Montgomery County, AR Bibliography

Thin pine stands every 5-6 years to improve the plant quality of the understory

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**Allen, Desmond Walls. Arkansas land patents, Montgomery County : granted through 30 June 1908 / prepared for publication by Desmond Walls Allen and Bobbie Jones McLane. Publisher Conway, AR 1991  8 � x 11 soft cover, 71 pg. index

*Baker, Russell Pierce  Arkansas Township Atlas A History of the Minor Civil Divisions and each Arkansas County.   P.O. Box 908, Hot Springs, AR 71902-0908  1987 revised edition Arkansas Genealogical Society

Baker, Russell Pierce From Memdag to Norsk: A Historical Directory of Arkansas Post Offices 1832 - 1971 (Handy for these places that no longer exist on a map).  Arkansas Genealogical Society 1988

**Arkansas Historical Records: Inventory of the County Archives of Montgomery County, AR (Mt Ida) prepared by the Arkansas Historical Records Survey, April 1942, Division of Community Services Programs, W.P.A.. Little Rock, AR Co sponsor, Judge J.H. Shaw, Co. Judge of Montgomery County. First section: Historical sketch of the county and courthouse.

Black, W.  My First Seventy Years William E. "Bill" Black Mt. Ida, Arkansas. Biography & Autobiography 1990 297 pages.

*Blake, Vera Looney,  Bates Family History: 315 pages Bates, Looney, Goss, Dilbeck families of Montgomery Co. Order from: V.L. Blake. 1411 SW Donovann St, Seattle WA 98106

Cuhage, Melinda A, .Memories of Montgomery County, by Melinda A. Cuhage Arkansas Gazette Magazine p.1 ; p.3 ; p.2 Aug 30, ; Sept 6, ; Sept 13, 1936

*Cline, Inez Evelyn, 1923-1999 1890 census "reconstruction"  for Garland and Montgomery counties, Arkansas / compiled by Inez Halsell Cline, Bobbie Jones McLane, Wendy Bradley Richter. Hot Springs, AR., 1985. Records used: 1887 City Directory, 1888 Ark. Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1892 Voters List, Marriage and tombstone records 1887 through 1892. Includes 1890 tax receipt book for Montgomery Co.

**Craig, Marion S. Montgomery County, Arkansas loose probate records, 1842-1930 / abstracted by Marion S. Craig. Publisher Conway, AR 1996.  Indexed  Indexed. Index

* Circuit Court records 1845 - 1894  Montgomery County 3 reels

*DAR. Records of Clark County, AR includes Mt Tabor Cemetery, Montgomery Co. AR.

*Deeds, 1845-1888. Index 1850-1914. 5 microfilm reels.

From Little Rock to Mount Ida, meeting places fill bill Arkansas Business 3(8):40-44 Apr 14-27, 1986

*Goodner, John D. & Lacy, Hubert Wesley. The Goodner Family (wayback) Volume 1 & 2; Gregaln Publishing Company, Eastern Division Box 1045, Cullman, AL 35056. 1960  Mid-West Division Box 505 Wyandotte, OK 74370  snippet

"The Goodspeed Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Western Arkansas." Published by Southern Publishing Company 1891. Chicago and Nashville. Reprinted Southern Historical Press, PO Box 738, Easley, S.C. 29640 1978. ISBN 0-89308-084-5

Jones Frances  L. The Standridge National Family History Society announces the publication of "James Standridge, Revolutionary War Soldier and His Descendents." The book contains 656 pages, is fully illustrated with maps, photographs, and copies of documents.   8 1/2 x 11", hardcover, illustrations, 350 photograph. It also contains a full-name index. It may be ordered ($77 postpaid) from the author, Frances L. Jones, 108 St. Leo Dr., Cahokia, IL 62206. email   A copy has been placed in the Montgomery County Library in Mt Ida. Samuel James Ware Standridge homesteaded land east of Mount Ida where he and his wife, Sarah Ann Margaret Bates, reared eleven children. Their youngest daughter Peggy (Margaret), married Ludd Stanley, reared her twelve children in this house. Their youngest child, Cortez Stanley Forbes, also reared her family in the same home. It is adjacent to the Stanley-Standridge Cemetery. It is now owned by the youngest child of Cortez, Tennie Forbes Gibbs. Mrs Jones' grandfather, Billy Standridge, was a long time resident of Montgomery County and is buried in Peak Cemetery. Jimmy Standridge moved to Montgomery Co. after 1855.

* Montgomery County Extension Homemakers Council. Cemetery Inscriptions of Montgomery County, AR 1986

*Montgomery County Historical Society Montgomery County, Arkansas Cemeteries 1997: Still available. Montgomery  $30.00 plus $4.00 p & h. Hardbound, fully indexed.   

