Goodner.”

John Cunningham Goodner and Susanna Smith had seven children, six of whom lived to maturity.

1e    Josiah Walton Goodner, born 1824; died infancy.

2e    David Milton Goodner, born 2–4–1826, Bedford County, Tennessee; died 3–18–1873, Montgomery County, Arkansas.  Married Elizabeth Jane Willhite,* 8–18–1851, Tippah County, Mississippi (born 1824, daughter of George & Nancy Guinn Willhite of Tippah County, Mississippi).  Resided in Montgomery County, Arkansas.  Farmer.

1f      Mary Francis Goodner, born 4–3–1852.  Date of death unknown.  Married William H. Jackson, about 1870.  Resided in Porurn, Oklahoma.

1g    David Goodner Jackson, born 10–12:.1872.  Married Aurillee Grant, about 1892/3.

1h    James Henry Jackson, born 2–25–1894.

2h    Frances Rosalie Jackson, born 11–14–1896.

3h    Mattie Elizabeth Jackson, born 2–14–1898.

4h    Robert Lee Jackson, born 5–1–1901.

5h    Florence Jackson, born 10–15–1903.

6h    Martin Wesley Jackson, born 7–20–1905.

7h    Bessie Jackson, born 6–23–1907.

2g    James Leonard Jackson, born 3–13–1874.  Married Beatrice Smith.

1h    Ada Lorene Jackson, born 6–11–1897.

2h    Mary Eveline Jackson, born 9–30–1906.

3g    George Thomas Jackson, born 4–3–1876.  Married 1st Arkie Nation.

1h    Fannie Arkie Jackson, born 6–1–1900.

Married 2nd Florence McCrary.

2h    Josey Jackson, born 10–12–1905.

3h    Dora Jackson, born 1–5–1907.

4h    William Jackson, born 9–13–1908.

4g    Violet Allen Jackson, born 5–14–1878.  Married 1st Wesley Pierce, about 1893.

1h    Lennie Mabel Pierce, born 4–3–1895.

2h    Roy Wesley Pierce, born 10–24–1897.

Married 2nd Joseph Noles.

3h    Dollie Irene Noles, born 1–10–1907.

4h    Cleva Vivian Noles, born 3–13–1909.

5g    William Martin Jackson, born 2–23–1880.  Married Grace Thompson, about 1905.

1h    Jack Thompson Jackson, born 6–26–1907.

6g    John Walker Jackson, born 1–15–1882.  Married Vicey Hickman, about 1901.

1h    Mona Alice Jackson, born 8–30–1903.

7g    Myra Frances Jackson, born 8–3–1885.  Married Odey Wayt, about 1901.

1h    Don Carlos Wayt, born 11–11–1902.

2h    Ruby Wayt, born 1–14–1904.

3h    Violet Wayt, born 10–14–1906.

4h    Stella Wayt, born 8–30–1908.

8g    Joseph Henry Jackson; died infancy.

9g    Cleveland Sullivan Jackson, born 4–9–1890.

10g    Mattie Beatrice Jackson, born 8–11–1892.

2f    John Henry Goodner, born about 1854; died infancy.

3f      George Monroe Goodner, born 4–15–1857.  Married Myra Chester, Scott County, Arkansas.

1g    John Wilburn Goodner, deceased.  Married Fronie Buchanan.

1h    John Wilburn Goodner.  Residence: 1551 Carroll, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

2g    William Robert Goodner, born 11–8–1879.  Married Liza Walls (born 6–20–1889).  Residence: Boles, Scott County, Arkansas.

1h    Norman Goodner, born 2–13–1908, Boles, Scott County, Arkansas.  County and Circuit Clerk for Scott Company.  Married Dorothy Greene, 10–8–1938, (born 7–23–1915, daughter George and Rose Greene).  Methodist.  Residence: Waldron, Arkansas.

1i    Donald Scott Goodner, born 2–24–1942.

2i    Charles Eugene Goodner, born 9–5–1944.

2h    Orval K. Goodner, born 6–19–1910, Scott County, Arkansas.  Residence: Waldron, Arkansas.

3h    Irma Goodner, born 9–12–1912, Scott County, Arkansas.  Married Mr. Holleman.  Residence: Boles, Scott County, Arkansas.

4h    Hassie Goodner, born 5–18–1918, Scott County, Arkansas.  Married Mr. Milner.  Residence: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

3g    Etta Goodner, born about 1881.  Married Albert Smith.  Residence: Ft. Worth, Texas.

