Montgomery County News,
Mt Ida, Arkansas
- 2012 Death Notices


The Montgomery County News is published every Thursday in Mount Ida, Arkansas. This list covers death notices and obituaries that appeared in the Montgomery County News over the year 2012, they are now online. Go to the newspaper archives, far right along the tool bar, near the top of the page. At the bottom find the Montgomery County News digital edition, use the drop down to find the date of the publication. There is a good zoom tool. Sometimes the death notice appeared in the paper at a later date with corrections.  Online obituaries. The date is the date the noticed appears in the Montgomery County News and not the date of death.

SURNAME		First name	Maiden name	2012 paper	Cemetery if 		Funeral Home
								given or town 
Anderson 	Robert L. "Bobie" 		Dec 20 		Mt Olive  		Davis Smith 
Appleby		Norma Jean			Jan  5					Mt Ida
Ashcraft	Clyde				Apr  5					Thornton
Austin		Beverly Claudine Smith		Mar  8		Reed			Davis-Smith
Bailey		Christine 	Scott		Jan 26		Gaston			Davis-Smith
Barrett		Butch				Aug 23		San Ignacio, NM		Gonzales Funerals
Blackburn 	Wanda Mae 	Dillard 	Nov  8 		Rocky Sims 		Thornton
Blair 		Jimmie 				Nov 29 					Thornton
Bower 		Bruce Benjamin 			Nov 1 		National Cem NLR 	Thornton
Bradford	Patsy Ruth Rowland Bragg	Aug 23		Black Springs		Davis-Smith
Brewer		Charles Ray			Apr  5		Murphy			Davis-Smith
Brunt		Jamie				Apr 26					Davis-Smith
Butler		Barbara Jean	Carroll		Aug 30		Lockesburg		Wilkerson FH, DeQueen
Buxton		Randy				Aug 30		
Carmack		James Roy Monroe		Apr 26		Mt Olive		Beasley-Woods
Carmack 	Richard Henry 			Nov 22 		Gaston 			Davis-Smith
Carr		Louise		Smith		Apr 12		Big Fir			Davis-Smith
Carr		Nagene		Sheffield	Mar  1		Mt Ida			Thornton
Chambers	David Kelly			Jan 12 & 5	Rocky			Thornton
Chambers	Edith		Robinson	May  3					Thornton
Collins		James "Don"			Mar  1		Black Springs		Davis-Smith	
Collins		John C.				Jan  5		Mt Olive		Thornton
Collins		Julia Dean	Abernathy	Jun  7		Mt Olive		Thornton
Counts		Amanda		Counts		Apr 19		Brushy			Davis-Smith
Crump		Myrtle		Crump		Apr 12		Owley			Thornton FH
Deal		Mary Lester	Short		Mar 29		Mt Ida		 	Thornton
Dingler		Aaron				Apr 19		Glenwood		Davis-Smith
Dingler		Ronnie				Jun 28		Mt Joy, Daisy		Davis-Smith
Dunmont		Parlee		Sargent 	Apr 26		Oak Grove		Davis-Smith
Edwards		Margie Lorne	Edwards		Mar 29		Grenade			Goss FH
Elsby		Frances Marie			Mar  1
Fagan		Chris				Apr 19		Alpine			Davis-Smith
Ferguson 	Joel Neal 			Nov 29 		Reed 			Thornton
Ford 		Ruben Lee 			Nov 29 					Arkansas Funeral Care, Jacksonville
Gaspard		Adwll "Jackie"	Graves		Aug 30		Black Springs		Letiz-Eagan, Metairie, LA
Goodnight	Brett				Mar 1 & 8				Thornton 24 drown Ouachita River Hwy27 Fishing Village 
Gorman		James Warren			Mar 22		Stanley-Standridge	Thornton 
Green		Dora "Lavenia"			May 17		Reed			Thornton
Green		Elwood				May 10		Mt Gilead		Besley-Wood
Harris 		Cecil "Birddog" 		Dec 20 		Antioch Cemetery Nashville AR 
Harris 		Mary Odom 			Dec 20 		Antioch Cemetery Nashville AR 
Hicks		Clifford age 87			Mar  1		Pine Ridge		Besley-Wood d. Feb. 20
Horne		Ruth Viola			Mar 15		
Horn		Maudine		Thornton	Mar 29		Bethel			Davis-Smith
Hubbard		Opal Bernice	Johnston	Jun 14		Mt Ida			Thornton	
