1914-1915 Employees at the 
Womble, ARK 

"I owe my soul to the company store"

In Montgomery County, Arkansas the timber felled was mostly shortleaf pine, shortleaf hardwood, and mixed upland hardwood. Rough cut lumber was hauled by mules from the sawmills [sets] in the area to Womble where the planer was situated. This mill proved to be one of the biggest employers in southern Montgomery County until the early 1950s. During the depression many men and youths left their farms and looked for work in the logging camps.  

Mill 4

PLANER - YARD - TEAMS April 1914 to June 10 1915  Time Book Monthly
 (transcribed from a pay book that was purchased at a Hot Springs flea market)

The Mill run was ten hours a day, six days a week with every Sunday off. The men were paid monthly. The men were divided into three teams - Planer, Yard and Teamsters. C.N. Rowan appears to be the foreman for the Planer and Yard teams. *Men who appeared in the pay book April 1914 and still there in June 1915. 

Rowan* 		CN	$3.00
Benson 		WC	$2.50
Talleson 	BA	$2.00
Barnes		Jno.	$1.75
Barker* 	Sid	$2.00
Barrows		Jno.	$1.75
Bodine 		Steve 
Boyd		JF	$1.75
Burrson 	JA
Burrson 	Doiby
Dill		Joe	$1.75
Ganees 		Jess
Hampton 	Jim	$1.75
Honman 		JV	$1.50
Jacks 		DF	$1.75
Jackson		Chas.	$1.75
Johnston 	Hull	$1.50
Johnson 	Wm 	$1.75
Middleton 	Tom	$1.50
Mule		Co.	  .75	
Mullins		Calvin	$1.50  commenced 11 August
Rice* 		Jno. M
Roberts 	Henry D
Rowan 		Chas. 	50 cents per day in May, and in June 75 cents per day
Sullivan 	Dan
Summers 	JN
Team 		Jo
Upshaw	 	JN	$2.00	
Vines		GM	$1.50  commenced 10 August
Webb 		DB
Walker 		TM	
Yard Team
Rowan* 		CW
Alford		Ed
Adams 		Sid 	$1.50
Adams		Tom	$1.50
Allen 		George
Avants		Ross
Bates		YD	$1.75 June 1915
Benson		Claud
Blogg 		Ben
Bolding		Joe 	$1.50 June 1915
Bowling		JW
Bounds		MG	$1.50 in August 
Braddy 		JN
Bullard 	Ross	$1.50 June 1915	
Carpenter	EV	$1.50
Clark		LO
Claude		Harve
?laokes 	DF
Dill		Job	$1.75 June 1915
Gossd		BF
Cunningham	Dave
Daniels 	RE
Dill		Joe	$1.75 in August
Ford		Boyd	$1.50 in April 1915
Franks		Jack	$1.50 in August 
Gaiver 		Jess
Goldman		?KG
Grant		R
Howell		Chas	$1.00   commenced 2 July
Jacks		DF	$1.50   in June,  $1.75 in August
Jeams 		C.O.
Jueker 		NG
Johnson		Will	$1.75 	June 1915
Johnston	Andrew  $1.00   commenced 7 July
Johnston	Lee	$3.00	commenced 5 May rate
King		Orvel
Lanier		Jesse
Lindsay		Madison
Lindsay 	Otis
Middleton	Tom
Monroe 		Frank	$1.50
Monroe		JT	$1.50 June 1915
Montgomery 	Wm M*
Morris		JW 	$1.50
Moson		Joe	$1.50 Water Boy June 1915
Neighbours* 	Henry	$1.50
?Nutlson	Grady
Payne		RN	$1.75
Plyber		DB	$1.75
Payne		RN*
Riddle 		RM
Roberts 	Henry D
Rowan		Ben	$2.00 commenced 21 Sept.
Scroggins	J	$1.50 in April 1915
Shillito	Jacob (Jake)
Simpson 	Geo.
Smith		GS	$1.50
Sullivan 	Geo.
Suttle		B
Tolleson	BA	$2.00
Tolleson	Tom	$1.50 in August 
Tucker		HH	$1.50 April 1915
Upsha*		JN	$1.50 in August 
Walker		TM	$1.50
Wilson		Grady	$1.50 
Wilson		Marion  $1.50 
Wilson		?Herve  $1.50 
Dalton* 	Will 	$2.00  April 1915 
Dalton*		Pat	$1.50
Allen 		Geo.	$1.50
Barnes*		Jno	$1.50
Bell 		Jess	$1.75
Bullard 	Dock	$1.75
Davis		Jess	$1.50
Furlong 	N
Howell*		Chas	$1.75 	commenced July 26
Jamieson	Arthur	$1.75 
Jameson 	Oscar
Jamieson	Ed	$1.75 
Lindsay		Lee	$1.75	April 1915 4 days
Monroe		Frank	$1.50
Pettitt 	Geo.	$1.75	last day 17th July
Prowse		Grover	$1.50
Ray 		JH
Richardson* 	Tom	$1.75
Rowan		Ben	$1.50
Scott 		Rush
Simpson 	Geo.	$1.75
Smith*		Jess	$1.75
Smith 		Jim	$1.75
Stepp		Jno.	$1.75
Tucker 		HA
Woodard 	Jess
Usually only six teamsters employed per month. *Still here in May 1915.
September 1914
No. 2 Mill Tram Teamsters
Wilkes 		JR	$1.75 
Bawcen 		Cara	$1.50
Dearmore 	RD 	$1.50
Parten 		WP	$1.50	
Hogan 		Frank	$1.50
Wilson 		Marion	$1.50
April 1915
Wilkes 		JR	$1.75 
Parten 		WP	$1.75 	
Wilson 		Marion	$1.75 
Baldwin		LC	$1.50 
Boyd		Graves	$1.75
Evans		Alex	$1.75
Moore		Lee 	$1.75
Pasey		Frank	$1.50