4g    Ross E. Goodner, born about 1883.  Married Nancy Walls.  Residence: Iowa Park, Texas.

5g    Fleming G. Goodner, born about 1885.  Married Julia Slagle.  Residence: Sasakwa, Oklahoma.

5g    Guilford G. Goodner.  Residence: Mena, Arkansas. Deceased.

7g    Georgia Goodner.  Married Mr. Watson.  Residence: Antioch, California.

8g    Minnie Goodner.  Deceased  Married Mr. Frost.

1h    Letha Frost.  Married Mr. Gilley. Lives in Oklahoma.

4f    David Dudley Goodner, born 1859; died in childhood.

5f    William Fleming Goodner, born about 1863.  Married Emma Jackson.

1g    Marie Axie Goodner, born 8–21–1886.  Married William T. Daugherty, 1–1–1906.

1h    Rose lva Daugherty, born 10–2–1908.

2h    John Fleming Daugherty, born 9–13–1908.

2g    George David Goodner, born 8–29–1888; died 4–30–1910.  No issue.

3g    Thomas Leonard Goodner, born 11–17–1890.

4g    William Wesley Goodner, born 11–30–1892.

5g    Charles little Goodner, born 1–18–1895; died 9–8–1904.

6g    Francis Whitney Goodner, born 5–31–1898.

7g    Albert Victor Goodner, born 6–19–1902.

8g    Joseph Fleming Goodner, born 9–14–1904.

9g    Maggie Magdalene Goodner, born 12–22–1906.

10g   Patrice Ruth Goodner, born 4–24–1909.

Henry Goodner02.gif (45532 bytes)

Henry Smith Goodner

Courtesy of Mrs. David K. Tudor

3e    Henry Smith Goodner, born 11–S–1827, Bedford County, Tennessee; died 3–14–1899 in Oden, Arkansas.  Fought with Union Forces in the Civil War, with four brothers on the Confederate side.  Was Sheriff on Montgomery County, Arkansas, from 1876 to 1882.  Married Miriam Lorrania Willhite,* 2–10–1848, Tippah County, Mississippi (born 6–22–1828, Alabama; died 2–14–1910, Oden, Arkansas; daughter of George and Nancy Guinn Willhite).  Residence: Montgomery County, Arkansas.

1f     William David Goodner, born 1848, in Tippah County, Mississippi.  Married Elizabeth Tannehill, about 1868.  Resided in Arkansas.

1g    Sarah Lorena Goodner, born 8–2–1869, Arkansas.  Married Andrew J. Plemmons.  Merchant & Bank President in Mena, Arkansas.

1h    Leroy Plemmons, born 12–17–1887.

2h    Mattie Evaline Plemmons, born 11–14–1889.

3h    Ovie Belle Plemmons, born 6–22–1892.

4h    William Porter Plemmons, born 2–101897.

5h    Ethel Leota Plemmons, born 12–22–1900.

6h    Andrew Jackson Plemmons, born 11–20–1905.

7h    Robert Earl Plemmons, born 3–15–1910.

2g    Se Belle Goodner, born 2–23–1871.  Married C. A. Snider, 1893.

1h    Arthur Snider, born 2–12–1894.

2h    Eva Snider, born 1–22–1896.

3h    Ovia Snider, born 2–8–1898.

4h    Velmer Snider, born 1–12–1900.  Twin of Elmer.

5h    Elmer Snider, born 1–12–1900.  Twin of Velmer.

6h    Dora Snider, born 11–16–1904.

7h    Ira Snider, born 9–9–1907.

3g    Joseph Newton Goodner, born 11–6–1872.  Married Mary Mathuse, 1893.  Residence: Oden, Arkansas.  Mr. Goodner living with daughter, Mrs. Matt Reed in Oden, Arkansas.

1h    Clara Goodner, born 12–12–1893.

2h    Eva Goodner, born 7–14–1896.

3h    Iva Goodner, born 2–10–1904.

4g    David Goodner, born 1–27–1875.  Married Lou Ellison: 12–18–1895.

1h    Maudie Goodner, born 1–1–1898.

5g    E. Goodner, born 4–12–1877.  Married S. N. Brewer, February, 1904.  No record.

6g    John Calvin Goodner, born 1–27–1879.  Deceased.  Married Sallie Ellison, 1901.  Mrs. Goodner resides in Snyder, Oklahoma.

1h    Clarence Goodner, born 1–17–1902.

2h    Milton Goodner, born 1–12–1904.

3h    Walter Goodner, born 11–3–1906.