*Montgomery County, Arkansas Loose Probate Records: 1842-1930.  Pub. info [Mount Ida, AR : distributed by Montgomery County Historical Society] 1990.  92 pp., index, 8 1/2 x 11, Softbound, 92 pages $10.00 plus $1.50 p & h. As of  Jan. 5, 1999 about 60 copies left, 120 sold. This compilation was extracted from microfilm rolls #25 thru #38 of Montgomery County at the Arkansas History Commission. The extractions are listed in the same order as the bundles /packets of loose papers appear on the film. Montgomery County, Arkansas Loose Probate Records 1842-1930  Index

*Abstract of the 1920 Federal Census of Montgomery Co. Arkansas. Pub. info [Mount Ida, AR : distributed by Montgomery County Historical Society], 199.  $20 and $2.50 for p & h. Softbound, 269 pages.  Abstract includes: All names in each household, relationship to head of household, age, sex, race, birthplace, birthplace of father and mother, over 11,000 names, 21 townships with map, surname index. 

Justice docket, Montgomery County, Arkansas -The Record (Garland County Historical Society) 6:15- 1965
Illustration photo
Subject Courts--Garland County--1915-1939
Economic Conditions--Garland County--1915-1939
Registers of Births, Marriages, Deaths, Etc.--Garland County--1915-1939

Montgomery County, Arkansas Marriage Records 1843- 1899. Complied by Helen J. Muller for the Montgomery County Historical Society P.O. Box 578 Mount Ida, Arkansas 71957-0578  June 1998. Contains 3,000 marriages from marriage entries in Books A, B, and part of C held at the Montgomery County Courthouse. First section is the grooms  surnames arranged alphabetically and the section second contains the brides surnames arranged alphabetically. Available for purchase at the Montgomery County Historical Society. $20.00 plus $2.00 for p&h. 

Update your Marriage Books
, Sarah Jane age 21 in 1871.
The Montgomery County, Arkansas Marriage book lists the following marriage but no last name for the Groom.
Herron, Jonthan, 24, from Montgomery Co. AR to Riley, Sarah Jane, from Montgomery Co. AR. age 21 married 14 July 1871. Book A, page 279
Herron is the missing name. Info from  J. Riley, a Riley researcher in California.

1870 Montgomery Co. AR
Mountain Twp Cedar Glades P.O.
9 501 524
Riley, 		L. J. 		50 Al
		Caroline 	38 Tn
		Elizabeth 	24 Ms
		Andrew 		23 Ms
		Sarah J 	19 Ms
		John 		17 Ms
		Martha 		16 Ms
		Francis 	14 AR
		William 	11 AR
		Samantha 	 9 AR
		James 		 7 AR
		Nancy 		 5 AR
		Lucinda 	 3 AR
		Arminda 	7/12 Twin born in Feb.
		Clarinda 	7/12 Twin born in Feb.

Montgomery County, Arkansas Marriage Records 1900-1925 
This softbound book is an index to all marriages in the county from 1900 through 1925.  The first half of the book is alphabetized by groom's names and the second half by bride's names.  It also includes ages, resident counties, marriage dates and the book and page number where it is recorded in the courthouse. Complied by Helen J. Muller for the Montgomery County Historical Society in 2000..  Cost is $20 plus $2 postage and handling. 

Make checks payable to the: 
Montgomery County Historical Society.
Mail to  P.O. Box 578, Mount Ida, AR  71957

*Montgomery County: Our Heritage : quartz crystal capital of the world / [compiled and edited by Montgomery County Historical Society]. Pub info [Mount Ida, AR : Montgomery County Historical Society], c1987 & 1991  Includes index. Vols. 1 & 2 are numbered in continuous paging--1213 pp. I was unable to obtain the books by interlibrary loan but are found at these facilities. Vol. 1 sold out but will be reprinted summer 2003.

Montgomery County: Our Heritage Volume II compiled and edited by the Montgomery County Historical Society, 1991. Hardbound, index includes Vol. 1.  As of  Jan. 5 1999  225 copies left. 1,300 sold.  $40.00 plus $4.50 p & h.

