107 Cemeteries in Montgomery County, Arkansas

Cogburn, Garrett, Howton, Montgomery, Robbins, Waggoner, and Woodall Cemeteries are named after Civil War veterans.

"Undoubtedly there were many cemeteries in the early days of Montgomery County but most were probably situated on private property and used as family plots."  
A good map to find cemeteries.

The East Washita Cemtery - an abandoned cemetery.
The abandoned East Washita Cemetery amongst the pines.
Note the two crosses near a headstone in the background and the two field stones covered with moss in the foreground.

Decoration Days                                        Visiting and transcribing  - a hobby
Civil War veterans buried in Montgomery Co.  Montgomery Co. Veterans who gave their lives

Find A Grave has photos from
1. Mount Ida Cemetery
2. Mount Gilead Cemetery in the southern part of Montgomery County (near Black Springs)
3.Gaston Cemetery
4.Pencil Bluff Cemetery
5. Mount Olive Cemetery near Oden
6. Oden Cemetery
7. Macedonia


Some older cemeteries were once known by different names and these names may appear on death certificates or in newspaper notices. Cemeteries have a capacity to add quite a wonderful dimension to what is already written about a district. The study of a cemetery was a wonderful way to get an understanding of the tragedies, either through sickness, disease or accident, that plagued many people at different times in a history of a district. There was nothing like reading inscriptions on the graves of children to emphasise the hardship of settlement or pioneering in a manner. The living recognised those who died in the way that they built such "beautiful" headstones.

Adams-Woodall		Bonnerdale 		offsite 
Alley(Goodner)	 	Reed Mountain 
Amerson		 	Pencil Bluff 		55 offsite
Barber	 		Sims 			42 offsite
Bassinger	 	Caddo Gap 
Bates 		 	Mount Ida 
Bethel		 	Caddo Gap 		71 offsite
Big Fir		 	Reed Mountain 		12 offsite offsite
'Black'		 	Caddo Gap 
Black Springs	 	Norman 			1,018 offsite
Blish		 	Reed Mountain 
Bonds		 	Monroe 
Breashears	 	Fannie 			partial listing 34 off site
Brewer*		 	Oden 
Brushy 		 	Brushy Creek 		286 off site
Caddo Gap Methodist*	Caddo Gap
Caney/Keith	 	Bonnerdale 
Chapel		 	Norman 
Coffman		 	Hopper 			5 offsite
Cogburn			Fancy Hill		16 offsite
County Line Methodist 	Glenwood 		off site  314 offsite other site
Cox-Head	 	Sulphur Springs		aka Caddo  23 offsite 
Diggs (Forest Hill)	Caddo Gap		8 offsite  Colin McKinney
East Washita*	 	Story 				
Edwards		 	Pine Ridge 
Ewing Family	 	Amity 
Family		 	Caddo Gap 
Fancy Hill	 	Fancy Hill 		3 offsite
Ferguson 	 	Norman 
Forbes*		 	Hog Jaw
Garrett		 	Mount Ida 		does not exist anymore 
Gaston		 	Oden 			38 offsite
Goodner		 	Oden 
Gortemiller	 	Pine Ridge
Grenade 	 	Brushy Creek 		21 offsite
Helem			under Lake Ouachita 
Hillside	 	Sulphur Springs 	229/240 graves. Originally called the Sulpher Springs Cemetery
Hopper 		 	Fancy Hill 		2 Nancy Elizabeth Floyd buried in 1864.
Howerton		Bonnerdale		19 offsite interments listed
Howton 		 	Bonnerdale 
Huddleston	 	Pine Ridge 
Irby		 	Norman 
James Family*	 	Reed Mountain 
Jones		 	Caddo Gap 		1 offsite
Jones - ONeal 		Reed Mountain 
Jones Valley	 	Caddo Gap 		offsite partial
Joplin Memorial 	McGraw Mountain 	20 offsite
Liberty		 	Caddo Gap 		3 off site
Little Fir	 	Reed Mountain  		offsite 2 3
Lone Valley	 	Sims 			33 offsite 
Macedonia	 	Pencil Bluff		116 off site 
Mayberry #3 		Under Lake Ouachita 
McKinney 	 	Reed Mountain 
Middleton-Crooks 	Norman 
Montgomery	 	Norman 			aka Old Norman
Mount Gilead Church 	Polk Creek Mountain 	off site
Mount Ida		Mount Ida 		11 early days aka Oakwood Cemetery. Louisa Cauthron Stall bur. 1854
Mount Olive	 	Hog Jaw			2 offsite
Old Mount Tabor		Amity 			366 off site 4 offsite
Mount Zion	 	Caddo Gap 
Mountain Home	 	Caddo Gap 		4 offsite
Mullenix*	 	Hog Jaw
Murphy		 	McGraw Mountain 
Murphy Baptist Church	Black Springs
Music Family	 	Reed Mountain 
Nelson		 	Caddo Gap 		23 offiste
Newcomb*		East of Glenwood 	off site Newcomb Pike ARGenWeb site. another site
On private property. In 1986 on Calvert Grant's property high on hill in clump of trees, overgrown up in poison ivy
Calvin Golden Newcomb homesteaded the land. Sec. 23, Twp 4S, Range 23 W. 