4h    William D. Goodner, born 11–18–1908.

5h    Mike Goodner.  Resides in Frederick, Oklahoma.

7g    Henry S. Goodner, born 1–12–1881.  Married 1st Artie McCall, 1900.

1h    Clinton Goodner, born 8–25–1901.

Married 2nd Ida Brewer.

2h    Grace Alena Goodner, born 12–10–1908.

8g    Helen Goodner, born 3–6–1884.  Married Joseph Price, 1908.

1h    Senator Joe Price, born 3–1–1908.

2f     Amanda Malvina Goodner, born 1850, Tippah County, Mississippi.  Place of residence not known, and dates of death not known.  Married James L Wilson, about 1870.

1g    Elizabeth Wilson, born 6–23–1872.  No data.

2g    Rhoda Susanna Wilson, born 1–27–1874.  No data.

3g    Lillie May Wilson, born 8–25–1876.  No data.

4g    Joseph Henry Wilson, born 11–13–1877.  No data.

5g    Maud Louisa Wilson, born 12–20–1879.  Married J. H. Reagan, 5–3–1896.

1h    James Arthur Reagan, born–3–17–1897.

2h    Lourana Catherine Reagan, born 9–21–1898; died 8–6–1905.

3h    Orphie Reagan, born 9–26–1901; died 10–16–1903.

4h    Joseph Atha Reagan, born 3–2–1903.

5h    Walter Lee Reagan, born 3–20–1905.

6h    Jesse T. Reagan, born 11–10–1907.

7h    Marvin Edward Reagan, born 12–12–1908.

6g    Miriam Lourana Wilson, born 3–2–1881.  Married J. H. Wilson, 1–19–1899.  Residence: Strawn, Palo Pinto County, Texas.

1h    Aaron Lafayette Wilson, born 8–27–1900.

2h    Iva Mae Wilson, born 7–24–1902.

3h    Guilford Donald Wilson, born 3–17–1904.

4h    Etna Mabeline Wilson, born 3–26–1906.

5h    William Ausbury Wilson, born 3–21–1907.

6h    Joseph Samuel Wilson, born 10–14–1909.

7g    John Luther Wilson, born 7–7–1883.  Married Josie C. Stinnett, 3–9–1902.

1h    James Williams Wilson, born 3–25–1~3; died 7–16–1903.

2h    Lloyd Lafayette Wilson, born 3–9–1905.

3h    Earl Alexander Wilson, born 11–6–1907.

4h    Ishmael Wilson, born 4–24–1909.

8g    Jones Morris Wilson, born 7–4–1887.

3f     Susanna Catherine Goodner, born about 1852, Montgomery County, Arkansas.  Married Martin V. Jackson.  Residence:  Aden, Montgomery County, Arkansas.

1g    Amanda Emaline Jackson, born 11–4–1873.  Married Charles Hill, 8–27–1893.

1h    Pinkney Hill, born 5–17–1897.

2h    Alice Hill, born 12–13–1901.

3h    Martin Hill, born 3–30–1905.

4h    Albert Hill, born 3–31–1908.

2g    Miriam Lorena Jackson, born 2–2–1875.  Married Thomas J. Leonard, 10–12–1893.

1h    Clair Benjamin Leonard, born 11–17–1897.

2h    Martin Melvin Leonard born 4–7–1900.

3h    Mannie Luster Leonard, born 9–16–1~1.

4h    Dee L Leonard, born 3–5–1903.

5h    Minnie Lester Leonard, born 8–28–1907.

6h    John Bratcher Leonard, born 3–9–1909.

3g    Thomas Guilford Jackson, born 10–15–1876.  Married Dora Singleton, 7–28–1901.

1h    Susan Annie Jackson, born 8–29–1902.

2h    Marvin Nestor Jackson, born 12–17–1907.

3h    Ava Jackson, born 12–12–1905.

4g    Mary Elizabeth Jackson, born 10–15–1876.  Married Pinkney E. Kelly, 12–25–1895.

1h    James Herbert Kelly, born 12–10–1896.

2h    Thomas Herman Kelly, born 10–21–1898.

3h    Robert Hervey Kelly, born 2–1–1900.

4h    Etna Inez Kelly, born 7 –14–1902.

5h    Phil Cannon Kelly, born 9–27 –1905.

6h    Edith Tupsey Kelly, born 9–12–1907.

7h    Blake Kelly, born 12–9–1909.

8h    Lake Kelly, born 12–9–1909.

