Cemeteries Gone and Forgotten

The Old Wilhite Cemetery on a knoll east of Pine Ridge, Nov. 2006.

Montgomery County, Arkansas

Brewer Cemetery - a rough and tumbled place - home grown.

The Brewer Cemetery is an abandoned cemetery on private property, Clifford Pearce's farm, Serendipity Lane, near the Serendipity Trail, Oden. Road stops at gate at the barn.  The cemetery is located in a clump of trees to the left of a pond at the back of the field. The area is fenced off but all the headstones were broken and difficult to find due to the overgrown bushes. 50 unmarked graves. Transcribed by Olwyn  1999 during a visit to the cemetery.

Dosha Willhite (two LL's not one)
Dec 27 1877
Nov. 10 1915

Floyd Willhite (two LL's not one)
b. Jul 12 1903
d. Aug 8 1904

Henry O. Brewer
Apr 28 1874
aged 67 yrs 3 months

E.E. Brewer
b. Oct 17 1878 died 194 (probably 1904)

H.C. Brewer SR
Apr 12 1844
Nov 14 1908

Isabella wife of Henry C. Brewer born...

footstone H.C. E.

Henry C. Brewer at the age of 26 married Isabel Amerson age 19, 13 Oct. 1870 at the residence of E.W. Amerson. Her parents were Elijah Amerson and Angeline Bybee who were m. 1847.

1860 census Polk Twp pg 34 Dw #135 Fam #121
Henry C. Brewer    53  Farmer      PA
Mary Brewer        44  Keep House  SC
William Brewer     19  Farm Lab    AR
George Brewer      18  Farm Lab    AR
Henry Brewer       16  Farm Lab    AR
Benjamin Brewer    13              AR
Thomas Brewer      11              AR
Margaret Brewer     7              AR
James Brewer        4              AR
Loose Probate Records
H.C. Brewer Sr d. 28 Apr 1874
Ann Brewer (widow)
H.C. Brewer Jr.
B.F. Brewer
Margaret Stewart
James B. Brewer

Dw # 136   Fam #122
Elizabeth Amerson   55   SC
Frances Amerson     15   AL

1870 Census  Polk Twp  pg 6   Dw #149   Fam #167  
Ben   J. Brewer       	24   M   Farmer         AR
Mary Ann Brewer   	24   F   Keep House    	AL
Mary J. Brewer         	 2   F                	AR
Henry L. Brewer  	3m   M   b. Mar        	AR
Thomas Brewer       	21   M   Farm Lab      	AR

Dw# 150   Fam# 168
Henry Brewer Sr     	63   M  Farmer          PA
Mary Ann Brewer    	54   F   Keep House   	SC
James B. Brewer     	14   M                  AR
Susan Wood             	12   F                  AR
Henry C. Brewer Jr   	25   M   Farmer  AR

The Review Democrat, published Thursday, Jan. 5, 1925, at Womble, Ark.  (now Norman). 
H.C. Brewer came to Montgomery County in 1830 on a big bay mare.  He located south of Mt. Ida.  His son H.C. Brewer, Jr. was born in 1844.  His father died in 1874.   H.C.  Jr., became the father of  S.W. [Silas W.]  Brewer, born in 1871. H.C. located three miles west of Oden, lived there 56 years.  His son, S.W. has been on the old home place for the past 58 years.  He has today stock from the mare his grandfather brought to Montgomery County from Kentucky over 100 years ago.

Benjamin Franklin Brewer b. April 7,1847 and d. Oct 1, 1903 and m. Mary Ann Shirley, August 22, 1867. They are buried in the Brewer Cemetery.   Mary Ann died in 1894 and was the daughter of Lewis Shirley and Polly Ann Patterson.

1860 Montgomery Co. AR South Fork Twp
pg 10 & 11   Dw #79   Fam #69 
Amerson, Elijah W 35 Al Farmer 100 1252
Angeline                 34 TN Keep House
George W              12 AR
Sarah J                    11 AR
Phillippina               9 AR (female) (probably Isabel)
Thomas                    7 AR
Susan                        6 AR
Mary                         4 AR
Manass                     2 AR (male)
The Elijah Amerson family was not listed on the 1870 census but his will made out in 1871 listed the heirs as George W.
Sarah Jane
Thomas J. 
Susan Angeline
Mary Elizabeth

George W. Amerson m. Eizabeth Baker
Sarah Jane m. Hulet M. Baker
Isabell m. Henry C. Brewer
Mary E. m. B.F. McCullar
Nancy D. m. Wm B. Booker
Manelar m. James A. Fair

Jones Cemetery 

The Jones Cemetery located on a small section of land about 3� miles down Liberty Rd, east of Norman is in terrible condition. A large limb has fallen off a large tree about the middle of the cemetery and headstones under it are now broken. The grass is not being mowed and the grass was quite high. 70 unmarked graves. July 2001.

Mullenix Cemetery active 1890 - 1912

Located south of Oden, four miles on Hog Jaw road on private Fryar property in middle of pasture where two large oak trees use to be standing on a slight rise. The oak trees are no longer standing.  Abandoned, no headstones standing so we did some prodding and found two. Maybe twelve graves marked by fieldstones.

Wash Willhite b. June 6, 1901 d. June 13, 1901
Gone but not forgotten

William Singleton b. May 1 1894 d. July 8 1894
God is calling me, he murmured and what visions cheered his eyes.