Nicholson	 	Caddo Gap 
Oak Grove	 	Glenwood 		1 offsite
Oak Hill*	 	Pencil Bluff		11 offsite
Oakwood			Story 			102 offsite
Oden		 	Oden 			69 offsite
Old Salyer	 	Mount Ida 		Margaret Brewer buried in 1852, age 41, wife of Henry C. Brewer.
Owley 		 	Mount Ida 		43 offsite
Pencil Bluff 		Pencil Bluff		8 offsite
Pine Ridge	 	Pine Ridge  		Cemetery was aka Waters until 1936
Piney*		 	Reed Mountain 
Putman*		 	Athens 
Ramsey Family		Hopper
Reed partial listing 8	Story 			434 offsite 17 images Jesse Polly Oller buried in 1859
Robbins		 	Norman 
Rock Springs	 	Big Fork 		offsite 9 offsite
Rocky		 	Story 			partial listing offsite rd map 341 offsite
Rockey Valley 		Mount Ida 
Rowton	(Hamilton) 	Norman 			William D. Rowton buried in 1858
Scott *		 	Mount Ida  
Scott - Wehunt	 	Norman			Susannah Scott was buried in 1858
Shirley		 	Oden			Abandoned
Shockey	Chapel		Norman
Sims - Willhite* 	Pine Ridge
Smith			Under Lake Ouachita 
Stanley - Standridge 	Reed Mountain 		offsite 310 graves listed with photos of headstones and map
Stelter	Family	 	Glenwood 
Stover Homestead Family	Fancy Hill
Sulphur Springs		Sulphur Springs 	14 offsite originally the Hutchinson Cemetery 27
Sweet Home	 	Reed Mountain 
Tweedle-Vaught 	 	Norman 			Katie Tweedle died c.1838
Wacaster 	 	Bonnerdale 
Waggoner		Fancy Hill		9 offsite
Waco School 	 	Norman 
West Washita 		Story 
Whittington 	  	Reed Mountain 		offsite 1
Whittington- Hiram, A.	Reed Mountain 
Willhite	 	Pine Ridge 	

* Abandoned

"There are probably dozens of forgotten cemeteries scattered across the countryside, beneath flowerbeds and pastures, parking lots and barns; the resting place of our earliest pioneers."

Weekly newspapers serve in wonderful ways. Many cemeteries have unmarked graves or headstones with just the years and by going through the older newspapers looking for death notices and comparing against present cemetery transcriptions you can work out others who are buried there in unmarked graves or work out date and month of death. Lois Goodner 1923-1976.

Mt. Ida Cemetery.
G.W. Stapp, 2-4-1859 - 3-30-1944 Mt. Ida Cemetery - he must have been a blacksmith.

Brushy Cemetery.  John G. Ballard 1868 - 1901. A homemade headstone.

Garrett Cemetery no longer exists: Garrett Cemetery, Mt Ida, Montgomery County, AR. Yes, we have a Garrett Cemetery listed in our county cemetery book. This was a very old cemetery.  It was located north of the courthouse and on a knoll, were the Circle R Restaurant is now. The owner of the land decided to put in the restaurant several years ago. It was a small cemetery and just a few headstones. I have been told that he dozed them over and made a big fill there and built. Very sad. Someone should have tried to put a stop to it. D.B. Posted Aug. 2000

Can anyone provide information about the Garrett Cemetery?
I have looked myself. There isn't any signs of the cemetery today. During the 1940s there were still stone markers present. The Garrett Cemetery contains the family of Jesse B. Garrett who was in Montgomery Co. prior to 1850 from Ohio and not the John B. Garrett family from Tippah, MS. Both were in the county in 1850 and both were known as J. B. Garrett.