5g    Charles Pinkney Jackson, born 5–27 –1879.  Married German Fryar.  Deceased prior to 1905.

1h    Willie Martin Jackson, born 3–10–1901.

Married 2nd Idella Creps, 12–10–1905.

2h    Rena May Jackson, born 5–9–1907.

3h    Irvin Jackson, born 12–7–1908.

6g    William Henry Jackson, born 3–6–1881.  Died prior to 1910.

7g    Martin Leonard Jackson.  No data.

8g    Anna Ellen Jackson, born 3–17–1883.  Married Cleveland E. Kelly, 11–20–1904.

1h    Earl Kelly, born 12–18–1905.

2h    Ovie L. Kelly, born 4–20–1907.

3h    Iva June Kelly, born 6–27–1908.

9g    John Wayman Jackson, born 6–10–1885.  Married Maud Fair, 7–16–1905.

1h    Darrell Glen Jackson, born 3–14–1907.

2h    Edgar Floyd Jackson, born 1–24–1909.

10g    Samuel Franklin Jackson, born 3–3–1887.  Married Annie McCoy, 12–30–1908.

1h    Margie C. Jackson, born 10–10–1909.

Probably other children, but do not have their names.

11g    Andrew B. Jackson, born 12–22–1888.  No data.

12g    Liddie Pearl Jackson, born 2–14–1891.  No data.

13g    Ida Louisa Jackson, born 12–21–1892.  No data.

4f     John Clayton Goodner, born 12–22–1853, Montgomery County, Arkansas; died 1–16–1925, Montgomery County, Arkansas, Waters.  Married Louisa Crawford, 8–18–1872.  Residence: Montgomery County, Arkansas.

1g    Robert Dee Goodner, born 11–20–1873, Aden, Arkansas; died 1925 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Farmer.  Married Hattie Elizabeth Hilton, 4–7–1895 (born 9–18–1877, died August, 1957, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma).

1h    Arthur H. Goodner, born 3–30–1896.  Residence: Albuquerque, New Mexico.

2h    James W. Goodner, born 11–5–1897.  No data.

3h    John Oliver Goodner, born 12–6–1899, at Mena, Arkansas. Government Maintenance.  Baptist.  Married Vesa Viola Cloer, 10–10–1921 (born 7–25–1904, daughter of John C. Cloer).  Residence: 1171 NE 23rd Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

1i     Ollie J. Goodner, born 6–9–1923.  Residence: 633 SW 49th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

2i     Maziel L. Goodner, born 3–17 –1925.  Married Mrs. Wilkens.  Residence: 1211 E Willetta, Phoenix, Arizona.

3i     Robert Dee Goodner, born 2–16–1927.  Residence: 4024 W Park Place, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

4i     John Calvin Goodner, born 2–1–1930. Residence: 1171 NE 23rd Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

5i     Cleveland H. Goodner, born 11–8–1931. Residence: 3027 NW 19th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

6i     Billie D. Goodner born 10–20–1933.  Residing at home.

7i     Jerry D. Goodner, born 12–4–1939.  Residing at home.

8i     Anna Louise Goodner, born 8–24–1941.  Residing at home.

4h    Silleta L. Goodner, born 9–17 –1901.  No data.

5h    Otis Hezekiah Goodner, born 8–19–1904, Waters. Pine Ridge, Ark. Residence: 1959 – Glorieta, New Mexico.  Married Effie May Foster, 10–12–1922 (born 8–6–1904, daughter of James W. Foster).

1i     T. M. Goodner, born 3–18–1925, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Minister in Missionary Baptist Church.  Army from 1945 to 1950.  Married Helen S. Gardner, 1–27–1947, at Albuquerque, New Mexico (born 3–6–1924, daughter of Ross N. Gardner).  Residence: 1843 Key Place, El Cerrito, California.

1j      Leah Ellen Goodner, born 3–1–1953.

2j      Teresa Gayle Goodner, born 2–8–1958.

2i     Jack W. Goodner, born 5–13–1931, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  High School Counselor.  Baptist.  Married Frieda M. Flook, 9–1–1951 (born 10–10–1931, daughter Lester P. and Helen Flook).  Residence: 6118 Zimmerman, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

1j      Jackie Wayne Goodner, born 11–14–1953.

2j      Steven Carey Goodner, born 3–26–1957.

6h    Elizabeth Zab Goodner, born 5–4–1907; died 6–29–1909.