*Person & personal property subject to taxation, 1865-1894

Pencil Bluff, Arkansas Our Fifty History:1949-1999  
Softbound, with 100 pages, 125 photos and over 1000 names in the index. It also includes interviews with thirty-four 50-year residents, bits of history, memorials and more. Cost is $15 plus $4 postage and handling. Check payable to: Pencil Bluff Anniversary
Address: P.O. Box 15 Pencil Bluff, AR 71965

*Probate docket of administrations 1869-1912

*Probate Records 1845-1954. Original at courthouse. Wills A-B 1863-1954, Guardians, bonds, and certificates 1858-1909 probate records Vol. 1-2 1845-1857

*Taxes 1865-1888

*Richter, Wendy & Cline, Inez : They Can't Go Home: A History of Northwestern Garland County, AR Including the towns of Buckville and Cedar Glades.  Covers the area submerged by Lake Ouachita. Published 1990. 528 pages. Many photographs. A very good book to have if researching northwestern Garland Co. AR. That area was in Montgomery Co. AR pre 1917. Includes an index and sources. Author sold out of the books June 2001 but Wendy had the book reprinted in 2003. The price has gone up to $37.50 plus $2.50 shipping, if mailed.  The cost of printing is much higher than it was 13 years ago. You can contact Wendy at:

Chapter 1 Blakely Mountain Dam
Chapter 2 The First People
Chapter 3 The Early Settlers
Chapter 4 The Civil War
Chapter 5 Post war settlement and development
Chapter 6 Buckville and Cedar Glades
Chapter 7 The Post Offices
Chapter 8 The Schools
Chapter 9 Fraternal Organizations
Chapter 10 Country Doctors
Chapter 11 The Churches
Chapter 12 "When the Roll is called Up Yonder"
Chapter 13 They Can't Go Home
Chapter 14 Family Histories

Savall or Saveall
Speer (also Speers, Spear or Spears)

Locating Books

To: Olwyn Whitehouse If you have info regarding other books and reference materials on Montgomery County please let me know so we might have a more complete listing.  Thank you.

Charley Weaver's Letters from Mamma by Cliff Arquette was the 6th non-fiction best seller in 1959. Humor. Publisher: John C. Winston Company, Philadelphia.  

The Record 22 February 2007 Charley Weaver toys
Q. I have two Charley Weaver Bartender battery-operated toys with their original boxes. My question is: Why does one box list the copyright as "1962 Roy Rogers Enterprises," while the other box reads "1962 Mark 37 Inc."? I don't even know which toy goes in which box. Is one box more valuable than the other?

Cliff Arquette (1905-1974) invented the character of Charley Weaver for a 1959 appearance on Jack Paar's "The Tonight Show." Paar kept asking him back, and Arquette, born in Toledo, Ohio, wound up with a second lifetime as Weaver, from Mount Ida, Ark. He became a regular on "The Roy Rogers Show" in late 1962, the same year your toy was made by Rosko Toys of Japan. The copyright information relates to the Weaver character, not to the toy itself. Rosko paid a license fee to use the Weaver character. It is likely that Mark 37 Inc. owned the license on Arquette's behalf before Roy Rogers Enterprises hired Arquette for its television show. The original box with either copyright increases the value of the toy, and so does the condition of the toy. We have seen these toys selling with their original boxes for $20 up to $175.

REMEMBERING ARKANSAS So many good reads on Arkansas, so little time by Tom W. Dillard
The Arkansas Democrat Gazette 3 July 2005
Last week I shared with you some of my favorite books on Arkansas, and I continue that this week. I am including mostly nonfiction, though I readily acknowledge that some novelists come closer to recording our heritage than some historians. I admit this is an arbitrary list, just as any such undertaking must be - at least within a reasonable word limit.
    Lying atop the stack of books on my desk is The Seed of Sally Good'n (1985), an extraordinarily fine book by the late Ruth Polk Patterson of Little Rock. Patterson tells the story of her ancestors, most particularly Spencer Polk, a successful farmer in southwest Arkansas. Spencer was born in 1833 in Montgomery County, the son of a slave woman named Sally who was a mixture of black and American Indian, and Taylor Polk, a descendant of one of America's most distinguished families, who was Sally's owner. Ultimately, Taylor Polk moved his white and black families to Muddy Fork near Center Point in Howard County. After the Civil War, Spencer homesteaded land and later bought more. He married and raised a large family. He grew old on his little isolated estate, living in the old-fashioned Southern planter tradition. In many ways, Seed of Sally Good'n is a saga, a sweeping though brief overview of black life in rural Arkansas. The bitter crime of lynching visited the family once, and the daily reminders of Jim Crow segregation were constant. Still, the family persevered and thrived at least as much as their white neighbors. The book is aided by the varied research approaches taken by the author, including archaeological excavations. Oral tradition fills in many voids.

 Sunset June 2000. Round Bales.

Sunset, 'Redbud Acres', Brushy Rd, Oden, AR. The hill rising in the background is 'Grapevine'. Weather was great early June 2000, not too hot. Four cemeteries transcribed including Brushy.


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