From the Cemetery Inscriptions of Montgomery County, Arkansas 1986. "Twenty to thirty graves also several graves with Jordon family. M.J. Jordan, William J. Jordan, and his son Jasper Jordan, all died of smallpox in 1866. Information obtained from P. Garrett.
Garrett, Jesse B. 1813 - Jan 28, 1853
Garrett, Jessie Franklin (Killed at Battle of Murfreesboro, TN Dec 31& Jan 2 1863)
Garrett, John Aaron (no dates)
Garrett, Mary Elizabeth (no dates)
Garrett, Susanna Laird 1817 -1877

Churches and cemetery entrances images:  Macedonia, Mount Ida, Nelson,  Oden, Owley, Pencil Bluff, Pine Ridge & Pleasant Hill

After a two year effort, Montgomery County, Arkansas Cemeteries was published December 1997. It is a beautiful hard-back book, which is fully indexed.  Inscriptions in this book were taken from 11,802 tombstones located in 130 Montgomery County cemeteries. There are an additional 2,724 graves which are unmarked or unnamed, for a total of 14,317 known graves. Peak Cemetery was in Montgomery Co. until 1917, now located in Garland County, is included. Make check $20 plus $4 P&H,  payable to: Montgomery County Historical Society. Mail to: P.O. Box 578, Mount Ida, AR 71957. Contact the Museum to see if the book is still available.  Debbie Baldwin is compiling corrections. Please send corrections on to Debbie and me. Cemetery book correction:  The Dr. J. C. Bates buried at Blish Cemetery was not at Andersonville.

Arkansas Graves Stones
USGS list of Montgomery Co. cemeteries
USGenWeb Tombstone Project
Cemetery records online
Buckville Cemetery
, Garland Co. another site

AR Cemetery Lookup mailing list Search  Threaded e.g. Wright

Mt. Ida Cemetery
James A. Wanless
Feb. 25, 1914
Apr. 25, 1973

Louise Hyde Wanless
April 30, 1914
February 20, 1972

Nelson Cemetery - east of Glenwood, Montgomery County, Arkansas.
BURK, W. J. 2 September 1969 Age 66 years
BURNS, Adaline 28 August 1841 - 22 October 1919 Wife of Elias Burns
BURNS, Elias 27 November 1844 - 22 January 1914 Husband of Adaline Burns
BURNS, Elihu Dennis 1834 - 1890
BURNS, John Allen 31 July 1885 - 7 January 1886 Son of Elias & Adaline Burns
BURNS, Matilda M.31 October 1878 - 15 December 1955
CARTER, Allie 1878 - 1958
CARTER, Ben W. 23 November 1906 - 1 June 1981 Same stone with Lillian F. Carter
CARTER, Charlie 1912 - 1974
CARTER, Edgar Lonie 1 January 1910 - 28 September 1938
CARTER, G. W. 1869 - 1950
CARTER, Lillian F. 6 September 1920 - no date. Same stone with Ben W. Carter
CARTER, William F. 1898 - 1972
GANTZ, Cecil E. 1875 - 1966
GANTZ, Myra 1893 - 1979 Same stone with Cecil E. Gantz

Mountain Home Church Cemetery directions are: From Glenwood, take Mt. View Rd. north 3 1/8 mi. to end of blacktop. Keep Rt. on dirt road 1 mile. Turn left on dirt road 1 1/4 mi to fork, take right fork for mi. On left about 100 yds off road.
1)Ponder, Alvin 1895-1936;
2)Ponder, G. Louise - Feb 28, 1928;
3)Ponder, Maxine Feb 14, 1928-Aug 31, 1929;
4)Ponder, N. Ray 1922-1983 (TEC 4 US Army WWll).

Having the Final Word!!
To avoid confusing (or otherwise) inscriptions, why not write your own now and have it engraved on your stone! 
Benjamin Franklin did at the age of 22.

Birth date Calculator - Under the old (Julian) calendar, years ran from 25 March  to 24 March. The Gregorian (new) calendar, New Year's Day became 1 January, rather than 25 March.
Perpetual Calendar

Once in a while a forestry worker will find a grave in the Ouachita National Forest and report the location.

Pines near cemeteries mark the spot, they are not milled.
Cemeteries in Montgomery County are often located on a flat knob, in amongst pine trees.
Here is an example - the East Washita Cemetery is on the top of this knob where the tall pine trees are located.

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