Jenkins		James A.  M.D.			Jan 19					Thornton
Jones 		Paul E 				Dec 13		Rest Hills Memorial Park Roller Ballard FH in Benton
Johnston	William "Wint"			Jun 07		Reed			Davis-Smith
Kimsey		Annis Dale			Feb  2		Oakwood			Thornton
Kimzey		Billy Don			Jan 26		Pencil Bluff
Lawrence 	Michael Paul 			Dec 6 		Cremated 		Bowser FH Mena 
Lewis		Delbert	J. "Del"		Mar 29		Black Springs		Davis-Smith
Lewis		Down W.				Mar 29		cremated		Thomas FS Cabot
Liva		Robert				Jan 12
Maddox		Thomasine	Bell
Mann		Wilma Jo	Ward		Aug 30 		Grenade			Thornton
Mathews		Jack David			Jan 12 & 5
McMahen		Marcelene	Lewis		Jun 14 & 21	Hephzibah Cem. in Emerson Thornton FH
McLane		Bobby Hill			Mar  8		Mt Ida			Davis-Smith
McClain		Vera S				Sep 13		Rest Haven Memorial Gardens Ruggles-Wilcox FH
McCoy 		Peggy Irene 	Egleston 	Dec 20 					Thornton
Meriweather	Jesse Lee			Feb  9		Salem			Cornwell FH Dardanelle
Meriweather	Robert Allen			Feb  9		Salem			Cornwell FH Dardanelle
Miller 		Maudie M 	Hooper 		Dec 13 		Chapel Hill Williamsville, MO 	Ruegg FH
Minton		Mildred Pauline Johnson		Feb 16		Breashears		Thonton
Morton		John Lee			Jan 26					Roller England Fh
Norris		James Brantley			Jan 26					Thornton
O'Lien		Linda Kay	Smith		Apr 19					Davis-Smith
Oliver		Arlos				Sep 27		Glenwood		Davis-Smith
Orendorff	Jason Shane			Mar 1 & 15				Davis-Smith
Oswald		Rachel Ruth	Vincent		May 24					Thornton
Osmun		Iona M.									Caruth-Hale
Partain 	Helen J		Harper		Jul  5					Thornton FH
Pierce		Leon				Sep 13*		Pencil Bluff		Thornton
Poe		Richard L			Jun 14		Amerson			Davis-Smith
Potter 		Violet Verl	 Wilkins 	Oct 11 		Aly 			Humphrey FH
Powell		Fletcher "Gub"			May 10		Macedonia		Besley-Wood
Powell		N.L.				Apr 26		Powell Cemetery, Liberty Rd, Norman Davis-Smith
Raines 		Dr. Paul L 			Dec  6		Oak Grove Cem. 		Davis-Smith
Raines		Thelma 		Tackett		Jul 12		Mt Olive		Davis-Smith
Reed		Cleda Joyce	Smith		May 24					Davis-Smith
Richards	Kenneth Martin			May 24
Robertson	George E. "Cowboy"		Apr 26		Mt Olive		Davis-Smith
Rosenthal	Charles Lance			Mar  8		Square Rock 		Martin FH Waldron
Rush		Marie Fulton			Sep  6		Delight			Davis-Smith
Singleton	Arthur "Junior"			Sep 13		Grenade			Thornton
Smith		Darrell Ross			May 10		
Smith 		Laverne 	Warwick		Nov  8		Cunningham in Royal Gross FH Hot springs
Standridge	Lestel		Dankey		Oct  4		Stanley-Standridge	Davis-Smith
Stovall		Edward				Jan 19		Lone Valley		Thornton
Tidwell		Norma Zell	Reed		Sep 13		Reed			Thornton
Turley 		Doris Christine Moore 		Nov 29 		Black Springs 		Davis-Smith
Verville	Dora Ault	Eddy		Jan 12		Pencil Bluff		Davis-Smith
Vincent		Lonnie J			May 17		Brushy
Weeks		Teresa "Cricket"		May 17					Davis-Smith
Wheeler		Bret Alan			Feb 23		Pine Ridge		Beasley
Wheeler		Lili Leann			Feb 23		Owley			Thornton
Wheeler		Stella Lorene	Summitt		Mar 29		Lone Valley		Thornton
Whisenhunt 	Zona M 		Townsend 	Nov 22 		Lone Valley 		Davis-Smith
Williams	Barbara Ann	McLean		Sep 13		Oak Grove nr Caddo Gap	Davis-Smith

*[sic] actual newspaper dated incorrectly

Davis-Smith FH = Glenwood branch.

The page was last edited November 01, 2012
100 surnames listed above, 2 cremated, 2% cremated
49 were female, 49% and 51 male
46 were buried in the county, 46%

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