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Did your ancestors settle in county?
Origin? When? Form of transport? Route? Occupation?
What do you like best about Montgomery Co., AR.?
Do you have ancestors still living in county?

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Date: 2014-01-03
Did your ancestors settle in Co.? Origin? When? Route? Transport MANAGER
What do you like best about Montgomery County? SIMS - RAISED THERE
Do you have ancestors still living in the county? YES
My family has been in Montgomery county, Arkansas since the 1880s. I visit the area 2 to 3 times a year and really enjoy getting background on all the spots that I've grown to love so much. Thank you for putting this information together.

My grandparents are Lillie and Hezzie Summitt. All from Sims. I spent all my summers in Sims. I have several neat pictures of Sims I will forward when I can. I'm also related to the Elders, the Plylers and the Morphews of Norman.  I don't know many of the newer people around Sims. I do hope to move back someday.


When, Why, Where?
Looks like many men and women left the comfort of their homes to face hardship in the undeveloped Montgomery County.  Many travelled in groups. e.g. Wagon train Tippah Co. MS 1849  Please let me know of any group migrations. e.g. To Lee County. Later there was a migration out of the county.  Maybe a pattern will emerge that will assist others in identifying their descendants, route, arrival means and where they settled. Comments about the website appreciated

The Ouachita River between Pine Ridge and Oden in June, 2000. Nine miles, a float trip ideal for a family outing. We did the first run in the morning in two and a half hours. There was lots of paddling due to large slow pools. The following morning we took six hours with lunch at Shirley Creek Recreational Area where we saw a group of beautiful swallowtail butterflies and a modern, spotless, very clean outhouse recently built by the National Forest Service that blends into the environment. Well done!

On the journey down the river we saw white tail deer, a river otter with a fish in its mouth, a mink, fish, birds of prey, stage one rapids and a canoe wrapped around a tree trunk that we re-floated and took down river to the Oden bridge access - pick-up point and back to the owner, the river outfitter, at Pencil Bluff.

Life jackets must be carried. A nine year old boy, from Houston, on a float trip, drowned on the river in July 2000 near the low water bridge towards Sims.

Fish tale: Recreational fishing is a classic for bringing human emotions splashing to the surface. There is the hunt in finding the prey, the challenge in choosing the bait, the skill in presenting it to the fish. There is the adrenaline rush from the strike, the exaggeration of the catch, the secrecy of the spot and the coyness of methods. Much is jealously guarded.

Dirt Roads 

Johnny Cash, 1932-2003, first sang 'That Ragged Old Flag' in 1974. A child of the depression, he was a sharecropper's son from Kingsland, AR, who sang to himself while picking cotton in the fields. His father took advantage of a new Roosevelt farm program and moved his family to Dyess Colony in northeast Arkansas where they farmed 20 acres of cotton and other seasonal crops during the day and sang hymns on the porch at night. "My roots are in the working man. I can remember very well how it is to pick cotton 10 hours a day, or to plow, or how to cut wood. I remember it so well because I don't intend to ever try to do it again."  Front Porch, Mt Ida

Montgomery County does not have any traffic lights or bowling alleys. The closest bowling alley is the Pine Bowl in Mena so try your luck bowling here. Hold the Go sign down until the yellow.