The Mullenix headstones were last seen in the 1940s. Nancy Ann FRYAR was born at Tippah County, Mississippi daughter of William and Elisabeth Darcus Fryar.

James (Jim) T.  Mullenix b. May 1846 d. 12 Dec 1912

Nancy Ann Fryar Mullenix b. 08 Nov 1848 d. 06 Aug 1890 at Hog Jaw

The old Norman Cemetery

The old Norman Cemetery and wrote what was on the only three stones in the grave yard. They are right beside the road. This has been a large graveyard, but the only markers are stumps and large rocks. One grave is enclosed in a concrete yard, but no marker on it. This is located in the city of Norman on Highway 8, near the water works. Ref.
J, H, Montgomery, born May 10, 1840, died March 14, 1879,
M. C., wife of J, H.Montgomery, born June 22, 1841, died Nov. 18, 1908.
Elsie V. Daughter of N. M. and 1. E. Montgomery, born March 12, 1900, died July 6, 1900

Putman Cemetery

Deep in the woods of the Ouachita National Forest near Albert Pike. Only 2 grave markers that were still legible.
Elijah Covington Putman  19 Nov. 1826 - 13 Feb. 1895. a mason
I.B. Markman 10 July 1893 - 25 May 1895
There were several other markers there most of which had sunk into the ground or you could no longer read

Elijah Covington Putman  was married to Mary Ellen Dodd  (c.1835 d. c. 1857) they had five children including William H. "Bill" Putman b. Dec. 18, 1852. Died Feb. 19, 1929 Montgomery Co, AR. He m. Louisa Jane "Eliza" Reynolds, March 27, 1870. Louisa Jane "Eliza Reynolds was b. on Jan. 8, 1854 to Middleton Reynolds and Elizabeth Shipley Reynolds. Louisa d. Dec. 8, 1925. William and Eliza had 10 children.

Rock Creek Cemetery

Rock Creek Cemetery, Montgomery County, Arkansas is located across from the swimming area at Camp Albert Pike and, I believe, in the Ouachita National Forest, Montgomery County. On the tourists' map it is called "Ole Indian Burying Ground". There are about 35 to 40 graves marked with sandstone rock, but no names could be found on these. It is a well kept cemetery at the side of the mountain. Copied Summer, 1969, by Jo Dildy, Box 155, Nashville, Ark. 71852. Ref.
COGBURN, Amanda E. , dau. of R. L. & Vicie E. Feb. 16, 1885 - Mar. 23 1885
LACEFIELD, Goldie R. Dec. 29, 1910 - Feb. 29 1912
MARCH, Children of H. C. & M. "Gone But Not Forgotten"
MARKHAM, E. C. June 29, 1912
(Elbert Carter Markahm was born at Colbath, Clark County, Arkansas, to Carter and Lucinda Thompson Markahm in 1849. His daughters believe the unmarked graves around him are his first wife, Elizabeth, and several of their small children. )
MORROW, Dolphis W., son of R. T. & S. C. Dec. 11, 1892 Oct. 1, 1893
OWENSBY, Phebe Oct. 16, 1829 - ___ 12, 1912
OWENSBY, W. C. Nov. 11, 1822 May , 1907
RAINWATER, Caroline F. 1882 - 1917
SHAW, S. O. Little Babe of E. B. Shaw Jan. 2-, 186_ - Nov. 7, 1912

Willhite Cemetery
(Originally Sims Cemetery)

Taken Nov. 2006. The only engraved headstone standing.

Location: Half mile east of Pine Ridge on a hill north side of Highway 88. Park on road at gate and walk varying left uphill. Note the design on the gate to get the right gateway. Now, Nov. 2006, there is a driveway to the cemetery.  Follow the power poles. Poison ivy, chiggers and ticks maybe present. Only two etched headstones remain but many field stones. See first photo at the top of this webpage. Approximately 65 unmarked graves. Oldest graves are of the Sims family. Over the past 20 years lichen has slowly appeared on Dow's headstone.


Lorenzo Dowel Willhite 1855-1945 At Rest On Jesus Breast

Lorenzo, son of John Calvin Willhite. John Calvin Willhite b. 1823 came to the county in 1849 with his wife Nancy Fryar b. 1824 Bedford Co., TN the d/o of Garrett and Elizabeth Goodner Fryar. Her sister Polly was married to Julius A. Wilhite brother to John Calvin Willhite.  Julius side of the family spells the Willhite name with one "L" and John Calvin's side usually spells it with two "L's". Their parents George & Nancy Wilhite, Greene Co. TN spelled the surname with one "L"

Taken about 1990

Sarah M. Hoyle 1861-1939

Sarah Malinda Reed is buried in the Willhite Cemetery. She was the daughter of Levi Reed b.1835 in GA and Francis Sarah Sims b. 1835 in SC. Sarah married William Hoyle in 1901.  The Hoyle headstone has now been knocked off its base and is lying flat on the ground that why you see leaves around it. A tree had fallen right near it barely missing the headstone. It is located about ten feet at about 7 o'clock west from the L.D. Willhite headstone.

Photo taken Nov. 2006

Please contact Olwyn if you have further information on the above people, the cemeteries, who else is buried here and other abandoned cemeteries in Montgomery County, Arkansas?

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