7h    Walter Adolph Goodner, born 6–24–1910, at Weatherford, Oklahoma.  Married Lucille Osborne (born 7–6–1913, daughter C. L Osborne.)  Residence: 133¾ S 4th Street, Monte Bello, California.

1i     Walter Adolph Goodner, Jr, born 3–30–1931, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Truck Driver. Baptist.  Married Laura Wilkins (born 7–11–1931, daughter of C. L Wilkins).  Residence: 2409 Knox Drive, Oklahoma City, 15, Oklahoma.

1j      Renie Goodner, born 12–11–1949, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

2h    Connie Sue Goodner, born 3–12–1934, at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Married Sherman Eugene Finchum, 11–21–1951 (born 11–23–1929; son of Lawrence W).  Service Station Owner.  Baptist.  Residence: Route 119, Box 578, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  No children by this marriage.

8h    William Woodrow Goodner, born 6–27–1917, Okarchee, Oklahoma.  Cook.  Baptist.  Residence: 142½ S Berendo, Los Angeles, California.  Married [name unknown].

1i    William Woodrow Goodner, Jr, born 11–27–1939.

2i    Gerald Lee Goodner, born 12–18–1941.  Twin of Geraldine.

3i    Geraldine Marie Goodner, born 12–18–1941.  Twin of Gerald.

9h    Thomas Hampton Goodner.  Residing in New Jersey.

10h    Rodger Eugene Goodner.  Residence:  4517 NW 11th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

11h    Lyline Elizabeth Goodner.  Residence: 101 NE 14th Street, Oklahoma. City, Oklahoma.

2g    Amanda E. Goodner, born 5–11–1876.  Married M. E. Ratliff, 8–20–1893.

1h    Walter Ratliff, born 8–14–1894; died childhood.

2h    John Ross Ratliff, born 12–14–1896.

3h    C. D. Ratliff, born 3–21–1899; died childhood.

4h    Goldie O. Ratliff, born 9–5–1901.

5h    Elbert Otho Ratliff, born 3–11–1903.

6h    Susie Opal Ratliff, born 4–5–1907.

3g    Lucy L. Goodner, born 10–22–1878.  Married Thomas Shields, 4–14–1895.

1h    Fannie Shields, born 8–27–1897.

4g    Mary C. Goodner, born 4–6–1881.  Married N. F. Doyel, 9–25–1901.

1h    Beatrice Irene Doyel, born 10–13–1903.

2h    Nathan S. Doyel, born 9–6–1905.

3h    Edith A. Doyel, born 4–3–1907.

4h    Zula B. Doyel, born 2–28–1909.

5g    Nancy L Goodner, born 8–29–1883.  No data.

6g    Miriam Z. Goodner, born 2–28–1886.  Married R. F. Maddox, 7–7–1901.

1h    Jewell Cleo Maddox, born 10–14–1902.

2h    Delbert H. Maddox, born 3–29–1904.

3h    Otis Maddox, born 9–20–1905.

4h    Myrtle B. Maddox, born 9–25–1906.

5h    Brice I. Maddox, born 11–15–1909.

7g    Charity W. Goodner, born 10–2–1889.  Married Wiley Lawrence, 12–28–1908.  No further record.

8g    Susie S. Goodner, born 12–10–1891.  No data.

9g    Mattie A. Goodner, born 10–9–1897.  No data.

5f    James Monroe Goodner, born about 1856.  Married Charity A. Kinkaid, 10–30–1878.  Evidently resided in Oklahoma.

1g    Walter Alvin Goodner, born about 1880.  Was in the wholesale grocery business with brother, Finley, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1924, under the trade name of "Griffin–Goodner Grocery Company,” W. A. Goodner, VP, J. F. Goodner, Secretary–Treasurer.  Mailing address was PO Box 483.  No record of issue.

2g    Zebede Goodner.

3g    J. Finley Goodner.

4g    Etna Goodner.

5g    Bessie Goodner.

6f    Nancy Louisa Goodner, born about 1857.  Married Samuel Garrett.

1g    Lafayette Garrett, born 10–4–1878.

2g    Caleb Garrett, born 2–10–1880.

3g    Lucy Garrett, born 2–3–1881.  Married Alfred Maddox, 12–13–1902.  No record of issue.

4g    John Garrett, born 11–26–1883.

5g    Wayne Garrett, born 11–25–1884.  Married Effie Bates, 10–23–1905.

1h    Ray Garrett, born 3–9–1906.

2h    Oar Garrett, born 3–19–1908.

6g    Laura Garrett, born 2–8–1886.