The odd days 1914
Bates		Ted	$1.50
Bates		B	$1.50
Bates		Clifton $1.50
Duramore	RB	$1.50
Gilmore		Joe
Hogan		CL	$1.50 
Hogan		Roy	$1.50
McCauley	Wm	$1.50
Moore		Lee 	$1.50

Montgomery County: Our Heritage page 15
Young D. BATES, born at Big Fork on Nov. 8 1881. He married Lenorna C. Spears in 1903. Their fourth son Biggs was born Sept. 7 1914 while they were living at a mill camp near Womble. In 1915 the family moved to Womble and Young became yard foreman for the Black Springs Lumber Company. Once in a while at night Young would go to open up the Black Springs Lumber Company Store for someone to get material for coffin lining or clothes for the dead. As there was no mortuary, funerals were not delayed. [Y.D. Bates name first appears in the pay book Nov. 10th 1914 and he worked 10 hours that day for $1.50/day.]

Montgomery County: Our Heritage page 50
William DALTON came to Montgomery County in 1907 with his widowed mother and his three brothers, James, Luke, Pat and one sister Lessie. "Bill" or 'Will" went to work for the Black Springs Lumber Company when it started and soon became the timber man in charge of all logging operations. He married Ida King, d/o H.L. King on June 12 1913.  At the time Bill started to work in the woods, all logging was done with mules. At one time the company owned forty mules. The big mill was in Norman. In the late 1930s the Black Springs Lumber Company started trucking lumber by trucks and Bill was put in charge of this. His daughter Evelyn was bookkeeper for the company.  Bill sold his trucks and went to Indiana to work in the war industry. [Womble was formed in 1907 and prospered as the railroad terminated there. Businesses were relocated from nearby Black Springs  to Womble about the same time as the new railroad. First called Womble after brothers who lived in Black Springs and owned the 'Womble Timber and Land Co.'  The name of the town was changed in 1925 from Womble to Norman.] [Luke Dalton and his son Gerald Dalton later owned a sawmill in Ola, Yell Co., AR.]

Jesse LanierJesse LANIER was born in 1876. He probably came to Montgomery County in the spring of 1908, after marrying Etta Faught in Arkadelphia on April 16, 1908. Their first child, a son also named Jesse Lanier, was born in Caddo Gap. By 1910, they were living in Womble, where daughter Willie (later called Billie) Lanier was born. Thanks to the posting of the 1914 - 1915 pay book of the Black Springs Lumber Company on this webpage, it's been learned that Jesse Lanier worked as a yard man for the company, making $1.50 per day. Etta Faught was the daughter of Levi FAUGHT (born 1851 in Mississippi) and Rebecca POLLEY (this is a surname, not given name), of nearby Hot Spring County. Five of the Lanier's eleven children were born in Montgomery County; Jesse Lanier (born October 2, 1908 in Caddo Gap), Billie Lanier (born August 8, 1910), Mary Etta Lanier (born June 2, 1912), Jack Marlin Lanier (born February 20, 1914), and Reuben Lanier (born March 1, 1916), all born in Womble. The Lanier family lived next door to James I. and Leah T. Burchell in the 1910 census for Womble. Burchell was a blacksmith who resided in the area from about 1910 to sometime after 1930. The Lanier family moved to Little Rock in 1916. Jesse Lanier died there in 1940, and Etta in 1968. Information courtesy of Suzanne Burnette. Posted August 17 2006

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Pine tree near the East Washita Cemetery - probably not cut because it marks the Cemetery.
Pine tree near the East Washita Cemetery - probably not cut because it marks the cemetery.