7g    Clifford Garrett, born 4–5–1887.  Married Sarah Gilliam, 9–5–1906.

8g    Thomas Garrett, born 8–27–1888.

9g    Kirby Garrett, born 4–23–1891.

10g    Hattie Garrett, born 11–9–1889.

11g    Wilburn Garrett, born 10–11–1896.

12g    Martha Garrett, born 11–20–1892.

7f      Lucy Ann Goodner, born 10–11–1859, Aden, Arkansas; died 2–29–1954, Dallas, Texas.  Married Dr. William Benjamin Goodner, MD (born 8–3–1857. Montgomery County. Arkansas; died 2–26–1950, Dublin, Texas. Son of James Monroe Goodner).  Residence:  Dublin. Texas.

1g    Ada Eudora Goodner, born 7–9–1879, Aden Arkansas; died 2–6–1902, Dublin, Texas.  Married Robert Lee Hickey* (born 12–29–1871; died 1–15–1949, Dublin, Texas; son of William Shelly Hickey and Lennie Batey).

1h    Lessie Adelia Hickey, born 9–5–1898.  Married David Kavanaugh Tudor, born 1897; died 11–5–1957, Dallas, Texas.  Born Pecos, Reeves County, Texas.  Interred in  Hillcrest Mausoleum, Dallas, Texas.  Graduate of Texas Christian University.  Auditor for O.K. Theatres for 30 years.  World War I.  Member of East Dallas Christian Church.  Mason, Knights Templar.  Shriner.  Mrs. Tudor resides at the family home, 1232 Lausanne, Dallas, Texas.  No issue.

(For additional data under "Dr. William Benjamin Goodner" look under name of James Monroe Goodner, page 100.)

8f      Frances Elizabeth Goodner, born 1861. Montgomery County, Arkansas.  Married James H. Pullen, 9–30–1880.  Residence: Aden, Arkansas.

1g    Ollie Lee Pullen, born 7–15–1883.

2g    Joseph Franklin Pullen, born 2–22–1884.  Married Etta Taylor, 9–1–1907.

3g    Avy Monterie Pullen, born 3–1–1885.  Married Moses Simpson, 7–15–1906.

1h    Alton B. Parker Simpson, born 9–25–1907.

4g    Sam Smith Pullen, born 4–17–1886.

5g    John Arthur Pullen, born 3–8–1888.  Married Etta Willhite,* 10–11–1909.

6g    Charles Richard Pullen, born 3–5–1889.

7g    Lessie Jean Pullen, born 1–12–1893.

8g    Hanna May Pullen, born 5–25–1898.

9g    Hattie Pullen, born 7–24–1905.

10g    Henrietta Pullen, born 11–20–1891.

11g    William Calvin Pullen, born 8–20–1895.

12g    Fannie Irene Pullen, born 4–25–1903.

9f      Miriam Lourana Goodner, born 1862, Montgomery County. . Arkansas.  Married John W. Hickey, 12–2–1880.

1g    Dora Parthenia Hickey, born 10–15–1885.  Married Ira Bell.

1h    Ruth Bell, born 12–23–1903.

2h    Earl Bell, born 4–23–1905.

3h    Emma Bell, born 11–24–1907.

4h    Madge Bell, born 9–23–1909.

2g    James Pinkney Hickey, born 9–29–1888.  Married Pearl Taylor, 2–24–1906.

1h    Altrice Hickey, born 11–24–1908.

2h    Otis Hickey, born 3–13–1909.

3g    Lucy Emma Hickey, born 12–3–1887.

4g    Guilford Smith Hickey, born 11–1–1891.

10f      Guilford Darlington Goodner, born 6–19–1866, Montgomery County, Arkansas.  Name also spelled "Gilford," died 6–3–1940, Oden, Arkansas.  Married Martha Sarah Giles, 12–29–1885 (died. 8–27–1948).  Resided in Aden, Montgomery County, Arkansas.

1g    Clyde Eric Goodner, born 3–1–1888; died. about 1950.  Clerk and various other occupations.  Episcopalian.  Resided in Aden, Arkansas.  Married 1st Nola Kaiser, who was part Indian, daughter Lula Kaiser of Spiro, Oklahoma, on August, 1917.  Married 2nd Lucille Ball, a widow.  No issue by either marriage.

2g    Albert Benjamin Goodner, born 1–15–1891, Aden, Arkansas.  Married 1st ChIoris Hill (born 11–14–1905, daughter John and Victoria Hill).  A second marriage for ChIoris.  Divorced.

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